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Monday, December 30, 2013

Helsinki, Finland
December 30, 2013


Callsign: OG0A
Dates: January 3 through January 13, 2014

Following the success of recent low-band operations by Z81X and OF9X, closely on
the heels of Santa Claus and capitalizing on the current season of almost total
darkness in Northern Europe, a sub-group of those two teams will be heading to
Aland Islands to activate OG0A on low bands and WARC bands.

The OH0X contest site will be used as the base camp with 160M slopers for the US
and Japan and a 2-L 80M beam atop a 42-meter (140ft) rotating tower. Main
activity will be on CW, but SSB/RTTY will also be used occasionally.

Operators: Mari, OH2FPK (YL); Rami, OH2BCI; Martti, OH2BH; Pertti, OH2PM and
Pekka, OH2TA.


This operation is dedicated to the Youth On The Air (YOTA) summer camp due to be
organized in Finland from July 15 through July 22, 2014 with two young YLs -
Mari, OH2FPK and Kati, OH2FKX - in charge. They will be hosting fifteen (15)
young European teams from the same number of countries acquainting themselves
with the many faces of Amateur Radio: presentations, competitions, visits to
radio stations, workshops, ARDF etc. at the height of the Finnish summer
season. The activity is sanctioned by IARU Region 1 and supported by the
European Union.

See <> and <>

All OQRS QSL requests for OF9X and OG0A with donations will be directed to
cover the costs
of this healthy youth activity in Finland. You can OQRS OF9X and OG0A
respectively via their page.

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