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Thursday, April 30, 2015

I.C.P.O. Bulletin (01-07 May 2015) "Islands, Castles & Portable Operations" Listing is by calendar date (day/month/year) ============================================ 01/05/2015: Klaus, DL1TRK/p will be active on the 1st of May 2015 from Fretzdorf Castle (WCA DL-04083, COTA-DL BRB-088. QSL via bureau. [RN1CW] 01/05/2015: Operators John SV1GE, George SV2BRT, Gianni SV2FPU, Takis SV2FWV, Georgia (YL) SV1QXU, Vangelis SV2RJV and Dimitris SV2RMK will be active as J49TSL from the resort village of Georgioupoli, island of Crete (EU-015, GIOTA KRS-005, MIA MGC-005, WLOTA 1400, WW Loc. KM25di) from 1-10 May 2015. Plans are to be QRV on 80-6 metre CW, SSB and RTTY. QSL via SV2DGH, bureau, direct (Christos Sfyris, P.O.Box 4200, 57019 Perea, Thermaikos, Thessaloniki, Greece - Hellas) with SAE + sufficient postage and LoTW. Further information and updates at: [] 01/05/2015: Joe, K5KUA will once again be active from Galveston Island (NA-143, USi TX-001S), Galveston county, Texas, as K5KUA/5 from 1-3 May, 2015. Active on 40-10 metre CW only, as time permits. Log will be uploaded to LoTW and Club Log. [] 01/05/2015: Murilo PY2DS (leader/Manager), Marcelo PY2AE, Joao PU2KKE, Flavio PU2KFL and William PU2XIZ will be active from Cambriu Island (IOTA SA-024, DIB SP-15), on 1-3 May 2015, as PW2C. QRV on all bands using SSB and CW. QSL via PY2DS. [DxCoffee] 01/05/2015: Christian, HB9LCA is now touring Belize and will be active as V31CS from several QTH's until 13th May. QRV on 40-10 metre CW using IC 706, 100 Watts, Vertical Dipole, 2 5.5 metres with 300 ohm feedline and a SG 231 Tuner. QSL via home call, direct or bureau. [ATDX] 01/05/2015: Mike, VO1OK will be active as V31OK from Ak'Bol Eco Resort, Ambergris Caye (IOTA NA-073), with low power using a KX3 with an LNR endfed antenna from 1-6 May 2015. QRV on 40, 20, 10 and other bands if he can tune the antenna, SSB only. QSL via home call. [DX-World] 01/05/2015: Budi, YF1AR will be active as YF1AR/7 from Pulau Laut [Laut Island] (IOTA OC-166) and Bukit Balingkar (Gunung Lampu) Lighthouse (ARLHS IDO-105, WW Loc. OI86CS) on 1-3 May 2015. QRV on 40-10 metre SSB, with some CW and Digital modes, using Yaesu FT 450D with FC-707 tuner, power 100W. Antenna: vertical 43 feet 40m band and HB9CV 20-15-10m band. QSL via N2OO, direct or bureau. OQRS via YF1AR Club Log. Website: [YF1AR] 02/05/2015: Jim, W8ERI plans to be active as 6Y5/W8ERI from Montego Bay, island of Jamaica (NA-097, WLOTA 0214), from 2-8 May, 2015. Holiday style QRP with a Yaesu FT-817 SSB on 20, 17 and 15 metres. QSL direct via W8ERI ( Website: [DX-World] 02/05/2015: Members of the World Wide Club will be active again as JD1YBT from Chichi-jima, Ogasawara (AS-031, JCG #10007, WLOTA 2269, WW Loc. QL17CD, WWFF JAFF-018), Tokyo prefecture, between 2-11 May, 2015. Team members include Aki JA4FHE, Masaru JA5AQC, Yoshi JE2EHP and Toshi JP1IOF (JD1BLC). QRV on 160-6 metres using all modes and possibly 3 stations. QSL via JP1IOF, direct or Bureau, and LoTW. Online logsearch and OQRS on Club Log. Web: [DX-World] 02/05/2015: Peter, DL2RPS will be active from the Baie Sainte Anne district of Praslin Island (IOTA AF-024, WWFF S7FF-04), Seychelles Archpelago, as S79RPS between May 2-8, 2015. In order to give everyone the opportunity to be able to call off S79RPS work, there will be only one connection per call and amateur radio band. Multiple QSOs per band lead to the deletion of each amateur radio band. The log is set here every night. QRV on the HF bands using CW, SSB and some Digital modes. QSL via bureau to DL2RPS, eQSL via S79RPS, Club Log OQRS or direct with SASE and 2 US$ via DL2RPS ( [DX-World] 02/05/2015: Belgian members of the UBA section DST (Diest) Dominic ON4AZP, Lode ON6KL, Cois ON6VP, Herman ON7FH and Maurice ON7KS will be active as TM0D from Bell-Ile-en-mer (EU-048, DIFM AT-015, WLOTA 0872, WW Loc. IN7ji) from 2 until 7 May 2015. QRV mainly on the IOTA meeting frequency 14.260 MHz, but also the other HF amateur bands will be activated. QSL via Rik ON3HO and LoTW. [] 03/05/2015: Celso, PU2WDX will be active from Fernando de Noronha (IOTA SA-003, DIB OC-01, WLOTA 1208, WWFF PYFF-0016) from 3-5 May 2015 as ZW0FWA. QRV on 80, 12 and 10 metre SSB. Also QRV on 40, 15, 12 and 10 metre Digital modes. QSL via home call, direct (SAE + 1 IRC or 2GS) and LoTW. Website: [DxCoffee] 04/05/2015: Christoph, DL1YAF starts May 4th in Perth, Australia (OC-001, WLOTA 1520), with his camping tour. The plan is to travel as DL1YAF/VK all the way up to Darwin. From 30th May until 3rd June he will be active from Lord Howe Island as DL1YAF/VK9L. Planned Oeration from 80 to 10 metre SSB and CW. His Rig will be a Elecraft KX3 (KPA 100) with MP1 Vertikal Antenna and 4 Band Dipole. Keep your Ears up for him. QSL via home call, direct or bureau. [DX World] 04/05/2015: Mike, WA0SPG will activate Garden Key (USi FL-013S) Dry Tortugas (IOTA NA-079, WWFF KFF-0023) on 4th to 6th of May. He will be operating HF (SSB/CW) using a KX3 and a FT-817. Antennas will be a Buddipole vertical dipole near saltwater, Alpha vertical and Loop antenna. Mike will also be doing satellite work with 2 FT-817s for SO-50 and FO-29 (SSB/CW) with both arrow and elk antennas. All power will be by Goal Zero batteries being charged by Solar PV panels. QSL via home call. [NG3K] 05/05/2015: Michael, OZ1KZX will be activating Anholt island (EU-088, OZI/DIA NK-001, WLOTA 2816, WW Loc. JO57SR) as 5P1ANH (AAG Anholt Aktivity Group), when off duty, in the periode 5-9th May 2015. Activity will be on 80-10 metre Digital modes (RTTY, JT65, JT9 and PSK31). The period of activations might change. QSL via OZ1KZX. Log will be uploaded to LoTW, Club Log and eQSL. Website: [] 05/05/2015: Johannes, DF5AU will be active from Madeira Island (AF-014, DIP MA-001, PIP MD-001, WLOTA 0053) between 5-10th May as CT9/DF5AU. QRV on the HF bands using CW and SSB. He will also participate in the MIR-Contest using the callsign CR3L (QSL via DJ6QT). QSL CT9/DF5AU via LoTW (preferred) or direct to home call, also OK via DARC-bureau. [NG3K] 07/05/2015: Nobuaki, JA0JHQ will be active as JA0JHQ/VK9X from Christmas Island (OC-002, WWFF VKFF-0098, Grid Loc. OH29) between 7-10th May 2015. QRV on 40-6 metre CW and SSB. QSL via JA0JHQ ( Website: [DX-World] 07/05/2015: Alain, F8FUA will once again be active as ZL7/F8FUA from Chatham Island (OC-038, WLOTA 1627, WWFF ZLFF-0017) between 7-13th May. QRV on the HF bands using CW, SSB and RTTY, using a K3 and a Buddipole. QSL via F8FUA, direct (w/SAE + 2 USDs or 1 IRC [new one!]), by the bureau or LoTW. NO eQSL! [OPDX Bulletin] LOOKING AHEAD - 24/05/2015: Emmanuel, F5LIT (VE2LIT, W6LIT) will be active from Iceland (EU-021, WLOTA 2975) between 24-30th May 2015 as TF/F5LIT. QRV holiday style on the HF bands. QSL via home call, direct or bureau. [ATDX] 29/05/2015: Larry, K4KGG plans activity from Santa Rosa [aka Okaloosa] Island (NA-142, USi FL-003S), Florida from 29-31 May. Comments: Subject to Q rates Fri May 29 20:00 to 23:59Z Sat May 30 00:00 to 00:01Z and 14:00 to 16:00Z and 19:00 to 23:59Z Sun May 31 00:00 to 01:00 and 14:00 to 17:00Z. Vertical near salt water; 40 thru 10m; 500W; CW, RTTY, SSB, PSK. QSL direct to K4KGG. [] 30/05/2015: The Thailand DX Association (HSDXA) team will be active once again as E2X as a Multi-Single entry in the CQWW WPX CW Contest (30-31 May). QSL via E20GMY and LoTW. [NG3K] 01/07/2015: Anders, SM5EFX will be active as SF2X/p from Ledskar Island (IOTA EU-135) from 1-31st July 2015. Sporadic activation except during the RSGB IOTA Contest (25-26 July) when he will put in a Single-Op effort. Ledskar Island is located within the Kronoeren Nature Reserve (WWFF SMFF-0053), a Marine Protected Area in Sweden (IUCN category V). QSL direct or bureau to SM5EFX. [] 10/07/2015: Look for Mike, W2IY to be active vacation style on the HF bands from Mount Desert Island (NA-055, USi ME-021S, WLOTA 1129), Hancock county, Maine, between 10th July and 5th August. Activity will also include an entry in the RSGB IOTA Contest (25-26 July). QSL via home call, bureau or direct. [] 25/07/2015: Look for Jean-Pierre, VA2SG/p to be active in the RSGB IOTA Contest (25-26 July) as a QRP/DXpdn/CW entry (40/20m CW only) from Ile-aux-Coudres (NA-128), Quebec. QSL via home call and LoTW. [NG3K] 20/10/2015: Operators Martin G4XUM, Rich M5RIC, Stewart GM4AFF, Kelly N0VD and others will be active from Saint Barthelemy Island (NA-146, DIFO FJ-001, WLOTA 0377) as FJ/homecall between 20-27th October. Their focus will be on the CQWW DX SSB Contest (24-25 October) as a Multi-2 entry using the callsign TO4K. QSL TO4K via G3NKC and LoTW. QSL others via the operators home callsign. [NG3K 24/10/2015: Abdallah, 9K2GS will try a Single-Op/All-Band entry in the CQWW DX SSB Contest (24-25 October) using the callsign 9K2K from Qortuba, Kuwait. QSL via LoTW (preferred). QSL also ok via 9K2GS, direct only with 2 Green Stamps and SAE. [NG3K] SPECIAL EVENTS - 01/05/2015: Special event station 8J1ITU will be active on all bands and modes during the entire month of May to celebrate World Telecommunication and Information Society Day (17 May) and the anniversary of the creation of the International Telecommunications Union. Activity will take place from the city of Kasumigaura on Honshu Island (AS-007, WLOTA 2376). QSL via the bureau and eQSL. [425 DX News] 01/05/2015: To celebrate ITU's 150th anniversary, eleven special callsigns will be in use on 1-30 May: AO150A, AO150E, AO150G, AO150H, AO150I, AO150N, AO150O, AO150R, AO150T, AO150U (Canary Islands) and AO150V. The callsigns' suffixes are the letters forming the anniversary motto (ITU: Innovating Together). The event is sponsored by the Union Radioaficionados Espanoles (URE); further information, including logsearch and details on the award programme will be available at: [425 DX News] 01/05/2015: The Cunard vessel RMS Lusitania was torpedoed and sank off the Old Head of Kinsale Ireland on the 7th May 1915. The Radio Officers Association ROARS will be running a month long event from the 1st - 31st May 2015 to commemorate the sinking of this vessel from the Planet Light Vessel currently berthed in Canning Dock Liverpool England. This once in life time event will be using the call sign GB100MFA, MFA being the call letters allocated to the Lusitania. The QTH of Liverpool was chosen as this was the Lusitania's registered port, and her final destination. It is hoped that two stations will be active and therefore both CW and SSB can be catered for on ALL BANDS depending upon conditions and staffing levels. QSL direct via G0UVX QTHR. [G3ZRJ] 01/05/2015: John, IK2JYT, and other members of A.R.S. Radio Club "Como-01, Brughiera Comasca" will be active as IR2EXPO to celebrate the 2015 Universal Milan Exhibition "EXPO" between May 1st and Ocrober 31st. A special QSL card will be sent if at least three (3) HF bands are worked. Look at the HRD online log service to make sure you have at least 3 effective contacts on different bands. QSL Manager is IK2TTO for direct QSLs. For bureau via 9A8ARS or ik2tto[@] [OPDX Bulletin] 01/05/2015: ENGLAND - ISWL CLUB CALLSIGNS - The ISWL Club Callsigns in use throughout the month of May 2015 are: GX4BJC /A - Operated from Eastbourne, in East Sussex, by Peter - G0NQZ. (/A WAB Square = TQ50 - England, IOTA = EU-005, WLOTA = 1841). MX1SWL /A - Operated from Clacton on Sea, in Essex, by George G1IPU. (/A WAB Square = TM11 - England, IOTA = EU-005, WLOTA = 1841). George will also operate as MX1SWL /P during the month and will give his WAB square if requested. ALL QSL's for BOTH Calls will be handled by Herbie G6XOU and NOT the individual Operator. The I.S.W.L. is a member of the European PSK Club. All QSL Info is on or or via NO LOTW. I.S.W.L. Awards are available to all Hams and SWL's - see for full details. cards ARE welcomed for our awards. Very best wishes to all and have a great Month. Pete Rayer, ISWL Life Vice President, Bournemouth, UK. 01/05/2015: Between 1st and 31st of May 2015 Bulgarian Radio Club Blagovestnik (LZ1KCP), Voynyagovo, Bulgaria, will use the special callsign LZ102SIB which has been created in honour of Saint Ioan Bogoslov. LZ102SIB counts for "All Saints" award and 10 points towards "St. Teodosii Tyrnovski" award. QSL via Bureau or P.O. Box 36, 4300 Karlovo, Bulgaria. [] 01/05/2015: From 1st May until 30th June 2015, you will find on air, mainly on weekends, the special callsign ON10EURAO celebrating the 10th anniversary of EURAO. It is sponsored by its member association Vlaamse RadioAmateurs, ON4VRA. QSL via bureau. Website: [EURAO] 01/05/2015: Eight special individual callsigns (PA45FREE, PB45FREE, PC45FREE, PD45FREE, PE45FREE, PF45FREE, PG45FREE and PH45FREE) will be active in May to celebrate 70 years of freedom in the Netherlands since the end of World War II. In addition, special group callsign PA45FREEDOM will be in use on 16-17 May, and possibly a few other times during the month. All of the QSOs will be confirmed automatically via the bureau. Direct cards should be sent to PD7YY. Information on the award offered free of charge for working these stations can be found at: [425 DX News] 01/05/2015: Rony, PS7AB (SSB) and Leo, PP1CZ (CW and digital modes) will be active as PT70FEB on 1-31 May 2015. This is the fifth of a series of twelve special callsigns; the suffix stands for Forca Expedicionaria Brasileira, the Brazilian Expeditionary Force that fought alongside the Allied powers in Italy during World War II. QSL via PS7AB (direct or bureau), LoTW and eQSL. See for further information. [425 DX News] 01/05/2015: Special callsign RM30SM will be active from 1 May to 12 June to celebrate the 30th anniversary since the honorary title of Hero City for outstanding heroism during World War II was bestowed upon the city of Smolensk. QSL via R3LO, direct or bureau, plus LoTW and eQSL. Detailed information on the award programme can be found at: [425 DX News] 01/05/2015: The year 2015 is a major milestone in the history of the International Telecommunication Union. On 17 May 2015 the world will be celebrating 150 years since the signing of the first International Telegraph Convention and the creation of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). TCSWAT celebrates this milestone with the special callsign TC150ITU between 1-30 May, 2015. Activity will be on all HF bands and the logs will be uploaded to LoTW and eQSL. You do not need to send a QSL card back unless otherwise it is noted on your QSL card. Be patient as TCSWAT QSLs 100% via the working QSL Bureaus. Website: [TCSWAT] 03/05/2015: Special event stations B3CRAC and B7CRAC are celebreting the 75th Chinese Ham Day on 3rd May 2015. Hams in China were gathering on air on every May Fifth since 1940. This day is then called Chinese Ham Day. QSL both calls via Dale, BA4TB. [DX World] 03/05/2015: Special station EI100MFA will be active bewteen 3 and 10 May to to commemorate the tragic sinking of the RMS Lusitania, which was torpedoed off the Irish coasts on 7 May 1915. Some 1,200 people lost their lives in the disaster. MFA was the callsign allocated to the ocean liner. The activity will take place from a site near the Old Head of Kinsale Lighthouse (ARLHS IRE-005, WLOTA 2484), County Cork, Ireland (EU-115). QSL via EI4GZB, direct or bureau (OQRS on Club Log), and LoTW. [425 DX News] 03/05/2015: A very large number of Russian stations using special prefix RP70 (where the letter P stands for 'pobeda', i.e. 'victory') will be active on 3-10 May to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II. Further information (including the list of participating stations, their QSL routes and details on the award programme) will be available at: [425 DX News] 03/05/2015: For the 150th anniversary of the ITU some special call sign will be on the air - from France: TM150ITU and TM150UIT between 3-17 May 2015. ALL QSOs will be automatically confirmed by the Bureau from the REF QSL Bureau. [F6AJA] 03/05/2015: Look for special event station TM45PAX to be active between 5-19th May to celebrate the first instrument of surrender signed at Reims, France, at 02:41 Central European Time on May 7th, 1945. The signing took place in a red brick schoolhouse that served as the supreme headquarters allied expeditionary force. It was to take effect at 23:01 CET on 8th May. QSL via F5JYD, bureau or direct (SASE / SAE + sufficient postage). [OPDX Bulletin] 04/05/2015: Jan, OZ1ADL reports: "This year marks 70 years of the liberation and the end of WWII for Denmark. Despite the fact that The Museum of Danish Resistance recently burned down, the callsign OZ5MAY will be on the air, in memory of those who risked their lives. OZ5MAY will be active on 4th May and 5th May - in the evening after 19:30 Danish time (17:30 UTC) and several hours ahead. It will be possible to work OZ5MAY on 40, 30 and perhaps also 20 metres. Changing band depending on the conditions and activity. There is also a certificate associated with the callsign." For details look at DDXG's website: [DxCoffee] U.S.A. Special Event Stations can be found at: LIGHTHOUSE CALENDAR - 01/05-31/05 8J1ITU: Honshu WLOTA:2376 QSL Buro/eQSL 01/05-30/06 8J1KJ: Honshu WLOTA:2376 QSL Buro 01/05-31/10 8J1TRD: Honshu WLOTA:2376 QSL Buro 01/05-30/09 8N13ARDF: Honshu WLOTA:2376 QSL Buro 01/05-31/05 GB100MFA: Enland (main island) WLOTA:1841 QSL G0UVX (d) 01/05-31/05 GX4BJC/A: Enland (main island) WLOTA:1841 QSL G6XOU (d/B) 01/05-10/05 J49TSL: Nisos Kriti WLOTA:1400 QSL SV2DGH (d/B) 01/05-31/05 MX1SWL/A: Enland (main island) WLOTA:1841 QSL G6XOU (d/B) 01/05-31/05 MX1SWL/P: Enland (main island) WLOTA:1841 QSL G6XOU (d/B) 02/05-08/05 6Y5/W8ERI: Jamaika Island WLOTA:0214 QSL W8ERI (d) 02/05-11/05 JD1YBT: Chichi Shima WLOTA:2269 QSL JP1IOF (d/B) 02/05-07/05 TM0D: Belle Ile Island WLOTA:0872 QSL ON3HO (d) 03/05-10/05 EI100MFA: Ireland WLOL:IRE-055 WLOTA:2484 QSL EI4GZB (d/B) 03/05-05/05 ZW0FWA: Fernando de Noronha WLOTA:1208 QSL PU2WDX (d) 05/05-09/05 5P1ANH: Anholt Island WLOTA:2816 QSL OZ1KZX (d/B) 05/05-08/11 8N2AI: Honshu WLOTA:2376 QSL Buro 07/05-13/05 ZL7/F8FUA: Chatham Island WLOTA:1627 QSL H/c (d/B) 6 METRES & UP - 01/05-31/08 50MHz I5RRE Memorial Marathon SOHP/SOLP 01/05 0000z-31/08 2359z 01/05-07/05 DTC CW-Activity Week (CWAW) V/UHF classes 01 0000z-07 2400z 01/05-31/05 EuCW Snakes & Ladders Activity (2) 6m-2m classes 01/05-10/05 J49TSL: Crete EU-015 Grid:KM25 6m CW/SSB/RTTY QSL SV2DGH (d/B) 02/05-02/08 UKSMG Six Metre Marathon SO/All Modes/Open 02 0000z-31 2400z 02/05-03/05 SBMS 2GHz & Up WW Club Contest 02 0600-03 2400 Local 02/05 Spring VHF/UHF Sprint 902MHz & Up 0800-1300 Local 02/05-03/05 7th Call Area QSO Party 6-2m classes 02 1300z-03 0700z 02/05-03/05 Cupa Napoca Contest CW/Phone 2m-1.2GHz 02 1400z-03 1400z 02/05-11/05 JD1YBT: Ogasawara AS-031 Grid:QL17 6m all mode QSL JP1IOF (d/B) 04/05-05/05 All MIE 33 Contest CW/SSB 6m-70cm classes 04 2300z-05 0300z 05/05 LY 144MHz Activity Contest CW/SSB/FM 1700z-2059z 05/05 NRAU 144MHz Activity Contest Open/SO/MO 1800z-2200z 05/05 SPAC 144MHz Contest CW/Phone/Open 1800z-2200z 05/05 RSGB 144MHz UKAC SO/Fixed/Open 1900z-2130z 06/05 MOON Contest 144MHz CW/Digital/FM/SSB 1800z-2000z 07/05-10/05 JA0JHQ/VK9X: Christmas OC-002 Grid:OH29 6m CW/SSB QSL H/c (d/B) Contest Calendar: Information about current VHF activities can be found on the VHF DX portal "Make More Miles on VHF" at: SMIRK: SOTA (Summits On The Air) Watch Alerts at: QSL INFO - QSLs via Bureau: None to report. QSLs via Direct: 3B9FR (OQRS), 3W2JK [AS-130] (SP5APW), 5V7JH (DJ8NK), OX3LX [NA-220] (OZ1PIF), TY1AA (I2YSB), VP8DOZ (ZL4PW/OQRS), XF1M [NA-078] (XE2HUQ), YB4IR/7 [OC-252] (OQRS), YB4IR/7 [OC-269] (OQRS), ZD8D (DL9HO) and ZD9ZS (ZS1S/OQRS). QSLs via LoTW: 5T2MM, AX8AA, JW/F8DVD, K1TN/4, K2ZR/4, K4FCG/m, K4G, K4N, K4O, K4OJ, NF4A, OT6M, PW7MM, VA3OPP, VP8DOZ, W1TEF, WD4AHZ, WT4O, WV4R, WX4G, XE2AU and ZL7E. BITS & PIECES - 5V, TOGO - Mike, SQ3PMM is on this way across Africa with his Caravan. You can watch him traveling on . He will be QRV from time to time as 5V7MI from Togo. Website: [DX-World] CEZEMBRE ISLAND (IOTA EU-157) - UPDATE: Jim, G3RTE, Phil, G3SWH and Matt, MJ0ASP have been obliged to change the dates of their operation and will now be QRV from the Island of Cezembre (IOTA EU-157) as F/G6AY/P between 16th and 19th August 2015 and plan to have two 100 watt stations with vertical antennas on 30 to 10 metres, CW only. Cezembre is one of Europe's rarest islands in the IOTA programe, being needed by more than 60% of IOTA participants. Activity will be during daylight hours only as it is not permitted to stay on the island overnight. There will be a log search at and the log will also be uploaded to the ARRL's Log Book of the World (LoTW) and Club Log. The web page will be updated from time to time. QSL via G3SWH, either via OQRS (preferred), direct with SAE and adequate return postage or via the RSGB bureau. Please check the on-line log before requesting QSLs and note that IRCs, stamps or coins are *NOT* accepted. E6, NIUE ISLAND - E6GG is the callsign of the DX-pedition to Niue (OC-040, WLOTA 2139, WWFF ZLFF-0021) scheduled for the second half of September 2015. The team includes members of the Six-G DX Ped Group, namely Don G3BJ, Chris G3SVL, Nigel G3TXF, David G3WGN, Mike G3WPH, Hilary G4JKS and Justin G4TSH. QSL via G3TXF. A web-site with full details will be available soon. [DX-World] JA, JAPAN - The following special event stations will be QRV starting 1st May 2015: May 1-June 30: 8J1KJ - Japan-Korea Diplomatic Relations 50th Anniversary May 1-Sep. 30: 8N13ARDF - 10th IARU Region 3 ARDF Championship May 1-Oct. 31: 8J1TRD - 45th Anniversary of Toride-city (JCC 1417) May 1-Nov. 15: 8N3ARDF - All Japan ARDF Athletic Meet May 5-Nov. 08: 8N2AI - The 10th Anniversary of Aichi Expo QSL all callsigns via the JARL bureau (preferred way). [JJ1WTL/AC6IM] ============================================ 73 and Good DX! Dave Raycroft, VA3RJ Home of I.C.P.O. & VEFF Program: Note: My website is constantly updated and will often show activity that did not make it in time for the I.C.P.O. Bulletin, and last minute announcements. My DX Calendar page is a good place to start to find updated information between bulletins. Join the VEFF (Flora & Fauna) Forum at: Subscribe to ICPO Mailing List: ******************************************* North American Checkpoint For: World Lighthouses On The Air - WLOTA ******************************************* Canadian Checkpoint For: All Croatian Islands Award - ACIA All Croatian Islands Award Group - ACIAG The World Lighthouse Diplom - TWLHD/TWLHF ******************************************* Official Representative & Co-Ordinator of WCA program for Canada. ******************************************* Official Representative & Co-Ordinator of WorldWide Flora & Fauna (WWFF) Canada. WWFF-council-member (representing VEFF). ******************************************* ______________________________________________________________ ICPO mailing list Home: Help: Post: This list hosted by: Please help support this email list:
SB DX @ ARL $ARLD017 ARLD017 DX news ZCZC AE17 QST de W1AW DX Bulletin 17 ARLD017 From ARRL Headquarters Newington CT April 30, 2015 To all radio amateurs SB DX ARL ARLD017 ARLD017 DX news This week's bulletin was made possible with information provided by QRZ DX, the OPDX Bulletin, 425 DX News, The Daily DX, DXNL, Contest Corral from QST and the ARRL Contest Calendar and WA7BNM web sites. Thanks to all. JAMAICA, 6Y. Jim, W8ERI will be QRV as 6Y5/W8ERI from May 2 to 8. Activity will be on 20, 17 and 15 meters using SSB. QSL to home call. BHUTAN, A5. Junichi, JH3AEF, Tatsuo, JA3ARJ, Jusei, JA3IVU and Kunio, JH3LSS are QRV as A52AEF, A52ARJ, A52IVU, and A52LSS, respectively, from the Dochula Resort until May 6. Activity is on 80 to 6 meters using CW, SSB and various digital modes. QSL to home calls. BAHRAIN, A9. Special event station A9150ITU is QRV to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the ITU. QSL via IZ8CLM. CHINA, BY. Special event stations B3CRAC and B7CRAC will be QRV on May 3 to celebrate the 75th Chinese Ham Day. QSL via BA4TB. IRELAND, EI. Special event station EI100MFA will be QRV from May 3 to 10 to commemorate the sinking of the RMS Lusitania on May 7, 1915. QSL via EI4GZB. ENGLAND, G. Special event station GB100MFA is QRV until May 31 from the lightship Planet berthed in Canning Dock in Liverpool to commemorate the sinking of the RMS Lusitania. QSL direct to G0UVX. SCOTLAND, GM. Dave, GM0LVI is QRV as GM0LVI/p from the Isle of Barra, IOTA EU-010, until May 9. Activity is on the HF bands. QSL to home call. DOMINICA, J7. Walter, HB9MFM is QRV as J79WTA until May 20. QSL to home call. OGASAWARA, JD1. A group of operators will be QRV as JD1YBT from Chichi-jima, IOTA AS-031, from May 2 to 11. Activity will be on 160 to 6 meters using all modes with three stations active simultaneously. QSL via JP1IOF. SABA, ST. EUSTATIUS, PJ5. Jeff, NM1Y is QRV as PJ6/NM1Y from Saba Island until May 11. Activity is holiday style on 15, 12 and 10 meters using mostly SSB with some RTTY. QSL to home call. FERNANDO DE NORONHA, PY0F. Celso, PU2WDX will be QRV as ZW0FWA from May 3 to 7. Activity will be on the HF bands. QSL via operator's instructions. SEYCHELLES, S7. Peter, DL2RPS will be QRV as S79RPS from Praslin, IOTA AF-024, from May 2 to 7 while on holiday. Activity is on 80 to 10 meters using CW and SSB. QSL to home call. CRETE, SV9. A group of operators are QRV as J49TSL until May 10. Activity is on 80 to 6 meters using CW and SSB. QSL via SV2DGH. TURKEY, TA. Special event station TC150ITU is QRV during the month of May to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the ITU. QSL via bureau. BELIZE, V3. Operator VO1OK is QRV as V31OK from Ambergris Caye, IOTA NA-073, until May 6. Activity is on 40, 20 and 10 meters using SSB and QRP power. QSL to home call. INDONESIA, YB. Budi, YF1AR is QRV as YF1AR/7 from Laut Island, IOTA OC-105, until May 3. Activity is on 40 to 10 meters using mostly SSB with some CW and RTTY. QSL via N2OO. THIS WEEKEND ON THE RADIO. The New England QSO Party, ARI International DX Contest, 10-10 International Spring CW Contest, NCCC RTTY Sprint, NCCC Sprint CW Ladder, AGCW QRP/QRP CW Party, SBMS 2.3 GHz and Up Contest and Club Challenge, Microwave Spring Sprint, 7th Call Area QSO Party, Indiana QSO Party, Delaware QSO Party and the FISTS Spring Slow Speed CW Sprint will certainly keep contesters busy this upcoming weekend. The RSGB 80-Meter Club SSB Championship and MIE 33 Contest are scheduled for May 4. The ARS Spartan CW Sprint is scheduled for May 5. The CWops Mini-CWT CW Test is scheduled for May 6. Please see May QST, page 82 and the ARRL and WA7BNM contest web sites for details. NNNN /EX

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

[*] Normal [ DXNL 1934 - April 29, 2015 DX Newsletter *** 65 years DARC *** 1950 - 2015 *** a free and weekly service of DARC Committee "DX and HF contesting" ( Editor: Klaus Poels, DL7UXG (e-mail: translation by: Oliver Bock, DJ9AO 6Y, Jamaica: Jim, W8ERI, will be holidaying on Jamaica (NA-097, WLOTA 0214) between May 2 and 8. QRV as 6Y5/W8ERI, running a QRP rig on 20, 17, and 15m. QSL via W8ERI (d). 9A, Croatia: Tom, 9A2AJ, celebrates his 50 years in amateur radio with the call 9A50AJ throughout May. QSL via 9A2AJ (d/B). A5, Bhutan: Junichi/JH3AEF, Tatsuo/JA3ARJ, Jusei/JA3IVU, and Kunio/JH3LSS get on the air with the calls A52AEF, A52ARJ, A52IVU, and A52LSS from the Dochula Resort between April 29 and May 6. QRV on 80-6m on SSB, CW, and digital modes. QSL A52AEF via JH3AEF (d/B), A52ARJ via JA3ARJ (d), A52IVU via JA3IVU (d/B), and A52LSS via JH3LSS (d/B), LoTW. DL, Germany: DL65DARC will be run by district Sachsen-Anhalt (W) from April 27 to May 3, and by district Hessen (F) from May 4 to 10. DK65DARC will be run by districts Saar (Q) and Niedersachsen (H) during the respective time periods. EA, Spain: Spanish amateurs calebrate ITU's anniversary with the following calls during May: AO150A, AO150E, AO150G, AO150H, AO150I, AO150N, AO150O, AO150R, AO150T, AO150U, and AO150V. There will also be an award available. QSLs via EA4URE. EI, Ireland: EI100MFA commemorates the sinking of RMS Lusitania on May 7 of 1915. QRV May 3rd to 10th. QSL via EI4GZB (d/B), ClubLog OQRS, LoTW. F, France: Special event station TM45PAX draws attention to the signing of the German capitulation in Reims on May 7 1945. QRV May 5 to 19, QSL via F5JYD (d/B). G, England: Members of RNARS's London group operate GB70VE during May to commemorate the end of WW II. Operations take place from the Bridge Wireless Office on HMS Belfast, which is a part of the Imperial War Museum. QSL via bureau, G0TOC (d). GB100MFA commemorates the sinking of RMS Lusitania during May. QSL via G0UVX, LoTW, eQSL. Operators Elaine/2E1BVS, Val/G6MML, John/G3WFK, and Glenn/G6HFF plan to activate the Isle of Westray, Orknay Islands (EU-009, WAB HY54, WW Loc. IO89ng) between May 2 and 16 with the call GB3WOI. QRV mainly on 20 and 40m on SSB and PSK31. The group also plans to activate WAB and SOTA references signing their individual calls. QSL via G6MML (d/B). J7, Dominica: Walter, HB9MFM, currently operates as J79WTA until May 20. QSL via h/c (d/B). JA, Japan: 8J1ITU will be active during May from Honshu Island (AS-007). QSL via bureau, eQSL. JD1, Ogasawara: Makoto, JI5RPT, pays a visit to Chichi-jima (AS-031, WLOTA 2269, JAFF-018, JCG-10007) between April 29 and May 5. QRV as JD1BLY on 40-6m on SSB, CW, and digital modes. QSL via JI5RPT (d/B). Aki/JA4FHE, Masaru/JA5AQC, Yoshi/JE2EHP, and Toshi/JP1IOF plan to operate with three stations between May 2 and 11 as JD1YBT from Chichi-jima (AS-031, WLOTA 2269, JAFF-018, JCG-10007). QRV on 160-6m on all modes. QSL via JP1IOF (d/B), LoTW, ClubLog OQRS. LZ, Bulgaria: The Radio Club Blagovestnik (LZ1KCP) continues to honour Saints with the call LZ102SIB during May. QSOs count towards the All Saints 2015 award. QSL via bureau, LZ1KCP (d). Members of the Bulgarian Federation of Radio Amateurs celebrate the St. Cyril and Methodius Day on the air throughout May with the call LZ2015KM. Bureau QSLs may be requested via (lz1bj(at), LoTW. PY, Brazil: PT70FEB commemorates the end of WW II during May. Operators will be PS7AB (SSB) and PP1CZ (CW and digital modes). ZW70FEB will also be active. QSL PT70FEB via PS7AB (d/B), LoTW, eQSL; ZW70FEB via PT2ADM (d/B). RA, European Russia: Special event station R175PIT celebrates the 175th birthday of P.I. Tchaikovsky. QRV between April 25 and May 7, QSL via bureau. RM30SM draws attention the the city of Smolensk, which was awarded the Hero City honorary title 30 years ago. QRV between May 1 and June 12. QSL via R3LO (d/B), LoTW, eQSL, OQRS. Check out the following link for a list of a large number of Russian special event stations commemorating the end of WW II between May 3 and 10: S7, Seychelles: Peter, DL2RPS, spends a holiday on Praslin (AF-024, S7FF-04, WW Loc. LI75ri) between May 2 and 7, and plans to operate as S79RPS on 80-10m on CW and SSB. QSL via DL2RPS (d/B), eQSL, OQRS. SM, Sweden: Special event station SC80SM (operated by SK5SM) draws attention to a Marconi 150kW longwave transmitter, installed in May 1935 at Motala. The group plans to try to operate the LW tx on 191kHz on May 2. There will also be an award available, QSL via SM5ELV (d/B). SP, Poland: The following Polish stations commemorate the end of WW II 70 years ago: 3Z0VD, 3Z70VD, SN0VD, SN1945VD, SN70VD, SO70VD, SP70VD, and SP0VD. QRV until the end of May + SQ70VD until May 10. Polish hams will also issue an award. QSL via bureau. The ham radio group GALEON celebrates its 10th anniversary on the air with the call HF10GALEON until May 8. QSL via SP2YWL. T8, Palau: Yasu, JH2DFJ, returns once more to Koror Island (OC-009, WW Loc. PJ77fi). QRV as T88DF between April 27 and May 1 on HF and 6m and 135MHz on CW, SSB, RTTY, SSTV, WSPR, and JT65A. QSL via JH2DFJ (d/B), LoTW, eQSL. TA, Turkey: TCSWAT will again be on the air with the call TC150ITU during May, operated by TA1PB, TA1HZ, TA1CR, TA7AZC, and TA7AOF. QSL via LoTW, eQSL; automatically via bureau. YA, Afghanistan: Mike, W2GR, informs us that he has taken over as QSL manager for T6TM and is able to confirm all past QSOs and future ones. Other stuff: ============ 16th Europe Day May 5: AATiS, a German society engaged in bringing ham radio to schools, invites all ham groups active at schools to get on the air on May 5. Advance Notice: 5th Contest University at HAM Radio 2015: DARC, BCC, and RRDXA, are again planning a contest university for the first day of this year's HAM RADIO at Friedrichshafen (Friday, June 26). The event's principal organiser this year is Uli (DJ2YA), since Michael, DL6MHW, is now occupied with preparations for the WRTC 2018 in Germany. The basic structure of the contest university remains the same, offering lectures and seminars for both beginners and advanced contesters in parallel panels. The participation fee of EUR 50 (EUR 25 for DARC members, young operators, and foreign participants) includes a bag with relevant course materials and even a CTU shirt. Registering at is necessary for participation. (Uli Weiss, DJ2YA) Monaco - Callbook: Check out the following link for an updated 3A callbook, including all individual and club calls in Monaco: Abbreviations in this DXNL: =========================== COTA Castles on the Air DFCF Diplome des Forts et Chateaux de France DIA Danish Island Award DIB Diploma Ilhas Brasileiras DID Deutsches Inseldiplom GIA German Island Award GIOTA Greek Islands On The Air IOSA Island of Scotland Award IOTA Islands on the Air JCG Japan Century Guns LoTW Logbook of the World MIA Mediterranean Sea Island Award OQRS Online QSL Request System RNARS Royal Naval Amateur Radio Society SCOTIA Scottish Island Award TCSWAT TC Special Wireless Activity Team USi United States Islands Awards WCA World Castles Award WLOTA World Lighthouse On The Air Award Upcoming Contests: ================== 01.05. AGCW DL QRP Party 02./03.05. ARI Contest 02./03.05. 7th Call area QSO Party 02./03.05. Indiana QSO Party 02./03.05. New England QSO Party IOTA Compiled by Andreas, DK5ON ( ==== IOTA QRGs CW: 28040 24920 21040 18098 14040 10114 7030 3530 kHz SSB: 28560 28460 24950 21260 18128 14260 7055 3760 kHz AS-073; 9M2, Kelantan/ Terengganu State group: Victor, R6AF, is currently active as 9M2/R6AF/p from Redang Island (WW Loc. OJ15ms) until the 29th. His log is uploaded day to ClubLog, QSL via R6AF (d/B), OQRS. AS-079; JA6, Miyako Islands: Take, JI3DST, is going to activate Miyako Island from the 29th until May 6. QRV as JS6RRR or JI3DST/6 on 40-6m on SS, CW, FM, RTTY, and PSK31. QSL via JS6RRR or JI3DST. EU-010; GM, Outer Hebrides: Dave, GM0LVI, plans an activation of the Isle of Barra (IOSA OH11, SCOTIA HI02) for April 30 - May 9 as GM0LVI/p, running a KX3 and GP antennas. QSL via GM0LVI (d/B), LoTW. EU-015; SV9, Crete Island: John/SV1GE, George/SV2BRT, Gianni/SV2FPU, Takis/ SV2FWV, yl Georgia/SV1QXU, Vangelis/SV2RJV, and Dimitris/SV2RMK are going to put Crete (GIOTA KRS-005, MIA MGC-005, WLOTA 1400, WW Loc. KM25di) on the air from May 1 to 10 as J49TSL. They will operate from the Resort Village of Georgioupoli on 80-6m on CW, SSB, and RTTY. QSL via SV2GDH (d/B), LoTW. EU-042; DL, Schleswig-Holstein State North West group: Operators Siggi/DL3HBZ, Lothar/DL8HAL, Steve/DJ7AO, Frank/DF6LPC, Uli/DJ9IE, and Ben/DB2LS from the DARC club Ratzeburg (E39) will be active from Hallig Hooge (DID/GIA N-22) between April 30 and May 3 signing DL0DFF and DK0RZ. Their location is part of DLFF-013. QSL via bureau; DL0DFF via DL3HBZ (d), DK0RZ via DL5HAQ (d). EU-088; OZ, Kattegat group: Michael, OZ1KZX, operates as 5P1ANH from Anhold Island (DIA NK-001, WLOTA 2816, WW Loc. JO57sr) between the 5th and 9th of May. QRV on 80-10m on digital modes. QSL via OZ1KZX, LoTW, ClubLog, eQSL. NA-079; W4, Florida State (Dry Tortugas Islands) group: Mike (WA0SPG/4) plans an activation of Garden Key (USi FL-013S, KFF-0023) for May 4 - 6 with a QRP rig on HF (SSB and CW). QSL via WA0SPG. NA-143; W5, Texas State East (Matagorda to Jefferson County) group: Joe, K5KUA, will be back on the air again from Galveston (USi TX-001S) signing K5KUA/5 between the 30th and May 3. QRV on 40-10m on CW. QSL via h/c (d/B), LoTW, ClubLog. SA-024; PY, Sao Paulo State West group: Flavio/PU2KFL, John/PU2KKE, Willian/ PU2XIZ, Marcelo/PY2AE, and Murilo/PY2DS are teaming up for an activation of the Ilha do Cammbriu (DIB SP-15, WW Loc. GG64bu) with the call PW2C. QRV from the 1st to 3rd of May on HF and 2m on SSB and CW. This will be the first activation of this island, access is very difficult. QSL via PY2DS (d/B). SA-024; PY, Sao Paulo State West group: Murilo/PY2DS and John/PU2POP are going to put Cananeia (DIB: SP-09, WW Loc. GG64ax) on the air between May 1 and 3. QRV as ZW2WCA on 80, 40, 15, 12, and 10m, and on 6m and 2m on CW, SSB, and digital modes. QSL via PY2DS (d/B). WWFF ==== NSG Heidehof, Golmberg (DLFF-149) NP Hoher Flaeming (DLFF-070): Joerg, plans to activate DLFF-149 on the first of May, and then move on to DLFF-070 on the 2nd and 3rd. QRV on HF on SSB and CW. QSL via DK2AI (d/B). HAFF activations: Zsolt, HA8FY and Geza, HA8DD plan to activate several references according to the following schedule: May 01: HAFF-109 and HAFF-011 during the afternoon May 02: HAFF-045 and HAFF-001 during the afternoon May 03: HAFF-028 They will sign their homecalls/p on the WWFF QRGs on 40, 30, and 20m on CW and SSB. QSL via homecalls. WCA === Awards: See the following links for two new awards: Castles and Fortresses of Bosnia and Hercegovina (CFBHA); Castles in Serbia (CISA): (TNX E72AW, YT2KID) Activity Day: Just like in the last years, May 1 will see another nationwide activation of German castles. For further information see: Schloss Fretzdorf - DL-04083: Klaus is going to activate this reference (WCA: DL-04083, COTA-DL: BRB-088) on May 1. QSL via bureau. Sparrenburg - DL-02840: Andreas, DK5ON, activates Castle Sparrenburg (WCA: DL-02840, COTA-DL: WNB-004) on May 1. The castle is located in DLFF-126. Andreas will get on the air with a KX3 and a dipole on 20 and 40m on SSB. QSL via bureau or direct. Schloss Bantikow - DL-04060: Christian/DC7VS and Nico/DD6VFS will be active as DK0RBY from Bantikow (WCA: DL-04060, COTA-DL: BRB-065) from April 30 to May 3. QRV on all bands (SSB and PSK31). QSL via bureau, DC7VS (d), eQSL. Schloss Schlettau - DL-01281: DL0ANA will be active from this reference (COTA-DL: SAX-175, WCA: DL-01281) on May 1. Jagdschloesschen Breitenbrunn: Heiko, DL3VU, activates this castle (COTA-DL: SAX-152) on May 1 on HF and VHF upon request. Burg Rabenstein - DL-01272: The club station DM2C will get on the air from castle Rabenstein (WCA DL-01272, COTA-DL: SAX-166) on May 1 with the special DOK KIDS. Schloss Zschepplin: Ops DL7LM, DL4ZM, and DL1LRI get active from Zschepplin (COTA-DL: SAX-132) on May 1st on 40/20m on SSB and also on 2m FM between 10:00 and 16:00. Calender ======== start - end DX DXNL 01.04. - 30.06. 3A90IARU 1930 20.04. - 31.05. 3Z0VD 1934* 20.04. - 31.05. 3Z70VD 1934* 01.01. - 30.04. 3Z85PZK 1917 01.01. - 30.04. 3Z90IARU 1917 24.11. - 23.11. 4A5XX 1911 - 07.2015 4U20B 1895 05.05. - 09.05. 5P1ANH 1934* - 08.2017 5R8SV 1897 02.05. - 08.05. 6Y5/W8ERI 1934* 01.03. - 31.08. 7S90IARU 1927 01.03. - 31.05. 8J1H 1925 30.04. - 31.05. 8J1ITU 1934* - 31.12. 8J3KGR 1926 31.07. - 08.2015 8J4J 1848 01.10. - 31.05. 8J160KSW 1904 01.04. - 04.05. 8N2S 1931 01.03. - 31.05. 8N3HC 1925 01.05. - 31.05. 9A50AJ 1934* 01.01. - 31.12. 9A88AA 1919 24.04. - 02.05. 9H3OO 1933 - 30.04. 9K90IARU 1931 23.04. - 29.04. 9M2/R6AF/p 1934* 01.01. - 31.12. 9V50AN 1922 01.01. - 31.12. 9V50DE 1922 01.01. - 31.12. 9V50FJ 1922 01.01. - 31.12. 9V50JA 1922 01.01. - 31.12. 9V50PN 1922 01.01. - 31.12. 9V50QQ 1922 01.01. - 31.12. 9V50RM 1922 01.01. - 31.12. 9V50RN 1922 01.01. - 31.12. 9V50WD 1922 01.01. - 31.12. 9V50XB 1922 01.01. - 31.12. 9V50XX 1922 01.01. - 31.12. 9V50YC 1922 01.04. - 30.04. AM890CNR 1930 01.04. - 31.12. AT150ITU 1932 - 04.2015 C6ATS 1913 29.04. - 06.05. A52AEF 1934* 29.04. - 06.05. A52ARJ 1934* 29.04. - 06.05. A52IVU 1934* 29.04. - 06.05. A52LSS 1934* 01.05. - 30.05. AO150A 1934* 01.05. - 30.05. AO150E 1934* 01.05. - 30.05. AO150G 1934* 01.05. - 30.05. AO150H 1934* 01.05. - 30.05. AO150I 1934* 01.05. - 30.05. AO150N 1934* 01.05. - 30.05. AO150O 1934* 01.05. - 30.05. AO150R 1934* 01.05. - 30.05. AO150T 1934* 01.05. - 30.05. AO150U 1934* 01.05. - 30.05. AO150V 1934* 15.04. - 30.04. CX90IARU 1933 08.12. - 08.12.15 D3AM 1919 01.01. - 31.12. DA300CFG 1919 01.01. - 31.12. DA300KA 1920 01.11. - 31.10. DC0LGST 1922 01.01. - 31.12. DF50USLAR 1921 01.01. - 31.12. DG150ZRS 1917 01.01. - 31.12. DJ90IARU 1917 30.04. - 03.05. DK0RBY 1934* 30.04. - 03.05. DK0RZ 1934* 01.05. - 03.05. DK2AI 1934* 01.05. - DK5ON 1934* 01.01. - 31.12. DK60ZAB 1921 01.01. - 31.12. DK65DARC 1917 01.05. - DL0ANA 1934* 30.04. - 03.05. DL0DFF 1934* 14.10. - 13.10. DL0WRTC 1907 01.05. - DL1TRK 1934* 01.01. - 31.12. DL50MER 1921 01.01. - 31.12. DL60BUND 1919 01.01. - 31.12. DL65DARC 1917 01.03. - 29.02.16 DL1965WH 1925 01.05. - DM2C 1934* 01.05 - 30.04. DM20KIDS 1884 - 04.2015 DM100CTK 1884 01.01. - 31.12. DM700LSW 1918 01.01. - 31.12. DM750FOR 1919 01.01. - 31.12. DP7BVBG 1917 01.01. - 31.12. DQ40AIX 1921 - 05.2015 DQ60WAE 1887 01.01. - 31.12. DQ70ELBE 1918 01.01. - 31.12. DQ1200HI 1921 01.07. - 30.06. DR125HLK 1893 01.01. - 31.12. E50A 1915 01.01. - 31.12. E50B 1915 01.01. - 31.12. E50D 1915 01.01. - 31.12. E50J 1915 01.01. - 31.12. E50K 1915 01.01. - 31.12. E50V 1915 01.01. - 31.12. E50W 1915 18.04. - 09.05. EG8TRV 1932 01.04. - 30.04. EG90IARU 1930 01.04. - 30.04. EH90IARU/6 1930 01.04. - 30.04. EH90IARU/8 1930 01.04. - 30.04. EH90IARU/9 1930 03.05. - 10.05 EI100MFA 1934* 01.01. - 31.12. EI150ITU 1922 23.04. - 04.05. EK/DK7AO 1933 23.04. - 04.05. EK/DL7UCX 1933 16.04. - 16.06. FR/F5PLC 1932 - 10.2015 FW5JJ 1852 01.01. - 31.12. G50FRS 1917 02.05. - 16.05. GB3WOI 1934* 01.05. - 31.05. GB70VE 1934* 01.05. - 31.05. GB100MFA 1934* 30.04. - 09.05. GM0LVI/p 1934* 01.01. - 31.12. H32AT 1927 01.02. - 30.04. H44MS 1921 01.05. - 03.05. HA8DD/p 1934* 01.05. - 03.05. HA8FY/p 1934* 02.04. - 30.04. HB75FCTCP 1932 01.03. - 31.12. HB90IARU 1930 01.01. - 31.12. HE200GE 1919 14.03. - 17.05. HF0BEM 1930 19.04. - 08.05. HF10GALEON 1934* 01.01. - 30.04. HF85PZK 1917 01.01. - 30.04. HF90IARU 1917 01.01. - 31.12. HG90IARU 1921 - 06.2015 HI7/DJ0ML 1910 - 2017 HL2/F4AAR 1837 01.04. - 31.07. HL60HQ 1932 20.02. - 14.05. HR5/F2JD 1924 01.04. - 30.04. II0SPQR 1933 01.04. - 30.04. II3FPN 1932 - 05.2015 II8IDXC.. 1856/1861 01.03. - 31.08. IY7M 1927 01.05. - 10.05. J49TSL 1934* - 05.2015 J79MM 1919 28.03. - 20.05. J79WTA 1934* 29.04. - 05.05. JD1BLY 1934* 02.05. - 11.05. JD1YBT 1934* - 06.2015 JG8NQJ/JD1 1927 29.04. - 06.05. JI3DST/6 1934* 29.04. - 06.05. JS6RRR 1934* 06.12. - 30.05. JW9JKA 1913 - 01.05. K2ZR/4 1920 30.04.. - 03.05. K5KUA/5 1934* - 2016/17 KH9/KJ6GHN 1885 01.01. - 31.07. LZ112RF 1933 01.05. - 31.05. LZ102SIB 1934* 01.05. - 31.05. LZ2015KM 1934* 01.04. - 30.04. LZ883PI 1930 17.02. - 31.12. LZ90IARU 1926 26.04. - 02.05. MM0KLR 1933 04.04. - 30.04. ON15CLEP 1932 01.04. - 30.04. ON1418KNH 1931 01.01. - 31.12.16 OU0POLIO 1919 01.01. - 31.12. OU25AEI 1921 - 08.2015 OX5M 1843 - 08.2015 OX5T 1843 01.01. - 31.12. OZ90IARU 1921 15.01. - 15.06. P29NK 1915/1919 01.01. - 31.12. PA90IARU 1921 14.04. - 12.05. PA2015KDD 1932 01.01. - 31.12. PI25COM 1929 01.04. - 30.04. PS70FEB 1930 01.05. - 31.05. PT70FEB 1934* 01.05. - 03.05. PW2C 1934* 05.03. - 05.06. PZ5LP 1926 31.03. - 30.04. R1895R 1931 31.03. - 30.04. R2015R 1931 31.03. - 30.04. R120RA 1931 31.03. - 30.04. R120RB 1931 31.03. - 30.04. R120RC 1931 31.03. - 30.04. R120RD 1931 31.03. - 30.04. R120RE 1931 31.03. - 30.04. R120RF 1931 31.03. - 30.04. R120RG 1931 31.03. - 30.04. R120RH 1931 31.03. - 30.04. R120RI 1931 31.03. - 30.04. R120RJ 1931 31.03. - 30.04. R120RK 1931 31.03. - 30.04. R120RL 1931 31.03. - 30.04. R120RM 1931 31.03. - 30.04. R120RN 1931 31.03. - 30.04. R120RO 1931 31.03. - 30.04. R120RP 1931 31.03. - 30.04. R120RQ 1931 31.03. - 30.04. R120RR 1931 31.03. - 30.04. R120RS 1931 31.03. - 30.04. R120RT 1931 31.03. - 30.04. R120RU 1931 31.03. - 30.04. R120RV 1931 31.03. - 30.04. R120RW 1931 31.03. - 30.04. R120RX 1931 31.03. - 30.04. R120RY 1931 31.03. - 30.04. R120RZ 1931 25.04. - 07.05. R175PIT 1934* 01.05. - 12.06. RM30SM 1934* 11.02. - 31.12. S590IARU 1928 01.01. - 31.12. S61KK 1922 01.01. - 31.12. S61PW 1922 01.01. - 31.12. S61TT 1922 02.05. - 07.05. S79RPS 1934* 01.03. - 31.08. SB90IARU 1928 - 31.12. SC80SM 1934* 01.03. - 31.08. SC90IARU 1928 01.03. - 31.08. SD90IARU 1928 01.03. - 31.08. SE90IARU 1928 01.03. - 31.08. SF90IARU 1927 01.03. - 31.08. SI90IARU 1928 01.03. - 31.08. SJ90IARU 1928 14.03. - 17.05. SN0BEM 1930 20.04. - 31.05. SN0VD 1934* 01.01. - 30.06. SN40KRF 1919 20.04. - 31.05. SN70VD 1934* 01.01. - 30.04. SN85PZK 1917 01.01. - 30.04. SN90IARU 1917 20.04. - 31.05. SN1945VD 1934* 20.04. - 31.05. SO70VD 1934* 01.01. - 30.04. SO85PZK 1917 01.01. - 30.04. SO90IARU 1917 20.04. - 31.05. SP0VD 1934* 20.04. - 31.05. SP70VD 1934* 01.01. - 30.04. SP85PZK 1917 01.01. - 30.04. SP90IARU 1917 20.04. - 10.05. SQ70VD 1934* 01.01. - 30.04. SQ85PZK 1917 01.01. - 30.04. SQ90IARU 1917 01.04. - 30.04. SX150ITU 1931 27.04. - 01.05. T88DF 1934* - 04.2015 TA4/OG55W 1920 - 04.2015 TA4/OH2HOD 1920 01.01. - 30.04. TC100GLB 1918 01.05. - 30.05. TC150ITU 1919/1934* - 2017 TJ3SN 1896 - 07.2015 TJ3TS 1877 25.04. - 09.05. TK/ON6KE 1933 11.04. - 07.07. TM0CR 1932 05.05. - 19.05. TM45PAX 1934* - 30.04. TM70IO 1932 11.04. - 07.07. TM200CCAE 1932 01.01. - 31.12. TM320NEO 1921 18.09. - TR8CA 1902 - 2018 TY2CD 1914 16.04. - 10.05. UP70A 1933 16.04. - 10.05. UP70AM 1933 16.04. - 10.05. UP70AP 1933 16.04. - 10.05. UP70C 1933 16.04. - 10.05. UP70CAD 1933 16.04. - 10.05. UP70CZK 1933 16.04. - 10.05. UP70F 1933 16.04. - 10.05. UP70GA 1933 16.04. - 10.05. UP70GM 1933 16.04. - 10.05. UP70MIR 1933 16.04. - 10.05. UP70MM 1933 16.04. - 10.05. UP70O 1933 16.04. - 10.05. UP70OA 1933 16.04. - 10.05. UP70P 1933 16.04. - 10.05. UP70V 1933 16.04. - 10.05. UP70WK 1933 31.03. - 30.04. UP120R 1931 01.04. - 30.05. VC3LOH 1932 22.02. - 31.05. VI110ROTARY 1925 24.04. - 04.05. VK9NT 1933 - 30.06. VQ9ET 1930 - 12.2015 VR2UU 1898 04.05. - 06.05. WA0SPG/4 1934* 18.04. - 18.05. YB1/PD1SA 1932 22.04. - 01.05. YB4IR/8 1933 27.04. - 01.05. YB8RW/p 1933 - 07.2015 YL390BF 1923 - 07.2015 YL390GAZ 1923 - 07.2015 YL390GQG 1923 - 07.2015 YL390IV 1923 - 07.2015 YL390QS 1923 - 07.2015 YL390UI 1923 19.03. - 30.11. YL800TM 1928 22.04. - 30.04. YN/WJ2O 1933 01.02. - 31.12. YO90IARU 1921 - 20.09. YO555BU 1907 01.03. - 30.09. YP10EURAO 1928 01.02. - 31.12. YP90IARU 1921 - 20.09. YP555BU 1907 01.02. - 31.12. YQ90IARU 1921 - 20.09. YQ555BU 1907 01.02. - 31.12. YR90IARU 1921 - 20.09. YR555BU 1907 31.03. - 31.12. YT45CW 1933 01.01. - 31.12. YT90NS 1919 31.03. - 31.12. YU45CW 1933 01.04. - 31.12. YU178SB 1930 25.04. - 02.05. ZF2CI 1933 - 03.2016 ZF2DX 1878 25.04. - 25.05. ZL100ANZAC 1933 01.05. - 03.05. ZW2WCA 1934* 01.05. - 30.06. ZW70FEB 1934* * = new or updated .. = and other calls QSL information =============== 3A90IARU via 3A2ARM (d/B), (L) 3Z0VD (B) 3Z70VD (B) 4A5XX via XE1EE (d/B), (L), (e) 4O90IARU via 4O7JAZ 4O150ITU via 4O7JAZ 4S7VG (d), (e) 4X67TT via N4GNR (d) 4Z67TL via 4Z1TL 5P1ANH via OZ1KZX, (L), (e), (C) 5R8SV via G3SWH, (L) 6Y5/W8ERI via W8ERI (d) 7S90IARU via SM6JSM 8J1H (B) 8J1ITU (B), (e) 8J3KGR (B) 8N2S via JA2JNA (d/B) 8N3HC (B) 9A50AJ via 9A2AJ (d/B) 9A88AA via 9A2AA (d/B) 9H3OO via S55OO (d/B), (L), (e) 9K90IARU via 9K2HN 9M2/R6AF/p via R6AF (d/B), (C), (O) 9M4MIA via 9M2ESM (d) 9M4TI via 9M2RDX (d), (L), (C) 9V50RM (L) A52AEF via JH3AEF (d/B) A52ARJ via JA3ARJ (d) A52IVU via JA3IVU (d/B) A52LSS via JH3LSS (d/B), (L) A92AA via IZ8CLM (B), (L), (e) A9150ITU via IZ8CLM AM190AST via EA1AST (B), (L) AM190DST via EA1DST (B) AM190FCH via EA1FCH AM190GIB via EA1GIB (d/B) AM190WH via EA1WH AM290CW (L), (e) AM290EA via EA2EA (B), (L) AM390BOX via EA6DB (d/B) AM390JW via EA3JW (d), (L) AM390NN via 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ZV150ITU via PR7AYE (d/B) ZW2WCA via PY2DS (d/B) ZW7NDG via PS7AW ZW8T via PS8HF (d) ZW70FEB via PT2ADM (B), (L) ZW150ITU via PR7AYE (d/B) ZX150ITU via PR7AYE (d/B) ZY150ITU via PR7AYE (d/B) (d) = direct (B) = bureau ok (L) = LoTW (O) = OQRS (C) = ClubLog (e) = eQSL (*) = new manager (Q) = QRZ.COM * QSLs received direct: CE7PGO (SA-018), S01WS, ZF2DX * QSL cards reveived vie bureau: 4S7BRG (LZ3HI), A65EE (IZ8CLM), CF3A (VE3AT), CO2IR, CS5FAT, CX2DK, E21YDP, HS1FVL, HS2013ITU, ON4WRC/p, PI35HGV, PR7AA, PT7FLA, PY2DU, PY2MC, R100DA, RT22UA, RT100RAEM, RY22RZ, TA2AD, TF3AM, TF3JB, UE16MM, V5/DH3WO (DH3WO), VC3E (VE3AT), VE1OP, VE3EI, YV5EPM, YV8AD, YV8ER, YP10KQT * QSL via LoTW: 4U0ITU, 7X0DX, 7Z1SJ, 9M8DX, 9N7CC, CO2VE, EG8GOM, EG8LZT, ET3YL, LR1E, OA4O, PY90IARU, YW5X Thanks for contributing to this issue of the DXNL: N4AA & QRZ DX, I1JQJ/IK1ADH & 425 DX News, DxCoffee, DX World, VA3RJ & ICPO Bulletin, KB8NW & OPDX-Bulletin, 9A2AJ, DF6EX (fuer WIN-QSL), DH5NBK, DJ2YA, DJ5AV, DJ9ZB, 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Free subscription DXMB / DXNL: ============================== PDF version in German language (with pictures): Plain text version in German language: Plain text version in English language: Archives: Homepage: ____________________________________________________________________________ Subscribe or unsubscribe to the DXNL mailing list yourself at:

Sunday, April 26, 2015

SB DX @ WW < KB8NW $OPDX.1212 Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin No. 1212 The Ohio/Penn DX PacketCluster DX Bulletin No. 1212 BID: $OPDX.1212 April 27, 2015 Editor Tedd Mirgliotta, KB8NW Provided by BARF80.ORG (Cleveland, Ohio) Mostly Prepared/Written in Murfreesboro, TN Sent from Strongsville, OH Thanks to the Northern Ohio Amateur Radio Society, Northern Ohio DX Association, Ohio/Penn PacketCluster Network, AB5K & the AR TelNet Clusters Network, K1XN & GoList, NJ1Q & W1AW, K2HVN, W2GR, NG3K & ADXO, W3UR & The Daily DX, WK3N, N4AA & QRZ DX, K5GS, KY6R, K8GI, K8YSE, W8GEX & 60m News, W0GJ, CS5CRE, DL7UXG & The DX News Letter, DL1SBF, DL3YM,,, DX-World.Net, ES1CW, F5NQL, F6AJA & Les Nouvelles DX, HP1AC, I1JQJ/IK1ADH & 425 DX News, I2MQP & DX Italia News, IK2JYT, IV3IYH, JS6RRR/ JI3DST, Mediterraneo Dx Club, OZ6OM & 50 MHz DX News, Pete Rayer (ISWL), PS7AB, R3LO, RSGB IOTA Web Site, Sixitalia Weekly, VA3RJ & ICPO, and the VHF-DX-Portal (MMMonVHF) for the following DX information. DXCC COUNTRY/ENTITY REPORT: According to the AR-Cluster Network for the week of Sunday, 19th/April, through Sunday, 26th/April there were 227 countries active. Countries available: 1S, 3A, 3B8, 3B9, 3D2, 3DA, 3V, 3W, 3X, 4J, 4L, 4O, 4S, 4X, 5A, 5B, 5H, 5R, 5T, 5U, 5V, 5X, 5Z, 6W, 7X, 8P, 8R, 9A, 9G, 9H, 9J, 9K, 9M2, 9M6, 9N, 9Q, 9V, 9X, 9Y, A4, A5, A6, A7, A9, AP, BV, BY, C3, C5, C6, CE, CE0Y, CE9, CM, CN, CP, CT, CT3, CU, CX, CY0, D2, D4, DL, DU, E4, E5/s, E7, EA, EA6, EA8, EA9, EI, EK, EP, ER, ES, ET, EU, EX, EY, EZ, F, FG, FK, FM, FO, FO/c, FR, FS, FW, FY, G, GD, GI, GJ, GM, GU, GW, H4, HA, HB, HB0, HC, HH, HI, HK, HL, HP, HR, HS, HZ, I, IS, J2, J3, J5, J6, J7, J8, JA, JD/o, JT, JW, JY, K, KH0, KH2, KH6, KL, KP2, KP4, LA, LU, LX, LY, LZ, OA, OD, OE, OH, OK, OM, ON, OX, OY, OZ, P2, P4, PA, PJ2, PJ4, PJ5, PJ7, PY, PY0F, PZ, S5, S7, SM, SP, ST, SU, SV, SV/a, SV5, SV9, T5, T7, TA, TF, TG, TI, TK, TL, TR, TT, TU, TY, TZ, UA, UA2, UA9, UK, UN, UR, V3, V4, V5, V6, V7, V8, VE, VK, VP2E, VP5, VP8, VP8/h, VP9, VQ9, VR, VU, XE, XU, XX9, YA, YB, YI, YJ, YL, YN, YO, YS, YU, YV, Z2, Z3, Z8, ZA, ZB, ZD7, ZD8, ZD9, ZF, ZL, ZP, ZS * PLEASE NOTE: The report "could" contain "Pirate/SLIM" operations or more likely a "BUSTED CALLSIGN". As always, you never know - "Work First Worry Later". 3W, VIETNAM (Press Release). The Mediterraneo Dx Club released the following info on April 24th [edited]: (Press Release #1) - Do you know Da Nang? Maybe yes, maybe not. Da Nang city is one of the major port cities in Vietnam, situated on the Est Sea, but, overall, Da Nang will be the next destination of the Mediterraneo International Dx Club Team, and so it will be soon on the air any mode/any band. Great news to save in your DXCC scheduled logbook. First of all the callsign: 3W3MD The leader Antonio, IZ8CCW, and the co-leader Gabriele, I2VGW, are happy to announce to the DXer Comunity that, with the great help of a local friend, Bac, XV2A, from October 31st to November 10th, they have planned the new DXpedition on the beach of Da Nang. According to the evaluations that they have done, they are confident to give to a lot of DXers the possibility to work this Country on the Low bands, WARC and especially in the Digital modes. At the moment the team is already full of skilled operators, as a matter of fact: 20 people coming from 8 (eight) countries. On the air will be five stations around the clock. For any further news and updates please stay tune because the official web site of this new great adventure is coming. 73's MDXC H.Q. 8P, BARBADOS. Bill, K2HVN, will be operating from Barbados between May 5-11th. Callsign is pending. Activity will be on 20- 10 meters using 100 watts into a vertical antenna. He suggests the following frequencies: CW - 14040, 10115 and 18085 kHz, and for SSB - 14260 and 18128 kHz. Bill does not know the frequencies for 12 and 10 meters yet. QSL via K2HVN, direct (with SASE) or by the Bureau. NO LoTW or eQSL. B3/B7, CHINA. Look for special event stations B3CRAC and B7CRAC to be on the air May 3rd to celebrate the 75th "Chinese Ham Day". Hams in China were gathering on air on every May 5th since 1940. QSL via BA4TB. C6, BAHAMAS. Dan, N8YSZ, will be active as C6ASZ from Long Island between May 9-16th. Activity will be holiday style on 40-10 meters using SSB and the Digital modes. QSL via his home callsign or LoTW. CR6, PORTUGAL. Members of the Clube Radioamadores do Entroncamento, will use the special callsign CR6AG on May 16th, from the Castelo de Alegrete (WCA reference CT-0096, DCFP reference C-096, DMHP reference PG-006 and DMP reference 1214 for the Portuguese Castles Award). Operation will be on the HF bands using SSB and the Digital modes. Castelo de Alegrete is located in the Province of Portalegre. DAYTON HAMVENTION NEWS (by Tim, K3LR)..... * The annual Dayton Topband dinner will be held Friday (May 15) night during Dayton Hamvention at the Crowne Plaza. Great place to meet Topband ops - it is a super dinner event. Our special guest speaker this year is Bob, K4UEE, presenting Topband experiences from Navassa Island, K1N. All the details are here: * The annual Dayton Contest Dinner will be held on Saturday night May 16th at the Crowne Plaza in downtown Dayton. Contesters from all over the world will attend. Master of Ceremonies is WWROF Chairman John Dorr, K1AR. Our special guest speaker is ARRL President Kay Craigie, N3KN. CQ Contest Hall of Fame class of 2015 will be announced by CQWW Contest Director Randy Thompson, K5ZD. Main prize is the Icom IC-7600 high performance transceiver (thanks Icom America). All of the Dayton contest dinner details are here: FT/X, KERGUELIN ISLANDS (VK0EK PRESS RELEASE). Rich, KY6R, reports on April 22nd: We have just received the exciting news that permission has been obtained for the expedition to visit the French island of Kerguelen, lying 250 nm NNE of Heard Island. The visit will be done after the conclusion of the operations at Heard Island. It is not yet determined whether a radio operation will be authorized, and we are pursuing this possibility. [From Wikipedia] Kerguelen comprises a group of 300 islands and islets, with total area about the size of Puerto Rico. The climate is raw and chilly with frequent high winds throughout the year. The surrounding seas are generally rough and they remain ice-free year-round. There are no indigenous inhabitants, but France maintains a permanent presence of 45 to 100 scientists, engineers and researchers. There is no airport on the islands, so all travel and transport from the outside world is conducted by ship. IOTA NEWS.............. AS-073. By the time you read this, Victor, R6AF, will be active as 9M2/R6AF/P from Redang Island until April 29th. Activity will be on the HF bands. QSL via ClubLog's OQRS under the callsign 9M2/R6AF/P_AS073. The log will be uploaded daily on Clublog. AS-079. Take, JS6RRR/JI3DST, will be active from Miyako Island between 0900z, April 29th and 0000z, May 6th. He states that he will use two different callsigns on the island: JS6RRR (Main) and JI3DST/6 (Sub). Activity will be on 40/30/20/17/15/12/10/6 meters using CW, SSB, FM, RTTY and PSK31. Operations may vary in case of heavy rains or other conditions. QSL routes are as follows: JS6RRR via JS6RRR and JI3DST/6 via JI3DST. Via the Bureau is best. Please check for more details. ADDED NOTE FROM TAKE: He states that he is sorry for the delay of past operations. Suggests to please wait. He will send QSLs via Bureau in August (July). For SASE, he will send QSLs in June. EU-008. Operators Allan/2M0VNW, Jason/GM7VSB, Gordon/GM7WCO, Paul/GM0PJD, Arthur/MM0DHQ, Graham/MM0GHM an Marcus/MM0ZIF will be active as MM0KLR from the Isle of Muck (IOSA NH06, SCOTIA DI18, Worked All Britain NM48) between April 26th and May 2nd. QSL via MM0GHM. QSL via Bureau and eQSL via MM0KLR. NA-199. Phalier, FS5PL, will be on Tintamarre Island this coming weekend starting on Friday around 2200z. SA-024. Operators Marcelo Pera/PY2AE, Murilo/PY2DS, João Carlos/PU2KKE, Willian/PU2XIZ and Flávio/PU2KFL will be active as PW2C from Cambriú Island (DIB SP-15) between May 1-3rd. The island of Cambriú will be activated for the first time; it belongs to São Paulo State West Group and will be a new DIB to Brazil, SP-15. Cambriú is a tiny island in south of São Paulo state without any kind of infrastructure, and there is no energy power or portable water. The landing is done on the rocks and the weather and sea conditions usually are not good. Activity will be on 80/40/20/15/10/2 meters using CW and SSB. QSL via PY2DS, direct or by the Bureau. SA-024. John Paul, PU2POP, will be active as ZW2WCA from Cananeia Island (DIB SP-009) between April 31st and May 3rd. Activity will be on 80/40/15/12/10/6/2 meters using CW, SSB and the Digital modes. QSL via PY2DS, direct or by the Bureau. SA-071. Members of the CDR Group DXpedition Team will be active as PW2G from Gatos Island during the RSGB IOTA Contest (July 26-27th). More details will be forthcoming. IR2, ITALY. John, IK2JYT, and other members of A.R.S. Radio Club "Como-01, Brughiera Comasca" will be active as IR2EXPO to celebrate the 2015 Universal Milan Exhibition "EXPO" between May 1st and Ocrober 31st. A special QSL card will be sent if at least three (3) HF bands are worked. Look at the HRD online log service to make sure you have at least 3 effective contacts on different bands. QSL Manager is IK2TTO for DIRECT QSLs. For Bureau via 9A8ARS or . ISWL CALLSIGNS (For May). The following ISWL club callsigns will be used throughout the month of May 2015: GX4BJC/A - Operated from Eastbourne, in East Sussex, by Peter, G0NQZ. (/A WAB Square TQ50 - England, IOTA EU-005, WLOTA 1841). MX1SWL/A - Operated from Clacton on Sea, in Essex, by George, G1IPU. (/A WAB Square TM11 - England, IOTA EU-005, WLOTA 1841). George will also operate as MX1SWL/P during the month and will give his WAB square if requested. ALL QSLs will be handled by Herbie, G6XOU, and NOT the individual operator. The I.S.W.L. is a member of the European PSK Club. All QSL info is on or or via . NO LoTW. I.S.W.L. Awards are available to all Hams and SWLs, see for full details. The cards ARE welcomed for their awards. JW, SVALBARD. Alexander, UA3IPL, will be once again active as JW/UA3IPL from Spitsbergen Island (EU-026) between April 28-29th. Activity will be on the HF bands using CW (slow speed), SSB, RTTY, PSK31 and JT65. Equip- ment will be a Yaesu FT-857D with FC30 tuner into a G5RV antenna. QSL via RW6HS direct. MARCONI DAY STATION. The International Marconi Day event is now in its 28th year, and the team WK3N/IMD will be operating as one of the special event stations for the 28th annual International Marconi Day held for the 24 hour UTC period on April 25th. Operators will be KE3JP, KA3LUN, KM3P and WK3N. Information on the event and award are available at WK3N/IMD or . NCDXF PRESS RELEASE (Palmyra Atoll). NCDXF announces major grant to KH5 Palmyra Atoll DXpedition -- April 21, 2015 -- The Northern California DX Foundation is pleased to announce a contribution of $20,000 to the KH5 Palmyra Atoll DXpedition planned for January 2016. Palmyra (KH5) is in the Top Ten Most Wanted and is #2 Most Wanted in Europe. See for more information. Without major financial support from NCDXF, DXpeditions like this to challenging or rare locations would not be possible. Within the last year, NCDXF has given $175,000 in grants to operations in Iran, Andaman, Navassa, Eritrea, Tromelin, South Sandwich, South Georgia, Chesterfield, and Heard, all of which are in or near the Top Ten Most Wanted. We have been doing this for the past 42 years, making rare DX happen and bringing fun to DXers everywhere. The credit for these large grants goes to the NCDXF contributors, individuals and clubs, who believe in supporting NCDXF. Have you contributed yet? It is easy at ! 73, Glenn Johnson, W0GJ - NCDXF Vice President OJ0, MARKET REEF. Pasi, OH3WS, will once again be active as OJ0W from Market Reef (EU-053) between May 23-31st. He is there as a as a voluntary worker and will operate during his spare time. Activity will be on 40-10 meters mostly CW, but some SSB. QSL via his home callsign. OX, GREENLAND. Operators Tom/DJ6TF, Manfred/DK1BT, Sigi/DL7DF and Frank/ DL7UFR will be on an "Arctic DXpedition" and active as OX/DJ6TF, OX/DK1BT, OX/DL7DF and OX/DL7UFR, respectively, from Tasiilaq Island (NA-151) between June 3-12th. Activity will be on 160-6 meters using CW, SSB, RTTY and PSK31. If possible, they we will operate on 6m with a FT857D. Equipment consists of 2 transceivers K2, 2 power amplifiers OX1000, 18 m lowband vertical, a R7, a spiderbeam for 20/17/15/12/10m and a 5 element yagi for 6m. QSL via DL7DF, direct or by the Bureau. They will upload the full logs of the DXpedition to LoTW within 6 months after the DXpedition. For more details and uploads, see: P4, ARUBA. Operators David/K3LP, Peter/VK3FN and Chris/VK3FY will be active as P40CD, P40FN and P40FY, respectively, from Carl's, P49V (SK), "Cook's Radio Retreat" on Aruba (SA-036) between May 19-26th. Activity will be on the HF bands. QSL via M0OXO. PROPAGATION FORECAST/REPORT (April 27th-May 3rd).... Apr/27th AN Apr/30th HN May/02nd AN Apr/28th AN May/01st AN May/03rd AN Apr/29th HN SOLAR REFERENCE KEYS/INDEXES AND GEOMAGNETIC REFERENCE ====================================================== NORMALITY GEOMAG K Values Alpha ----------------- ------ -------- ------ AN - Above Normal Quiet K=0-1 0-7 HN - High Normal Unsettled K=2 8-15 LN - Low Normal Active K=3 16-29 BN - Below Normal Minor Storm K=4 30-49 DIS - Disturbed Major Storm K=5 50-99 VRY DIS - Very Disturbed Severe Storm K=6-9 100-400 REALTIME BAND CONDITIONS WEB SITE : The purpose of this experimental Web site is to provide 24-7-365 actual (REALTIME) band condition information to CW QRPp, QRPe and CW/SSB for Contesters interested in increasing their scores. It can also be of benefit to other Radio Amateurs to determine band conditions for Nets and casual QSO's. This information is NOT based on any software pre- dictions or any kind of satellite based readings. It is based on a new Ionospheric sounding method called "HF Ionospheric Interferometry" which operates very similarly to the PolSAR system used by NASA. PT70, BRAZIL (Special Event). Rony, PS7AB, will activate special event station PT70FEB between May 1-30th. Activity is to celebrate the 70th anniversary of World War II and to remember the importance of PEACE. The special callsign is also in honor to all who participated in the war, especially the Brazilian Expeditionary Force - FEB, on the battlefields in Italy. Operations will be on 40/20/17/15/10 meters using SSB and CW/ Digital. QSL via PS7AB, direct (2 USDs), by the Bureau, eQSL or LoTW. A special certificate will be sent in 2016 via E-mail to stations who made contacts with at least 10 Special Event Stations by mode (SSB, CW or Digital), or mixed (3 modes). Each month in 2015, Ronaldo will activate a different callsign and also send 12 different QSLs. PT70FEB is the fifth special event station to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II in 2015. For more details, see: PY0F, FERNANDO DE NORONHA. A member of the CDR Group DXpedition Team, Celso, PU2WDX, is planning to activate ZW0FWA from Fernando de Noronha (SA-003). Look for details soon. QSL INFO AND NEWS..................... QSL-INFO from DB0SDX (April 26th) ------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3Z70VD via SP5KOG II7AQP via IZ7ECL UP120R via UA3DX 4O7TC via UA3TCJ (d) J79AUS via F6AUS UP70MIR via RW6HS (d) 5P0O/P via OZ1GDI J88PI via GW4DVB VI4AE2 via VK4QS 9M2/R6AF/P via R6AF LT7H via EA5GL & (L) VP9AD via W3HNK A92AA via IZ8CLM LW6DG via LW6DG (B/L) VQ9ET via DU7ET (d) AM190AST via EA1AST LZ883PI via LZ1KCP W4C via WP4DT (d) AM190FCH via EA1FCH OS4U via ON4DN YN/WJ2O via N2ZN AM390RKM via EA3RKM P4/DL2MLU via DL2MLU Z81Z via K4ZW AM890CNR via EA8CNR (L/e) PJ7/KR4NV via KR4NV ZA/DJ8QP via DJ8QP AO2015WRD via ON7LX PS70FEB via PS7AB ZA/IK2RLM via IK2RLM AO590AN via EC5AN R175PIT via RK4W ZD8N via G3ZVW AX9NT via VK2CA R90IARU via UA6YW ZW150ITU via PR7AYE CS5/OK2PVF via OK2PVF SC80SM via SM5ELV ZW70FEB via PT2ADM CX90IARU via W3HNK SU9VB via UA4WHX ZW8T via PS8HF (d) DX0P via WA6LOS SV5/F5JSD via F5JSD EG8TRV via EA8URA & (L) TC23TC via TA1AYZ (e) eQSL only (d) direct only (B) Bureau only (*-B) DX's- Bureau (O) OQRS only (C) ClubLog only (L) LoTW only OQRS FOR P4/IV3IYH. QSL Manager for P4/IV3IYH is IK2ILH, direct or by the Bureau. Online QSL request for P4/IV3IYH (April 2015) is available at: T6TM QSL ROUTE. Mike, W2GR, reports, "I am effective immediately the new QSL Mgr. for T6TM for all contacts past and present...via W2GR and direct via CBA is appreciated with appropriate means to get the card back to you." QSL RECEIVED VIA LoTW: 3D2XT, 4U0ITU, 4Z1UF, 4Z6TT, 5V7JH, 7X0DX, 7X3FG, 7Z1SJ, 9Q0HQ, A71AM, A92GE, AT150ITU, EA1YG, EG8TFE, HB0AON, HR9/K6TOP, LZ9W, PJ7K4BDR, R120RR, RI1ANR, SV2CXI, T6T, TF3ARI, VP2MLL, VP8DOZ, WP4N, XE1MM, XX9LT, YS1BJL, YW5X (SA-054), Z21DXI and ZL7AAA QSLS RECEIVED VIA MAIL: 1A0C, 3B9FR, 3D2XT, 8J1RL, 9M8DX/2, C5/M1KTA (AF-060), C98RF (AF-061), CA3CBM, DG0OME, EP6T, G6NYG, HZ1SK, J3/SP3CFM, JE5JHZ, JG2MLI/ANT, JJ5HUD, LT5X (SA-049), LU8XW (SA-008), RI1ANR, S79KB, TC0MI (AS-201), TX7G, VA3IED/VY0 (NA-047*), VP8DOZ, VP8RAF, YJ0X, YW4V, YW5X, ZD8D and ZD9ZS * (ed. was informed - This NA-047 op not valid because Island name is not printed on card) QSLS RECEIVED VIA THE BUREAU: 7X2ARA, A25KW, CF3A, CJ3T, PR7FB, RI1ANR, TO8Z, V84SMD, VA3AQB, VA3DXA, VA3FS, VA7XB, VC3Z, VC6Z, VE1BB, VE1CHW, VW1MU, VE2DQO, VE2HAY, VE2OCH, VE3BR, VE3BZ, VE3DC, VE4DXR, VE4TV, VE4WSC, VE5EIS, VE6BBP, VE6BF, VE6IHS, VE7BV, VE7CFZ, VE7GHW, VE8EV, VE8GER, VE9FX, VE9LC, VE9RK, VO1BB, VO1BQ, VO1JNS, VP2EEJ, VX9MOSKVA, VY2RAC, VE7DP/WL9, XL3T, YO9GJY, YP9L and Z81D RM30, RUSSIA. The regional department of the Amateur Radio Union of Russia (SRR) and the amateur club Activity Smolensk Group will activate the special callsign RM30SM between May 1st and June 12th. Operations will be during a hamradio marathon called "SMOLENSK A HERO CITY" from the city of Smolensk. Activity is to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the hero-city honorary title awarded to Smolensk on May 6th, 1985. The organizers have also launched the following awards ­ diplomas, bannerette flags, and plaques. QSL via R3LO (OQRS, LoTW, eQSL, Bureau). For complete details see: TX3X CHESTERFIELD ISLAND DXPEDITION (Press Release 4, Dated April 23rd). TX3X - Chesterfield Islands 2015 DX-pedition (OC-176) -- The TX3X project is progressing well. Eleven of the twelve team members met at the Inter- national DX Convention, Visalia. We are pleased to make several significant announcements. On-Island Team: Invariably, scheduling a DX-pedition requires team members to make commitments which sometimes conflict with unforeseen business / family activities. Joining the team: * David Greenhut, N6HD -- An active DXer and contester, David first earned his Novice license call WN6ICK in 1974, he now holds an Amateur Extra license. His amateur radio interests are DX, contesting and emergency communications. He enjoys building his amateur radio station, working new countries and serving the community. David's current station is an Icom 756 Pro III, Henry Amp., 4 element Steppir with a single 40 meter trombone element, 80 meter dipole, 160 meter series/shunt loaded 60 foot tower and various VHF/UHF equipment. Previous DX operations include: 2013 T33A Banaba Island, 2012 NH8S Swains Island, 2011 4X/N6HD, and TG7/N6HD - KH6/N6HD. * Walt Wilson, N6XG - Walt is an experienced DX-peditioner and contester. His most recent DX-pedition was TX5K Clipperton Island. He was licensed as a Novice in 1959 as WV6HUR. His introduction to radio was a 40M dipole, single tube oscillator/transmitter and an entry level Heath receiver. He subsequently upgraded to WA6HUR and in the 80s to the call of N6XG. He is a member of the Northern California Contest Club. Upon retirement he traveled and operated extensively throughout the world on vacation style DXpeditions. In 2001 he joined “Team Vertical” and has been on five Dxpeditions to 6Y and 2 DXpeditions to C6. Walt’s current interests are contesting, physical fitness, travel, and business consulting. He lives in Los Altos Hills, CA with his wife. * Alan Maenchen, AD6E - First licensed in 1962 as WN6BID upgraded to General in 1963 and became WB6BID, was QRT for many years after high school. About 1980 regained interest in the hobby and bought a QRP rig, started chasing DX with 5W and a low dipole. Current station includes a K3, P3, Acom 2000, and another K3, TenTek Hercules II. Member of the Northern California Contest Club, chairman of the California QSO Party for 10 years, and was initial chairman of the CWops CW OPEN competition DX operations include: AD6E/KH9, 4M7X, KH6, DL0MB, TI9M, K7C (Kure), P29NI, 3D2C (Con- way), T33A. Alan lives in Hawaii. News from our Corporate Sponsors: * Elecraft - Elecraft founders Eric Swartz/WA6HHQ and Wayne Burdick/N6KR will loan the team six K3 / KPA-500 stations for the DX-pedition. * DX-Engineering - Tim Duffy, K3LR, and the DX-Engineering team are donating a significant inventory of necessary equipment, including coax, RF connectors, power supplies, telescoping masts, and other essential equipment. * - Tom Schiller founder of is providing his Evolution Series of vertical antennas to the project. Tom’s antennas have been used on many DX-peditions with excellent results. * MicroHAM - microHAM founder Jozef Urban/OM7ZZ and Joe Subich/W4TV of microHAM USA, will loan 7 DigiKeyer II interface units. Along with our Lenovo T410 laptops and N1MM+ we’ll have a fully integrated state-of- the-art networked logging environment. * GM0OBX - Billy McFarland, GM0OBX, donated custom made interface cable sets for the DigiKeyer II interface units. * DX-University - We are happy to have Wayne Mills, N7NG, and DX- University as a corporate sponsor. * Northern California DX Foundation - In addition to their generous financial support, the NCDXF will loan us several sets of band pass filters. * Array Solutions - Jay Terleski, WX0B, is providing a Shared Apex Loop Antenna and offered other support, as required. * 6 Meter Antenna - We thank Istvan (Pista) Kolcsey, HA0DU, for providing a 7 element 6 meter beam. We will announce additional corporate sponsors as agreements are completed. Corporate sponsors are crucial to the success of a major DX-pedition. Without their donations, equipment loans and technical support the project cost and complexity would increase dramatically. We appreciate their generosity and willingness to support our projects. All DXers and contesters owe these and our previously announced corporate sponsors and partners a big THANK YOU. Please direct any questions to: Please see our website for additional information: 73, Team Chesterfield 2015 TX5, CLIPPERTON ISLAND. Jim, F5JY, reports -- Alain, F6BFH, is currently active as TX5P on 40-10 meters until around April 29th. Alain is dis- appointed in all the total chaos and lack of discipline that is recurring. He reminded once again that if there is no discipline he'll simply go QRT and those who cause the problem will not be in the log. He reports that the team is under extreme temperature, rain and gusts of tropical showers. For electricity he is dependent on generators which run between 2 and 8 hours a day, and sometimes stop without warning when the tank is empty. There is also a problem with sand...... VK9L, LORD HOWE ISLAND. Christoph, DL1YAF, will be active as DL1YAF/VK9L from Lord Howe Island (OC-004) between May 30th and June 3rd. Activity will be holiday style on 80-10 meters on CW and SSB, using KX3 HF trans- ceiver with KPA 100 watt amp into a vertical and dipole antennas. QSL via his home callsign, direct or by the Bureau. ADDED NOTE: Christoph will be active as DL1YAF/VK on a camping tour which starts May 4th in Perth. His plan is to travel all the way up to Darwin. VP9, BERMUDA. Andy, DL3YM, will be active as DL3YM/VP9 from the Hamilton apartments of Ed's, VP9GE, between May 28th and June 1st. Activity will be CW only. The operation will be focused on the CQWW WPX CW Contest (May 30-31st) as a Single-Op/All-Band/Low-Power entry. There will be some additional activity before and after the contest. QSL via his home callsign, direct, by the Bureau or eQSL. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- TO BE ADDED TO THE OPDX MAILING LIST -- Click or send requests to: Help: Subscribe: Unsubscribe: OPDX WORLD-WIDE WEB HOME PAGE (provided by John, K8YSE): ALSO VISIT THE NORTHERN OHIO DX ASSOCIATION'S WEB PAGES AT: -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- * All excerpts and distribution of "The OPDX Bulletin" are granted as long as KB8NW/OPDX/BARF80 receives credit. ** To contribute DX info, please send via InterNet Mail to: OR OR Information can now be faxed to the following phone line at: 1-419-828-7791 (F A X only!) /EXIT -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Tedd Mirgliotta, KB8NW - E-mail addresses: Editor of the Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin (OPDX - DXer's Tool of Excellence) President of the "Northern Ohio DX Association" (NODXA) DX Chairman for the "Northern Ohio Amateur Radio Society ARRL Assistant Director of the Great Lakes Division Sysop of the "Basic Amateur Radio Frequency BBS" (BARF80.ORG) ______________________________________________________________ DX mailing list Home: Help: Post: This list hosted by: Please help support this email list: