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Thursday, April 16, 2015

I.C.P.O. Bulletin (17-24 April 2015) "Islands, Castles & Portable Operations" Listing is by calendar date (day/month/year) ============================================ 17/04/2015: Jean, 5T0JL (F3JL/ON8RA), will use the special call 5T2MM from Nouakchott, Islamic Republic of Mauritania between 17-20th April 2015. He will also participate in the CWJF CQ Manchester Mineira Contest (18-19 April). QSL via PY4KL. Website: [DX-World] 17/04/2015: Operating from the island of Rarotonga (OC-013, WLOTA 0971), South Cook Islands, look for Doug W6HB and Brad W0VFT to be active as E51DLD and E51VFT, respectively, between 17-23 May 2015. QRV on 160-10m using the shacks of Andy E51AND and Jim E51JD. QSL E51DLD via W6HB with SASE for USA; SAE + $2USD for non-USA. QSL E51VFT via W0VFT with SASE for USA; SAE + $2USD for non-USA.. [DX-World] 17/04/2015: Alex, RX3ABI will be active as RI1ANM from Novolazarevskaya Station (AA U-08, WAP RUS-09, WWFF RFF-0162), Schirmacher Oasis, Princess Astrid Coast, Queen Maud Land, Antarctica (IOTA AN-016) until March 2016. QRV on the HF bands, mainly SSB. QSL via operator instructions. [ATDX] 17/04/2015: Sho, JA7HMZ, will again be active from the island of Pohnpei (OC-010, WW Loc. QJ96CX), Federated States of Micronesia, as V63DX between 17-25th April, 2015. QRV on 80-6 metres, all modes. QSL via home call, direct only (Shoji Igawa, 17 Shirogane-Cho Yokobori, Yuzawa-City, Akita, 019-0204, Japan). [ATDX] 18/04/2015: The members of Portuguese Navy Hamradio Group will be active on the 18th of April 2015 and participate in International Day of Monuments and Sites from the Fortress of Sagres (WCA CT-00230, DCFP F-054, DMHP FR-037). They plan to work as CR5PS on all bands, CW and SSB. QSL via CS5NRA, info on [RN1CW] 18/04/2015: With the kind permission of the owners of the premises, the Radio Club of l'ARALA F5KEQ/p ( will operate the 18th April 2015 in the morning from 09h30 local from the Chateau de Machecoul (DFCF 44-037). The Chateau de Machecoul has never been activated, so this is a first! Operators include Jean F5ZK, Jean-Francois F5BCB and Patrick F6CCZ. QRG in SSB 3655 kHz and beginning of the voice band on 7MHz. Eventually the 14.144MHz 20m will be used. CW activity will be available on request. QSL via home call. [] 18/04/2015: Radio amateurs from Bielsko County in Poland (representatives of clubs: SP9KAT and SP9KOZl) together with very kind colleagues from Greece will be QRV (CW and SSB - HF) on Crete Island (EU-015, GIOTA KRS-005, MIA MGC-005, WLOTA 1400) as SX9PL from 18-24th of April 2015 in order to activate Cretan flora, fauna and ARLHS. Operators include Mirek SP9ONC, Marek SP9JKB, Martin SQ9AC, Darek SP9ETE, Tomek SP9NLT, John SV9IOQ and John SV9AHZ. The team says "it is a low budget Dxpedition. Due to luggage weight restrictions we take simple antennas etc. We are beginners first time as DXpedition operators, so please be full of understanding. The aim of the DXpedition is to help suffering children from Bielsko District through collaboration with the Foundation "Together for Children" ( We are going to make a lot of QSOs with YOU - radio amateurs from around the world and YOU can help the Pediatric Hospital in Bielsko-Biala by donating using the button below (reference : "Crete 2015")." QSL via SP9KAT by the bureau or direct - Po Box Nr 6 43-365 Wilkowice Poland (only SAE + 2$). Website: [DxCoffee] 18/04/2015: Jean-Paul, F5BZK ( and others will be active as TM1IO from the Chassiron lighthouse (ARLHS FRA-234, WLOTA 1369) on Oleron Island (EU-032, DIFM AT-025) on 18-19th April. The first operation took place on 4-5 April, and others will follow in June, July and August. QSL via F5BZK, direct or bureau. [425 DX News] 18/04/2015: The Charente DX Groupe ( will be active as TM9B from Belle-Ile-en-Mer (EU-048, DIFM AT-015, WLOTA 0872) on 18-25 April. Eric F5LOW, Laurent F5MNK, Bertrand F6HKA and Leon ON4ZD will operate SSB, CW and digital modes. QSL via ON4ZD (please use the OQRS provided by Club Log). [425 DX News] 18/04/2015: Bert, PD1SA will be active on the HF bands as YB1/PD1SA from the island of Java (OC-021, WLOTA 1660) from 18th April until 18th May, 2015. QSL via home call, "ONLY VIA THE BUREAU (NO E-QSL!)". [] 19/04/2015: Mediterraneo DX Club members Raul IC8ATA, Felice IC8BMP, Paolo IC8DAK, Enzo IC8FGU and Giannino IC8FQU will be active on 19th April as IQ8MD/p from Vivara island (IOTA EU-031, IIA C005, MIA MI-120). Also counts for island of Vivara State Natural Reverse (WWFF IFF-0331). The team will be QRV with 2 stations active at the same time on 40-10 metres. QSL via IC8ATA, direct or bureau. [DxCoffee] 19/04/2015: Dragan, YT2KID will be active on the 19th of April 2015 from the Petrus Fortress (WCA YU-00031). He plans to work as YT2KID/P only SSB on 7.131, 14.251 and 18.131 MHz. QSL via home call, bureau or direct. [RN1CW] 22/04/2015: Gordon, G3USR will be active holiday-style as C6AGM from Freeport, Grand Bahama Island (NA-080, WLOTA 0527), between 22-28 April 2015. Working conditions - 100W from a CDXC loan rig - a Yaesu FT-450 - with a vertical wire or vertical dipole. QSL Direct ONLY via G3USR, please NO IRC and NO Bureau. [DX-World] 22/04/2015: David, WJ2O will be visiting the home of Octavio, YN2N in Granada, Nicaragua, between 22-30 April. Look for David to be QRV on the HF bands as YN/WJ2O. QSL via home call. [ATDX] 23/04/2015: Team 9M4TI will be active from Pulau Redang [Redang Island] (AS-073, WW Loc. OJ15ms), Terengganu State, off the east coast of Malaysia, from 23-26 April. QRV on 80-10 metre CW, SSB and BPSK (12m and 18m included). Operators include Rizal 9M2RDX, Hanif 9W2FLD, Ahmad 9W2AEV, Han 9W2SBD, Muhamad 9W2ZKZ, Rosli 9M2RHQ, Ishak 9M2MCB, Mat 9W2VVN, Mohamad 9W2MCK and Mohd KC3DQS. QSL: ONLY DIRECT to 9M2RDX (2 USD + SASE), Club Log OQRS and LoTW. [MM0NDX] 23/04/2015: After considerable hard work and time, Bernd DL7UCX and Frank DK7AO have permission to operate from Armenia as EK/DL7UCX and EK/DK7AO between 23 April and 4 May, 2015. QRV on on 160-10 metre (no 6m permitted) CW, SSB and RTTY. QSL via home calls, direct or bureau. [DX-World] 24/04/2015: Members of Barry Amateur Radio Society (BARS) will be operating as GB4MBC from historic Flatholm Island (EU-124, WLOTA 0007, Grid Loc. IO81), in the Bristol Channel, between 24-27th April. The GB4MBC operations on 25th April is to celebrate International Marconi day. Also, the team will operate using their own personal calls on the other days. Activity will be mainly on the HF bands, but will also operate on satellite using limited portable equipment during their stay. QSL via MW0DHF. [OPDX Bulletin] 24/04/2015: Goran, S55OO reports that he will be QRV as 9H3OO from the island of Malta (IOTA EU-023, MIA MM-001, Grid Loc. JM75) between 24 April and 2 May 2015. Activity will be holiday style on 40-6 metre CW, SSB and Digital modes. Flexradio 3000 and some wires. QSL via home call, bureau preferred. Log will be uploaded to LoTW and eQSL. [DxCoffee] 24/04/2015: Chris VK3QB, Luke VK3HJ, Roy VK3GB and Oly VK3XDX/5 plan new activity as VK9NT from the Pacific Palms Lodge, Norfolk Island (OC-005, WLOTA 1469, WWFF VKFF-392, WW Loc. RG30XX), between 24th April and 4th May 2015. They plan to operate on 160-10 metre SSB and CW only. No Digital or 6m activity is planned. QSL either OQRS (Club Log), ARRL LoTW, Direct or via the VK QSL Bureau to VK2CA. Further information and updates on their website at: [DX-World] LOOKING AHEAD - 25/04/2015: The Hornsby and District Amateur Club (HADARC) will be activating the International Marconi Day (25 April) this year under a special event station of AX2IMD instead of the usual (VK2IMD). This year International Marconi Day falls on ANZAC Day. The station will be operated on a roster basis from individual Amateur residences in the Hornsby District. Bob, VK2KAZ will be co-ordinating, participating and overseeing the roster. 01/05/2015: Joe, K5KUA will once again be active from Galveston Island (NA-143, USi TX-001S), Galveston county, Texas, as K5KUA/5 from 1-3 May, 2015. Active on 40-10 metre CW only, as time permits. Log will be uploaded to LoTW and Club Log. [] 02/05/2015: Peter, DL2RPS will be active from the Baie Sainte Anne district of Praslin Island (IOTA AF-024, WWFF S7FF-04), Seychelles Archpelago, as S79RPS between May 2-8, 2015. In order to give everyone the opportunity to be able to call off S79RPS work, there will be only one connection per call and amateur radio band. Multiple QSOs per band lead to the deletion of each amateur radio band. The log is set here every night. QRV on the HF bands using CW, SSB and some Digital modes. QSL via bureau to DL2RPS, eQSL via S79RPS, Club Log OQRS or direct with SASE and 2 US$ via DL2RPS ( [DX-World] 17/05/2015: The 17th of May 2015 is the ITU anniversary day and so EDR Eksperimenterende Danske Radioamatorer will be activating the special Call sign OZ150ITU, from 00:00 to 23:59 UTC on this day. The activity will take place from many different QTH's in Denmark and the different operators will get a unique secondary suffix to the callsign. The secondary suffix will be /xx where xx is a number between 10 and 99. Activity will be on 160, 80, 40 20, 15 and 10 metre bands using CW, SSB and Digi modes. You can achieve a special Award by contacting different OZ150ITU/xx operators. QSL via OZ0J, OQRS preferred. Further information about this activity and respective award can be found at: [OZ0J] 22/05/2015: The "Wild Mountain DX Group" OE5XWM/P proudly announces their 1st activation which takes places on 22-24 May, 2015. The team will be active from 80-10 metres, with some "power" at 1600 mtrs.asl from the Austrian Alps. Various antennas will be used. Operators include Alex OE1DXU (SSB), David OE5DFL (technical support), Erich OE5EVM (CW), Edwin OE5POP (SSB) and Peter OE5PSO (SSB, PSK31). QSL will be via bureau or direct to OE5XWM - every contact will be confirmed! [ATDX] 27/05/2015: Armin, DK9PY will once again be active from the island of Jamaica (NA-097, WLOTA 0214) from 27 May until 2 June for the CQWW WPX CW Contest (30-31 May), using the call sign 6Y6N. During the remaining time Armin will be active on all bands from the QTH of Josh, 6Y5WJ, located near Malvern, St. Elizabeth parish. QSL via home call, direct or bureau. On-line log will be hosted by Club Log and the log will also be uploaded to LoTW. [ATDX] 27/05/2015: Kazu, M0CFW/JK3GAD will be active again as MJ0CFW from the Isle of Jersey (EU-013, WLOTA 0818, WAB WV54) from 27 May until 1 June, on all HF bands. His focus will be on the CQWW WPX CW Contest (30-31 May) as a Single-Op/All-Band/Low-Power entry using the callsign MJ5Z. QSL via LoTW. QSL also ok via OQRS. [NG3K] 30/05/2015: Chris, F4WBN will be active again as 5U5U from Niamey, Republic of Niger, between 30th May and 16th June, 2015. QRV holiday style on 40-6 metre SSB and some RTTY. QSL via home call, direct only ( [DX-World] 05/06/2015: Look for Emanuele IU2CIQ, Lorenzo IZ1UJE and Andrea IZ1ZHG to be active as 3A/IU2CIQ from Monaco between 5-7th June 2015. QRV on the HF bands, mainly SSB with possibly some CW and RTTY. QSL OK via IU2CIQ by the bureau, or direct to IZ1UJE and LoTW. [NG3K] 26/08/2015: Look for Jim G3RTE, Phil G3SWH and Matt MJ0ASP to be QRV from the uninhabited island of Cezembre (IOTA EU-157, DIFM MA-008, WW Loc. IN88XQ), province of Brittany (DPF 06), in the Ille-et-Vilaine departement (DDFM 35) of France, as F/G6AY/p between 26th and 28th August 2015 and plan to have two 100 watt stations with vertical antennas on 30 to 10 metres, CW only. Activity will be during daylight hours only as it is not permitted to stay on the island overnight. Ile de Cezembre is part of Natura 2000 - Baie de Lancieux, Baie de l'Arguenon, Archipel de St.Malo et Dinard (WWFF FFF-071). There will be a log search at and the log will also be uploaded to the ARRL's Log Book of the World (LoTW) and Club Log. The web page will be updated from time to time. QSL via G3SWH, either via OQRS (preferred), direct with SAE and adequate return postage or via the RSGB bureau. Please check the on line log before requesting QSLs and note that IRCs, stamps or coins are *NOT* accepted. [G3SWH] SPECIAL EVENTS - 17/04/2015: 7X2VB, operator Amine, will be QRV as 7U7WARD from 17-19th April, to celebrate World Amateur Radio Day. QSL via 7X2VB. [ARRL DX News] 18/04/2015: In commemorating of 60 years of Asian-African Conference, ORARI West Java will organize a Special Event Station YE60AA starting from 00.00Z April 18, 2015 until 23.59Z April 19, 2015. QRV on all bands permitted by the Indonesian government, using Phone, RTTY and CW. Operators will be members of ORARI West Java (ORARI Daerah Jawa Barat / Call Area 1) and Guest Operator from other Call Area member (being prepared). QTH will be the Merdeka Building, Bandung, West Java province, Java Island (OC-021, WW Loc. OI33TB), Indonesia. QSL Info: PO. Box 1090 Bandung 40010 Indonesia. Log will be uploaded to HRDLog, Club Log, eQSL and LoTW. Further details, plus information on the relevant award (Asian-African Conference Award), can be found at: [DxCoffee] 18/04/2015: The Puerto Rico Field Day Group will be on the air as KP4FD/IARU, to celebrate World Amateur Radio Day on 18 April. They will be using various modes and bands to commemorate the 90th anniversary of the International Amateur Radio Union. They will join other stations from different parts of the world to celebrate this special day. QSL via operator's information. [ARRL DX News] 21/04/2015: A number of special TC100 callsigns are being used to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Gallipoli during World War I. All of them will be activated on 21-26 April and again on 6-10 August: TC100A, TC100GLB, TC100GP, TC100GS, TC100KT and TC100VKZL will be located on the Gallipoli Peninsula (European Turkey), while TC100K, TC100B, TC100TC and TC100E will be on the Asian side of the Dardanelles. See for further information. [425 DX News] 24/04/2015: This year is the 30th anniversary of the Union Francaise des Telegraphistes (UFT) and the special callsign TM30UFT will be aired between 12-26th April 2015. Activity will be on the HF and VHF bands, usually CW only. Operators include Bruno F5AGB, Andre F5AKL, Clo F5JER (YL), Paul F5JSQ, Didier F5JVP, Maurice F5NQL, Laurent F5PBM, Francis F5QF, Antoine F5RAB, Evi F5RPB (YL), Jean-Pierre F6AJM, Ghislain F6CEL, Alain F6ENO, Tony F8ATS and Jean-Claude F9IQ, All the QSOs will be automatically confirmed via the French REF Bureau (only this one). SWL cards follow the same way. Direct QSLs go via Gerard F6ICG, w/SAE and 1 IRC or 2 $USD ( information is OK). [F5NQL] 24/04/2015: The Amateur Radio Section of ORF (Austrian Broadcasting Corporation) and the Documentary Archive Radio Communications/QSL Collection will operate, for 72 hours only, a special event station with the callsign OE15M on Friday, 24th April - Sunday, 26th April (00:00-24:00 UTC). OE15M is an official "International Marconi Day" station. Contacts made on Saturday, April 25th, are valid for the IMD Award (see IMD-Info - QSL by the Bureau QSL to OE1WHC. [OPDX Bulletin] U.S.A. Special Event Stations can be found at: LIGHTHOUSE CALENDAR - 18/04 KP4FD/IARU: Puerto Rico Island WLOTA:2802 QSL Op's Info 18/04-24/04 SX9PL: Nisos Kriti WLOTA:1400 QSL SP9KAT (d/B) 18/04-19/04 TM1IO: Ile d'Oleron FRA-234 WLOTA:1369 QSL F5BZK (d/B) 18/04-25/04 TM9B: Belle Ile Island WLOTA:0872 QSL ON4ZD OQRS 18/04-18/05 YB1/PD1SA: Java WLOTA:1660 QSL H/c (B) 22/04-28/04 C6AGM: Grand Bahama Island WLOTA:0527 QSL G3USR (d) 24/04-02/05 9H3OO: Malta Island WLOTA:1113 QSL S55OO (B) 24/04-27/04 GB4MBC: Flatholm Island WLOTA:0007 QSL MW0DHF (d/B) 24/04-04/05 VK9NT: Norfolk Island WLOTA:1469 QSL VK2AN (d/B) 6 METRES & UP - 17/04-25/04 V63DX: Pohnpei OC-010 Grid:QJ96cx 6m QSL JA7HMZ (d) 18/04-19/04 Nebraska QSO Party 6m/2m classes 18 1200z-19 2300z 18/04 FISTS Two Metre Activitiy FISTS/NON-FISTS 1500z-1600z 18/04-19/04 North Dakota QSO Party 6/2m classes 18 1800z-19 1800z 18/04-19/04 Ontario QSO Party 6m-70cm classes 18 1800z-19 1800z 19/04 FISTS Two Metre Activitiy FISTS/NON-FISTS 1000z-1100z 19/04 ARRL SSB Rookie Roundup 6m class 1800z-2359z 21/04 LY 1.3GHz Activity Contest CW/SSB/FM 1700z-2059z 21/04 NRAU 1.3GHz Activity Contest SO/MO/Open 1700z-2100z 21/04 SPAC 1.3GHz Contest CW/Phone/Open 1800z-2200z 21/04 RSGB 1.3GHz UKAC SO/Fixed/Open 1900z-2130z 21/04 Spring VHF/UHF 222MHz Sprint 1900-2300 Local time 21/04-05/05 YJ0MT: Efate Is OC-035 Grid:RH42dg 6m CW/SSB QSL JA0RQV (d/B) 22/04 SKCC Straight Key Sprint 6m class 0000z-0200z 24/04-02/05 9H3OO: Malta EU-023 Grid:JM75 6m CW/SSB QSL S55OO (B) 24/04-27/04 GB4MBC: Flatholm EU-124 Grid:IO81 Satellites QSL MW0DHF (d/B) Contest Calendar: Information about current VHF activities can be found on the VHF DX portal "Make More Miles on VHF" at: SMIRK: SOTA (Summits On The Air) Watch Alerts at: QSL INFO - DXCC Approved Operations #5/15: 3XY5M 2015 operation E30FB 2015 Operation C21EU 2015 Operation 73, Dave, NN1N QSLs via Bureau: 3D2RO, 3W1D [AS-132], 4W/G3ZEM, 6Y4K, 9M/R6AF/P [AS-046], C6AUM [NA-080], DJ6NI, DL6KR, DO3BST, DS4DRE/4 [AS-060], EP6T [AS-166], JA6TBE/6 [AS-040], JG6MYM/6 [AS-012], JG8NQJ/JD1 [OC-073], JQ6XXA [AS-032], PJ5/K6NAO [NA-145], RI0K [AS-065] and YY7OMF [SA-012]. QSLs via Direct: 5Z4/DJ4EL [AF-040 Lamu Island] (H/c), C98RF [AF-061] (DL6DQW), FT4TA (OQRS), IH9/UT6UA [AF-018] (UT6UA), SW8SW [EU-158 Sapientza Island] (UA9LAO), V63CO [OC-012] (JA8COE) and YB3MM/P [OC-237 Gili Genting] (H/c). QSLs via LoTW: AB4VT, HB9EI, K4BLL, K4HAL, K4NV, LZ2PT, N4OO, N4PN, N4RJ, S56A, VA7ST, VE9ML, VP8DOZ, WD5COV and WJ9B. BITS & PIECES - DX0P TEAM TRAVEL DELAYED - The DX0P team's arrival to Pagasa has been delayed indefinitely. The BRP Apolinario Mabini which was scheduled to sail to Spratly Island from Palawan at noon of April 14 was delayed. The vessel's departure was moved to midnight. As of this writing it is 6:26am Philippine time, 2226 UTC, April 15, the ship has not received orders to sail. As it is the vessel of the Philippine Navy, the DX0P team is under the mercy of the their Commanders. The Philippine Navy would also like to ensure the safety of the travel and everyone on board. The ship captain notified Joel WJ1P, the DX0P Assistant Team Lead on who is board the vessel that they may sail anytime soon this morning. Until then, we will all have to wait. Bill Carney, ZL3NB INTERNATIONAL MARCONI DAY - GB4IMD - Cornish Radio Amateur Club - 2015 the 28th event 0000 UTC - 2359 UTC 25th April 2015 Full details, award information and list of participating stations can be found at: NAQCC FLORIDA FIELD EVENT - Our next adventure is quickly approaching! WHAT: The Florida Chapter of NAQCC will be holding its monthly Field Event. WHEN: Friday, April 17th, 2015 9:00 AM - 12:00 noon (or whenever hunger wins out over propagation, we just can't stand looking at each other anymore, or other people show up and make us leave!). WHERE: Hontoon Island State Park, DeLand, FL. FREQUENCIES: Please listen for us near 7.041, 10.116, 14.061 and 18.080 - WB4OMM or AB8GU will post to via the Internet when we QRV and occasionally during the operation to let everyone know who is on and where. We will also post when we QRT. QSLs via the operator call. WHO: Don K3RLL, Art WB4MNK, Wally KG4LAL, Steve WB4OMM and Darryl AB8GU, plus whoever else can make it. WHY: BECAUSE WE CAN....AND TO HAVE FUN, OF COURSE!! CHECK OUT OUR NEW WEB PAGE: 72/73, Steve WB4OMM (NAQCC #5913) TX5P, CLIPPERTON ISLAND (NA-011) - After Tahiti as FO/F6BFH) and Marquesas island as FO/F6BFH/p, Alain F6BFH and Danielle XYL will be active from Clipperton (NA-011, DIFO FO-001) as TX5P. They are members of a scientific expedition, Passion 2015. QSL via F6BFH: LOTW, OQRS, direct or bureau (to request via bureau send the details to f6bfh [@] Setup: Elecraft Kx3, 100 watt, a FT897, a dipole 10.1 MHz and a dipole multi-banda 14-28 MHz. Mode: CW, SSB and RTTY. CW: 7010, 10110, 14045, 18085, 21045, 24895, 28045 kHz. SSB: 14270, 18145, 21270, 24970, 28470 kHz. RTTY: 14.100, 18.100, 21.100, 24.910, 28.100 kHz. Will be active in their free time. Dates to be confirmed". [F6AJA / DxCoffee] WORLD-WIDE FLORA & FAUNA (WWFF) - A new area is added: OZFF-128 / Løgstør bredning og Vejlerne Excl. OZFF-010 og OZFF-012. It will be activated at May by EDR Mors-Nordthy Club. [OZ7AEI] ============================================ 73 and Good DX! Dave Raycroft, VA3RJ Home of I.C.P.O. & VEFF Program: Note: My website is constantly updated and will often show activity that did not make it in time for the I.C.P.O. Bulletin, and last minute announcements. My DX Calendar page is a good place to start to find updated information between bulletins. Join the VEFF (Flora & Fauna) Forum at: Subscribe to ICPO Mailing List: ******************************************* North American Checkpoint For: World Lighthouses On The Air - WLOTA ******************************************* Canadian Checkpoint For: All Croatian Islands Award - ACIA All Croatian Islands Award Group - ACIAG The World Lighthouse Diplom - TWLHD/TWLHF ******************************************* Official Representative & Co-Ordinator of WCA program for Canada. ******************************************* Official Representative & Co-Ordinator of WorldWide Flora & Fauna (WWFF) Canada. WWFF-council-member (representing VEFF). ******************************************* ______________________________________________________________ ICPO mailing list Home: Help: Post: This list hosted by: Please help support this email list:

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