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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

EA8BH Birthday On The Air (BOTA) Canary Island


The OH2BH 70th Birthday Anniversary tour was to include ten (10) stops. They’ve taken Martti to the countries and islands that once affected him greatly along his road to becoming such a well-known figure in the DX and Contest communities. But he missed one of them. EA8BH, the Canary Islands will now be aired post festum in the ARRL DX Contest, March 4–5, 2017, this coming weekend.

EA8BH in the Canary Islands was Martti’s second home for the entire 1990’s with a state-of-the-art station, advanced automation, and beaming in multiple directions; tens of thousands of QSOs were made from that site as EA8EA and EA8BH in a shared investment with his lifelong friend, Ville, OH2MM/PY2ZEA.

The EA8BH CQWW CW/SSB world records made by Jeff, N5TJ, twenty years ago are still the unbeatable targets of today’s  efforts. Many of Martti’s friends have visited and operated EA8BH together with him or alone under his hosting. Those  years were greatly supported by Manolo, EA8ZS and this visit is to particularly acknowledge his support and friendship!

Now the Canary Islands branch of URE, the Spanish Amateur Radio Society, will host Martti and Leena (OH2BE) as they return to their former dreamland. You can complete your BOTA hunt with EA8BH. The tenth (10) birthday  dinner in Las Palmas will nicely finish up this BOTA activity.

The list of 2016 BOTA events is as follows – contacts with these ten (10) stops give you 5 points each, while working OH2BH/OH70BH during 2016 adds 25 points to your point account. There is a surprise prize for the  winner and a signed certificate for high scorers.

1:  CU2KG/CR2X                          2:  CT3BH

3:  OH0B                                         4:  OJ0B

5:  ZA/OH2BH                               6:  Z68BH/Z60A

7:  V26BH                                       8:  J70BH

9:  OF9X                                          10: EA8BH (2017)

Martti wants to thank those great friends who have been involved in getting multiple location BOTA conducted with style:

CU2CE, CU2DX, CU2BV, CT3EE,  CT3FU,  CT3FJ,  DJ2YA,  DL5AXX, EA8RM, ES2RR, OZ1IKY, PB2T, J73GJ, J73LC, N3OC, K1LI, K1TO, N3OC, K5KG, N7NG, S56A, ZA1H, Z61DX, Z62FB,  Z61VB, S56A,  ZA1H, Z61DX, Z62FB,  Z61VB, OH0XX, OH2MM, OH2PM, OH2TA, OH2UA, OH3WS, OH6KN, OH6KZP,  OG2M, Twelve (12) OF9X elves,  URE Canary Isl.;  Finnish Light House Society (FLS) and others.

Thank you for making this tour one to be remembered.


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