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Friday, March 30, 2018

31/03/2018 – WCA & COTA-RU pedition of R1BBL/P, RA1L/P and RZ1CWC/P to Fort Vtoroy Severny

– Ilya R1BBL, Kostya RA1L and Vladimir UA1CIO are going to be active on the 31st of March from Fort Vtoroy Severny, WCA: UA-00197, COTA-RU: F-103 and Kronshtadtsky Fortified, WCA: UA-00744, COTA-RU: U-128, RDA: SP-09, RRA: RR-01-09. They plan to work as Home Calls/P and RZ1CWC/P from 7 to 12 UTC on all bands CW, SSB and Digital. Please spot them in DX cluster if you hear. QSL via bureau or direct. Logs will be uploaded to WCA E-LOG and COTA-RU E-Log. 73 & 11! [tnx info RA1L].

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