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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

DXER ham radio news

Proposal would move certain 5G networks into C Band overlap

Responding to the FCC’s input on allocating spectrum for C Band, the Society of Broadcast Engineers is suggesting the commission adopt a spectrum allocation model proposed for European broadband providers that would share the small overlap segment of the spectrum for certain 5G networks with C Band.

The SBE’s counterproposal was filed as comments to the FCC in response to the the commission’s July NPRM which sought input on various proposals for transitioning all or part of the 3.7–4.2 GHz band for flexible use, terrestrial mobile spectrum, and explores options for more efficient and intensive fixed use of the same band, all while protecting incumbent C Band satellite earth stations from harmful interference.

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The SBE characterizes its proposal as “a reasonable alternative” to dividing the 3.7–4.2 GHz band, a reverse auction, or other action that would not protect incumbent C Band receive-only earth stations. The SBE suggests that, given the huge number of C Band registrations since the opening of the window (now reportedly greater than 16,000), the FCC’s initial premise that the C Band could be shared with 5G as an overlay was simply wrong.

Recognizing that the European 5G proposal is 3.4–3.8 GHz, and since that offers 1 MHz of overlap with the U.S. proposal, the SBE recommends that the U.S. adopt the European allocation, put the commercial broadband providers in the 3.4–3.7 GHz band and use the small overlap segment with C Band for local, private 5G networks critical for next-generation manufacturing and industrial applications. That is actually workable with C Band in the 100 MHz overlap segment. It leaves the vast majority of the spectrum, 3.8–4.2 GHz, intact with no 5G, the society said.

In contrast to other proposals, SBE says nothing is lost for current C-band users with the SBE plan. 5G moves into military radar spectrum, which was already designated years ago for broadband reallocation as part of the National Broadband Plan.

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