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Saturday, August 26, 2017

Interesting stuff from the trade magazines: circuit simulation, linearity, circulators and isolators

EETimes10 Circuit Design Simulation Apps for Pros & DIYers. Whether you’re a professional printed circuit board designer or do-it-yourselfer, you know that testing your circuit board design is a must. Testing can save you money and time avoiding faulty PCB fabrication because it gives you a chance to fix what doesn’t work before the board is made.

It’s best to test your design out virtually. In other words, make a digital (virtual) prototype of your board and simulate (model) how it will behave in the real world. Here are some popular tools to do virtual testing. These software packages cost money but can save you costly mistakes.

Underlining the Meaning of Linearity. Linearity in an RF/microwave component or system is fairly easy to understand in concept: It refers to the ability of a component or system to provide an output signal that is directly proportional to an input signal. As a result, the relationship of the signal input to the signal output as a function of frequency is a straight line.

Achieving good linearity, on the other hand, is not quite so simple, even though it is crucial to preserving key pulse characteristics in a radar and modulation quality in a communications system. Whether it is a frequency mixer, an amplifier, or a complete system, many barriers to linearity must be overcome, often at the expense of some other performance parameter.

A Primer on Circulators and Isolators. Circulators and isolators are three-port passive electronic devices that help direct the flow of microwave signals in RF equipment and systems [including repeaters…Dan]. A port is defined as a connection point for either an input signal, output signal, or termination.

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