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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

DXER ham radio news

FCC will be handing out hundreds of millions

Comments will be due Sept. 26 and reply comments Oct. 26 on the FCC’s proposed framework for reimbursing LPTVs, translators and FM broadcasters for their costs associated with the FCC’s post-incentive auction repack.

Most of a thousand stations are being moved in 10 phases, which will cause dislocation and incur some expenses for LPTVs and translators who were not protected in the repack, and for some FM stations co-located on TV towers.

[Read: FCC Proposes Rules to Govern Repack Reimbursement of FMs, LPTVs and TV Translators]

The FCC voted Aug. 2 on a proposed framework for handing out the $1 billion Congress has authorized to 1) pay for LPTV, translator and FM expenses related to the post-auction moves, and 2) provide additional money for full power and Class A’s and MVPDs impacted by the auction and for a consumer education campaign.

According to the framework, and the FCC: “LPTV and TV translator stations are eligible for reimbursement if (1) they filed an application during the Commission’s Special Displacement Window and obtained a construction permit, and (2) were licensed and transmitting for at least nine of the twelve months prior to April 13, 2017, as required by the REA. It also tentatively concludes that both full power FM stations and FM translators that were licensed and transmitting on April 13, 2017, using the facilities affected by a repacked television station, are eligible for reimbursement. The NPRM proposes that this includes FM stations that incur costs to permanently relocate, temporarily or permanently modify their facilities, or purchase or modify auxiliary facilities to provide service during work on a repacked television station’s facilities. The NPRM further recommends a mechanism for reimbursing the newly eligible entities that is substantially similar to the process currently used by the Commission to reimburse full power and Class A licensees and MVPDs.”

There is an accompanying order that directs the Media Bureau to hire a contractor to help administer the reimbursement fund for LPTVs/translators and FM stations, which will be handled similarly to the one already in place for full power TVs and class A’s. LPTVs, translators and FMS must certify eligibility with the FCC and provide information on equipment and cost estimates. 

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