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Monday, January 5, 2015

DxCoffee - Daily updates

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Posted: 05 Jan 2015 03:15 AM PST
For the second year in a row, DxCoffee will present the “Best Communication Award”. Just like we did last year, the idea is to acknowledge the Dxpedition that showed the best...
Posted: 04 Jan 2015 01:39 PM PST
Laurent F8BBL informs DxCoffee readers: Hello, I will be QRV from CT7 Insua island, IOTA EU-150 & SOTA  CT/MN-046 Alto de Saõ Bento, next summer, 11-25 Juliet 2015. IOTA +...
Posted: 04 Jan 2015 11:30 AM PST
Leo PP1CZ  informs DxCoffee readers: Hello dear fellows. I would like to inform that I will be back to Fernando de Noronha Island this month. I will operate in a vacation basis, as PY0F/PP1CZ between...

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