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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

DXNL 1842 - July 24, 2013
DX Newsletter

a free and weekly service of
DARC Committee "DX and HF contesting"

Editor: Johannes Amchewicz, DK8JB

translation by: Oliver Bock, DJ9AO

9H, Malta:
Emma, M6JDH, continues to operate as 9H3EH until the 28th of August
from Mellehia.

C3, Andorra:
C37UN will be celebrating 20 years of full UN membership for
Andorra from July 26 - 28. QSL via C37URA (d/B).

CN, Morocco:
Richard, F8GFU, is due to appear on the bands again as CN2RN from
the 24th of July till the 20th of August. QRV on HF in SSB and CW.
QSL via h/c, bureau preferred.

CE, Easter Island:
Jose, CE3YHO, has now moved to Rapa Nui (SA-001, DICE ICE-001,
WLOTA 0319, WWFF CEFF-027) and hopes to get on the air as CE0YHO
from the end of July / beginning of August.

G, England:
GB75RH will be set up for the International Scout and Guide Camp,
celebrating 75 years of scout activity in Nottingham. QRV July 26 -
August 3 with 17 Ops at 6 stations covering 80-2m. QSL via G0GDU.

JA, Japan:
Fuji mountain was recognised by the UNESCO as a heritage site in
June. 8N1FUJI wants to celebrate this between the 28th of July and
31st of March 2014 on all bands and in all modes. QSL via bureau.

ON, Belgium:
Belgian amateurs are permitted to use the prefix OO until September
20 to mark the celebrations of prince Filip gaining the royal

UA. Russia:
R2009IT will commemorate the death of Igor V. Tkachenko, a military
aerobatics pilot, who died in a collision in 2009. QRV July 25 -
August 31. QSL via RN3DHL.

XE, Mexico:
The Radio Club Queretaro will celebrate its 40th anniversary with
the call 4A1SG until the end of the year. QSL via bureau, LotW.

ZD8, Ascension:
Bob, VP8LP, will be active as ZD8LP until August 5. QRV 40-10m in
SSBa and PSK. QSL via h/c.

Japan DX Meeting 2013
The Japanese DX Meeting will take place in Tokio on the 24th of August.

More useful abbreviations
ACIA All Croatian Islands Award
Admiralty Admiralty List of Lights and Fog Signals
ARLHS Amateur Radio Lighthouse Society
CIA Croatia Islands Award
CIsA Canadian Islands & Award Program
DCFP Diploma dos Castelos e Fortalezas de Portugal
DCI Diploma dei Castelli d'Italia
DDFM Diplome des Departements Francais de la Metropole
DFB Diploma Farois Brasileiros
DFH Diploma Fortificacoes Historicas
DFP Diploma Farois Portugueses
DIA Danish Island Award
DIB Diploma Ilhas Brasileiras
DICE Diploma Islas de Chile
DID Deutsches Inseldiplom
DIE Diploma Islas De Espana
DIFM Diplome des Iles de la France Metropolitaine
DIP Diploma das Ilhas Portuguesas
DFP Diploma Farois Portugueses
GIA German Islands Award
GIOTA Greek Islands On The Air
IIA Italian Island Award
IOCA Islands of Croatia Award
IOSA Island of Scotland Award
JCG Japan Century-Guns Award
MIA Mediterranean Sea Island Award
NGA National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency
PIP Portuguese Islands Plaque
RDA Russian Distict Award
RRA Russian Robinson Award
SCOTIA The SCOTtish Island Award
TWLHD The World Light House Diplom
UIA Ukrainian Islands Award
USi United States Islands Awards
WAB Worked All Britain
WAIS Worked All Italian Squares
WCA World Castles Award
WLOTA World Lighthouse On The Air
WOTA Windmills on the Air

Upcoming Contests
27./28.07. RSGB IOTA Contest

IOTA Compiled by Klaus, DL7UXG (E-Mail:

AF-004; EA8; Canary Islands: Luis, EA8AY, will activate EF8X from
Teneriffa (DIE S-012, WLOTA 1276, EAA TF) for the contest. QSL via

AF-018; IH9; Pantelleria Island: IH9YMC will activate Pantelleria
(IIA TP-001, WW Loc. JM56xt) for the contest. QSL via eQSL

AF-046; CT3, Desertas Islands: Ops Ricardo, CT3KN, Nicola,
CR9ABE, Jenny, CR9ABG and Xavier, CS9ABC, will activate Desertas
Island (DIP MAD-005, PIP MD-005, WWFF CTFF-033, WLOTA 1366, WW Loc.
IM12rm) from July 26 - 29, including the contest. QRV as CQ9D with
a low power setup and vertical antennas on 40-10m in SSB and CW.
QSL via LotW or direct via CT3KN.

AS-006; VR2; Hong Kong group: Look for Kazu, VR2KF, from Ma Wan
Island during the IOTA conest. QSL via JH1OGX (see also DXNL 1838).

AF-057; 5R; Madagascar's Coastal Islands: Flavio, IW2NEF, will
include the contest in his holiday plans and operate as 5R8NE from
Nosy Be Island (WLOTA 3042). QSL via IK2DUW.

AS-008; JA1; North Izu Islands: Take/JI3DST will operate from
Shikine Shima (WLOTA 2267, JCG-3210) as JI3DST/JI1 between July 26
and 29. QRV during the IOTA contest as JI3DST/1. QSL via h/c.

AS-013; 8Q; Maldive Islands: Herbert, DL7AHF, and Michael, DG8MH,
will be active as 8Q7HF and 8Q7MH from the 24th of July till the
11th of August. Their activity on 40, 20, 15, and 10m will not
include the contest. QSLs via h/c (d/B).

AS-066; R0L; Sea of Japan Coast group: Vladimir, UA0LCZ, will
participate in the contest as RI0NZ from Popov Island (see also
DXNL 1841). QSL via UA0LCZ (d/B).

AS-074; 9M2; Selangor / Negeri Sembilan State group: Ian/9M2FB will
enter the contest's 12h category as 9M2FB/p. QSL via h/c, direct

AS-103; BV; P'enghu Islands: A large group of operators, Tang,
BM2AAV, Adam, BU2BF, Ken, BV1EL, Eddie, BV2DD, Evan, BV2KS, Lee,
BV2NT, Lee, BX2AB, Bill, BX3AC, Tall, BX9AAA, Koshiro, JA3AQM,
Alfred, VR2SA, Go, 9M6YBG, and Richard, KF7EJY, will team up as
BP0A for the contest from Peng Hu Island. QSL via direct or bureau.
BV2KI ceased qsl management already in 2012.

AS-117; JA1 etc; Honshu's Coastal Island: Aki, JA4FHE, will join
the contest from O-shima Island as JA4FHE/4. QSL via h/c (d/B).

AS-135; BY4; Jiangsu Province group: Ops BA4TB, BD4TJ, BD4TQ,
join forces as BA4TB/4 for the contest, and sign their individual
calls /4 on the day before. QSLs via h/c, BA4TB/4 via LoTW and

AS-137; BY5; Zhejiang Province North group: A team of 9 Ops (BA4WL,
operate BA4WL/5 in the contest, with some additional activity
before and after. QSL via BD4WO, direct only.

AS-139; BY7; Guangxi Autonomous Region group: BD7JLJ, BD7IXG,
BD7LMD, BI7IOB, BH7IHE, and BI7OZD will activate Weizhou Island as
BY7RA/7 from July 25 to 29, including the contest. QRV on 80-6m.
QSL via BA4EG (d/B).

AS-146; BY4; Shandong Province North East group: Mitglieder des
Marconi Radio Club nehmen als BY4IB/4 von Jiming Island am IOTA
Contest teil. (Siehe auch DXMB 1841). QSL via LoTW und BD4KM (d/B).

AS-147; JA8; Hokkaido's Coastal Islands: Taka, JA8COE, will pay
another visit to Yagishiri Island (WLOTA 2512; WW Loc. QN04qk) and
operate as JA8COE/8. QRV July 25 - 29, mainly for the contest; his
activity also counts towards the WWFF award, since his QTH is
within the Shokanbetsu-Teuri-Yagishiri Quasi-National Park
(JAFF-034).QSL via JA8COE (d/B).

EU-002; OH0; Aland Islands: Jukka, OH6LI, will be active, together
with other operators as OH0V (WLOTA 1373, WWFF OHFF-037) for the
contest. QSL via and LoTW.

EU-003; CU1,2; Eastern group: CR2F plans to get the lighthouse
Ilheus Formigas (DIP AZ-013, WW Loc. HM77og) on the air for the
first time for July 30/31. Transport and landing at the site might
prove difficult according to weather conditions. The team will
consist of Leonel, CU3EJ, Antonio, CU8AS, Siggi, DL2HYH, und
Hermann, HB9CRV/CT3FN. The operation will count for the following
awards: DFP NEW ONE!, ARLHS AZO-001, TWLHD WLH CU-002, WLOTA 4293,
CTFF-039. QSL via LotW and HB9CRV (d/B).

EU-006; EI/EJ; Aran Islands: Members of the Papa Lima DX Group
(EI0PL) will participate in the contest as EJ1Y from Inishmore
(WLOTA 1874) (see also DXNL 1841). QSL via EI5JQ (d/B), LoTW, eQSL,
Operators Brendan, EI0CZ, Ger, EI4GXB, John, EI6IW,
Simon, EI7ALB, Paddy, EI8GY, Dermot, EI2GT, David, EI2GBB and Tony,
EI9IL, all members of the Limerick Radio Club, will work the
contest as EJ0A from Inishire Island. QSL via EI4GXB (d/B).

EU-008; GM/MM; Inner Hebrides: Allan, GM3OZB, Barry, GM3YEH, Bill,
GM3ZRT, Steve, GM4OSS, John, GM0DJG, und Gordon, MM0BIM, all
belonging to the Kilmarnock and Loudoun Amateur Radio Club will be
operating GM0ADX from the Isle of Skye (IOSA NH07, SCOTIA CN14,
WLOTA 1626) for the contest. QSL via LoTW and GM0ADX (B) & GM0DJG

EU-008; GM/MM; Inner Hebrides: Ed, GW3SQX, will also be active from
Skye for the contest as GM7O. QSL via GW3SQX, direct only.

EU-008; GM/MM; Inner Hebrides: Graham, MM0GHM, Allan, 2M0VNW,
Peter, GM7AAJ, Jason, GM7VSB, and Arthur, MM0DHQ, will be the
operators behind GM7A from the Isle of Gigha (IOSA NH24, SCOTIA
CS23) for the contest, including some pre-contest activity with
their own calls. QSLs via homecall, for GM7A via GM7AAJ (d/B).

EU-008; GM/MM; Inner Hebrides: Members of the Cockenzie & Port
Seton Amateur Radio Club will be active once again as GM2T from the
Isle of Tiree (IOSA NH04, SCOTIA DI10, WLOTA 2232, WAB NM04) for
the contest as MM0CPS/p. Their large team includes Cambell, MM0DXC,
Bob, GM4UYZ, Robin, MM0VTV, Steve, MM0GZA, Geoff, MM5AHO, Brian,
M0RNR, Tanner, MM0SEN, Gary, MM0FZV, John, MM0JXI, Paul, MM0VPR,
Cephas, MM0INS, und Ellis, GM4GZW. QSL via GM4UYZ (d), LoTW, eQSL.

EU-009; GM/MM; Orkney: Pierre, ON7PC and Fred, ON6QR, will put
MM/ON6QR on the air from Orkney (IOSA OR01, SCOTIA OI14, WLOTA
1652) for the contest, with possibly some hours before and after
it. QSL via ON6QR (d/B).

EU-009; GM/MM; Orkney: Michael(DL6MHW) will also be active from
Orkney for 12 hours in the contest. QSL via DL6MHW (d/B).

EU-009; GM/MM; Orkney: And last but not least Gordon/MM0GPZ wants
to operate MM2N from Orkney from July 24-29, including the contest.
QSL via h/c (d/B) and LoTW.

EU-010; GM/MM; Outer Hebrides: Paul, M3KBU, announces an activity
from South Uist Island (IOSA OH03, SCOTIA HI06, WLOTA 2972) as
MM3KBU/p from the 26th of July until the 2nd of AUgust, inlcuding
the contest. QSL via h/c, direct only.

EU-010; GM/MM; Outer Hebrides: Graham (M6GCS) will activate North
Uist Island (IOSA OH02, SCOTIA HI13, WLOTA 3287) as MM6GCS/p from
the 24th till the 31st, including the contest. QSL via h/c, direct

EU-010; GM/MM; Outer Hebrides: Several members of the North of
Scotland Contest Group (John, MM0CCC, Colin, GM0RLZ, Clive, GM3POI,
Keith, GM4YXI, and Chris, GM3WOJ) will pay Benbecula (IOSA OH04,
SCOTIA HI08, WAB NF98) a visit for the contest and operate as GM7V.
QSL via N3SL.

EU-011; G/M; Isles of Scilly: Nobby, G0VJG, Richard, G7GLW, Garo,
G0PZA, Guy, G0UKN, Ian, M0UAT, and Chris, G0FDZ, all members of the
Cray Valley Radio Society will activate the Isles of Scilly as M8C
for the contest. QRV from July 25-30, pre- and post-contest
activity with their homecalls/p. QSL for M8C via G4DFI (d/B).

EU-012; GM; MM; Shetland and Fair Isle: Nigel, G3TXF and Ian,
G3WVG, will join the contest as MZ5A from Shetland Island. QSL via
G3TXF (d/B).

EU-013; GJ/MJ; Jersey: The following groups will be active from
Jersey for the contest:
GJ6YB Bristol Contest Group QSL via G3SWH (d/B).
GJ2A Jersey Contest Group QSL direct via GJ3DVC or LoTW.

EU-014; TK; Corsica Island: Laurent, F8BBL, is going to visit
Corsica (EU-014, DIFM TK-001, MIA MCO-001, WLOTA 1390, DDFM 2A)
from July 27 till August 10. QRV daily in holiday-mode on 80-10m in
CW, SSB, and digital modes as TK13RNB. For August 2 he plans a trip
to Sanguinaires (EU-104, DIFM TK-002, DDFM 2A, WW Loc. JN41hv)
operating TK13RNB/p. For August 8 he will activate Erbaghiolu (SOTA
TK-158) as TK13RNB/p. QSLs via F8BBL (B), LotW.

EU-015; SV9; Crete Island: Gordon, MM0GOR, is on Crete (GIOTA
KRS-005, MIA MGC-005, WLOTA 1400)) from the 26th to the 29th. QRV
for the contest as SW9GG, before and after as SV9/MM0GOR. QSL via
MM0GOR (d/B).

EU-016; 9A; Dalmatia South group: ON2AV, ON4CEZ, and ON7JA will be
joining forces under 9A/OO7T/p for the contest from Brac (ACIA
IC-657, CIA-04, IOCA CI-010, MIA MC-042, WLOTA 0416). QSL via

EU-016; 9A; Dalmatia South group: Kurt (OM8AA) will be active from
Solta Island (ACIA IC-656, CIA-51, IOCA CI-126, MIA MC-389, WLOTA
2833) for the contest as 9A/OM8AA. QSL via OM8AA (d/B).

EU-016; 9A; Dalmatia South group: Drvenik Veli Island (ACIA IC-643,
CIA-09, IOCA CI-017, MIA MC-072), another island in this group,
will get activated by Nicolo, IZ6TSA, Italo, IK6JNH, and Andrea,
IK6VXO, as 9A8DV. QSL via IK6VXO (d/B).

EU-018; OY; Faroe Islands: Ulf (DL3UB) spends his holiday on the
Faroe Islands between July 29 and August 9 and operate as OY/DL3UB.
QRV mainly in CW on the WARC bands. QSL via DL3UB (d/B).

EU-020; SM1; Gotland County group: Eric, SM1TDE, will operate SA1A
from Gotland Island (WLOTA 2969) for the contest. QSL via SM1TDE

EU-025; I*9; Sicily Island: Joe, IT9RZU, will participate in the
contest from his home-QTH. QSL via bureau, LoTW. Likewise Giuseppe,
IT9VDQ, will be on.

EU-028; I*5; Toscana (Tuscany) Region group: Noel (ON4APU) will
bring Elba on the air as IA5/OO4O for the contest. QSL via LoTW or

EU-031; I*8; Campania Region group: Gian Luca, IC8WIC/p will
activate Capri (IIA NA-006, MIA MI-015, WLOTA 2466) for the
contest. QSL via IC8WIC (d/B).

EU-031; I*8; Campania Region group: Antonio, IZ8DPL, Angelo,
IZ8FSH, Jozef, OM3GI, Tibor, OM3RM, and Miroslaw, OM5RW, are the
operators behind IR8A from Ischia for the contest. QSL via IZ8GBH

EU-031; I*8; Campania Region group: Antonio, IC8FBU, will also be
active in the contest. QSL via bureau.

EU-034; ES0/ES3; Hiiumaa / Saaremaa / Laanemaa County group:
Andres, ES1AN, Harald, ES1LS, Arvo, ES1QV, Toivo, ES2DJ, Jueri,
ES2EZ, Nigul, ES2NX und Tonno, ES2RR, will activate Saaremaa Island
(WLOTA 1401) as ES0U for the contest. QSL via ES2DJ (d/B).

EU-038; PA; Noord Holland /Friesland /Groningen Province group:
Berend, PA3FAL, Peter, PE1PKR, and Eric, PE3V, want to operate as
PE3V/p from Ameland Island (WLOTA 1059) during the contest. QSL via
PE3V (d/B).

EU-038; PA; Noord Holland /Friesland /Groningen Province
group: Ray, PE1GUR, will also be QRV from Ameland, July 22 - August
10 as PA6FUN. He will operate 2m only in CW and SSB. QSL via
PE1GUR, direct only.

EU-039; F; Chausey Islands: Jacques/ON5OO, Jean-Jacques, ON7EQ,
Noel, ON4NS, Pascal, ON5RA, Ann, ON5AR, Roger, ON6WU, Martin,
ON4VMA, Frank, ON5NQ, Peter, ON8ZZ, and Frederik, ON8ZL, will
operate as TM7T from Grand Ile (DIFM MA-004, WLOTA 0424) for the
contest. QSL via ON8ZL (d/B).

EU-040; CT; Estremadura Province group: CT1DIZ, CT1BOP, CT1EEQ,
CT1EGW, CT1EKD, CT1END, CT1IUA, and CT4NH are announcing a
first-time activation from Bugio (DIP ES-004, FES08, ARLHS POR-005,
DCFP F-084), beginnging July 25. QRV during the contest as CS5DX,
before and after with their individual calls /p. QSL via bureau and

EU-047; DL; Niedersachsen State group: Friedrich, DL4BBH, Dominik,
DL5EBE, Klaus, DL7UXG, and Ric, DL2VFR, will activate Borkum (GIA
N-001, WLOTA 1022) between the 25th and 28th as DM50IOTA, including
the contest. QSL via DL2VFR (d/B).

EU-047; DL; Niedersachsen State group: Mike, DG5LAC, will pay Juist
(GIA N-003) a visit from July 27 till August 9. QRV as DG5LAC/p on
HF with 100W in SSB, including a time-limited entry in the contest.
QSL via LoTW, eQSL and DG5LAC (d/B).

EU-048; F; Bretagne (Morbihan) Region group: A team consisting of
Michel, F1SRC, Jean-Yves, F4EHM, Gwena, F4FHZ, Mickael, F4FFZ,
David, F4FDA, Jean-Francois, F6DZD, Philippe, F6AUP, Chris, F5CBQ,
and Philippe, F5PHW, will operate TM2BI from Belle Ille Island from
the 24th until the 31st, including the contest. QRV on 160-10m in
CW, SSB, and digital modes. QSL via LoTW and F6KPQ (d/B).

EU-049; SV; North Aegean Island: Isidoros (SV8GXQ) announces an
activity of the special call SX8HOMER from Chios Island (GIOTA
NAS-002), the classical poet's alledged birthplace. QRV for 15
days, starting July 30. QSL via SV8GXQ, direct only.

EU-051; I*9; Ustica Island: Stefano, IK6JRI, Fred, IK7JWX,
Vincenzo, IZ8LFI, Leo, I8LWL, and Davide, IT9DFI, want to activate
Ustica (IIA PA-001, MIA MI-116, WLOTA 0848, IFF-485, WW Loc.
JM68oq) between the 24th and the 29th. QRV mainly for the contest
under the call IE9DX, before and after they also want to operate
the WARC bands in SSB and digital modes, + maybe some 6m (depending
on condx). QSL via IK6JRI (d/B).

EU-052; SV; Ipeiros / Dytiki Ellas Region group: Waehrend seines
Aufenthaltes auf Zakynthos (GIOTA INS-015, MIA MG-138, WLOTA 0209)
nimmt Rich, M5RIC, auch als SV8/M5RIC am IOTA Contest teil. (siehe
DXMB 1841). QSL via M5RIC (d/B).

EU-053; OJ0/SM; Market Reef: Depending on weather conditions
operators Teemu, SM0W, Rick, SM6U, and Thomas, SM0CXU will get on
the air as OJ0R from Market (ARLHS MAR-001, TWLHD WLH OJ0-001,
WLOTA 0542, WWFF OHFF-038) between the 25th and 29th. QSL via G3TXF

EU-055; LA; Sogn og Fjordane / Hordaland / Rogaland County group:
LN7H on Bokn Island will be operated by Jan, LA1MNA, Nils, LA6IOA,
Bjorn, LA6SFA, Morten, LA7XIA, and Knut, LA9RY, for the contest.
QSL via LA7H (d/B).

EU-057; DL; Mecklenburg-Vorpommern State group: Joachim, DL5KUD,
located on Ruegen (GIA O-07; WLOTA 1712) will also be active during
the contest. QSL via DL5KUD (d/B).

EU-057; DL; Mecklenburg-Vorpommern State group: Wolf, DK3KD, will
activate Ummanz as DP3D/p for the contest. QSL via DK3KD, direct
only, or eQSL.

EU-061; LA; Vest Agder to Ostfold County group: For the final leg
of his Scandinavian tour Keith (G3TTc) will visit Tjome Island and
operate as LA/G3TTC/p during the contest. QSL via h/c (d/B).

EU-064; F; Pays de la Loire Region group: Johan, F4GTD, Antoine,
F5RAB und Maurice, F5NQL, will operate F6KOP/p from Noirmoutier
Island for the contest. QSL via F6KOP (d/B).

EU-073; I*7; Puglia Region group: Members of the Taranto ARI
Section will be active from San Pietro (IIA TA-002, MIA MI-094) as
IJ7T for the contest. QSL via IK7WDS (d/B), OQRS or ClubLog.

EU-075; SV; Peloponnisos (Argolis) / Attiki Region group: George,
SV1CDY, Thomas, SV2CLJ, Kostas, SV1GSU, Antony, SV1OAN und
Emmanuel, SV1JGX, will join forces to operare J48A from Aegina for
the contest. QSL via SV1AON.

EU-083; I*1; Liguria Region group: Members of the ARI section La
Spezia will activate the Isola del Tino (IIA SP-002, MIA MI-114,
WAIS CJ20) for the contest. The activity is also valid for the San
Venerio lighthouse (WAIL LI-009, ARLHS ITA-058, TWLHD WLH I-012,
WLOTA 0645, DCI SP-111, WCA I-12510) and the Portovenere Natural
Regional Park (WWFF IFF-218). QSL via IZ5JLF (d/B).

EU-088; OZ; Kattegat group: Lars, OZ1IVA, will be QRV from Laeso
(DIA NK-003, WLOTA 2820) as OZ1IVA/p between July 27 and August 4
holiday-style, including the contest. QSL via OZ1IVA (d/B).

EU-110; 9A; Istra group: Nikola, AC6DD will be QRV in the IOTA contest
SO/CW/24H/HP as 9A/AC6DD from Sveti Nikola Island ACIA IC-016,
IOCA CI-118, MIA MC-414, WLOTA 3152). QSL via AC6DD (d/B).

EU-110; 9A; Istra group: Stefano, IV3LZQ, Paolo, IV3PUT, Andy,
9A3JH, and Francesco, IV3EDU will also be on Sveti Nikola (ACIA
IC-016, IOCA CI-118, MIA MC-414, WLOTA 3152, Grid Loc. JN65). From
July 25 through 29 they plan to be QRV as 9A/IV3LZQ on 80 - 6m in
SSB and CW, including the IOTA contest. QSL direct only via IV3LZQ.

EU-114; GU/MU; Guernsey group: Peter, 2E0SQL, Louis, 2U0FER, Mark,
M0MJH, Iain, M0PCB, Dan, M0TCB and Steve, M0SPF will take part
in the IOTA Contest as MU0HTJ from Guernsey (WLOTA 0013).
QSL via 2E0SQL (d/B).

EU-115; EI,GI,MI; Ireland: Neil, EI3JE, Dan, EI3JZ, Mark, EI3KD,
John, EI8IR, Jerry, EI6BT and Dave, EI4BZ will be QRV in the IOTA
Contest from Cork (WLOTA 2484) as EI7M. QSL via LoTW and EI6HB (d).

EU-120; G/M; English Coastal Islands: From the Isle of Wight (WLOTA
2985), M0NMS/p will take part in the SOLP/12h category of the IOTA
contest. QSL direct only via LX1NO.

EU-120; G/M; English Coastal Islands: Darren, G0TSM is also QRV from the
Isle of Wight (WLOTA 2985) in the IOTA Contest, using the callsign
M7X in SOHP/Mixed/12h. QSL via ClubLog OQRS or direkt via G0TSM.

EU-120; G/M; English Coastal Islands: Using the callsign G7N, a group
consisting of G3ZGC, M0DDT, G4FON, M0SEL, M0RXX, 2E0FEC and 2E0MJE
will take part in the IOTA contest from the Isle of Wight (WLOTA
2985). QSL via LoTW and G5XV (d/B).

EU-121; EI/EJ; Irish Coastal Islands: Gerard, EI5KF, is once again QRV
from Bere Island (WLOTA 2983) as EJ5KF/p in the IOTA contest.
QSL via LoTW and EI5KF (d/B).

EU-121; EI/EJ; Irish Coastal Islands: Also Olivier, ON4EI takes part in
the IOTA contest from Bere Island (WLOTA 2983), using the callsign
EJ8GQB. QSL via PA3249 (d/B).

EU-123; GM/MM; Scottish Coastal Islands: Bill, GM0OBX plans an activity
as GM0OBX/p in the IOTA contest from Inchcolm Island (WAB NT18).
QSL via GM0OBX (d/B).

EU-123; GM/MM; Scottish Coastal Islands: Tom, GM0FGI, will take part in
the IOTA contest from Pier View (Kilchattan Bay) on the Isle of Bute.
QSL via Buero, LoTW.

EU-123; GM/MM; Scottish Coastal Islands: Doug, GM0ELP and Simon,
M0GBK will sign MM3T from the Isle of Bute (IOSA CL02, SCOTIA CS19,
WLOTA 1883) in the MOABLP/Mixed/DX-Pedition category in the IOTA
contest. QSL only via eQSL.

EU-124; GW/MW; Welsh Coastal Islands: Signing GW8K, Philip, MW0DHF,
Ken, GW1FKY, Steve, MW0VRQ and Jerzy, MW0TDQ will be QRV from
Flatholm Island (WLOTA 0007) in the IOTA contest. QSL via MW0DHF.

EU-125; OZ; Jylland West group: Olaf, DL4HG and Andy, DL7AT
will activate Mando Island (DIA NS-003, WWFF OZFF-004)
as OZ0TX from July 26 - 28, including the IOTA contest.
QSL direct only via DL7AT.

EU-129; DL/SP1; Usedom Island: Hardy, DL3KWF, Bert, DK3BK, Gun,
DF2TG and Ron, DL9GMN plan to activate Insel Goermitz (GIA O-015)
as DM3X/p during the IOTA contest. QSL via DM3X (d/B).

EU-129; DL/SP1; Usedom Island: From Usedom Island (DID O-013,
WLOTA 1640, WW Loc. JO73bw), Gunter, DL4WA, Frank, DL1WA and
Jo, DL3ARM plan to be active as DL1WA/p in the IOTA contest.
QSL via DL1WA (d/B).

EU-129; DL/SP1; Usedom Island: Also Wolfgang, DL8DZL and Axel,
DL8RL will team up on Usedom (DID O-013, WLOTA 1640) as
DL8DZL/p in the IOTA contest. QSL via DL8DZL (d/B).

EU-130; I*3; Friuli-Venezia Giulia Region group: The "ARI Verona
DX Team" members Walter, I3VJW, Silverio, IK3IUL and Ampelio,
IK3JBP will use the callsign II3VR/IV3 in the IOTA contest from
Santa Maria di Barbana Island (IIA GO-013). This activity also
celebrates the club's 65th anniversary. Acitivites on the WARC
bands are planned before and after the contest. QSL via IQ3VO

EU-132; SP1; Szczecin / Koszalin Province group: Adam, DJ0IF plans to
be QRV in the IOTA contest as SN0RX from Wollin Island.
QSL via SP8RX (d/B).

EU-135; SM2; Vasterbotten County group: Anders, SM5EFX will be SF2X/P
in the IOTA contest from Ledskar Island (SMFF-053).
QSL via SM5EFX (d/B).

EU-136; 9A; Kvarner group: Contest: Joe, OM5AW will be QRV in the IOTA
contest from Krk Island (ACIA IC-105, CIA-22, IOCA CI-046, MIA
MC-18, WLOTA 1342) as 9A/OM5AW. QSL via OM2FY (d/B).

EU-140; OH5; Etela-Suomi Province group: Jari, OH1JO and Juha,
OH1LEG, will travel to Kaunissaari Island (WLOTA 3158, WW Loc.
KP30) from July 25 - 31. As OH1K they will be active on 80 - 6m
(focus on 20m) in SSB and Digi-Modes, including a participation
in the IOTA contest. QSL via OH1JO (d/B).

EU-141; LA; Finnmark County East group: Hans, LA2MOA, will take part in
the Single-Op/CW category of the IOTA contest from his home on Vardo
Island (WLOTA 0106, WW Loc. KQ50ni). QSL via LoTW and LA2MOA (d/B).

EU-144; I*8; Calabria /Basilicata Region group: Members of the
"A.R.I. Cosenza Radio Club" will once again be QRV as ID8/IQ8CS
from Dino Island (IIA CS-002, MIA MI-021, WW Loc. JM79vu) for
the IOTA contest. Some activities on the WARC bands are planned
before and after the contest. QSL via IQ8CS (d/B).

EU-145; CT; Algarve Province group: Colin, G3VCQ, Andy, M0GAV and
Sharon, M3VCQ, plan to be active as CT7ACG from July 26 - 29 as
CT7ACG from Culatra Island (DIA Ai-01, DIP AL-001, PIP ST-019,
WLOTA 0144) on the HF bands, including a participation in the
IOTA contest. QSL via LoTW and CT7ACG (d/B).

EU-146; PA; Zuid Holland / Zeeland Province group: Using PF10C,
Alfons, ON4AWT and Louis, PA0LCE will be QRV in the IOTA contest
from Schouwen-Duiveland (WLOTA 3089). QSL via ON4ON (d/B).

EU-146; PA; Zuid Holland / Zeeland Province group: Ron, ON6CQ
will take part in the IOTA contest as PA/ON6CQ from Schouwen-
Duiveland (WLOTA 3089), QSL via LoTW and ON6CQ (d/B).

EU-147; R1N; White Sea Coast: The radio club RK3SWB will once again
visit Berezhnoy Sosnovets Island (RRA RR 02-33, RDA KL-08) as
RK3SWB/1 for the IOTA contest. QSL via RK3SWB (d/B).

EU-157; F; Bretagne Region group: Gil, F4FET takes part in the
IOTA contest as F4FET/P from de Cezembre (DIFM MA-008).
QSL via F4FET (d/B).

EU-162; R1Z; White Sea Coast group: Avinir, UA1ZZ, Vladimir, RZ1ZZ,
Vasil, RA1ZZ, Oleg, RK3AW, Aleksandr, RA3AV and Alexey, RW3QNZ
will sign homecall/p, July 24 - 29, from Glov Island (RRA
RR-02-11, RDA MU-05). As R20RRC/1 they will take part in the
IOTA contest.

EU-163; 4O; Montenegro group: From July 26 to 28, Alex (4O/UA3RF/p)
and Nick (4O/RK3RB/p) are QRV from Sv. Nichola Island and plan
a participation in the IOTA contest. QSLs via homecall (d/B).

EU-165; I*0; Sardinia's Coastal Islands: Massimo, I0PNM will be QRV
from Isola di San Pietro (IIA CI-009, MIA MIS-031, WAIS FM10,
WLOTA 2989) as IM0/I0PNM until August 20th. Main activities will
be on 20-10m in SSB, RTTY and PSK31. QSL direct via I0PNM.

EU-170; 9A; Dalmatia North group: Istvan, HA0KA will spend his vacation
(Juli 26th - August 2nd) on Pag Island (CIA CI-082) and get on the
air as 9A/HA0KA in SSB only. After the IOTA contest he plans to
activate the national parks of the island (Lun 9AFF-023, Kolanisko
Blado 9AFF-073, Veliko i Malo Blato 9AFF-074 and Dubrava
Hanzina 9AFF-075). On his way home(August 3rd/4th) he plans to visit
Plitvicka Jezera (9AFF-006). QSL via HA0KA (d/B).

EU-170; 9A; Dalmatia North group: From July 26th to August 2nd, Kary,
HA9MDN will be on Vir Island (ACIA IC-200, CIA-55, IOCA CI-141, MIA
MC-451, WLOTA 4050) as 9A/HA9MDN in SSB, RTTY and SSTV. This
activity includes the IOTA contest. QSL via eQSL and HA9MDN (d/B).

EU-170; 9A; Dalmatia North group: Kaprije Island will be activated by
Branislaw, OM2FY as 9A/OM2FY in the IOTA contest. QSL via OM2FY

EU-170; 9A; Dalmatia North group: Alen, 9A3MA, Ivo, 9A1AA, Zlatko,
9A2EU, Ante, 9A3BOB, Radoslav, 9A3BMR and Zrinko, DK8ZZ wollen als
9A0D von Zirje Island Punkte im IOTA Contest verteilen. QSL via
DK8ZZ (d/B).

EU-171; OZ; Jylland North group: Joe, OZ7BQ besucht vom 26. - 29.
Juli Fur Island (DIA NJ-003) and ist als OZ7BQ/p (inklusive IOTA
Contest) auf Kurzwelle anzutreffen. QSL LoTW and OZ7BQ (d/B).

EU-171; OZ; Jylland North group: Olaf, DL7CX will spend his vacation
on Mors Island (20.07. - 01.08.) and plans some activities as
OZ/DL7CX on HF, including the IOTA contest. QSL via DL7CX (d/B).

EU-174; SV; Makedonia /Thraki Region group: Norbert, OM6NM will sign
SV8/OM6NM from Thasos Island (GIOTA NAS-037, MIA MG-124, WLOTA 4186,
WW Loc. KN20hs) during the IOTA contest. QSL via OM6NM.

EU-174; SV; Makedonia /Thraki Region group: Also Laci, HA0NAR will be
on Thasos Island (GIOTA NAS-037, MIA MG-124, WLOTA 4186) in the
IOTA contest, signing SW8LR. He'll also be QRV before and after
the contest. QSL direct only via HA0NAR.

EU-175; CU3-7; Central group: Nuno, CT1EEK will be on vacation on Pico
Island (July 30th - August 5th) and work on the HF bands as CR5R.
QSL via CT1EEK (d/B).

EU-177; SM5; Sodermanland / Ostergotland County group: Olof, G0CKV,
plans a participation in the IOTA contest as SM5CKV/p from
Harstena Island. QSL via LoTW and G0CKV (d/B).

EU-178; ES0,8; Parnumaa County /Saaremaa County South group: Between
July 24 and 29, Juri, ES5GP is QRV from Kihnu Island as ES5GP/8.
This includes the IOTA contest. QSL via ES5GP (d/B).

EU-179; UR; Black Sea Coast group: Nick, UR3GO, Vitaly, UR4QTP,
Ivan, UR8GX, Mike, US0GM, Alex, UT7GV, Vitaliy, UV5QAW and Alexey,
UV5QQ will be QRV with homecalls/p from July 24 - 31 from
Kalanchakskiye Islands (UIA BS-008), including the IOTA contest.
QSLs via Homecall.

EU-181; LZ; Bulgaria group: Boyko, LZ1QN, Dechko, LZ1QV, Ilian,
LZ1CNN, Boris, LZ2JR and Nasko, LZ3YY will take part in the IOTA
contest once again as LZ0I from Sveti Ivan Island. QSL via LZ1BJ

EU-183; YO; Romania group: Vasile, YO4AR, Vasile, YO4HAB, Vali,
YO4HAI, Chris, YO5OHO, Laur, YO8AXP, Bebe, YO8SGZ and Alex, YO8SS
will sign YP13S (July 24 - 29) from Sacalinu Mare Island,
including the IOTA contest and activities on 6m and 2m. QSL direct

EU-186; TA; Turkey group: Metin, TA1ED, and Tevfik, TA1HZ, will sign
TC0GI from Gokceada Island during the IOTA contest. QSL via TA1HZ,
direct only.

EU-187; SV9; Crete's Coastal Islands: The "Radio Amateur Society of
Crete" (RASC) will take part in the IOTA contest from Dia Island#
as J49A. QSL via LoTW or SV9GPV (d).

NA-026; W2, New York State group: Michael, N2GC, will be on Long island
during the IOTA Contest. QSL also via LoTW.

NA-029; VY2; Prince Edward Island: Ken, K6LA, will once again sign
VY2TT in the IOTA contest from the "Prince Edward Island DX Lodge"
on Prince Edward Island (CIsA PE001, WLOTA 0523). QSL via Homecall.

NA-036; VE7; British Columbia Province (Vancouver Island) group:
Gabor, VE7JH, will use the callsign VA7ISL in the SOCW category from
VE7UF's contest station on Vancouver Island in the IOTA contest.

NA-045; XE3; Quintana Roo State North group: Andrea, IZ2LSC, will visit
Isla Mujeres (WLOTA 1716, WWFF XEFF-020) for his activities from
July 24 - 31 as XF3/IZ2LSC. From July 16 - 23 he will already be
on the air from the mainland as XE3/IZ2LSC. QSLs via IZ2LSC (bureau),
EB7DX (direct), LoTW.

NA-046; W1; Massachusetts State South (Bristol to Barnstable
County) group: Howie, K1VSJ will again be active from Martha's
Vineyard island (USi MA-005S, WLOTA 2804) in the IOTA contest.
QSL via Homecall.

NA-067; W4; North Carolina State East (Carteret to Currituck
County) group: Nate, N4YDU, will be QRV as W4O (July 25 - 28) from
Ocracoke Village on Ocracoke Island (USi NC-001S, WLOTA 0466,
WW Loc. FM25ac) on HF in CW and SSB. In the IOTA contest he will
take part in the Single-Op/All-Band/Low-Power/Assisted category.
QSL via Homecall, direct only.

NA-067; W4; North Carolina State East (Carteret to Currituck
County) group: Marty, W4MY, will be QRV from 80 - 10m with low
power from Harkers Island in the IOTA contest teil.

NA-091; VE7; British Columbia Province South group: Eric, VA7NX,
Demetrius, VE7CRT and Bretton, VE7GM, plan to activate Bowen Island
using the callsign VE7DB ("White Rock Amateur Radio Club") in
CW and SSB during the IOTA contest. QSL via VA7NX, eQSL.

NA-092; W5; Texas State West (Cameron to Calhoun County) group:
After his NA-143 activity, Bodo, DF8DX, will visit NA-092 for the
IOTA contest and sign KT3Q/5. QSL via Homecall, LoTW.

NA-099; KP3/KP4; Puerto Rico: Members of the "Puerto Rico Amateur
Radio League" (PRARL) will sign KP4ES around July 27th from
Cayo Algodones (USi PR015, WW Loc. FK78de). QSL via NP3O, direct.

NA-100; V29, Antigua and Barbuda: From July 27 to August 3, IARU
president Tim, VE6SH, will be QRV as V29SH from Jumby Bay in
holiday style. His equipment includes a KX3 (+ PA) and a buddipole.
QSL via Homecall, LoTW.

NA-128; VE2; Quebec Province (St Lawrence Waterway) group:
Members of the "NA-128 Contest Group" will activate
Ile Verte (CISA QC-015, Grid FN58, ARLHS CAN-244, WLOTA 1404) from
July 24 - 28 and take part in the IOTA contest using the call CF2I.
Outside the contest they also plan to work RTTY and PSK63.
QSL direkt via VE2CQ, LoTW.

NA-128; VE2; Quebec Province (St Lawrence Waterway) group:
Jean-Pierre, VA2SG, is QRV from Ile-aux-Coudres (CISA QC-009) in the
IOTA contest on 20m/40m with QRP. QSL via bureau.

NA-137; W1; Maine State West (York to Knox County) group: Doug,
K1DG, and friends will sign N1LI from Long Island during the IOTA
contest. QSL direkt via N1LI, LoTW.

NA-140; W3; Maryland State West group: Contest: Ethan, K8GU, takes part
in the IOTA contest from Middle Hooper Island as K8GU/3. QSL
via Homecall.

NA-143; W5; Texas State East (Matagorda to Jefferson County) group:
Bodo, DF8DX, spends two days (July 26/27) in Galveston and plans
to be active as KT3Q/5. QSL via Homecall, LoTW.

NA-143; W5; Texas State East (Matagorda to Jefferson County) group:
Joe, K5KUA, will again be QRV from Galveston Island (USi TX001S)
from July 26 - 29, mainly on 40 - 10m in CW. A participation in
the IOTA contest is planned. QSL via Homecall, ClubLog.

NA-143; W5; Texas State East (Matagorda to Jefferson County) group:
Ron, K5HM will take part in the IOTA contest from Pelican Island
(USi TX-008S). QSL via Homecall, direct only.

NA-148; W1; Massachusetts State North (Barnstable to Essex County)
group: Contest: Scot, NE1RD, will sign NE1RD/1 in the IOTA contest
from Georges Island. QSL via Bureau.

NA-160; HR; Cortes / Atlantida / Colon Department group: Dan (HQ8D)
plans to be QRV as HQ3W in the IOTA contest.

OC-021; YB0/YB1/YB2/YB3; Java Island: Edi, YB3EDD, takes part in the
IOTA contest from his home QTH Probolinggo on Java (WLOTA 1660).
QSL direkt, LoTW, eMail, eQSL.

OC-086; KH0; Northern Mariana Islands: Until July 26, family team
Kuny, W1FPU, and his 13-year-old son Yoshiki, KH0UA, will sign
AH0BT / KH0UA from 40 - 6m (incl. WARC). QSL AH0BT via 7L1FPU
(Bureau/direkt), KH0UA direct only via JF1UCV.

OC-088; 9M6;9M8;V85;YB7; Borneo: Steve, 9M6DXX, will again sign 9M8Z
from July 24 till 29. This includes the IOTA contest.

OC-136; VK3; Victoria State Centre group: Steve, VK3MEG, takes part
in the IOTA contest from Phillip Island. QSL via bureau, LoTW, eQSL.

OC-143; YB4; YB5; YB6; Sumatra Island: John, YB5NOF, plabs to be QRV
in the IOTA contest from Sumatra.

OC-164; VK6; Western Australia State (S.W. Coast) South group:
Miles, VK6MAB, will sign VK6MAB/P from July 26 to 28 from Rottnest
Island (WLOTA 2197) in the IOTA contest. QSL via Homecall.

OC-166; YB7; Kalimantan's Coastal Islands East: Adhi, YB3MM, will go
to Derawan Island for the IOTA contest (July 26 - 28) and sign
YB3MM/7. Logs at QSL see QRZ.COM.

OC-237; YB0/YB1/YB2/YB3; Java's Coastal Islands: Budi, YF1AR,
will sign YF1AR/3 from LH Sembilangan (ARLHS IDO-076, Admiralty
K1158.2, NGA 23624) on Madura Island (July 25 - 29), mainly
in SSB with a little CW and digimodes.
QSL via N2OO.

SA-003; PY0F; Fernando De Noronha: Leo, PP1CZ, will work the IOTA
contest from Fernando de Noronha (DIB OC-01, WLOTA 1208, WWFF
PYFF-016) as PY0F/PP1CZ. After the contest some activities
on the WARC- and lowbands are planned. QSL via Homecall.

SA-027; PP5; Santa Catarina State North group: Fabio, PP5BZ, Mauro,
PP5MCB, Roni, PP5ZB, Maicon, PU5AGM, Jose, PU5ATX, Vitor, PU5DCB
and Claudio PY3OZ will sign PQ5M (July 26 - 28) during and around
the IOTA contest from 40m - 10m in CW/SSB/RTTY from Sao Francisco
do Sul (DIB SC-02, DFH SC-06). QSL via PP5BZ.

SA-029; PY1; Rio De Janeiro State West group: Moreira, PU1MMZ,
Mauricio, PU1SET, And, PY1CPF, Mac, PY1KR and Celo, PY1MT plan
to activate the callsign ZV1M from Ilha Grande in the IOTA contest.
QSL via PY1MT, LoTW.

SA-047; PY5; Parana State group: Alexandre, PY5BH, Vagner, PY5DC,
Fleck, PY5DJ, Fernando, PY5FO, Goncalves, PY5IN, Vigand, PY5QW,
Antonio, PY5AB, Marcelo, PY5ZD, and Nei, PY5AKW will be QRV from
Ilha do Mel (DIB PR-01, WLOTA 1435) in the IOTA contest.
QSL via PY5DC, leider nur direkt.

SA-060; PY8; Para State East group: Renato, PY8WW, Ewerton, PY8AA,
Fernando, PU8WZT, Ronaldo, PS8RV, Pedro, PR8ZX, and Gabriel, PU8RGV
will be QRV as PX8Z (July 26 - 28) from Cotijuba Island (DIB PA-14,
ARLHS-278, DFB PA-13, WLOTA 2855) in CW and SSB on all bands.
QSL via PY8WW.

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Russian Robinson Club,
the special station R20RRC will be QRV as follows:

23. - 27.7. R20RRC/0 Shikotan Isl. (AS-062)
24. - 27.7. R20RRC/1 Morzhovets Isl. (EU-119)
27./28.7. R20RRC/1 Glov Isl. (EU-162)
29. - 25.8. R20RRC/1 Olenevskij Isl. (EU-147)
09. - 14.8. R20RRC/8 Zhuravlinyy Isl. (AS-109)

R20RRC/1 takes part in the IOTA contest from EU-162.
QSLs via RZ3EC.

SP7VC & SQ7OYL Scandinavia Tour
Mek, SP7VC, and Kasia, SQ7OYL, will tour Scandinavia on a
8500km route between July 26 and August 27. 12 to 26 IOTA
islands will be activated on this tour.

Planned route as follows:
26./27.7. LY/HC LY-Hamfest KO25gc
28.-30.7. YL/ES/HC LY & ES KO18/19; 29
30./31.7. OH/HC EU-097 KO19wx
1.8 OH/HC City Salo KP10nj
2.8. OH/HC EU-173 KP01rq
3.8. OH/HC EU-101 KP03qe
4.8 OH/HC EU-184 KP25mb
5./6.8 OH/HC OH KP26/27,38/3949,KQ40
6./7.8. LA/HC EU-141 KQ50nj
8.-10.8. LA/HC EU-044 KQ21vc
11.-15.8. LA/HC EU-044 KQ00qi
16.8. LA/HC EU-046 JP89xf
17./18.8. LA/HC EU-076 JP67lc;JP68,78;79
19.8 LA/HC EU-036 JP43lo
20./21.8. LA/HC EU-056 JP32bm
22.8. LA/HC EU-079 JP22vg
23.8. LA/HC EU-055 JP29qx
24.8. SM/HC EU-043 JO57tq
25.8. OZ/HC EU-029 JO55px
26. OZ/HC EU-172 JO55
27.8. DL/HC Trip Hamburg-Lodz
QSL via Homecall.

Lighthouse Activities
First time activation of Formigas group (DFP NEW ONE, ARLHS AZO-001,
TWLHD WLH CU-002, WLOTA 4293, Admiralty D2638, DIP AZ-013, CTFF-039,
WW Loc. HM77og) is planned around July 30th by Leonel, CU3EJ,
Antonio, CU8AS, Siggi, DL2HYH, and Hermann, HB9CRV/CT3FN using the
call CR2F. QSL via HB9CRV, LoTW

start - end DX DXNL
- 30.09.13 3Z3P 1841
01.07.13 - 31.12.13 3Z80LOT 1840
- 31.12.13 4A1SG 1842*
- 31.12.13 4A1TD 1826
- 31.12.13 4A2I 1820
- 31.12.13 4J20RO.. 1830
21.07.13 - 24.07.13 4O/UA3RF.. 1841
18.07.13 - 30.07.13 4X19MG 1841
16.07.13 - 30.07.13 5R8NE 1840
- 13.07.14 5Z4/EA4ATI 1840
- 14 5Z4/LA4GHA 1810/1827
- 31.12.13 5Z4EE 1803/1807
22.06.13 - 31.07.13 6M6M 1837
- 14 6O0LA 1810/1827
- 31.12.13 7P8CC 1807/1820
- 05.14 8J110SIT 1838
06.13 - 03.14 8J170ICK 1836
- 08.13 8J1AKIBA 1841
- 31.03.14 8J1IC 1827
28.07.13 - 31.03.14 8N1FUJI 1842*
01.06.13 - 31.03.14 8J1MTD 1834
06.04.13 - 14.10.13 8J1TK 1827
- 30.11.13 8J2I 1831
- 31.10.13 8J2KSG7X 1831
- 30.09.13 8J4M13OO 1827
- 28.02.14 8J6KKC 1825
- 31.03.14 8J7JUMP 1827
- 31.07.13 8J7YAE 1827
22.04.14 - 11.08.13 8J88RL 1828
- 03.09.13 8J9OWR 1841
06.04.13 - 31.08.13 8N1A 1826
- 28.07.13 8N1TW 1827
- 31.03.14 8N2MDR 1813
01.07.13 - 31.10.13 8N5CLEAN 1838
01.06.13 - 30.11.13 8N6MMTTY 1836
01.07.13 - 20.10.13 8N9ARDF 1838
24.07.13 - 11.08.13 8Q7HF 1842*
24.07.13 - 11.08.13 8Q7MH 1842*
27.07.13 - 28.07.13 9A/AC6DD 1842*
26.07.13 - 02.08.13 9A/HA0KA 1842*
26.07.13 - 02.08.13 9A/HA9MDN 1842*
25.07.13 - 29.07.13 9A/IV3LZQ 1842*
27.07.13 - 28.07.13 9A/OM2FY 1842*
27.07.13 - 28.07.13 9A/OM5AW 1842*
27.07.13 - 28.07.13 9A/OM8AA 1842*
23.07.13 - 01.08.13 9A/OO7T/p 1841
27.07.13 - 28.07.13 9A0D 1842*
- 12.13 9A28EU.. 1839
27.07.13 - 28.07.13 9A8DV 1842*
- 28.08.13 9H3EH 1842*
01.07.13 - 31.07.13 9H3JM 1838
28.06.13 - 9H3RJ 1838
27.07.13 - 28.07.13 9M2FB 1842*
24.07.13 - 29.07.13 9M8Z 1842*
- 10.13 9V1RM 1751
- 03.14 9X0ZM 1824
- 09.13 A52SV 1752
- 12.13 A71/G0MGX 1834
- 12.13 A92IO 1838
- 26.07.13 AH0BT.. 1842*
- 31.07.13 AT20RRC 1840
27.07.13 - 28.07.13 BA4WL/4.. 1842*
27.07.13 - 28.07.13 BA4TB/5 1842*
27.07.13 - 28.07.13 BP0A 1842*
21.07.13 - 29.07.13 BY4IB/4 1841
25.07.13 - 29.07.13 BY7RA/7 1842*
26.07.13 - 28.07.13 C37UN 1842*
27.06.13 - 15.12.13 C91GBA 1838
- 31.12.13 C91IW 1787
08.07.13 - CE0X/WU2D.. 1839
Resident CE0YHO 1842*
24.07.13 - 28.07.13 CF2I 1842*
04.07.13 - 03.08.13 CF3X 1839
24.07.13 - 20.08.13 CN2RN 1842*
- 08.13 CN2ZA.. 1817
26.07.13 - 29.07.13 CQ9D 1842*
30.07.13 - 31.07.13 +- CR2F 1842*
30.07.13 - 05.08.13 CR5R 1842*
- 31.12.13 CS250CLE 1826
27.07.13 - 28.07.13 CS5DX 1842*
26.07.13 - 29.07.13 CT7ACG 1842*
- 26.07.13 D2CT 1840
- 12.14 DA0EIM 1815
01.01.13 - 31.12.13 DB100AWPB 1814
14.07.13 - 25.07.13 DL/ON4LO/p 1840
- 31.12.13 DL100OUI 1821
17.06.13 - 26.07.13 DL4SDW/HI3 1836
01.01.13 - 31.12.13 DL50FRANCE 1813
27.07.13 - 09.08.13 DG5LAC/p 1842*
27.07.13 - 28.07.13 DL1WA/p 1842*
27.07.13 - 28.07.13 DL5KUD 1842*
- 31.12.13 DL60BADEN 1823
- 28.02.14 DL75KUE 1827
27.07.13 - 28.07.13 DL8DZL/p 1842*
27.07.13 - 28.07.13 DM3X/p 1842*
- 31.12.13 DM750PZL 1825
25.07.13 - 28.07.13 DM50IOTA 1842*
27.07.13 - 28.07.13 DP3D 1842*
- 31.12.13 DP50IPAHB 1826
01.05.13 - 31.03.14 DR0PALAEON 1830
- 31.12.13 DR10EDBG 1823
- 31.12.13 DR13IGS 1825
01.01.13 - 31.12.13 DR175EDS 1816
- 31.12.13 DR20CFT 1820
- 31.12.13 DR90VOX 1813
- 12.13 DS4DRE/5 1832
01.06.13 - 31.12.13 DT60US 1835
13.07.13 - 09.08.13 DU9/PA3GZU 1840
- 31.12.13 E720SRRS 1832
07.07.13 - 28.07.13 EA8/DL3FCG 1839
27.07.13 - 28.07.13 EF8X 1842*
20.07.13 - 27.07.13 EI/F5LMJ/p 1841
01.01.13 - 31.12.13 EI13CLAN 1813
07.07.13 - 31.07.13 EI1A 1840
27.07.13 - 28.07.13 EI7M 1842*
07.07.13 - 31.07.13 EI8GQB 1840
27.07.13 - 28.07.13 EJ0A 1842*
23.07.13 - 29.07.13 EJ0PL 1841
27.07.13 - 28.07.13 EJ1Y 1842*
27.07.13 - 28.07.13 EJ5KF/p 1842*
27.07.13 - 28.07.13 EJ8GQB 1842*
- 20.10.13 EM110U 1838
- 31.07.13 EM45ERS 1828
- 01.10.13 EM70LI.. 1819
- 31.12.13 EM7UT 1821
- 01.09.13 EN1025UB 1840
- 31.12.13 EO0UD 1821
12.07.13 - 12.08.13 EO15QRP 1840
27.07.13 - 28.07.13 ES0U 1842*
27.07.13 - 28.07.13 ES5GP/8 1842*
02.06.13 - 08.08.13 F/HB9HI/p 1834
27.07.13 - 28.07.13 F4FET/p 1842*
27.07.13 - 28.07.13 F6KOP/p 1842*
25.07.13 - 30.07.13 G0FDZ/p 1842*
25.07.13 - 30.07.13 G0PZA/p 1842*
25.07.13 - 30.07.13 G0UKN/p 1842*
25.07.13 - 30.07.13 G0VJG/p 1842*
01.01.13 - 31.12.13 G100C.. 1817/1821
2013 G100RSGB.. 1811/12
25.07.13 - 30.07.13 G7GLW/p 1842*
27.07.13 - 28.07.13 G7N 1842*
29./30.6 + 14./15.9. GB0POS 1838
- 31.12.13 GB2RAF.. 1826
- 31.12.13 GB4RS 1840
unknown GB4DNA 1832
20.07.13 - 08.09.13 GB558VUL 1841
26.07.13 - 03.08.13 GB75RH 1842*
27.07.13 - 28.07.13 GJ2A 1842*
27.07.13 - 28.07.13 GJ6YB 1842*
27.07.13 - 28.07.13 GM0ADX 1842*
27.07.13 - 28.07.13 GM0FGI 1842*
27.07.13 - 28.07.13 GM0OBX/p 1842*
27.07.13 - 28.07.13 GM2T.. 1842*
2013 (WE) GM100C 1820
27.07.13 - 28.07.13 GM7A 1842*
27.07.13 - 28.07.13 GM7O 1842*
27.07.13 - 28.07.13 GM7V 1842*
27.07.13 - 28.07.13 GM7X 1842*
05.07.13 - 31.07.13 GVx.. 1839
27.07.13 - 28.07.13 GW8K 1842*
- late 13 H44RK 1793
- 31.12.13 HA1973BA 1831
2013 HA110RAEM 1817
- 31.12.13 HA150GG 1839
2013 HA30S 1819
- 31.12.13 HB10BE 1831
06.13 - 09.13 HB13ESAF 1838
01.01.13 - 31.12.13 HB30OK 1811/1825
- 01.14 HC/IZ1DPS 1840
27.07.13 - 28.07.13 HQ3W 1842*
21.07.13 - 27.07.13 HQ8D 1840
- 30.09.13 HF19BSC 1840
- 31.07.13 HF35KVW 1832
- 12.13 HF450NS 1841
- 31.07.13 HF69AK 1838
01.05.13 - 31.07.13 HG19JASZ 1833
- 31.03.14 HG50NOHAB 1828
06.07.13 - 25.07.13 HH5/KC0W 1838
- 09.13 HI3/KL7JR 1745
- 17 HL2/F4AAR 1837
- 01.14 HR2/NP3J.. 1820
27.07.13 - 28.07.13 IA5/OO4O 1842*
20.09.13 - 06.10.13 IB2PDT 1837
27.07.13 - 28.07.13 IC8FBU 1842*
27.07.13 - 28.07.13 IC8WIC/p 1842*
27.07.13 - 28.07.13 ID8/IQ8CS 1842*
24.07.13 - 29.07.13 IE9DX 1842*
27.07.13 - 28.07.13 IH9YMC 1842*
- 30.08.13 II0GM 1840
26.06.13 - 31.12.13 II0GMC 1838
- 13.09.13 II3VR 1837
27.07.13 - 28.07.13 II3VR/IV3 1842*
26.07.13 - 28.07.13 IJ7T 1842*
23.07.13 - 30.07.13 IK6JRI/IE9 1841
27.07.13 - 20.08.13 IM0/I0PNM 1842*
27.07.13 - 28.07.13 IP1T 1842*
27.07.13 - 28.07.13 IR8A 1842*
22.06.13 - 25.07.13 IS0/IZ2WFL 1838
27.07.13 - 28.07.13 IT9VDQ 1842*
27.07.13 - 28.07.13 IT9RZU 1842*
- 08.14 J28NC 1796
- 07.13 J28UC 1734
27.07.13 - 28.07.13 J48A 1842*
27.07.13 - 28.07.13 J49A 1842*
27.07.13 - 28.07.13 JA4FHE/4 1842*
27.07.13 - 28.07.13 JA8COE/8 1842*
15.06.13 - JG8NQJ/JD1 1836
26.07.13 - 29.07.13 JI3DST/JI1 1842*
26.07.13 - 27.07.13 JI3DST/1 1842*
16.06.13 - 15.12.13 JW9JKA 1836
27.07.13 - 28.07.13 K1VSJ 1842*
27.07.13 - 28.07.13 K5HM/p 1842*
26.07.13 - 29.07.13 K5KUA 1842*
27.07.13 - 28.07.13 K8GU/3 1842*
- 31.12.13 KG4AJ 1756
06.13 KH2/N2NL 1680
27.07.13 +- KP4ES 1842*
27.07.13 - 29.07.13 KT3Q/5 1842*
27.07.13 - 28.07.13 LA2MOA 1842*
27.07.13 - 28.07.13 LN7H 1842*
- 31.07.13 LY55SOP 1841
- 31.07.13 LY80B.. 1840
26.07.13 - 27.08.13 LY/SP7VC.. 1842*
27.07.13 - 28.07.13 LZ0I 1842*
01.05.13 - 31.07.13 LZ110RF 1833
- 31.12.13 LZ125VZ 1832
01.07.13 - 31.07.13 LZ1722SN 1838
01.01.13 - 31.12.13 LZ1771SDG.. 1819
- 31.07.13 LZ20RRC 1840
2013 LZ20TRC 1828
27.07.13 - 28.07.13 M0NMS/p 1842*
25.07.13 - 30.07.13 M0UAT/p 1842*
27.07.13 - 28.07.13 M7X 1842*
27.07.13 - 28.07.13 M8C 1842*
27.07.13 - 28.07.13 MM/DL6MHW 1842*
27.07.13 - 28.07.13 MM/ON6QR 1842*
25.07.13 - 28.07.13 MM0CPS/p 1842*
27.07.13 - 28.07.13 MM2N 1842*
22.07.13 - 30.07.13 MM3I 1841
26.07.13 - 02.08.13 MM3KBU/p 1842*
27.07.13 - 28.07.13 MM3T 1842*
24.07.13 - 31.07.13 MM6GCS/p 1842*
27.07.13 - 28.07.13 MU0HTJ 1842*
05.07.13 - MV6ADB 1839
27.07.13 - 28.07.13 MZ5A 1842*
27.07.13 - 28.07.13 N1LI 1842*
27.07.13 - 28.07.13 N2GC 1842*
27.07.13 - 28.07.13 NE1RD/1 1842*
- 03.04.17 OG3077F 1789
27.07.13 - 28.07.13 OH0V 1842*
25.07.13 - 31.07.13 OH1K 1842*
11.07.13 - OH8UV/3.. 1840
25.07.13 - 29.07.13 OJ0R 1842*
- 30.09.13 OM13SIAF 1834
31.08.13 - 01.09.13 OM2013SIAF 1834
01.05.13 - 31.12.13 OM20TUSR 1830
01.05.13 - 31.05.13 OM60DAT 1830
21.07.13 - 20.09.13 OOx.. 1842
20.07.13 - 01.08.13 OX3LX 1841
29.07.13 - 09.08.13 OY/DL3UB 1842*
26.07.13 - 28.07.13 OZ0TX 1842*
27.07.13 - 04.08.13 OZ1IVA/p 1842*
26.07.13 - 29.07.13 OZ7BQ/p 1842*
20.07.13 - 01.08.13 OZ/DL7CX 1842*
- 14 P29NO 1814
27.07.13 - 28.07.13 PA/ON6CQ 1842*
15.07.13 - 13.08.13 PA1813A 1840
22.07.13 - 10.08.13 PA6FUN 1842*
01.05.13 - 31.10.13 PA800GTB 1830
27.07.13 - 28.07.13 PE3V/p 1842*
27.07.13 - 28.07.13 PF10C 1842*
- 31.12.13 PH600AMF 1825
- 31.12.13 PH600NYK 1825*
26.07.13 - 28.07.13 PQ5M 1842*
26.07.13 - 27.07.13 PR5D 1842*
26.07.13 - 28.07.13 PX8Z 1842*
27.07.13 - 28.07.13 + PY0F/PP1CZ 1842*
25.07.13 - 31.08.13 R2009IT 1842*
23.07.13 - 14.08.13 R20RRC/0.. 1841/42*
01.06.13 - 30.09.13 R290E 1838
01.01.13 - 31.12.13 R400DR 1814
unknown R400MR 1835
07.13 - 09.13 R400T 1840
- 10.13 R60SKV 1814
- 31.07.13 R95PW.. 1832
24.07.13 - 29.07.13 RA1ZZ/p 1842*
24.07.13 - 29.07.13 RA3AV/p 1842*
24.07.13 - 29.07.13 RI0NZ 1841/42*
01.02.13 - 31.12.13 RI1ANP 1817
24.07.13 - 29.07.13 RK3AW/p 1842*
27.07.13 - 28.07.13 RK3SWB/1 1842*
24.07.13 - 29.07.13 RW3QNZ/p 1842*
05.07.13 - 05.08.13 RO70PS 1840
- 11.13 RU0ZM/0 1837
03.13 - 10.13 RV3EFH/0 1821/1824
24.07.13 - 29.07.13 RZ1ZZ/p 1842*
01.01.13 - 23.12.13 S5300TP 1813
27.07.13 - 28.07.13 SA1A 1842*
- 31.07.13 SF2013WE 1840
27.07.13 - 28.07.13 SF2X/p 1842*
27.07.13 - 28.07.13 SM5CKV/p 1842*
27.07.13 - 28.07.13 SN0RX 1842*
- 08.13 ST2SF 1840
23.07.13 - 30.07.13 SV8/M5RIC 1841
27.07.13 - 28.07.13 SV8/OM6NM 1842*
26.07.13 - 29.07.13 SV9/MM0GOR 1842*
16.07.13 - 26.07.13 SW2UT 1840
27.07.13 - 28.07.13 SW8LR 1842*
23.07.13 - 30.07.13 SW9GG 1841/42*
30.07.13 - 14.08.13 SX8HOMER 1842*
27.07.13 - 28.07.13 TC0GI 1842*
27.07.13 - 10.08.13 TK13RNB.. 1842*
22.06.13 - TM0CR 1837
24.07.13 - 31.07.13 TM2BI 1842*
26.07.13 - 28.07.13 TM7T 1842*
- 10.13 TU5DF 1838
24.07.13 - 29.07.13 UA1ZZ/p 1842*
- 08.13 UE10RFF 1840
24.07.13 - 31.07.13 UR3GO/p 1842*
24.07.13 - 31.07.13 UR4QTP/p 1842*
24.07.13 - 31.07.13 UR8GX/p 1842*
24.07.13 - 31.07.13 US0GM/p 1842*
24.07.13 - 31.07.13 UT7GV/p 1842*
24.07.13 - 31.07.13 UV5QAW/p 1842*
24.07.13 - 31.07.13 UV5QQ/p 1842*
27.07.13 - 03.08.13 V29SH 1842*
27.07.13 - 28.07.13 VA2SG 1842*
27.07.13 - 28.07.13 VA7ISL 1842*
27.07.13 - 28.07.13 VE7DB 1842*
27.07.13 - 28.07.13 VK3MEG 1842*
26.07.13 - 28.07.13 VK6MAB/p 1842*
27.07.13 - 28.07.13 VY2TT 1842*
27.07.13 - 28.07.13 W4MY 1842*
25.07.13 - 28.07.13 W4O 1842*
21.07.13 - 28.07.13 WB8YJF/4 1841
24.07.13 - 31.07.13 XF3/IZ2LSC 1842*
- 31.07.13 XR77RG 1840
27.07.13 - 28.07.13 YB3EDD 1842*
26.07.13 - 28.07.13 YB3MM/7 1842*
27.07.13 - 28.07.13 YB5NOF 1842*
25.07.13 - 29.07.13 YF1AR/3 1842*
- 31.07.13 YO1000LEANY 1841
24.07.13 - 29.07.13 YP13S 1842*
- 31.12.13 YP20ARER 1826
25.05.13 - 26.05.13 YS1/NP3J 1834
- 31.12.13 YU15OTC 1815
01.02.13 - 31.12.13 YU88BPQ 1840
01.01.13 - 31.12.13 Z320RSM.. 1813
- 08.14+ ZA/IZ4JMA 1821
- 05.08.13 ZD8LP 1842*
- 10.13 ZD9KX 1795
- 12.08.13 ZF2TK 1800
- 04.14 ZS8C 1831
- 04.14 ZS8Z 1831
26.07.13 - 27.07.13 ZV1M 1842*
- 31.07.13 ZX1WYD 1841

* = new or updated
.. = and other calls

QSL Information
3B8CF (d)
4A1SG (B), (L)
4J20RO via 4J6RO (d)
4L1MA via ON4RU (B)
4S7JL via HA3JB (d)
5B/R2DX/m via R2DX (B), eQSL
5B4AHE/p via 5B4AHE (B)
5B4AMF/p via 5B4AMF
5B4MF/p via 5B4MF (B)
5B4ZN/p via 5B4ZN (B)
5R8NE via IK2DUW (B)
6M6M via HL2UVH
6V7S via RK4FF (d)
6Y5WJ (d)
7Q7BP via G3MRC (B), (L)
7S5A via SM4DDS (B), (L), eQSL
8J1AKIBA via JA-Bureau
8Q7HF via DL7AHF (B)
8Q7MH via DG8MH (B)
9A/AC6DD via AC6DD
9A/HA9MDN via eQSL, HA9MDN (B)
9A/HA0KA via HA0KA (B)
9A/IV3LZQ via IV3LZQ (d)
9A/OM2FY via OM2FY (B)
9A/OM5AW via OM2FY (B)
9A/OM8AA via OM8AA (B)
9A/OO7T/p via OO7T (B)
9A284MF via 9A4MF (B)
9A8D via 9A1CRD (B), (L), eQSL
9H3N via JJ2NYT (B
9A8DV via IK6VXO (B)
9A0D via DK8ZZ (B)
9G5AC via K7JH (B)
9M2FB via 9M2FB (d)
9M6BOB (d)
9M8Z via M0URX (B OQRS) (L)
AH0BT via 7L1FPU (B)
BA4TB/5 via BA4TB LoTW
BA4WL/5 via BD4WO (d)
BD6IQD via BA4EG (B)
BY7RA/7 via BA4EG (B)
C37UN via C37URA (B)
C91GR via ZS6AYU (B)
CF2I via VE2CQ (d), (L)
CN2RN via F8FGU (B)
CP4BT via DJ2BW (B)
CQ9D via CT3KN (d), (L)
CR2F via HB9CRV (B)
CR5R via CT1EEK (B)
CR6X via CT1EHX (B)
CS5DX via CS5DX (B)
CU3AA/p via CU3AA (B)
DG5LAC/p via LoTW, DG5LAC (B)
DL/SP7VC via SP7VC (B)
DL1WA/p via DL1WA (B)
DL8DZL/p via DL8DZL (B)
DM3X/p via DM3X (B)
DP3D via eQSL, DK3KD (d)
E720IARU via E77E (B)
E720RS via E77E (B)
E720SRRS via E77E (B)
E7HQ via E77E (B)
E70ARA via E77E (B)
EA4BQ/EA8 via OH0XX (B)
EF8X via W2GR (B), (L)
EI115KR via (B), EI4HH (d)
EI115MAR via (B), EI4HH (d)
EI7M via LoTW, EI6HB (d)
EJ1Y via LoTW, eQSL, EI5JQ (B)
EJ5KF/p via LoTW, EI5KF (B)
EJ8GQB via PA3249 (B)
EJ0A via EI4GXB (B)
EM20RRC via UT7UT (B), (L), eQSL
ES5GP/8 via ES5GP (B)
EO20RRC via UY5XE (B)
ES/SP7VC via SP7VC (B)
ES0U via ES2DJ (B)
EX9T via EX8MLE (d)
F4FET/p via F4FET (B)
F6KOP/p via F6KOP (B)
FO/UT6UD via UT6UD (B)
FP5AC (d)
G7N via LoTW, G5XV (B)
GB3ALE via G3NFC (B)
GB5RL via G3UCA (B)
GB75RH via G0GDU (B)
GJ2A via LoTW, GJ3DVC (d)
GJ6YB via G3SWH (B)
GM0ADX via GM4ADX (B), (L)
GM0FGI (B), (L)
GM0OBX/p via GM0OBX (B)
GM2T via GM4UYZ (d), (L), eQSL
GM7A via GM7AAJ (B)
GM7O via GW3SQX (d)
GM7V via N3SL
GM7X via G0TSM (d), ClubLog
GV3SVK via G3SVK (B), (L)
GW8K via MW0DHF (B)
H44QX via VK4QX (d)
HD082QRC via HC1JQ (B)
HG1W via HA1YA (d)
HG0WFF via HA0HW (B)
HQ3W via KD4POJ (B), (L)
HV2VO via IK0USO (d)
IA5/OO4O via OO4O (B), (L)
IC8WIC/p via IC8WIC (B)
ID8/IQ8CS via IQ8CS (B)
IE9DX via IK6JRI (B)
IF9/ITRDG via IF9ZWA (B), (L)
II3VR/IV3 via IQ3VO (B)
IJ7T via IK7WDS (B), ClubLog
IL3V via I3BQC (B)
IM0/I0PNM via I0PNM (d)
IP1T via IZ5JLF (B)
IR8A via IZ8GBH (B)
IT9/IF9ZWA via IF9ZWA (B), (L)
IT9RZU (B), (L)
J48A via SV1OAN
J49A via SV9GPV (d), (L)
J69MV (d)
JA4FHE/4 via JA4FHE (B)
JA8COE/8 via JA8COE (B)
JI3DST/1 via JI1DST (B)
K5HM/p via K5HM (d)
K8GU/3 via K8GU (B)
KH0UA via JF1UCV (d)
KP2/AA1BU via AA1BU (d)
KP4ES via NP3O (d)
KT3Q/5 via DF8DX (B), (L)
LA/DL5SE via DL5SE (B)
LA/SP7VC via SP7VC (B)
LN7H via LA7H (B)
LY/SP7VC via SP7VC (B)
LZ0I via LZ1BJ (B)
M0NMS/p via LX1NO (d)
M3I via G3SWH (B, OQRS)
M7X via G0TSM (OQRS)
M8C via G4DFI (B)
MM/ON6QR via ON6QR (B)
MM0CPS/p via GM4UYZ (d), (L), eQSL
MM2N via MM0GPZ (B), (L)
MM3I via G3SWH (B, OQRS)
MM3KBU/p via M3KBU (d)
MM6GCS/p via M6GCS (d)
MU0HTJ via 2E0SQL (B)
MZ5A via G3TXF (B)
NE1RD/1 (B)
OH/SP7VC via SP7VC (B)
OH1K via OH1JO (B)
OH0CO via SM6CCO (B)
OH0V via LoTW
OJ0R via G3TXF (B)
ON5BWE/p via ON5BWE (B)
OO5LS via ON5LS (B), (L), eQSL
OO5UR via ON5UR (B)
OY/DL3UB via DL3UB (B)
OZ/DL7CX via DL7CX (B)
OZ/SP7VC via SP7VC (B)
OZ1IVA/p via OZ1IVA (B)
OZ7BQ/p via LoTW, OZ7BQ (B)
OZ0TX via DL7AT (d)
P3M via 5B4AHK (d), (L)
P40P via W5AJ (B), (L)
PA1813A via PA0FAW (B), eQSL
PA/ON6CQ via LoTW, ON6CQ (B)
PE3V/p via PE3V (B)
PF10C via ON4ON (B)
P4/W5AJ (d), (L)
P40DE via K3IRV (d), (L), eQSL
P43E (B), (L)
PH600NYK via PA0RSM (B), (L), eQSL
PQ5M via PP5BZ
PR5D via PY5DC (d)
PX8Z via PY8WW (B)
PY0F/PP1CZ via PP1CZ (B)
R1943O via RZ3EC (B)
R20RRC via RZ3EC (B)
R20RRC/0 via RZ3EC (B)
R20RRC/1 via RZ3EC (B)
R20RRC/8 via RZ3EC (B)
R2009IT via RN3DHL (B)
RK3SWB/1 via RK3SWB (B
SN0WFF via SP5X (B)
TG1B via TG9ANF (d), eQSL
TM2BI via F6KPQ (B)
TM7Z via ON8ZL (B)
TZ6BB via W3HNK (L)
SM/SP7VC via SP7VC (B)
SN0EL via SP1KRF (B)
SN0FF via SP2QCR (B)
T77C (d), LoTW
TC0GI via TA1HZ (d)
TG9AHM (d)
TI2CF via W3HNK (d)
TK13RNB via F8BBL (B), (L)
TK13RNB/p via F8BBL (B), (L)
TM2RHC via F4EUN (B)
TT8/US3EZ via US3EZ (B)
UE10RFF/1 via RG5G (B)
UK8OWW via 4Z5OG (d)
V29SH via VE6SH (B), (L),
V31JQ via HR2J (d), eQSL
VE7DB via VA7NX (B), eQSL
VK3MEG (B), (L), eQSL
VK6MAB/p via VK6MAB (B)
VP2ETE via W3HNK (d)
VY2TT via K6LA (B)
W4O via N4YDU (d)
W7G via AA7GS
XE3/IZ2LSC via IZ2LSC (B), EB7DX (d), (L)
XQ1FM via EA5GL (d)
XQ1UIC via EA7FTR (d)
YB3EDD (d), (L), eQSL, eMail
YF1AR/3 via N2OO (B)
YL/SP7VC via SP7VC (B)
YP13S via YO8AXP (d)
ZF2EZ via W5JAY (B)
ZV1M via PY1MT (B), (L)

(d) = direct only (B) = bureau only
(*) = new Manager (L) = LoTW

* QSL received direct: FJ/K5WE (NA-146), SU9AF, VK9NT
* QSL received by LoTW: XT2TT, XV1X
* QSL received via the bureau:

Many thanks for contributing to this issue of the DXNL are going to:
Carl Smith (QRZ DX), 425DXNews, ICPO Bulletin, OPDX-Bulletin,
F5NQL, F6AJA & Les Nouvelles DX, HB9CRV, IT9EJW, IZ1JLF, M0MDR,

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