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Monday, November 25, 2013

East Kiribati update

Members of the Russian Robinson Club are expected to be active as T32RC between December 4-11th.

Tim, NL8F (T32TM), who will be there before the T32RC crew arrives, reports: Hi Guys.... Well T32TM is ready to depart. All radios, amps,
antennas and trinkets are packed and ready for things to start. I leave
Dutch Harbor, Alaska, in the morning Sunday at 10am local time heading
to Seattle to take part in the North Pacific Fishing Trade show, and
then depart to Honolulu on Sunday, the 24th, spend a day or two catching up with some of the KH6 guys before departing on the 26th to Kiramati.

I will then set up the radio equipment, and then it is on from the Captain
Cook Hotel. Band conditions are great so will be operating the high bands during the day light and low bands at night. The rest of the crew T32RC are also almost packed up, and we have some very good antennas for the low bands with us, especially for the 160m contest and the rest of the time.

Remember, this is not a huge DXpedition and any small amount of donation to the Web site <> will be very much appreciated to help with the excess baggage costs of the antennas and radios.

Thanks in advance.

T32TM and T32RC crew
Tim NL8F


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