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Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Helsinki, November, 13.2013 from N7NG/OH2


The group consists of DL3DXX, N7NG, PB2T, OH0XX, OH2BH, OH2PM and OH6KN.

Upon their arrival they will team up with Z81B and Z81D and start doing two
projects simultaneously. They will set up their low-band antenna field and start
a series of workshops for the government of South Sudan.

At least on one station should be operational by late Friday evening.

Their selected low-band operating frequencies are 1826.5 KHz and 3523 KHz.

On the other house-hold bands 7MHz thru 28MHz you can find them at suitable
portions of those bands. Check Internet spotting for current frequencies.

As the operation will be running for two-weeks, SSB operation on low-bands will
come on-line later during the stay - specifically during the 2nd weekend with
CQWW on CW. During the contest there may be as many as three single-band
stations activated.

OQRS is functional at Z81X at All support for the high freight cost of
the equipment will be highly appreciated.

Z81X via OH0XX.

Martti Laine

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