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Friday, March 31, 2017

Daily solar report: Current Sunspot Cycle 24 Activity and Space...

Daily solar report: Current Sunspot Cycle 24 Activity and Space Weather

Sunspot count: Sun Spots: 33 as of 03/30/2017 10.7-cm Radio Flux: 86 SFU (SFU=Solar Flux Units) Estimated Planetary A-index (Ap): 23 | K-index (Kp): 3

Solar Wind: 688 km/s at 4.0 protons/cm3, Bz is 2.0 nT (Mar 31, 2017 at 1815 UT)

X-ray Solar Flares: 6h hi [C1.7][1728Z 03/31] 24h hi [C1.7][1728Z 03/31]

Background X-ray Level, Last Six Days

Mar 30 2017 :: B1.3 Mar 29 2017 :: B1.1 Mar 28 2017 :: B1.3 Mar 27 2017 :: B1.0 Mar 26 2017 :: A3.0 Mar 25 2017 :: A0.0

Global HF Propagation Conditions for 1800Z on 31 Mar, 2017 High Latitude: Fair Middle Latitude: Normal Low Latitude: Normal

Geomagnetic Latitude Ranges: High: 60-90 degrees, Middle: 20-60 degrees, Low: 0-20 degrees

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This report has been prepared by your space weather and radio propagation reporter, Tomas ( amateur radio operator, NW7US, )

Check out the stunning view of our Sun in action, as seen during the last five years with the Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO):

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