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Monday, July 31, 2017

Did you know? Here’s a space weather and radio...

Did you know? Here’s a space weather and radio propagation educational tidbit – from – at 14:00 UTC on 2017-07-31:

Our magnetosphere deflects much of the solar wind, around the Earth, generating energy. When this stored solar wind energy is released by the magnetosphere, a ‘geomagnetic substorm’ is triggered.

A geomagnetic storm is made up of many substorms, and the geomagnetic storm can have serious impact on the ionosphere.

Geomagnetic storms are almost always associated with a decreases in F-region electron density. Geomagnetic storms can result in a lowering of the maximum usable frequency of a radio path between two points on the Earth. In short, a geomagnetic storm can cause difficulties in communicating over long distances on shortwave radio frequencies.

Geomagnetic storms are rated by NOAA on a scale, G1 to G5, G5 being severe.

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