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Friday, July 28, 2017

Latest TEC map from NASA. What is TEC? Total Electron Content...

Latest TEC map from NASA. What is TEC? Total Electron Content (or TEC) is an important descriptive quantity for the ionosphere of the Earth. TEC is the total number of free electrons integrated between two points, along a tube of one meter squared cross section, i.e., the electron columnar number density. Affected by solar activity, Total Electron Content (TEC) describes the total number of free electrons present within one square meter between two points (i.e. between the receiver and satellite involved in measuring TEC).

These maps are also used to monitor ionospheric weather, and to nowcast ionospheric storms that often occur responding to activities in solar wind and Earth’s magnetosphere as well as thermosphere.

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And: Check out the stunning view of our Sun in action, as seen during the last five years with the Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO):

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