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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Hamfest: Where Radio Rules:

PINETOP-LAKESIDE -- W7RJB and KA7JOI are not just random sets of numbers and letters, but rather the on-air names of Randy Beecroft and Vince Cattolica, leaders of the Kachina Amateur Radio Club. On Saturday though, they organized one of the White Mountain's most unique events, Hamfest, where Ham radio enthusiast and operators from across the state gathered to sell radios, practice broadcasting and share their love of the craft. While amateur radios have decreased in popularity over the decades, their practicality and use remain as important as ever. "It's one of the few things that will still work when other things don't," Beecroft said. "We provide emergency services to the community and if they call, we just take our gear and set up." When combined with recent technology such as portable solar cells, the radio operators can function completely off the grid.

from Ham Radio Times

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