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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Caribbean tour

Bjorn, SM0MDG, is now active as V26BM from Antigua until January 4th. After his activity from Antigua, he will travel to Montserrat
and be active as VP2MSW between January 4-8th.

Activity from both locations will be holiday style with limited high bands operations with a focus on 17 and 15 meters and with possible operations on 10 meters if propagation allows. If possible, there may be some 160 meters operations from Montserrat on 160 meter.

This is an ultra-lite operation using a FT-857D and simple wire antennas.

Look for the log to be uploaded to LoTW after his return home.
QSL manager is Tim, M0URX, either direct or use his OQRS with
preferred options at:

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