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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Uganda DXpedition

Members of the F6KOP team are expected to be active as 5X8C between February 6-18th, from a location some 20 Km from Entebbe airport.

The latest report states that the team is now complete with the last operators Jean-Louis F5NHJ and David EI9FBB. Unfortunately, Frank,
F4AJQ, will not be able to operate from 5X and is now the team leader of
the "Back Office" in France.

Operators Seb/F5UFX and Alain/F6ENO are now team leaders of the DXpedition to 5X. Mode leaders are Bernard/F9IE (CW), Flo/F5CWU (SSB) and Jean-Paul/F8BJI (RTTY).

The current DXpedition team is as follows:
CW Team #1: Seb/F5UFX, Dave/K4SV, Patrick/F2DX and Norbert/DJ7JC
CW Team #2: Alain/F6ENO, Jean-Marc/F8IXZ, Stephane/F5UOW and
SSB Team #1: Gerard/F2JD, Gerard/F2VX, Eric/ON7RN and Fran├žois/ON4LO
SSB Team #2: Michel/FM5CD, Lars/DF1LON, Uwe/DL8OBF and David/EI9FBB
RTTY Team: Jean-Paul/F8BJI, Hans/DL1YFF, Jean-Louis/F5NHJ and Michel/F5EOT
Mixed Mode Team: Flo/F5CWU, Valery/RG8K, Mike/UA9KGH/1 and Bernard/F9IE

John, F5VHQ, will join the team on February 13th, which will complete
the 25. The two pilots stations are: Thierry/F4TTR for the French speaking people and Andre/V51B, for the English speaking Hams.

All the matters are booked and papers are in hand. Look for the first signals expected on February 8th, around noon. The main focus will be on the low bands, with two dedicated K3 radios. Activity will be on 160-6 meters using CW, SSB, RTTY and PSK. Suggested frequencies were published in OPDX.1081. The last hand to control the gear and finish the packaging is scheduled at the F6KOP QTH on January 26-27th.

The group is still looking for donations/ funds, and they would like to "thank a lot firms, sellers, DX Bulletins editors, associations, hams and all of you who helped" them in this new F6KOP adventure.

Those who want help them can go to their donors page at:
Also, don't forget to sign their Guest book at:
You can subscribe to the mail diary at:

Yann, F1NGP, will be their QSL Manager (100% OK Direct, ClubLog's OQRS, Bureau and LoTW).

For more details and updates, see:

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