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Friday, January 11, 2013

IOTA News from the
Deutscher Amateur Radio Club
11 January, 2013

Island activities:

AS-128; 3W; Gulf of Thailand group:
From January12 to 16, Sei/JA7LU and Hiroo/JA2VWG are QRV from Phu Quoc Island (WFF 3WFF-020, WLOTA 2523) as XV4LU and XV4DDD respectively, on 40m - 10m in SSB and RTTY. QSL only direct via home call.

IOTA tour:
On January 10, Vincent/F4BKV and Col/MM0NDX are starting their IOTA tour through Denmark, Germany and Poland. The following nine islands will be activated until January 13:

EU-029; OZ; Sjaelland Archipelago:
As OZ/F4BKV and OZ/MM0NDX they will activate Sjaelland (DIA SJ-001, WLOTA 3302), Elleore (DIA SJ-032), Gavno (DIA SJ-027), Masnedo (DIA SJ-033), Falster (DIA SJ-016, WLOTA 1961), Lolland (DIA SJ-015, WLOTA 2773), Sprogo (DIA SJ-009) and Amager (DIA SJ-002).

EU-128; DL; Schleswig-Holstein State East group:
As DL/F4BKV and DL/MM0NDX they will be QRV from Fehmarn (GIA O-001, WLOTA 0637).

EU-057; DL; Mecklenburg-Vorpommern State group:
As DL/F4BKV and DL/MM0NDX they are on the air from Ruden (GIA O-001).

EU-129; DL; Usedom Island: As DL/F4BKV and DL/MM0NDX they will activate Usedom Island (GIA O-013, WLOTA 1640).

EU-132; SP1; Szczecin/Koszalin Province group:
As SP/F4BKV and SP/MM0NDX they are QRV from Wolin (SPIA SZ-002, WLOTA 1420).

EU-042; DL; Schleswig-Holstein State North West group:
As DL/F4BKV and DL/MM0NDX they will be QRV from Sylt (GIA N-016, WFF DLFF-013, WLOTA 2057).

EU-125; OZ; Jylland West group:
As OZ/F4BKV and OZ/MM0NDX they will show up from Romo (DIA NS-001).

EU-172; OZ; Jylland East and Fyn group:
As OZ/F4BKV and OZ/MM0NDX they will be on the air from Fyn (DIA FY-001, WLOTA 2690).

EU-171; OZ; Jylland North group:
As OZ/F4BKV and OZ/MM0NDX they are QRV from Jegindo (DIA NJ-006).

They plan to be active on 40, 20, 17 and 15m in SSB.
Bureau QSLs via Homecall. Direct QSLs for all calls via F4BKV.
A OQRS will be available.

NA-016; ZF; Cayman Islands:
Pete/K8PGJ will visit Grand Cayman Islands (WLOTA 1042) from January 12 - 20 and operate as ZF2PG in holiday style on 20 - 10m, mainly in SSB. On January 19 he will take part in the NAQP SSB on 40/20m.
QSL via K8PGJ (d/B/L).

NA-048; C6; Bimini Islands:
From January 11 to 14, Rick/K6VVA once again visits the Bahamas and will be on the air as C6AVA from Bimini Island in CW. A participation in the NAQP CW is planned. QSL via N6AWD (d/B).

NA-109; J8; ST. Vincent:
Al/W6HGF will be J6/W6HGF from January 9 to 24 from St. Vincent (WLOTA 0492; WW Loc. FK93jd). His operation will focus on RTTY. QSL via W6HGF (d/B/L). OQRS / ClubLog.

OC-004; VK9; Lord Howe Island:
From January 11 to 18, the following OPs will be QRV from Lord Howe Island (WFF VKFF-295, WW Loc. QF98): Tatsuo JA3ARJ/VK9L (QSL via JA3ARJ), Takeo JA3BZO/VK9L (QSL via JA3BZO), Shozo JA3HJI/VK9L (QSL via JA3HJI), Kunio AE6XY/VK9L (QSL via JA1CJA), Masumi W7AVO/VK9L (QSL via JA3AVO, direct only) and Hiroko W7PBL/VK9L (QSL via JH3PBL, direct only). The team will be on 80 - 6m in CW, SSB and RTTY. Also see their entries.

OC-005; VK9; Norfolk Island:
Lee/VK3GK will be on Norfolk Island as VK3GK/9 from January 11 - 15. He's visiting the island for a trip to celebrate his 21st wedding anniversary and plans to operate on 80 - 10m in SSB and a little CW in holiday style. QSL via VK3GK (d/B).

OC-009; T8; Palau Islands:
From Koror Island Mike/JA6EGL, Yas/JA6UBY and Yu/JE6DND will be operating as T88SM, T88CP and T88HK respectively.
Their activity from January 9 - 14 will cover 80 - 10m in SSB and CW.
QSL only direct via homecalls.

SA-003; PY0F; Fernando de Noronha Archipelago:
Leo/PP1CZ is on vacation on Fernando de Noronha Island (DIB OC-01, WFF PYFF-016, WLOTA 1208) from January 15 - 21. In his free time he plans to be QRV signing PY0F/PP1CZ with a focus on 160 and 80m in CW. Depending on the conditions, he'll also work in CW, RTTY and SSB on other HF bands. QSL via PP1CZ (d/B/L).

SA-020; FY; French Guiana group: During his stay in Guyana Christian/F5UII (who uses the equipment of FY5KE from January 13 - 30) plans a side trip to Salut Islands (WLOTA 0911). On January 19 and 20 he will be QRV with 100W and a GPA-030 as FY/F5UII. QSL via F5UII (d/B).

General Information

AN-010; div.; South Shetland Islands:
Oleg/RI1ANF reports that during his 6 month activity from the Russian Arctic station Bellingshausen (WAP RUS-01) he put 38,000 QSOs in his log, and another 1,300 from Priroda Refuge (WAP RUS-15). These are all-time records for arctic activations. He also set a new record in the CQWW DX CW contest with: 3106 QSOs and approx. 4 million points.

As of January 2013 the German Mountain Activity Group (GMA) starts
the "GMA Triathlon", a challenging award programme. Besides activities
of the GMA, also outdoor activities of WFF and IOTA count towards this

WFF Activities
The DLFF award manager Friedrich, DL4BBH informs that all DLFF awards
are now available free of charge in PDF format. The paper awards are
still available as usual for a fee of 7 EUR.

Compiled by Klaus, DL7UXG
Deutscher Amateur Radio Club

RSGB IOTA website

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