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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

LY44WFF WFF/VHF Expedition to Klaipeda

VHF & WFF expedition 12.06. to 18.06.2013.
Grid: KO05oi - WFF: LYFF-018 - Lighthouse: LIT-008

Will be active on HF around the usual WFF frequencies.
Special emphazise on 6 & 2 m.

If band open look for us around 50.183 MHz +/- as our usual operation frequency. No digital modes on 6 m, only CW/SSB.

We will be active on 2 m MS using FSK441 on 144.358 MHz, LY44WFF 1st period. No skeds, just random. Tropo calls on 144.300 MHz + QSY then. Hope for some Sporadic E, too.

Not sure yet if we will have the time to activate additional WFF's and squares, KO15 might be a possibility. More info on that one later on.

The Expedition crew consists of Heiko DG1BHA, Fred DH5FS, Olli DH8BQA, Oliver DL1EJA and Uwe DL3BQA.


Travelling to Lithuania by ferry. Will leave Saßnitz (Rügen Island, JO64) on 10.06. at 19z arriving in Klaipeda (KO05) on 11.06. at 13z.

Got permission to do Amateur Radio aboard so will try to activate JO74&75 as well as the rare wet squares JO85&95 during the journey, too. Look for DH8BQA/mm on 144.358 MHz +/- ship's QRM if everything goes well. Probably some tropo with other /mm calls as well, will be long enough in all squares. 6 m only if band is open.

Estimated square passing times: JO74 from 20:30z to 0:30z, JO75 from 0:30z to 1:30z, JO85 from 1:30z to 5:30z, JO95 from 5:30z to 9:30z, KO05 from 9:30z to 12z. No guarantees, depending on weather, captain's decisions, etc. So better plan some reserve time if you want to work us. Besides this we will need some time to set up & take down the equipment so expect us to stop early in KO05 but that should be no problem as we will be in KO05 the following days anyway (setting up will be in JO64 so probably no time issue).

Going back from Klaipeda on 18.06. at 18z arriving in Saßnitz on 19.06. at 14z. Planning to do some /mm activity on the trip back, too.

Fred DH5FS

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