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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Monthly DX Report 01.06.2013 - 30.06.2013

01.06.201307.06.20133D2 Harry, AA2WN.
26.05.201308.06.20138Q Maldives (AS-013) by Fred, G4ZWI.
20.05.201304.06.20139H Members of the Dutch Society of Radio Amateurs club station (PI4KGL) will be active from Qawra to celebrate their 25th Holiday DXpedition to Malta. Operators mentioned are Wim/PG9W (9H3ON), Marion/PD3MV (9H3MV), Floris/ PA1FW (9H3E), Rinus/PA2HEM (9H3MS), André/PA3HGP (9H3S), Jasper/PB2JJ (9H3JN), Sjirk/PE1OFJ (9H3YM), Hans/PA0JBB and Aad/PA11137. QSL via PI4KGL.
08.06.201315.06.2013C6 New Providence Island (NA-001) by Jay, K2TTT.
28.05.201301.06.2013C9 Gerard, ZS6AYU.
13.06.201317.06.2013CO Santa Maria Island (NA-204) by Ore/CO6LC, Jose/CO6EC, Yordany/CO6YAC, Amaurys/CO6WYR, CL6RLD and Luis/CO6LP. QSL via EA5GL.
03.06.201320.06.2013D4 Leeward Islands (AF-005) by Harald, DF2WO. QSL via M0OXO.
05.06.201310.06.2013DL Wangerooge Island (EU-047) by Oliver, DK7TX.
03.06.201304.06.2013F Petite Island (EU-107, DIFM MA055) by Gil/F4FET, Diego/F4HAU and SWL Ludo. QSL via F4FET.
01.06.201302.06.2013F Gil/F4FET and Diego/F4HAU will operate from several islands in Northern Brittany: Ile Molene (DIFM MA080), Ile Losquet (MA079), Ile Grande (MA016), Ile du Renard (MA077), Ile Aganton (MA076) and Ile Bolennec (MA078).
05.06.201313.06.2013F In June-July 1944 the BBC war correspondents used the tower of the castle at Creully as a radio studio, from where the first reports of the Battle of Normandy were broadcast. QSL via F2UW.
03.06.201310.06.2013FJ St. Barts (NA-146) by Jeff/K5WE and Erik/N5WR.
11.06.201328.06.2013FS John, K9EL.
07.06.201309.06.2013G Holy Island of Lindisfarne (EU-120) by Dave/M0DSS, Alan/2E0ZED, Tom/2E0VAI, Erick/M6ECK, Richard/M0VKX and Brendan/M6HOS.
01.06.201304.06.2013H4 New Georgia Island (OC-149) by Ralph, 5W0W/H44RK, Dom/SQ9KWW, Tom/WL7HP and Maggie/H44MK.
06.06.201308.06.2013H4 Russell Islands (OC-168) by Ralph, 5W0W/H44RK, Dom/SQ9KWW, Tom/WL7HP and Maggie/H44MK.
10.06.201313.06.2013H4 Florida Islands (OC-158) by Ralph, 5W0W/H44RK, Dom/SQ9KWW, Tom/WL7HP and Maggie/H44MK.
17.06.201324.06.2013H4 Stewart Island (OC-285) by Ralph, 5W0W/H44RK, Dom/SQ9KWW, Tom/WL7HP and Maggie/H44MK.
10.05.201301.06.2013HI Punta-Cana (NA-096, WLOTA 2974) by Ronny, ON4ARV.
16.06.201320.06.2013HR Swan Island (NA-035) by Dan, HM2DMR.
28.04.201305.05.2103JD/O Chichijima Island (AS-031). QSL JD1BLC via JP1IOF, JD1YBT via JP1IOF.
02.06.201305.06.2013KL Attu Island (NA-064) by Jeff, KL2HD.
30.06.201305.07.2013LX René/ON6OM, Eddy/ON6ZV, Martin/ON7EG and Mike/ON4MW. QSL via ON6ZV.
16.06.201319.06.2013OH Bjorkon Island (EU-101) by Thomas/SM3DMP and Jan/SM3CER.
25.05.201307.06.2013OH0 Aland Islands (EU-002) by Hans/PA0VHA, Steve/PA2A, Wim/PA2AM, Martin/PA2VMA, Wil/PA3ALK and Jack/PA3BAG.
29.05.201305.06.2013OX Tasillaq Island (NA-151) by Bo, OX3LX.
22.06.201307.07.2013OZ Fano Island (EU-125, DIA NS-002, WWFF OZFF-004) by Rico, DO6EBB.
01.06.201315.06.2013OZ Vendsyssel-Thy (EU-171) by Tom, DL4VM.
25.05.201301.06.2013OZ Bornholm Island (EU-030, DIA BO-001, WLOTA 2203) by Tom, DL7UZO. QSL via DL7UZO.
28.06.201307.07.2013PJ2 Curacao (SA-099, WLOTA 0942) by Wim, ON6DX.
05.06.201316.06.2013PJ4 Bonaire (SA-006) by Steve, 9M6DXX. QSL via M0URX.
10.06.201317.06.2013SM Ven Island (EU-137, WLOTA 0780) by Lars, SM6CUK.
25.05.201301.06.2013SM Senoren Island (EU-138) ba Fred, SM7DAY.
06.06.201309.06.2013SM Vinga Island (EU-043) by SB6A, SM6IQD, SM6MIS, SM6U, SM6XMY and SM6YOF. QSL via SM6MIS.
01.05.201316.06.2013SM Vassaro Island (EU-084) by Mel, SM0MPV.
23.05.201305.06.2013SV Thassos Island (EU-174, GIOTA NAS-037, MIA MG-124, WLOTA LH-4186) by Laci, HA0HW.
18.05.201316.07.2013SV5 Karpathos Island (EU-001, GIOTA DKS-016, WLOTA 1570, MIA MGD-013) by Laci, OM3AG.
24.05.201323.06.2013VE Ron/VA3RVK has been granted the special callsign to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the Canadian Arctic Expedition (1913-1916). QSL via VA3RVK.
22.06.201307.07.2013VQ9 Jim, ND9M.
19.06.201324.06.2013W Dauphin Island (NA-213, USI AL002S) by Allan/KV4T, Steve/KI4GGJ, John/AJ4T, Gaston/W4CCF and Nicholas/KJ4AVG.
07.06.201309.06.2013YB Gili Ketapang (OC-237) by Edi/YB3EDD, Eddy/YB3VPP, Samsul/YB3GZS and Andy/YB3BOA. QSL via YB3EDD.
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