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Thursday, August 29, 2013

I.C.P.O. Bulletin (30 August - 06 September 2013)
"Islands, Castles & Portable Operations"
Listing is by calendar date (day/month/year)
30/08/2013: EA3EGB, Manel and EA3AKA, Gabriel plan to be active from Medas
Island (EU-078, DIE E-001, WLOTA 0793, Grid Loc. JN12), les Illes Medes Natural
Park (WWFF EAFF-190), between 30th August and 2nd September, 2013. QRV as
EF3EGB, look for them on 160-6 metre CW, SSB and RTTY. QSL via EA3EGB. [DX

30/08/2013: Look for Piero I1ASU/5, Gilberto IW5AB/p and Steve IZ5GST/p to be
active on 30th August 2013 from Torre di Gombo a Pisa (DCI PI-130, WCA I-12751),
Torre di Bocca di Serchio o Batteria Vecchia di Migliarino a Vecchiano (DCI
PI-131 WCA I-12575) located in Parco Naturale di Migliarino, San Rossore e
Massaciuccoli (WWFF IFF-0265). QRV on the HF bands starting about 06.00z. In the
afternoon they plan to activate the reference WFF IFF-0689. QSL via home calls,
direct or bureau. [IZ5GST]

30/08/2013: Bert, PD1SA, will be active as YB1/PD1SA from West Java (OC-021,
WLOTA 1660), Indonesia, between 30th August and 28th September, 2013. QRV mostly
on 20 metre SSB, but he may also be on 80 and 40 metres. Bert will use a Yaesu
FT-857 into a fine wire antenna. QSL via home call. [OPDX Bulletin]

30/08/2013: Adhi, YB3MM, plan to be active as YB3MM/p from Kangean Island
(OC-217) until 31st August, 2013. Operations may be postponed or cancelled
depending on the weather. Activity will be on 20 and 15 metres using a Kenwood
TS-450 into monobander beams. QSL via IZ8CCW, direct or PayPal. For updates,
watch his website at: [DX World]

30/08/2013: Look for Kadek YB9BU, Din YB8RW and Teddy YC8TM to be active as
YB8S from Gangga Island (OC-236), North Sulawesi, Indonesia, between 30th August
and 1st September, 2013. QRV on 40-10m SSB and CW, propagation allowing. QSL
only direct to YB9BU (Kadek Kariana SP, P.O. BOX 106, Singaraja - Bali Island
81100, Indonesia) with SAE + new type IRC; No green stamps; Paypal transfer to
yb3mm[@] (most save !); No bureau. No e-QSL. Website:

31/08/2013: Malaysian Special Expedition Team, 9M2SE, will be active from Pulau
Indah (IOTA AS-074) in celebration of Malaysia's 56th independence day. On air
from 31st August 2013 0000 UTC to 1st September 2013 0900 UTC, the team are
looking for DX stations to share their anniversary?s fun. QRV on 40-10m CW and
SSB. Operating equipment will be 100 watt transceivers, vertical and a
tri-bander yagi. QSL via 9W2RUT, direct or bureau. Log will be uploaded to LoTW.
Website: [DX World]

31/08/2013: Rick, AI5P, plans activity from Central America throughout
September. Itinerary as follows: HP1/AI5P from Panama between 31 August and 6
September. YS1/AI5P from El Salvador, 6-12 September. YN2PX from Grenada,
Nicaragua, between 12-23 September, 2013. QRV on the HF bands, mainly CW. QSL
via home call. [DX World]

31/08/2013: Look for Marcel, PD5MVH, to be active on the HF bands as PD5MVH/p
from Schiermonnikoog Island (EU-038, WLOTA 2175) between 31st August and 14th
September, 2013. He will also activate the Schiermonnikoog National Park (WWFF
PAFF-017). QSL via home call, bureau or direct (M v Helden, Dedemsvaartweg 1084,
2545 BG The Hague, Netherlands). Please NO e-QSL and NO LoTW - Marcel prefers
paper QSLs. [PD5MVH]

31/08/2013: Team SP9KAO will be active on 31st August 2013 from WWFF New One!
Plans are to activate the Nature Reserve Panienska Gora (WWFF SPFF-753) from
07:00 UTC till 15:00 UTC. Activity will be on 80 and 40 metre CW and SSB. QSL
via SP9KAO, direct (Radiowy Klub Lacznosci przy LOK, ul. Krzyska 17, Tarnow
33-100, POLAND) or via the SP bureau NR 28 ONLY. Log will be uploaded to SPFF
Log Search ( [SP4EOO]

31/08/2013: Adhi, YB3MM, will be active as YB3MM/p from Bawean Island (OC-197,
WLOTA 0269) on 31st August and 1st September, 2013. Operations may be postponed
or cancelled depending on the weather. Activity will be on 20 and 15 metres
using a Kenwood TS-450 into monobander beams. QSL via IZ8CCW, direct or PayPal.
For updates, watch his Web Blog page at: [OPDX Bulletin]

02/09/2013: After the success of the J52EME DXpedition by the Verona DX Team,
the team is pleased to announce the activation Rodriguez Island (AF-017, WLOTA
4265, WWFF 3BFF-004, WW Loc. MH10QH), for EME activity on 144 and 432 MHz as
well as HF operations from 2nd - 13th September, 2013. The team is currently
awaiting approval of the callsign 3B9EME. Operators include Walter I3VJW, Luc
I3LDP, Rony IZ3KIF and Alessandro IK5MIC. They will have 2 stations on at the
same time on the HF bands, with an emphasis on 160-12 metre CW, SSB, RTTY,
JT65hf and PSK31. QSL via direct or via OQRS. Further information and updates on
their website at: [DX World]

02/09/2013: Orazio, IT9DBF, will be active as 9H3BF from the island of Malta
(EU-023, MIA MM-001, WLOTA 1113) from 2-6 September, 2013. QRV on 20 metres
using a Yaesu FT-897D powered by a solar panel and battery. QSL via IT9DBF
direct or eQSL via his main callsign. [OPDX Bulletin]

02/09/2013: Sebastian, IK2WZM, will be active as TK9ZM from the island of
Corsica (EU-014, DIFM TK-001, MIA MCO-001, WLOTA 1390) from 2-8 September, 2013.
Activity will be holiday style on the HF bands. QSL via his home callsign. For
more details and updates, watch: [OPDX Bulletin]

03/09/2013: Yoshi, JJ8DEN, plans activity as FO/KH0PR from the following French
Polynesian islands: Ahe Atoll (DIFO FO-028, WLOTA 0379), King George Islands
(OC-131) from 3-8th September. Napuka Atoll (DIFO FO-063), Disappointment
Islands (OC-094) from 9-16th September. Reao Atoll (DIFO FO-077), Pukarua and
Reao Atolls (OC-238) from 18-25th September, 2013. All three islands are located
in the Tuamotu Archipelago. Activity will be on 80-10 metre CW and Digital
modes. QSL via JJ8DEN, direct or bureau. [DX World]

03/09/2013: Guy, VA2WT/p, will attempt a second activation of La Mauricie
National Park (WWFF VEFF-047), Province of Quebec, on 3rd or 4th September, 2013
(weather dependent). He will run 100 watts, CW and SSB, to mobile vertical
antenna. Frequencies - CW: 10.124, 14.044, 18.094, 21.044 MHz and 50.110 MHz +/-
QRM if the band opens. Some SSB: 14.244 and 21.244 MHz (+/-). Guy will be
located at the highest point between Lake Brodeur and Lake Wapizagonke (WW Loc.
FN36LP). QSL via home call, direct or bureau. Log will be uploaded to WWFF
logsearch. [VA2WT]

04/09/2013: Hiroo, JA2VWG and Seihachi, JA7LU will be active from Pohnpei
Island (OC-010) as V63DDD and V63LU between 4-16 September, 2013. QRV on 40-6m;
SSB and RTTY. QSL only direct to homecalls, (SASE + 1IRC or 3USD from overseas.
No Buro is available). [DX World]

05/09/2013: Arnold, WB6OJB and Frosty, K5LBU will be active from Botswana as
A25JK and A25CF, respectively, from 5-12th September, 2013. A25JK will be doing
SSB on 20, 17, 15, 12, 10m; might do some 40 and 75m. K5LBU will be doing some
PSK on what ever bands might be open and A25JK is not on. They will have 2
stations set up and running, with A25JK being the main station. QSL via home
calls. [DX Coffee]

05/09/2013: Operators Christian EA3NT, Raul EA5KA, Vincent F4BKV and Col
MM0NDX, from the Invoker Team, will be active from six Panamanian island groups
as HP0INT between 5-19th September, 2013. The team plan to be QRV from the
following IOTA: HP0INT/1 from Isla Naos (NA-072) on 5th and 8th (evening only)
September. HP0INT/3 from Isla Boca Brava (NA-071) between 6-8th September.
HP0INT/2 from Isla Ogobsibu [San Blas] (NA-170) between 9-11th September.
HP0INT/2 from Isla Grande (NA-202, WLOTA 2121) between 11-13th September.
HP0INT/9 from Isla Iguana (NA-203, WLOTA 0323) between 13-15th September.
HP0INT/4 from Isla Colon [Bocas del Toro] (NA-088) between 16-18th September.
Please be careful with HP0INT/2 as it will be used from two different IOTA
groups. Listen carefully to the operator to know the exact location/IOTA. Plans
are to be QRV on 40 to 10 metre CW and SSB. QSL Info: Direct via F4BKV (OQRS
prefered); Bureau via F5CWU (OQRS prefered). Further information and updates on
their website at: [DX World]

05/09/2013: Steve, 9M6DXX, and James, 9V1YC, will operate from Vientiane, Laos,
as XW8XZ and XW1YC from 5 to 10 September inclusive, using two stations. XW8XZ
activity will be on SSB and XW1YC mainly CW with some SSB. QSL XW8XZ via M0URX
and XW1YC via W5UE. [Pete's-DX-Newsdesk]

06/09/2013: Derek, G3KHZ and Steve, G4EDG operated from St Tudwal's West Island
(EU-106, WLOTA:0141) back in May 2006. Since then the owner of this private
island has not allowed anyone to visit. "We are pleased to announce that the two
of us have been given special permission to make a repeat trip", Derek says.
"Dates are not finalised yet but we will probably be QRV for 3 or 4 days
commencing around 6th September, 2013". Expect GW3KHZ/p to be a CW only
operation. QSL via G3KHZ. [425 DX News]

06/09/2013: Gerben, PG5M, will be active from the Palau Islands (IOTA OC-009)
as T8GM from 6-7th September and again from 15-19th September, 2013. QRV on
80-10 meter CW only. QSL via PG5M (G.A.Menting, Leemdobbe 19, 9472 ZR Zuidlaren,
The Netherlands) and LoTW. Gerben reports "As it becomes more problematic to
exchange IRC's, I prefer green stamps for return postage". [DX World]

06/09/2013: A multi-national multi-operator DXpedition to Vientiane, Laos, is
being planned for 6-16 September 2013. Team members Steve 9M6DXX, James 9V1YC,
George EA2TA, Christian EA3NT, Raul EA5KA, Vincent F4BKV, Don G3XTT and Col
MM0NDX plan to operate five stations from 160m to 6m on CW, SSB and RTTY. A
website is being produced and will be available soon. The callsign and further
details will be announced later. [425 DX News]


07/09/2013: Makoto, JI5RPT, will be active on the 7th and 8th September 2013 as
JI5RPT/6 from the Kamikoshiki Islands (AS-037, Grid Loc. PM41), which are the
consolidated islands of Kami-Koshiki-jima and Shimo-Koshiki-jima (WLOTA 1110),
Shikijima-gun, Kagoshima Prefecture, Satsuma Province, Japan. QRV on 40-6 metre
CW and Digital modes. QSL via home call, bureau or direct. [DX World]

10/09/2013: Madison, W5MJ, will be "on another sole DX adventure" to Palau
(OC-009) as T88TV between 10-16 September, 2013. CW only on all bands with
emphasis on 80 and 160 metres. Using inverted L, 500 watts and a tuner. QSL via
W5MJ. [NG3K]

12/09/2013: Page, WA3EOP, will be active on 12th September as homecall/p from
Delmarva Island (USi DE-015S), Delaware. Look for activity on the usual IOTA and
island frequencies. QSL via home call, direct or bureau. [USi]

21/09/2013: Anthony, WP4I, will attempt to qualify, for the US Islands Award
Program, the following islands on 21st September: Cayo de Tierra (USi PR048),
off the south coast of Vieques Island and Cayo Afuera [aka Cayo Real] (USi
PR-047). He plans to be QRV using the recommended frecuencies on 20-10 metres,
running on batteries for a maximun of 100 watts. QSL Direct ( [USi]

28/09/2013: Operators Steve G0MTD, Paul M1PAF, Norman G7MRL, Glyn M0XUH, Mark
M0WCR, Brendan EI6IZ, Ian G0VGS and Mike M0PRL will be active as EJ0M from
Aranmore - Aran Island (EU-121, WLOTA 1189), Ireland, between 28 September and 4
October, 2013. There will be 5 stations using K3s with amps on all the available
frequencies. This is a joint venture English and Irish with 10 operators CW and
SSB. QSL direct or bureau to G0MTD. [F5OGG]

12/10/2013: Alessandro, IZ4AMS, will once again visit the island of Tinetto
(EU-083, IIA SP-003, MIA MI-113), Liguria, on 12th October, 2013. Activity will
be QRP 20m SSB Operation 5W from MFJ9420 into a Full Size DeltaLoop. QSL via
IZ4AMS, direct (Alessandro Gromme, Via G.M. Savani 20, Modena 41125, ITALY -
with $3 and SAE for NA) or bureau. OQRS active on IZ4AMS page.

17/10/2013: A German team of eight ops (Hansi DL1AOB, Dieter DL1AWD, Ralf
DL3JJ, Dan DL5SE, Felix DL6JF, Lu DL8ALU, Eddy DM5JBN and Rich DK8YY, will be
active from Zakynthos Island (EU-052, GIOTA INS-015, MIA MG-138, WLOTA 0209) as
SW8YY from 17-29th October, 2013. The group will be active in the Worked all
Germany Contest (19-20 October) and the CQWW SSB Contest (October 26-27th). QRV
on 160-10 metre CW, SSB and Digital modes. QSL Manager is Ulli DH7WW. QSL via
DARC bureau, LoTW and direct. Clublog and OQRS are confirmed. Further
information and updates on their website at: [DX World]

01/11/2013: A team consisting Mario CX4CR, Humberto CX3AN, Gustavo CX2AM,
Gustavo CX3CE, Francisco EA7FTR and Eugene EA5HPX will be operating from Hanga
Roa, Easter Island (SA-001, DICE ICE-001, WLOTA 0319, WWFF CEFF-027) between
1-7th November, 2013. They will run 3 stations simultaneously - 160-6 metre CW,
SSB and Digital modes. QSL Manager is EB7DX. A website will be running shortly
at: [DX World]

01/11/2013: A team of four JA ops, including Tug JA2ZS, will be active from the
Iririki Island Resort, located in Mele Bay, Port Villa, Vanuatu (OC-035, WW Loc.
RH42DG), as YJ0ZS between November 1-11, 2013. QRV on 160-6m; CW, SSB and RTTY.
QSL via JA2ZS, direct or bureau. [DX World]

27/11/2013: Tim, NL8F reports that he plans to be active from Kiritimati Island
(OC-024), East Kiribati, between 27th November and 11th December, 2013. During
the first week he will be QRV as T32TM. Second week it's possible he will join a
group of 4 or 5 ops who may sign T32RRC (more on this at later date). QSL via
K8NA. [DX World]

07/12/2013: Look for Alan VK4WR as E6RQ and Graeme VK4FI as E6SG to be active
from the Coral Gardens Motel, Alofi, Niue Island (OC-040, WLOTA 2139 WW Loc.
AH50AX) between 7-17th December, 2013. QRV holiday style on the HF bands. QSL
both calls via VK4FI, direct (SAE + $2 US POSTAGE). [DX World]

07/12/2013: Manuel XE2HUQ, Saul XE2HQI, Craig XE2HWJ and Felix XE2I plan to be
active from Partida Island (NA-124), La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico, as
XF1P between 7-14th December, 2013. Full details to follow.. [DX News]


01/09/2013: The Radio Club Blagovestnik (LZ1KCP) is going to remember Saint
Kiprian during the entire month of September with the special callsign LZ1406SK.
This callsign is valid for the All Bulgarian Saints Award 2013
( and is also worth 10 points towards the St.
Teodosii Tyrnovski Award. QSL via LZ1KCP, direct or bureau. [LZ1KCP]

01/09/2013: I.S.W.L. CLUB CALLSIGNS -
The ISWL Club Callsigns in use throughout the month of September 2013 are:
GX4BJC /A - Operated from Ivybridge, in Devon, by Peter - G4VFG. (ISWL Honorary
Secretary) (WAB Square = SX65 - England, IOTA = EU-005 and WLOTA = LH-1841).
MX1SWL /A - Operated from Hove, in Sussex, by George - G3VBE. (WAB Square TQ20 -
England, IOTA = EU-005 and WLOTA = LH-1841).
ALL QSL's will be handled by Herbie G6XOU and NOT the individual Operator.
The I.S.W.L. is a member of the European PSK Club.
All QSL Info is on or or via NO LOTW.
I.S.W.L. Awards are available to all Hams and SWL's - see for
full details. cards ARE welcomed for our awards.
Very best wishes to all,
Pete Rayer, ISWL Life Vice President, Bournemouth, UK.

01/09/2013: For the FIA Asia-Pacific Rally Championship Round 5 and JAF
Japanese Rally Championship Round 7 "Rally Hokkaido" special event station
8J8RALLY will be active on all bands and modes from 1-29 September, 2013. QSL
via the Bureau. [JJ1WTL/AC6IM]

01/09/2013: For "Clean Reception Environment Month" special event station 8N0C
(Nagano prefecture) Shin'etsu region, island of Honshu (IOTA AS-007, WLOTA 2376)
will be active on all bands and modes between 1st September and 31st October,
2013. QSL via the JARL bureau. [JJ1WTL/AC6IM]

U.S.A. Special Events can be found at:


30/08-02/09 EF3EGB: Islas Medas WLOTA:0793 QSL EA3EGB (d/B)
30/08-28/09 YB1/PD1SA: Java WLOTA:1660 QSL H/c (d/B)
31/08-14/09 PD5MVH/P: Schiermonnikoog Island WLOTA:2175 QSL H/c (d/B)
31/08-01/09 YB3MM/P: Pulau Bawean WLOTA:0269 QSL IZ8CCW (d)
01/09-29/09 8J8RALLY: Hokkaido (main island) WLOTA:2967 QSL Buro
01/09-31/10 8N0C: Honshu WLOTA:2376 QSL JARL Buro
01/09-30/09 GX4BJC /A: England (main island) WLOTA:1841 QSL
01/09-30/09 MX1SWL /A: England (main island) WLOTA:1841 QSL
02/09-13/09 3B9EME: Rodriguez Island WLOTA:4265 QSL OQRS
02/09-06/09 9H3BF: Malta Island WLOTA:1113 QSL IT9DBF (d/eQSL)
02/09-08/09 TK9ZM: Corsica Island WLOTA:1390 QSL IK2WZM (d/B)
03/09-08/09 FO/KH0PR: Ahe Atoll WLOTA:0379 QSL JJ8DEN (d/B)
06/09-09/09 GW3KHZ/P: St Tudwal's - West Island WLOTA:0141 QSL G3KHZ (d)


31/08-01/09 Colorado QSO Party 6m-70cm classes 31 1200z-01 0400z
01/09-02/09 Tennessee QSO Party 6m-70cm classes 01 1800z-02 0300z
02/09-13/09 3B9EME: Rodriguez Island AF-017 Grid:MH10 2m/70cm EME QSL OQRS
02/09 OK1WC Memorial (MWC) Activity 2m Phone/CW 1600z-1659z
03/09 LY 144MHz Activity Contest CW/SSB/FM 1700z-2059z
03/09 NRAU 144MHz Activity Contest SO/MO/Open 1700z-2100z
03/09 RSGB 144MHz UKAC SO Fixed/Open 1900z-2130z
04/09 MOON Contest 144MHz CW/Digital/FM/SSB 1800z-2000z

Contest Calendars:

Information about current VHF activities can be found on the VHF DX portal "Make
More Miles on VHF" at:

SOTA (Summits On The Air) Watch Alerts at:


The following operation is approved for DXCC credit:
TX5K - Clipperton Island
2013 Operation
NOTE: If you’ve had this rejected in a prior application, send a note to
bmoore[@] to be placed on the list for an update to your record. Also,
please note the submission date and/or reference number where the rejection was
noted to help expedite the search for any rejected QSOs.
73 es DX!
Bill Moore NC1L
Awards Branch Manager

QSLs via Bureau: 8R1K, A45XR, DJ9MT, EA8OM, KM1CC, KN4Y, LU6EF, OA4DKC, OH0Z,

QSLs via Direct: 4O/UA3RF/P [EU-163] (H/c), 6O3A (E77E) and J28AA (E77E).

QSLs via LoTW: ZK3N.

CIsA (Canadian Islands Award Program) at:
IOTA (Islands On The Air) at:
NAQCC (North America QRP CW Club) at:
USi (U.S. Islands Award Program) at:
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VEFF Yahoo! Group at:
WCA (World Castles on the Air) at:
WLA (World Lakes Award) at:
WWFF (World-Wide Flora & Fauna) at:
WLOTA (World Lighthouses On The Air at:


Pekka, OH2YY, plans to be active from Nepal as 9N2YY (applied for callsign) from
2-5 October, 2013. QRV during his evening hours on 20-10 metre SSB. QSL goes via
OH2YY, bureau or direct and LoTW. [NG3K]

Pekka, OH2YY, will be active from the Kingdom of Bhutan as A52YY between 6-9
October, 2013. Activity likely to be during evenings on SSB (10-20m). QSL via
home call, direct or bureau and LoTW. [DX World]

YE5T - Tambeland OC-122, YE5R - Anambas Island OC-108 and YE5S - Natuna Selatan
OC-109 ... Postponed until late September or early October, 2013, provided that
the weather is not prohibitive AND there is transportation available. See

73 and Good DX!
Dave Raycroft, VA3RJ
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The World Lighthouse Diplom - TWLHD/TWLHF
Official Representative & Co-Ordinator of WCA program for Canada.
Official Representative & Co-Ordinator of WorldWide Flora & Fauna (WWFF) Canada.
WWFF-council-member (representing VEFF).

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