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Thursday, August 8, 2013

I.C.P.O. Bulletin (09-16 August 2013)
"Islands, Castles & Portable Operations"
Listing is by calendar date (day/month/year)
09/08/2013: Look for Leo, S50R, to be active as 9A/S50R between 9-17th August
2013 from Solta Island (EU-016, ACIA IC-656, CIA-51, IOCA CI-126, MIA MC-389,
WLOTA 2833). QRV holiday style on the HF bands. QSL via home call, direct or
bureau and LoTW. Website: []

09/08/2013: Andrew, G7COD will be active as EA8/G7COD from Gran Canaria
(AF-004, DIE S-005, WLOTA 0969, WWFF EAFF-078, WW Loc. IL27DT) on 9-31 August,
2013. He will operate SSB and CW on 30-6 metres. QSL via home call, direct or
bureau, plus eQSL and LoTW. [425 DX News]

09/08/2013: To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Russian Robinson Club,
various activities from islands and lighthouses will be taking place throughout
Russia between now and September. Look for the RT9K team (Igor UA9KDF, Valery
RG8K and Victor RW0BG) to be active as R20RRC/8 from Zhuravliny [Crane] Island
(AS-109, RRA RR-06-43, RDA YN-14) on 9-11th August, 2013. QRV on 40-10 metre CW,
SSB and the Digital modes. QSL via RZ3EC, direct or bureau. [425 DX News]

09/08/2013: A team consisting Gil F4FET, Juan F5IRC, Vincent F4BKV, Antoine
F5RAB, Marc F8DRA and Diego F4HAU plan to be active as TM0SM from Ile du Large
[Iles Saint Marcouf] (EU-081, DIFM MA-001, WW Loc. IN99KL) on the following
dates: 9-11 August and 23-25 August, 2013. They will also activate Ile du Large
lighthouse (DPLF PB-052, ARLHS FRA 055, TWLHD WLH F-061, WLOTA 0060) and the
Fort de l'Ile du Large (DFCF 50-013, WCA F-02100). Plans are to be QRV on 40
metre to 6 metre SSB and CW. QSL via F5CWU, direct or bureau. Further
information is available on their website at: [DX World]

10/08/2013: Karl, DL1JKK (GDXF#44, DIG 6319, Cota-Team-Germany #067, World
Castls Activity Group #094) wants to activate Castle Netzschkau (WCA DL-01266,
COTA-DL SAX-160) on the 10th and 11th of August 2013 as DL1JKK/p. QRV with 100W
on all HF bands. QSL via home call, direct or bureau. [DXNL]

10/08/2013: Emanuele, IK2OHG, will be active as HC2IOH from Guayaquil, Ecuador,
from 10 August to 12 September, 2013. He will operate holiday style on 40-10
metres mainly CW, with some SSB and RTTY. QSL via IK2OHG, direct or bureau, and
LoTW. [425 DX News]

10/08/2013: The Calabria DX Team will be active as II8LH from the Capo
Spartivento Lighthouse (WAIL CL-009, ARLHS ITA-043, WW Loc. JM77UW) on 10th
August, 2013. QRV on the HF bands, propagation allowing. QSL via the bureau:
HB9FHZ (USKA bureau). QSL via direct to IK8YFU. E-QSL Authenticity Guaranteed
and LoTW. Website: [IK8YFU]

10/08/2013: Look for Bernd, DL2SBE, will be active as OZ/DL2SBE from Lolland
Island (EU-029, DIA SJ-015, WLOTA 2773) from 10-24 August, 2013. QRV on the HF
bands using Icom IC-706MKIIG, Expert 1K, Hexbeam 20m-6m, W3DZZ, Vertical with
18m Spiderbeam Pole. Bernd also plans to be active as OZ/DL2SBE/m. QSL via home
call, bureau or direct. Website: []

10/08/2013: Ric, DL2VFR, will be QRV as SD7V from Oland Island (EU-037, WLOTA
0588) between 10-23 August 2013. Activity will be on the HF bands, mainly CW.
QSL via DL2VFR, direct or bureau - do not QSL via the SM-bureau. Website: []

10/08/2013: A team of the Silesian Radioamateur Group announces an activation
of several SPFF-areas as SP9YFF/4 between the 10th and 18th of August 2013,
including several first activations; they will also visit a couple of castles.
QRV mainly in SSB and digital modes. QSO data will be uploaded to LoTW, WWFF
logsearch and WCA-ELog. QSL via SP9WAN, direct only. Website:

10/08/2013: Roman, WU8R/p, will be activating the Ohio River Islands National
Wildlife Refuge (WWFF KFF-608) for the WorldWide Flora Fauna program on 10th
August, 2013. He plans to be QRV from 1330 UTC - 2130 UTC on 40, 20 and 15
metres. Roman be using a link dipole for those bands. He will also have a
complete Buddipole system with him for any other band (40-2 metres) that may be
of interest. He will be running 100 watts and will have the dipole oriented
toward Europe most of the day since that is where the WWFF program is most
popular. This National Refuge has never been activated, now would be the time to
work it. QSL via home call. [WU8R]

11/08/2013: On 11 August look for Alberto IT9MRM/p, Alfio IT9EJW/p and Filippo
IW9FRB/p to operate SSB and CW from Isola Forte Vittoria e Forte Garzia (EU-025,
IIA SR-017, MIA MI-273). QRV on the HF bands, on or near the island and IOTA
frequencies, propagation allowing. QSL via home calls. [425 DX News]

11/08/2013: The Calabria DX Team will be active as II8LH from Paola Lighthouse
(WAIL CL-002, ARLHS ITA-111, WW Loc. JM89AI) on 11th August, 2013. QRV on the HF
bands, propagation allowing. QSL via the bureau to HB9FHZ (USKA bureau), direct
to IK8YFU, also eQSL and LoTW. Website: [IK8YFU]

12/08/2013: Paolo, IZ5NFD, will once again be active as IA5/IZ5NFD from
Sant'Andrea, in the northern weast part of the island of Elba (EU-028, IIA
LI-001, MIA MI-022, WLOTA 0609, Grid Loc. JN52) from 12-18th August, 2013. QRV
holiday style on 40m to 2m. QSL direct or via bureau to IZ5NFD. []

12/08/2013: Look for Luc, ON6DSL, to be active from the island of Crete
(EU-015, GIOTA KRS-005, MIA MGC-005, WLOTA 1400) as SV9/ON6DSL/p from 12-21
August, 2013. Plans are to be QRV holiday style on 40-15 metre SSB using QRP (5
Watts) and home made multiband dipole. QSL via home call, ON bureau preferred or
direct. [NG3K]

13/08/2013: Jacek, SP5OXJ will be active holiday style as 4O/SP5OXJ from Budva,
Montenegro on 13-20th August, 2013. He will be QRV on 40-20 metres CW and
digital modes. QSL via home call, direct or bureau, and LoTW. [425 DX News]

15/08/2013: Operators from Radiogrupo Sur will be active as CV5A from Flores
Island (SA-030) and lighthouse (RGS CX-104, ARLHS URU-001, TWLHD WLH CX-001,
WLOTA 0528, WW Loc. GF25AB) between 15-18 August, 2013. QRV on 160 metres to VHF
bands using CW, SSB and the Digital modes. QSL direct to CX2ABC (PO Box 950,
CP.11000, Montevideo, Uruguay, with SASE and IRC (or 2 USD). [DX World]

15/08/2013: Tony, VK3VTH will again be active as VK3VTH/7 from King Island
(OC-233) on 15-18 August, 2013. He will operate SSB only on 20 and 40 metres
from two different locations, and during the International Lighthouse and
Lightship Weekend (17-18 August) his QTH will be at the Currie Lighthouse (ILLW
AU-0016, ARLHS AUS-050, TWLHD WLH VK-016, WLOTA 0860). QSL via VK3VTH, direct or
bureau ("all QSOs will be sent appropriate QSL card via the VK3 Bureau
immediately after the activation", he says). [425 DX News]

15/08/2013: Craig, VK5CE, is planning his next IOTA DXpedition as homecall/p
from Flinders Island (OC-261, WFF VKFF-175) between 15-21 August 2013. "I'm able
to set up my antenna right on the beach at the high tide mark, so this is
perfect for the use of verticals. My primary antenna will be a SteppIR BigIR
vertical with buried radials in the sand to operate on 80-10. Although most of
the time I'll be on 40m, 20m and 15m. I'll have a solid state amplifier with 400
watts." QSL via his home callsign. Online logsearch will be hosted by ClubLog.
Website: [VK5CE]

16/08/2013: Operators Mohd 9M2YOT, Aimil 9M2AUR, Syamsul 9M2ESM, Abdul 9M2ARR,
Kamarul 9M2TRX, Mohamad 9M2UST, Nazmi 9W2GSG, Mohd 9W2EJT, Hanizan 9W2JUM and
Khairul 9W2FNN will be active from Undan Island (AS-097) as 9M2MI between
16-18th August, 2013. They will activate the Pulau Undan Lighthouse (ILLW
MY0017, WLOL WMA-013, WLOTA 3792) during the International Lighthouse/Lightship
Weekend. QRV on 40-10 metre CW and SSB. QSL Direct to 9M2YOT. Website:

16/08/2013: Members of the Gwangju DX Club (6L0NJ) will be active as D7G from
Jindo Island (AS-060) from about 6 UTC on 16 August until about 2 UTC on the
18th. They will operate CW, SSB, PSK and RTTY on 80-10 metres. QSL via 6L0NJ,
direct or bureau. [425 DX News]

16/08/2013: Greenland YL Expedition 2013 will take place from 16-20th August
2013 from the Club and Contest station, in Kangerlussuaq (aka Sonderstrom),
Greenland (NA-018, WLOTA 0072, WWFF OZFF-006, WW Loc. GP47PA). The team will be
QRV on all HF bands and modes, using the callsign OX5YL. Team members include
Unni LA6RHA, Mio JR3MVF, Chae HL1KDW, Kay WA0WOF and Solveig SM6KAT. QSL is okay
via the bureau to PA5YL or direct 2$ + SAE (Chantal Beer-PA5YL, Keulenheide 1,
6373 AP Landgraaf-NL). Further information can be found on their website at: [DX World]

16/08/2013: Members from the Adelaide Hills Amateur Radio Society (AHARS), will
be travelling to Kangaroo Island (OC-139, WW Loc. PF94BD) from 16-20th August,
2013. They will be active as VK5CWL (Cape Willoughby Lighthouse - ILLW AU-0095,
WLOTA 0869, Admiralty K 2112) over the International Lighthouse/Lightship
Weekend (ILLW) weekend. Activity will be on 160-6 meters using CW, SSB and PSK.
QSL via VK5PAS, direct, by the bureau or LoTW or eQSL. For more information,
check or the VK5CWL website at: [OPDX Bulletin]


17/08/2013: Members of Grupo DX Gran Canaria and URE Las Palmas will be active
on 17th and 18th August as AO8LH from the lighthouse Punta de la Aldea (FEA
D2814.7, ARLHS CAI-032, WLOTA 0969, WW Loc. IL28CA), Isla de Gran Canaria
(AF-004, DIE S-005, DME 35020) on all HF bands (CW, SSB and RTTY). QSL via
EA8AKN and LoTW. [EA8RM]

17/08/2013: The Associacao de Radioamadores da Vila de Moscavide will be active
as CS2HNI from within the premises of the lighthouse at Forte do Cavalo (DFP
FES-12, ILLW PT-0012, ARLHS POR-021, DCFP F-038) during the International
Lighthouse/Lightship Weekend 2013 (17-18 August). QRV on 40-10 metre SSB. QSL
via CT1RVM, bureau preferred. This is a special event station "in memoriam" of
our beloved friend Artur Gil - CT2HNI. [ARVM]

17/08/2013: Francois ON4LO/p will be active on 17th and 18th August from the
Antwerp Marina Harbour lighthouse (ARLHS BEL-042). Activity will be on 80-10
metres using IC746, ACOM1000, vertical and dipole antennas. QSL via home call,
direct or bureau. [UBA HF News]

17/08/2013: Dieter, DF2SD, will activate the island of Fano (EU-125, DIA
NS-002, WWFF OZFF-004), holiday style, as OZ/DF2SD between 17-30 August 2013. He
will be on the WARC bands only (20m, 17m, 12m), mainly RTTY with some SSB, for a
few hours each day. QSL via home call, direct or bureau. Website: []

17/08/2013: Cory, KC9NOJ, and possibly some other members of the the
Mississippi Valley Amateur Radio Association will us the club callsign W9MVA to
activate Goose Island (USi WI-034R, Not IOTA, WW Loc. EN43JR), Mississippi
River, La Crosse County, Wisconsin, on 17th August, 2013. QRV mainly on 14.260
MHz and other island/IOTA frequencies. QSL via W9MVA ( [USi]

18/08/2013: Guy, VA2WT/p, will attempt a first time activation of La Mauricie
National Park (WWFF VEFF-047), Province of Quebec, on 18th or 19th August, 2013
(weather dependent). He will run 100 watts, CW and SSB, to mobile vertical
antenna. Frequencies - CW: 10.124, 14.044, 18.094, 21.044 MHz and 50.110 MHz +/-
QRM if the band opens. Some SSB: 14.244 and 21.244 MHz (+/-). Guy will be
located at the highest point between Lake Brodeur and Lake Wapizagonke (WW Loc.
FN36LP). QSL via home call, direct or bureau. Log will be uploaded to WWFF
logsearch. [VA2WT]

22/08/2013: The SYLRA (Scandinavian Young Ladies Radio Amateurs) 10 year
anniversary meeting will take place in Roskilde, Denmark, 22nd August till 25th
August 2013. Special station OZ6SYL will be active during the meeting on all
bands and modes. Further info at:

24/08/2013: For the 120th anniversary of Tama-area's Jurisdiction Transfer from
Kanagawa-pref. to Tokyo-pref., island of Honshu (AS-007, WLOTA 2376), Japan,
special event station 8J120TAM will be active on all bands and modes between
24th August and the end of the year 2013. QSL via the JARL bureau.

24/08/2013: Special event station 8J1FARC will be active on all bands and modes
between 24th August and 30th October for the 2013 Fukaya-city (JCC 1318)
Comprehensive Disaster-preparedness Drill, the 45th anniversary of Fukaya
Amateur Radio Club and the 10th Anniversary of Its Club Station JQ1YDL.
Fukaya-city is located in Saitama prefecture, Kanto region, island of Honshu
(AS-007, WLOTA 2376), Japan. QSL via the bureau is preferred. [JJ1WTL/AC6IM]

25/08/2013: Marc, PE1FJN, will visit Ruegen Island (EU-057, DID O-007, WLOTA
1712) with his family from 18-31 August, 2013. During his spare time Marc plans
to be QRV as DL/PE1FJN/p using Elecraft K1 2.5 Watts and Buddipole GP. He will
focus his activity on 30m CW. QSL direct or bureau to PE1FJN. Website: []

28/08/2013: Operators John YB5NOF, Anton YB5QZ, Joni YB9WZJ, Johana YB8NLF,
Jimmy YB8OUF and Willy YE5WM will be active from OC-122 and OC-109 on the
following dates: YE5T - Tambelan Island (OC-122) between 28th August to 1st
September; YE5S - Serasan Island (OC-109) between 4-9th September, 2013. QRV on
all bands and modes. QSL via W2FB, direct with SASE, IRC, or 2 USD. QSL also OK
via the W2 bureau. [DX World]

01/09/2013: The Radio Club Blagovestnik (LZ1KCP) is going to remember Saint
Kiprian during the entire month of September with the special callsign LZ1406SK.
This callsign is valid for the All Bulgarian Saints Award 2013
( and is also worth 10 points towards the St.
Teodosii Tyrnovski Award. QSL via LZ1KCP, direct or bureau. [LZ1KCP]

07/09/2013: Phil, F4DSE, will activate TM16C, a special callsign of Departement
Charente (DDFM 16) from the city of Marsac (CP 16570, WW Loc. JN05AR) on the
following days: September 7/8, October 26/27, November 11, 16/17, December 7/8,
21/22, 28/29. QSL via F4DSE, direct or bureau. (NO $ NO IRC REQUIRED FOR QSL).

13/09/2013: Sig DL2JIM, Rene DL2JRM and Dan DL5SE will be active as JW5E from
the club station in Longyearbyen, Spitsbergen Island (EU-026, WLOTA 0125),
Svalbard archipelago, from 13-16th September, 2013. QRV on all bands and modes,
including an entry in the WAE-SSB Contest (14-15 September). QSL direct to:
Svalbardgruppen Av NRRL Clubstation, PO Box 498, N 9171 Longyearbyen, Norway.

20/09/2013: A team from the Royal Omani Amateur Radio Society will operate SSB,
CW and digital modes as A43MI from Masirah Island (IOTA AS-014) between 20-24th
September, 2013. QSL via A47RS, direct or bureau. [DX World]

20/09/2013: Look for Rene, DL2JRM and Netti, DO6XX to be active as JW/homecalls
from the JW5E club station in Longyearbyen, Spitsbergen Island (EU-026, WLOTA
0125), Svalbard archipelago, between 20-23 September, 2013. Rene JW/DL2JRM will
focus on the SAC CW Contest (21-22 September) while Netti JW/DO6XX will be QRV
on all HF bands using SSB and RTTY. QSL via home calls, direct or by the bureau.

01/10/2013: A Spanish team from the Aitana DX Group (ADXG) will be active as
H7H from the YN2N Shack in Grenada (WW Loc. EK71AU), Nicaragua, between 1st to
16th October, 2013. Team members include Francisco EA7FTR, Gen EA5HPX, Fernando
EA5FX, Javi EA5KM, Jose EA1ACP and Carlos EA1DVY. Activity will be on all bands
using CW, SSB and RTTY. Pilot station is Ismael, EA1AZ. QSL via EB7DX. Further
information and updates are available on their website at:
[DX World]

02/10/2013: Grant, KZ1W and Rob, N7QT will be active from Raivavae Island
(OC-114, DIFO FO-122, WLOTA 2581), Austral Islands, between 2-14 October, 2013.
Their operational base will be two bungalows located on the north side of
Raivavae, and less than 20 feet from the Pacific Ocean. Activity will be on
80-10 metre CW, SSB, RTTY and PSK. Callsign to be issued, most probably a TX5
call. Logs updated daily to ClubLog, internet / bandwidth permitting. QSL via
LOTW, eQSL, bureau, or direct (SASE + IRC). [DX World]

07/11/2013: Toshi, JP1IOF, will again be active as JD1BLC from Chichi-jima
(AS-031, WLOTA 2269, JCG #10007), JA1 Tokyo pref., Ogasawara Subprefecture,
Ogasawara, between 7-15th Novenmber, 2013. QRV on all HF bands and modes. QSL
via home call, direct or bureau. LoTW and OQRS available. Online log search will
be hosted by ClubLog. [DX World]

03/01/2014: Francis, F6BLP, will again be QRV as 6W7SK from Saly Portudal,
Senegal, between 3-31 January, 2014. QRV mainly CW on 80-10 metres. If possible
he also hopes to be active on 160M with an Inverted L. QSL via LoTW, eQSL,
direct, French bureau (REF). Previous 6W7RK activity can be found at: [DX World]


09/08/2013: Special event station DM1813LEI commemorating the 200th anniversary
of the Battle of Leipzig will be on the air until 31st October, 2013.
Unfortunately, the DARC did not approve a request for a special DOK. QSL via
bureau and eQSL or direct via DL5FU. Website: [DXNL]

09/08/2013: Special station EG1SMA is now active on all bands and modes until
11th August to celebrate the Sea Week Festival in Aviles, Spain. QSL via EA1RKA,
direct or bureau. [DXNL]

03/08/2013: Special callsign EG7RPM is now active until 11th August for the
occasion of the 50th anniversay of the establishment of the winery by its
founder Montero Ron D. Francisco Montero. On 3-4 of August activity will take
place from the very heart of the cellar, by the Radioclub Motril. QRV on 80-10
metres, all modes. A special QSL card will automatically be sent to all contacts
made via the bureau. Direct QSL requests can be sent via EA7RCM (

09/08/2013: Celebrating 100 Years of the Leicester Radio Society (1913 - 2013)
special callsign GB100L is currently active on 80m-70cm, all modes, until 31
January 2014. The club will also be offering a special centenary award for
working GB100L, G2AA, G3LRS, G6XRS and G5UM (WAB Book Number 19509). QSL via
G4SJX. Website: [DXNL]

09/08/2013: The world famous Kremlin in Moscow turns 500 this year. Special
station R500AK is currently active on all bands and modes to celebrate this
event until the end of September, 2013. QSL via RK3VWA and eQSL. [DXNL]

09/08/2013: To celebrate the Cycling Tour of Szeklerland 2013 special callsign
YQ0BIKE is now active on all bands and modes until 31st August, 2013. Special
QSL card will be available through ClubLog OQRS direct or by the bureau. A
special award is also available (see [DXNL]

10/08/2013: The special event station GB558VUL is operating to support an
effort of getting the last Vulcan XH558 aircraft back into the air. QRV 10-11
August; 17-18 August, 24 August - 1 September; and 7-8 September, 2013. QSL via
bureau, direct via M0JEC, and eQSL upon request. Websites:

10/08/2013: Special callsign TM20RSX will be used from 10th to 17th August 2013
in Ingrandes a city in the north of the department 86 : La Vienne. There will be
a group of 20 OM coming together for 8 days to commemorate the 20 years twinning
of their two clubs F5KFL and ON4RSX. They will be active with this call during
this week on SSB, CW and RTTY and PSK. Special QSL is via F5KFL, direct, bureau
100% and also eQSL. [UBA HF News]

U.S.A. Special Events can be found at:


09/08-17/08 9A/S50R: Solta Island WLOTA:2833 QSL H/c (d/B)
09/08-31/08 EA8/G7COD: Isla de Gran Canaria WLOTA:0969 QSL H/c (d/B)
09/08-11/08 TM0SM: St. Marcouf DPLF:PB-052 WLH:F-061 WLOL:FRA-055 WLOTA:0060
10/08-11/08 GB558VUL: England (main island) WLOTA:1841 QSL M0JEC (d/B)
10/08 II8LH: Capo Spartivento WAIL:CL-009 WLOL:ITA-043 QSL HB9FHZ (B)
10/08-24/08 OZ/DL2SBE: Lolland Island WLOTA:2773 QSL H/c (d/B)
10/08-23/08 SD7V: Oland WLOTA:0588 QSL DL2VFR (d/B)
11/08 II8LH: Paola WAIL:CL-002 WLOL:ITA-111 QSL HB9FHZ (B)/IK8YFU (d)
12/08-18/08 IA5/IZ5NFD: Isola d'Elba WLOTA:0609 QSL H/c (d/B)
12/08-18/08 KH6/F4GHS: Maui Island WLOTA:0636 QSL F0GAZ (d/B)
12/08-21/08 SV9/ON6DSL/P: Nisos Kriti WLOTA:1400 QSL H/c (B)
13/08-09/09 GW100RSGB: Wales (main island) WLOTA:0453 QSL ClubLog OQRS
15/08-18/08 CV5A: Flores Isl. WLH:CX-001 WLOL:URU-001 WLOTA:0528 QSL CX2ABC (d)
15/08-23/08 OX3LX: Greenland WLOTA:0072 QSL OZ1PIF (d/B)
16/08-18/08 9M2MI: Undan ILLW:MY0017 WLOL:WMA-013 WLOTA:3792 QSL 9M2YOT (d)
16/08-20/08 OX5YL: Greenland WLOTA:0072 QSL PA5YL (d/B)
16/08-20/08 VK5CWL: Cape Willoughby ILLW:AU-0095 WLOTA:0869 QSL VK5PAS (d/B)


09/08-31/08 EA8/G7COD: Gran Canaria AF-004 Grid:IL27 6m all mode QSL H/c (d/B)
09/08-11/08 TM0SM: St. Marcouf EU-081 Grid:IN99KL 6m CW/SSB QSL F5CWU (d/B)
10/08-11/08 Maryland-DC QSO Party 6m-70cm classes 10 1600z-11 2400z
11/08 SKCC Weekend Sprintathon 6m class 0000z-2359z
11/08-13/08 144MHz Meteorscatter Sprint FSK441/SSB/HSCW 11 1200z-13 1159z
11/08 RSGB 70MHz Cumulatives #4 SO/MO/10w max 1400z-1600
12/08 OK1WC Memorial MWC) Activity 6m CW/Phone 1600z-1659z
12/08-18/08 IA5/IZ5NFD: Elba Island EU-028 Grid:JN52 6/2m QSL H/c (d/B)
13/08 LY 432MHz Activity Contest CW/SSB/FM 1700z-2059z
13/08 NRAU 432MHz Activity Contest SO/MO/Open 1700z-2100z
13/08 RSGB 432MHz UKAC SO Fixed/Open 1900z-2130z
14/08 MOON Contest 432MHz CW/Digital/FM/SSB 1800z - 2000z
15/08 NRAU 70MHz Activity Contest SO/MO/Open 1700z-2100z
15/08-18/08 CV5A: Flores Island SA-030 Grid:GF25AB 6m all mode QSL CX2ABC (d)
16/08-20/08 OX5YL: Greenland NA-018 Grid:GP47PA possible 6m QSL PA5YL (d/B)
16/08-20/08 VK5CWL: Kangaroo Island OC-139 Grid:PF94 6m CW/SSB QSL VK5PAS (d/B)

Information about current VHF activities can be found on the VHF DX portal "Make
More Miles on VHF" at:

SOTA (Summits On The Air) Watch Alerts at:


The following operations are approved for DXCC credit:

T5TC - Somalia
2013 Operation

XW2CW - Laos
2012 Operation

NOTE: If you’ve had this rejected in a prior application, send a note to to be placed on the list for an update to your record. Also,
please note the submission date and/or reference number where the rejection was
noted to expedite the search for any rejected QSOs.
73 es DX!
Bill Moore NC1L
Awards Branch Manager

QSLs via Bureau: 3A2LF, 3B9SP, 5R8VB, 5R8X, 5W0X, 5X1VB, 5Z4/UA4WHX, 6V7X, 7O6T,
7Q7VB, 8Q7DV, 9J2VB, 9K2F, 9M4SLL, 9M6/OH2YY, 9M6DXX, 9X0VB, A25NW, AH0PT,
YM94KK, Z60ID, ZD8F, ZD8W and SWL-YL-RS-01.

QSLs via Direct: 8Q7KP (W4VKU), 9L5MS (PA3AWW), D44TWO (OQRS/M0URX), DU9/JA1PBV
[OC-175] (H/c), J49C (OQRS), TX5K (OQRS), VY0/VE3VID [NA-174] (H/c) and YB8RW/p
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Operator "Mario", in his capacity as aerodrome manager on Juan Fernandez island,
has recently been active as CE0ZOL. Not a DXer, nor contester, Mario is likely
to be active when time permits during weekends. He will be stationed on the
island for 6 months. More info including QSL details to follow. [DX World]

The KH6/F4GHS tour of the Hawaiian islands (3-23 August) has been cancelled. [DX

OO Award 2013
On July 21st, His Royal Highness Prince Philippe will become the new king of
Belgium and His Royal Highness King Albert II has reigned for 20 years. For both
occasions, all radio amateurs with a Belgian license will be allowed to use the
prefix "OO" instead of "ON" from July 21st until and including September 20th,
2013. Belgian vanity callsigns (with only one letter in the suffix) may not
change their prefix. Some vanity callsigns already have an "OO" prefix.
The Belgian IARU Society UBA is issuing a commemorative award for working a
specific number of these OO stations. Details are as following:
* Stations located in Belgium, Number of different OO stations needed = 25,
Among those worked, minimum of OO prefixes needed = 5.
* Stations located in Europe, Number of different OO stations needed = 15, Among
those worked, minimum of OO prefixes needed = 3.
* Stations located Outside Europe, Number of different OO stations needed = 7,
Among those worked, minimum of OO prefixes needed = 2.
Please note that only OO stations with at 2 or 3 letters in their suffix count
towards this award. Each OO stations can only be counted once regardless of the
band/mode used.
The award will be issued in electronic (PDF) version. No fee required. Log
extracts should be mailed before the end of 2013 to the UBA Award Manager Egbert
Hertsen ON4CAS: Egbert.hertsen[at]
SWL stations may apply while indicating the callsign the OO stations had QSO

Operating Sites for FT5ZM -
From the Amsterdam Island DXpedition website (
"We have been assigned two operating sites on the north end of the island. One
site, a shelter called Mataf, is located just northeast of the base. It is over
400 feet from the sea and the beach area has small cliffs, is rugged and rocky,
and is exposed to the high sea. Having antenna's at the water's edge is not
really an option. We will use verticals for the low bands and 3-element Yagis
for the high bands." [DX World]

73 and Good DX!
Dave Raycroft, VA3RJ
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