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Thursday, September 12, 2013

IOTA News from the
Deutscher Amateur Radio Club
12 September, 2013

Island activities:

AF-013; 5R; Madagascar Island:
Daniel/DF8UO will visit Madagascar on a work assignment from the 12th until the 20th. He plans to work as 5R8UO during his free time. QRV on 40-10m in CW and digital modes, but also SSB for the WAE contest. QSL via LoTW and DF8UO (d/B).

AS-147; JA8; Hokkaidos's Coastal Islands:
Taka/JA8COE will activate Yagishiri Island (WLOTA 2512, WWFF JAFF-034, WW Loc. QN04qk) on September 14 - 16, signing JA8COE/8. QSL via JA8COE (d/B).

EU-004; EA6; Balearic Islands:
Piotr/SP2QCW spends his holiday on Mallorca (DIE E-021, MIA MB-004, WLOTA 1902) from the 15th of September till the 6th of October. QRV holiday-style as EA6/SP2QCW. QSL via h/c (d/B).

EU-026; JW; Spitsbergen Island:
Sig/DL2JIM, Rene/DL2JRM, and Dan/DL5SE are paying a visit to the club station in Longyearbyen, Spitsbergen Island (WLOTA 0125) September 13 - 16. QRV on all bands and modes as JW5E, including the WAE contest. QSL only direct to JW5E.

EU-038; PA; Noord Hollans/ Friesland/ Groningen Province group:
Tonnie (PA9CW/p) continues to operate from Texel Island (WLOTA
0043) until the 24th. QRV mainly on 30m in CW with some RTTY and
PSK. QSL via PA9CW (d/B).

EU-050; I*7; Puglia Region group:
Franco/IK4YCQ will activate San Donimo Island (IIA FG-001, MIA MI-085, WLOTA 1284, Grid JN72) as IL7/IK4YCQ from September 14 to 19. QRV holiday-style on 40-6m in SSB. QSL via h/c (d/B).

EU-067; SV; Kyklades:
Marek/SP5ISZ will put Mylos (GIOTA SAS-089, MIA MG-072, WLOTA 4149) on the air holiday-style as SV8/SP5ISZ from the 12th until the 24th. QSL via LotW and SP5ISZ (d/B).

EU-088; OZ; Kattegat group:
Bernd/DL8AAV will operate from sland (DIA NK-003, WLOTA 4999) as OZ0AV between the 16th and the 28th. QSL via h/c (d/B).EU-172; Jylland East and Fyn group: Heinz/DC5WW, Robert/DK2RO, Anton/DL8AW, Norbert/DL9NAC, and Thilo/DL9NBJ will join forces and operate as 5Q7Y from Langeland Island (DIA FY-019, WLOTA 0590) from September 14 to 21. QSL via LoTW and DL8AW (d/B), OQRS via ClubLog.

NA-058; W4; Georgia State group:
Ricky/K4JTT, Jim/N4DU, Joe/WD4FGB, Tim/WK4U, Jim/AK4I, Rich/KD4SEV, Ron/NV4U, David/N4VDL, Walter/KI4LAV, Tad/WF4W, and Monty/K4MTX, all members of the Kennehoochee Amateur Radio Club will activate Sapelo Island (USi GA-007), including the local lighthouses Sapelo Island Lighthouse (ARLHS USA-738, TWLHD WLH K-146) and Sapelo Island Range Front Lighthouse (ARLHS USA-1014). from the 12th till the 14th. QRV as K4S on 160-10m in CW, SSB, RTTY, and PSK. QSL via LoTW or direct via W4BTI.

NA-105; FS/PJ7; St. Martin:
David/AH6HY spends a holiday on Sint Maarten (WLOTA 0711) from the 13th to the 18th. QRV as PJ7/AH6HY during the evening hours on 20, 17, and 15 in SSB. QSL via h/c (d/B).

NA-143; W5; Texas State East (Matagorda to Jefferson County) group:
Joe/K5KUA once more operates from Galveston Island from the 13th to
the 15th as K5KUA/5. QRV on 40-15m in CW. QSL via h/c (d/B).

OC-108; YB5; Anambas Islands:
John/YB5NOF, Anton/YB5QZ, Joni/YB9WZJ, Johana/YB8NLF, Jimmy/YB8OUF, and Willy/YE5WM will operate together as YE5R from Anambas Island from the 15th to the 20th. QSL via W2FB (d/B).

SA-006; PJ4; Bonaire Island:
Frank/PH2M will be holidaying on Bonaire Island (WLOTA 1279, WWFF PAFF-024) from the 13th until the 26th. QRV as PJ4M on HF. QSL (only for this activity) via PH2M (d/B).

Compiled by Klaus, DL7UXG
Deutscher Amateur Radio Club

RSGB IOTA website

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