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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Youngsters Learn About Radio Communication During Special Event:

More than 75 people stopped by to visit The
Villages Amateur Radio Club’s Radio on the
Square event Saturday at Lake Sumter Landing
Market Square. The weather was great and the
club got just what they wanted, families with
visiting grandchildren. One of those visiting
grandchildren, 10-year-old Joshua B. York up
from Miami was seeing Morse code
communication for the first time. “People ask
me, ‘Are you still doing that?’ People are
doing it now more than ever,” said Brown.
There are more than 700,000 amateur radio
operators currently in the United States.
Brown says that people mistakenly think
computers have made amateur radio obsolete.
“Computers are used to enhance it.” The club
holds three events a year to demonstrate
amateur radio in action. Club members are on
hand to talk to interested folks about the
required FCC test and licensing.

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