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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

I want to study for me license but I also want to keep my personal information private. Do I have to allow the FCC to disclose my home address on their site?

My question pretty much sums it up. I am really surprised that (so it seems) you have to have your home address linked with your call sign / full name on the FCC site that is publicly available. I’m certainly not a paranoid person, but I personally do not want the whole world to be able to type in my name or call sign and have my home address. Similarly most redditors don’t even want their real names associated with their reddit call sign. I’m more than ok with the FCC having this info, but not some guy across the world… Is there a way to hide this information from the public if I decide to get my license? I know when I buy a domain name I can pay a little extra to have my public info hidden through the domain registrar (i.e. godaddy). Is there an option like this for getting licensed?

Anyway, I enjoy what you guys do!

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