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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Virginia ARES

I’ve been interested in looking at volunteering for my local ARES group. However I’m not quite sure what’s currently going on with it.

I went to the local hamfest about 2 years ago and they had a ARES forum. I thought great that give me a chance to see what it’s all about. Instead there was a room with about 50 really pissed off people. I couldn’t understand what was going on but something to the effect that a high up guy retired and no one has appointed a successor and there’s no communication going downstream so everything stopped.

There was talk of setting up another website and forming a new ARES chapter, etc… They didn’t want anyone joining until they got this new website/chapter setup. So I put my name on the list for email notifications. After about 6 months the weekly/monthly emails just stopped and the person sending the emails stopped being involved.

I finally decided to get back into the hobby full steam and wanted to look into it again. After a bit of Googling I’m finding a few things.

VCAP ARES – You can tell the way they wrote their closure notice they were disgruntled.


ARESVA – This appears to be a more up to date site. But even the wording on it says things aren’t working very well.

Does anyone know what’s up with VA ARES particularly in SW VA?

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