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Friday, February 15, 2013

Burundi DXpedition

An international team of amateur radio operators from ON, PA and GM will be on the air from Bujumbura between February 14-23rd (2013).
In total they will have 9 operators and four stations and airing the callsign 9U4U.

Operators currently mentioned are Patrick/ON4HIL, Theo/ON4ATW,
Marc/ON6CC, Luc/ON4IA, Ronald/PA3EWP, Marc/ON4AMX, Stefaan/ON4FG and Franky/ON7RU. Pilot station will be Bjorn/ON9CFG and a guest operator will be Anton/ON6NL.

Activity will be on 160-10 meters using CW, SSB and RTTY.
Suggested frequencies will be:
CW - 1828.5, 3503, 7003, 10123, 14033, 18083, 21033, 24903 and 28033 kHz
CW (RX) - 1833-1838/US/Overall and 1815-1820/JA; other freq. listen up
SSB - 3773, 7083, 14183, 18153, 21283, 24963 and 28943 kHz
SSB (RX) - 3805-3810/US, 3802/JA, 7187-7192/US/JA; other freq. listen up 5-10
RTTY - 7044, 10142, 14088, 18104, 21082, 24924 and 28108 kHz
RTTY (RX) - Listen Down for JA on 40m; Overall listening Up/Down

QSL Manager will be M0URX.

A Web site is now online at:
This DXpedition will also has a Twitter page
Also, this Expedition is organized by the "Belgian Rockall Team".

The latest press release from the 9U4U Web page as of February 9th, from the 9U4U team states: "All systems are go! Today we packed all gear into the suitcases and are ready to leave. The computer network was tested with 4 stations and the equipment was double checked, and properly labeled for transport, so no mistake could be made once we begin with our setup in Burundi. In total we have 21 suitcases, 23 kg each makes 483 kg, with only radio stuff. We have much more equipment than the last expedition (TN2T).

Below you see the happy faces from a great team... "


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