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Saturday, January 4, 2014

DX News
Ham Radio DX News, DX peditions announcements, Contest and more DX related news
03.01.2014-31.01.2014 6W7SK
Period: 03.01.2014-31.01.2014DXCC: 6WCallsign: 6W7SKFrancis, F6BLP.
30.12.2013-07.01.2014 HI8/RU4LG,HI8/RA4LB,HI8/UA4LGS,HI8/UA4LL
Period: 30.12.2013-07.01.2014DXCC: HICallsign: HI8/RU4LGHI8/RA4LBHI8/UA4LGSHI8/UA4LLHAndrey/RU4LG, Dmitry/RA4LB, Serge/UA4LGS and Pavel/UA4LL.
02.01.2014-30.01.2014 CE2/YV5IAL
Period: 02.01.2014-30.01.2014DXCC: CECallsign: CE2/YV5IALBob, YV5IAL.
28.12.2013-06.01.2014 C91J,C91B
Period: 28.12.2013-06.01.2014DXCC: C9Callsign: C91JC91BJohn/ZS5J and Beth/2W0VOW.
01.01.2014-31.01.2014 9H5G/C6A
Period: 01.01.2014-31.01.2014DXCC: C6Callsign: 9H5G/C6AJohn, 9H5G.
28.12.2013-11.01.2014 8Q7SM
Period: 28.12.2013-11.01.2014DXCC: 8QCallsign: 8Q7SMMike, OE1SSS.
04.01.2014-12.01.2014 5H1VC
Period: 04.01.2014-12.01.2014DXCC: 5HCallsign: 5H1VCZanzibar Island (AF-032, WLOTA 1080, WWFF 5HFF-003) by Vittorio, I2GPT. QSL via RW6HS.
Activation of Stocking (NA-001)
From 01-Jan-2014 00:00 UTC until 31-Jan-2014 00:00 UTC, the callsign 9H5G/C6A will be activated by 9H5G. QSL Information - QSL Direct to #NI5DX. Please see for details of activations. For more information, see the website:
Activation of Romo (EU-125)
From 01-Jan-2014 00:00 UTC until 03-Jan-2014 18:00 UTC, the callsign OZ/DL2VFR will be activated by DL2VFR. QSL Information - QSL direct or bureau via #DL2VFR. CW. For more information, see the website:
Bhutan: Jan 31-Feb 4, 2014 -- A52JR -- QSL via: LotW
Jan 31-Feb 4, 2014 -- Bhutan -- A52JR -- QSL: LotW -- Source: MM0NDX (Dec 31, 2013) -- By PP5JR PU5FJR PU5BIA JH1AJT; 80-10m; SSB; QSL also OK via PP5VB and ClubLog
Aland Is: Jan 3-13, 2014 -- OG0A -- QSL via: OH2BH
Jan 3-13, 2014 -- Aland Is -- OG0A -- QSL: OH2BH -- Source: OH2BN (Dec 31, 2013) -- By OH2FPK OH2BCI OH2BH OH2PM OH2TA fm OH0X contest site; 160 80m + WARC bands; mainly CW, some SSB RTTY
Cayman Is: Dec 31, 2013-Jan 2, 2014 -- ZF2EN -- QSL via: N2IEN
Dec 31, 2013-Jan 2, 2014 -- Cayman Is -- ZF2EN -- QSL: N2IEN -- Source: N2IEN (Dec 31, 2013) -- By N2IEN; mainly 40-10m; CW; holiday style operation
Activation of Pinang (AS-015)
From 31-Dec-2013 00:00 UTC until 23-Feb-2014 23:59 UTC, the callsign 9M2MRS will be activated by PA0RRS. QSL Information - #PA0RRS DIRECT/BUREAU/LOTW. 40-10 meters CW/RTTY/PSK (Information from 425 DX News).
31.12.2013-18.01.2014 V5/DJ2HD
Period: 31.12.2013-18.01.2014DXCC: V5Callsign: V5/DJ2HDMathias, DJ2HD.
01.01.2014-05.01.2014 V5/DK1CE,V5/DH3WO
Period: 01.01.2014-05.01.2014DXCC: V5Callsig

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