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Monday, January 6, 2014

DXNL 1865 - January 1, 2014
DX Newsletter

a free and weekly service of
DARC Committee "DX and HF contesting"

Editor: Johannes Amchewicz, DK8JB

translation by: Oliver Bock, DJ9AO

1A, Sovereign Military Order of Malta (S.M.O.M.):
An international team, comprised of Francesco, IK0FVC, Luciano,
I0JBL, Sergio, IK0FTA, Roberto, IK0PRG, Michele, IW0BYL, Gian,
I0ZY, Antonio, I0GOJ, Fabrizio, I0HCJ, Marco, IK0DWN, Giordano,
IK0XFD, Gianluca, IK5HHA, Cristiano, IZ0IEN, Andrea, IZ0NRG, Rudi,
DK7PE, Franz, DJ9ZB, Seppo, OH1VR, Robert, S53R, und Sandro, VE7NY,
will be active as 1A0KM from January 2 to 7. QSL via IK0FTA, LoTW.

5Z, Kenya:
Marc, ON4EZ, continues to operate as 5Z4/ON4EZ until January 6.

Scott, WA5A, is due to appear on the bands during the first week of
January as 5Z4/WA5A; QRV utnil January 28. QSL via h/c.

6W, Senegal:
Francis, F6BLP, plans to operate holiday-style from the 3rd to the
31st of January as 6W7SK. QRV with 100W and a wire antenna on
80-10m (possibly also 160m), mainly in CW. QSL via F6BLP, LoTW,

C9, Mozambique:
John, ZS5J, and Beth, 2W0VOW, continue to operate as C91J and C91B
until January 6. QRV on 40-6m in SSB, CW, and digital modes. QSLs
via ZS5J, direct only, eQSL.

CE, Chile:
Bob, YV5IAL, is going to get on the air as CE2/YV5IAL from the 2nd
to the 30th of January. QRV on 14070.15 in PSK, and on 10, 15, and
40m in PSK31 and SSB. QSL via h/c.

DL, Germany:
Club station DL0HRS has been assigned the special DOK HERU14 for
2014. QSL via bureau.

DL, Germany:
DQ25GRENZE (special DOK 25DE) is a special event call going to be
active the whole next year. Operated by a team (Siggi, DL3HBZ,
Harald, DL5HAQ, Stefan, DJ7AO, Lutz, DL5KUA, and Georg, DL4SVA)
from several local clubs (Ratzeburg (E39), Ahrensburg/Grosshansdorf
(E09) und Grevesmuehlen (V10)), their activity commemorates the
opening of the border between the two German countries in 1989.
Operations throughout the year will take place from several
historical locations. QSL via DJ7AO.

DL, Germany:
Local amateurs of Hamburg-Bergedorf (DOK E18) are celebrating their
club's 40th anniversary with the special DOK 40E18 with the call
DF0DC. QSL via bureau.

DB50FIRAC celebrates 50 years of the Federation Internationale des
Radioamateurs Cheminots on the air during the next year. QSL via
bureau, LoTW, eQSL.


DJ60DXMB (special DOK 60DXMB) is going to celebrate our own DXNL's
60th anniversary. The first issue of the DXMB (the German language
version) was published on April 15 1954.

An award with the following rules will be available to mark the

Applicants have to accumulate 60 points during 2014. One contact
with DJ60DXMB is compulsory and counts 20 points. One contact with
either DK0DX or DA0HQ is also compulsory, counting 10 points. A
further ten contacts with German stations count 1 point each.
Finally, to complete 60 points, 20 contacts with stations outside
Germany will be necessary, also counting 1 point each.

Contacts may take place on any band and any mode permitted to the
applicant in the terms of his operating license. Endorsements for a
single band or mode will be available. Applications and
verifications will take place only through DARC's DCL system. The
award will be available only as a downloadable PDF document for a
fee of 3 Euro. DL4BBH is the award manager; applying will be
possible from the end of January 2014 onwards.

QSLs for DJ60DXMB via bureau and eQSL, DK0DX and DA0HQ via bureau.
DK0DX and DJ60DXMB have their rota available online:


The radio club in Mainz is going to celebrate its 60th anniversary
on the air with the special DOK 60K07 for DL60JMZ and DL0MZ. QRV
during all 2014. QSLs via bureau.

Last, but not least, the radio club in Kassel looks back on 90
years of history in 2014 with the special event station DP90RKS,
their club calls DL0EAM and DL0SGK, all of which will be handing
out the special DOK 90RCKS. QSLs via bureau.

EA, Spain:
Spanish amateurs have been allocated the following frequencies in
the 60m band for the first half of 2014: 5268, 5295, 5313, 5382,
5430, and 5439 kHz.

F, France:
The special event station TM400M, operated by members of the club
F5KSE in Toulouse, is calling attention to the new Airbus A400M
model. QSL via F1EOY, LotW.

I, Italy:
II3CW continues to operate until January 19 in the context of the
Telegraphy Humanity Heritage award. QSL only via direct and eQSL.

JA, Japan:
Takizawa, up to now Japan's largest village, will be promoted to
city status on January 1. The special event call 8J7T will be
active throughout the year on all bands and modes from
Takizawa-City (JCC 0316, AS-007, WLOTA 2376). QSL via bureau.

LA, Norway:
Norwegian stations are permitted the use of special LI- (for
stations normally signing LA-) and LJ- (for stations normally
signing LB-) prefixes during 2014 to mark the 200th anniversary of
the Norwegian constitution. In addition to that the special event
station LM1814 will be active. Norway's national club NRRL also
plans to issue an award based on these operations.

OZ, Danmark:
Denmark will be hosting the 11th European Handball Championship for
male teams from the 12th to the 26th of January. 5P14EHC will be
QRV during January on all bands. QSLs either through OQRS via
ClubLog, or direct via OZ0J, LoTW, eQSL.

SP, Poland:
The 22nd running of a nation-wide charity event with over 100000
volunteers collecting donations will see the support of SN3WOSP on
the air this time. QRV until January 13. QSL via SP3CGK.

UA, Russia:
RT34ST will be commemorating the liberation from Stalingrad from
German occupation on the air. QRV from January 1 to February 23.
Contacts count towards a "Stalingrad" award. QSL via UA4ATL (OQRS).

UA, Russia:
The special event stations R7975TM and R7979TM will be QRV during
the Olympic Torch's relay through Russia from January 1 until
February 23. Contacts count towards the Olympic Winter Sport award.

UA, Russia:
Russian amateurs are going to put a large number of special event
calls on the air in the context of the Olympic Winter Games. They
will use the prefix R22 for events of the Olympic Games and the
prefix R11 for events of the Paralympic Games. In addition to that
a large number of RA-RY22 special calls will also be active. All
are expected to be on the air from January to March. See the
following list for details:

R11ALS Alpine Skiing
R11BIA Biathlon
R11CRC Cross Country
R11ISH Ice Sledge Hockey
R11PSB Para-Snowboard
R11WCU Wheelchair Curling

R22ALS Alpine Skiing
R22BIA Biatlon
R22BOB Bobsleigh
R22CRC Cross Country
R22CUR Curling
R22FIS Figure Skasting
R22FRS Freestyle
R22ICH Ice Hockey
R22LUG Luge
R22NOC Nordic Combined
R22SKE Skeleton
R22SKJ Ski Jumping
R22SNB Snowboard
R22SPS Speed Skating
R22STR Short Track

Call QTH via
RA22AA St. Petersburg RA1AL
RA22AO Region Krasnodar R7AO
RA22AR Region Leningrad RX1CQ
RA22AX Region Krasnodar RU6AX
RA22CW Region Saratov RA4CEW
RA22DM Region Krasnodar R7DM
RA22KW Region Woronesch RV5K
RA22LA Region Rostow UA6LPN
RA22MA Region Rostow RT7N
RA22MX Region Omsk RA9MX
RA22QF Region Kurgan UA9QFF
RA22VG Region Volgograd R4AAS
RA22XF Komi R8XF
RA22FF Stavropol Krai R7FF
RC22AS Region Krasnodar RG7A
RC22AY Region Krasnodar RX6AGY
RC22BN Region Krasnodar RX6BN
RC22CT Region Krasnodar UA6CET
RC22OO Region Krasnodar R1OO
RC22SE Region Krasnoda UA4ASE
RD22AA Region Krasnodar RC6A
RD22DD Region Leningrad RW1QM
RD22DR Region Saratov RA4DR
RD22FU Region Kaliningrad RA2FU
RD22HM Stavropol Krai UA6HML
RD22MH Region Rostow RL6MH
RD22MI Region Rostow R6MI
RD6ED K.-Tscherkessien Rep. UA6EED
RG22CD Region Saratov RX4CD
RG22DL Region Krasnodar RX6DL
RG22EM K.-Tscherkessien Rep. UA6EM
RG22LG Region Smolensk RZ3LC
RG22LP Region Rostow RL6LP
RG22RQ Region Tambow RN3RQ
RG22TN Region Novgorod UA1TAN
RG22UC Region Astrachan UA6UCX
RG22VY Region Astrachan UA6VY
RG22XN Region Lipezk RG5G
RJ22DX Region Kaliningrad RN3RQ
RJ22EE K.-Tscherkessien Rep. RA7E
RJ22GG Stavropol Krai UA7G
RJ22HL Stavropol Krai UA6HLN
RJ22MM Region Penza RJ4F
RJ22UA Region Astrachan RA6UAS
RJ22UD Region Astrachan RA6UD
RK22AA Region Krasnodar UA6AES
RK22AB Region Krasnodar UA6ABE
RK22AI Region Krasnoda RN6AI
RK22AW Region Krasnodar R6AW
RK22AX Region Krasnodar R6AX
RK22BA Region Krasnodar RN6BA
RK22BB Region Krasnodar RV6AUB
RK22BC Region Krasnodar UA6BAC
RK22DG Region Krasnodar R6DG
RK22GR Region Krasnodar UA6AGR
RK22KR Region Krasnodar RA6DE
RK22LC Smolensk RK3LC
RK22WG Region Krasnoda RW7A
RL22CW Region Volgograd UA4AAV
RL22GM Gebiet Lipezk R3GM
RL22JT Moscow RA3AUB
RL22OG Region Samara UA4HTS
RM22AA Moscow RK3ANL
RM22AC Region Moscow UA3AC
RM22BB Moscow R3BB
RM22CC Moscow R3BT
RM22DG Region Moscow R3DG
RM22DU Region Moscow RW3DU
RM22DX Region Moscow R2DX
RM22HD Region Moscow R3HD
RM22MR Moscow RK3AW
RM22OG Region Moscow RN3DKE
RM22OM Region Natyagaev R6LBC
RM22OZ Region Moscow R3DF
RM3MM Moscow R3AA
RN22DD Region Moscow RD5D
RN22OG Komi R9XC
RO22AA Region Krasnodar RM7C
RO22AC Region Krasnodar RV6ACC
RO22AL Region Krasnodar RX6ALF
RO22AU Region Krasnodar RW6AU
RO22AX Region Krasnodar RK6AX
RO22BM Region Krasnodar RZ6BM
RO22CG Region Krasnodar UA6CG
RO22CH Stavropol Krai UA6CHC
RO22OG Region Krasnodar RA6AQ
RO22WG Region Krasnodar RA6C
RT22CT Khabarovsk Krai R0CT
RT22MC Region Omsk R8MC
RT22MD Region Omsk R8MD
RT22SA Krasnoyarsk Krai RM0A
RT22UA Gebiet Kemerowo R9UAG
RT22WF Baschkortostan RM9WF
RT22ZS Kamtschatka Krai UA0ZS
RT9TK Region Orenburg UA9TK
RU22AZ Region Tscheljabinsk RU9AZ
RU22CR Gebiet Swerdlowsk UA9CSR
RU22DZ Region Astrachan YU5DJZ
RU22LR Region Tjumen RA9LR
RU22PC Region Moscow RK3DSW
RU22WZ Baschkortostan RU9WZ
RV22PM Perm Krai RA9FDR
RV22WB Baschkortostan RV9WB
RW22GO Primorje Krai RU0LM
RW22MW Region Omsk R9MO
RW22OG Region Moscow RX3F
RW22QA Kurgan Region RW9QA
RW22QC Region Kurgan RW9QC
RW22WR Jakutien RA0Q
RZ22WW Republic Chakassien UA0WW
RX22FX Moscow UA3FX
RX22WN Baschkortostan RX9WN
RY22MC Region Omsk R9MC
RY22RZ Region Kurgan RM9RZ

UA, Antarctica:
A group of operators will be active from the Russian base
Novolazarevskaya as RI1ANR until April 6. QSL via RK1PWA.

V5, Namibia:
Uwe, DL9NDS and Ewald, DJ2BQ, will get on the air from Omaruru from
the 2nd until the 18th of January as V5/homecalls. QSLs via h/c.

ARRL will be celebrating its centennial throughout all 2014 with
the special call W100AW. An award will be available and there will
also be a year-long QSO-party (see below). QSL via bureau.

YA, Afghanistan:
T6EUPOL is the official station of the European Union Police
(EUPOL) mission in Afghanistan. Operator is Janusz, AK4JK. QSL via
AK4JK, direct only.

Upcoming Contests
01.01. SARTG New Year RTTY Contest
01.01. AGCW-DL Happy New Year Contest
01.01. AGCW-VHF/UHF Contest
04./05.01. EUCW 160m Contest

Kids Day:
January 5 will see the 27th Kids Day, run by the ARRL and the
Boring Amateur Radio Club. The event wants to encourage amateurs to
bring children into contact with the hobby by getting them on the
air in a supervised operation making contacts with other children
around the world. Suggested exchange between Kids Day participants
includes name, age, location, the kid's favourite colour. Centres
of activity will be 28350 to 28400, 21380 to 21400, 14270 to 14300,
3685, and 7085 (for Europeans).

ARRL Centennial QSO Party:
The party will run the complete year 2014. W1AW is going to be
active from each state and most territories at two different

Abbreviations in this week's DXNL:
DIA Danish Island Award
JCC Japan Century Cities
WLOTA World Lighthouse On The Air Award

IOTA Compiled by Klaus, DL7UXG (E-Mail:

AF-032; 5H; Zanzibar Island: Vittorio/I2GPT will be active as 5H1VC
from Zanzibar (WLOTA 1080, WWFF 5HFF-003) from the 4th to the 12th
of January. QRV mainly in CW on 40-10m, but also in RTTY on 20m.
QSL via RW6HS (see

AS-013; 8Q; Maldive Islands: Mike/OE1SSS announces a holiday-style
activity as 8Q7SM from the 4th to the 11th. QRV on 40, 30, 20, and
10m. QSL via OE1SSS (d/B).

EU-125; OZ; Jylland West group: Following his activity from Romo
Island (DIA NS-001) until New Year's Ric/DL2VFR will be active as
OZ/DL2VFR until January 3. QRV on HF in CW. QSL via DL2VFR (d/B).

NA-001; C6; Great Bahama Bank group: John/9H5G plans an activation
of Stocking Island from January 1 to 31 as 9H5G/C6A. QRV from
160-10m in SSB, PSK, RTTY, JT65, and JT9. He also plans several
trips to the Caribbean in 2014, see QSL via LotW, eQSL or
direct via NI5DX.

NA-096; HH/HI; Hispaniola: Andrey/RU4LG, Dmitry/RA4LB, Serge/UA4LGS
and Pavel/UA4LL, will be active as HI8/homecalls until January 7.
QRV with 100W on HF in CW, SSB, and digital modes. QSLs via h/cs.

NA-174; VY0; Nunavut (Foxin Base) group: David/VE3VID returns to
Igloolik Island (WW Loc. EP99) and hopes to get on the air from
January 1 onwards as VY0/VE3VID on 20m. He plans to participate in
the ARRL RTTY Roundup. QSL via VE3VID (d/B).

OC-009; T8; Palau Islands: Ryosei/JH0IXE is currently active as
T8CW from Palau. He continues to operate on 160-6m in CW, SSB,
RTTY, SSTV, and PSK until the 6th of January. QSL via LoTW, eQSL,
JA0FOX (B) or JH0IXE (d).

OC-042; DU1/2/3/4, Luzon Island: Mike, W6QT, will be on the air as
DU3/W6QT from Luzon until March. He has been heard on 40, 20, 15,
and 10m so far, but wants to focus on the low bands.
QSL via h/c (d/B), LoTW, eQSL.

SA-025; PS8, Piaui State group: Raimundo/ PT7CG and Renner/PY7RP have
rescheduled their operation as ZX8DX from Pedra do Sal Beach on
Grande de Santa Isabel Island. It will now take place during the
first two weeks of January. QSL via PT7CG.

The latest directory is now available here:

Styr - SPFF-873
Members of SP9YFF plan to activate this area for the first time
on January 1 as SP9YFF/p.

VK3FOWL/VK3YSP National Parks Road Trip
Joe/VK3YSP and Julie/VK3FOWL are on a tour currently (since
December 27) visiting National Parks in Victoria. All in all they
plan to cover 19 parks as part of the Keith Roget Memorial National
Parks Awards. They plan to be QRV for DX contacts on 20m. See their
itinerary for details:

December 27
Great Otway National Park (VKFF-405)
Port Campbell National Park (VKFF-420)
Mount Richmond National Park (VKFF-361)

December 28
Cobboboonee & Lower Glenelg National Park (VKFF-296)
Mount Eccles National Park (VKFF-345)
Grampians National Park (VKFF-213)

December 29
Little Desert National Park (VKFF-291)
Wyperfeld National Park (VKFF-549)
Murray-Sunset (VKFF-373)
Hattah - Kulkyne National Park (VKFF-231)

December 30
Terrick Terrick National Park
Gunbower National Park

December 31
Barmah National Park
Lower Goulburn National Park
Heathcote - Graytown National Park
SOTA: Mt. Disappointment (VK3/VC-014)

January 01
Kinglake National Park (VKFF-264)
Yarra Ranges National Park
SOTA: Mt. Donna Buang (VK3/VC-002)

January 02
SOTA: Mt. Toolebewong (VK3/VC-033)
Baw Baw National Park (VKFF-020)

start - end DX DXNL
02.01.14 - 07.01.14 1A0KM 1865*
- 14 3W3B 1815
17.11.13 - 20.04.14 4S7KKG 1858
permanent 4U0WFP 1855
04.01.14 - 12.01.14 5H1VC 1865*
- 31.01.14 5P14EHC 1865*
18.11.13 - 5V7TH 1858
- 13.07.14 5Z4/EA4ATI 1840
- 14 5Z4/LA4GHA 1810/1827
22.12.13 - 06.01.14 5Z4/ON4EZ 1865*
- 31.01.14 5Z4/WA5A 1865*
- 31.12.13 5Z4EE 1803/1807
- 14 6O0LA 1810/1827
03.01.14 - 31.01.14 6W7SK 1865*
- 01.01.14 6Y5/W8YCM 1861
- 31.12.13 7P8CC 1807/1820
- 05.14 8J110SIT 1838
10.13 - 03.14 8J130MUT 1851
06.13 - 03.14 8J170ICK 1836
- 31.03.14 8J1IC 1827
01.06.13 - 31.03.14 8J1MTD 1834
- 31.03.14 8J1TS50A 1860
- 03.14 8J270TK 1848
31.07.13 - 08.15 8J4J 1848
- 30.04.14 8J5SSS 1860
08.12.13 - 02.03.14 8J6HAM 1861
- 28.02.14 8J6KKC 1825
10.13 - 03.14 8J7JE4OO 1851/1857
- 31.03.14 8J7JUMP 1827
- 31.12.14 8J7T 1865*
01.12.13 - 31.01.14 8N1AB 1862
28.07.13 - 31.03.14 8N1FUJI 1842
- 31.03.14 8N2MDR 1813
04.01.14 - 11.01.14 8Q7SM 1865*
01.01.14 - 31.01.14 9H5G/C6A 1865*
- 03.14 9L1A 1861
31.12.13 - 23.02.14 9M2MRS 1864
12.13 - 01.14 9L1BXU 1860
- 10.13 9V1RM 1751
- 03.14 9X0ZM 1824
28.12.13 - 06.01.14 C91B.. 1865*
02.01.14 - 30.01.14 CE2/YV5IAL 1865*
- 12.13 CE9/UA4WHX 1864
- 01.14 CE0ZOL 1845
unknown D44TYL 1856
- 12.14 DA0EIM 1815
- 31.12.14 DB50FIRAC 1865*
25.12.13 - 15.01.14 DC7VS/p 1864
- 31.12.14 DF0DC 1865*
20.12.13 - 16.01.14 DF8HS/p 1864
- 31.12.14 DJ60DXMB.. 1865*
- 31.12.14 DL0HRS 1865*
- 08.14 DL600WW 1846
- 31.12.14 DL60JMZ 1865*
- 28.02.14 DL75KUE 1827
12.13 - 11.14 DM50PCK 1860
- 02.15 DP0GVN 1864
20.12.13 - 08.02.14 DP1POL 1864
- 31.12.14 DP90RKS.. 1865*
- 31.12.14 DQ25GRENZE 1865*
01.05.13 - 31.03.14 DR0PALAEON 1830
- 03.14 DU3/W6QT 1865*
26.11.13 - 07.01.14 EA8/IK1PMR 1859
unknown EN100ZKM 1862
- 02.14 FK8RO 1856
unknown FR/F5PLC 1861
- 10.15 FW5JJ 1852
- 31.01.14 GB1OOL 1844
unknown GB4SMH 1856
21.12.13 - 10.01.14 H40FN 1864
21.12.13 - 10.01.14 H40TA 1864
- 31.12.13 HA1973BA 1831
- 01.14 HC/IZ1DPS 1840
- 01.05.14 HC2IMP 1858
17.12.13 - 12.01.14 HF2013PLL 1864
- 31.03.14 HG50NOHAB 1828
31.12.13 - 07.01.14 HI8/RA4LB 1865*
31.12.13 - 07.01.14 HI8/RU4LG 1865*
31.12.13 - 07.01.14 HI8/UA4LGS 1865*
31.12.13 - 07.01.14 HI8/UA4LL 1865*
- 17 HL2/F4AAR 1837
- 01.14 HR2/NP3J.. 1820
20.10.13 - 31.01.14 IZ0AM 1853
20.12.13 - 19.01.14 II3CW 1865*
- 05.15 II8IDXC.. 1856/1861
- 08.14 J28NC 1796
- 12.13 JG8NQJ/JD1 1862
28.12.13 - 03.01.14 JI3DST/6 1864
- 05.14 JW2US 1861
20.08.13 - 31.12.13 JY9FC 1847
26.12.13 - 01.01.14 K5KUA/5 1864
resident KH2/N2NL 1855
- 31.12.14 LIxxx 1865*
- 31.12.14 LJxxx 1865*
- 31.12.14 LM1814 1865*
- 05.14 OD5/EA1CYK 1856
- 04.14 OD5/F5TLN 1858
- 03.04.17 OG3077F 1789
- 15 OX5M 1843
- 15 OX5T 1843
01.01.14 - 03.01.14 OZ/DL2VFR 1865*
- 14 P29NO 1814
19.12.13 - 12.01.14 PA14HNY 1864
13.12.13 - 06.01.14 PB14HNY 1864
15.12.13 - 15.01.14 PJ2/SM4KYN 1862
20.12.13 - 04.01.14 PJ4HZ* 1864*
resident PJ4DX 1863
01.12.13 - 31.03.14 R0000O 1860
- 07.02.14 R1980L.. 1861
01.14 - 03.14 R11ALS.. 1865*
02.12.13 - 01.03.14 R2014CC 1862
01.12.13 - 06.02.14 R2014HQ 1861
20.12.13 - 05.02.14 R7378TM 1863
01.01.14 - 23.02.14 R7975TM.. 1865*
- 03.14 RI1ANR 1856/1865*
01.12.13 - 01.02.15 RI1ANT 1860/1862
01.01.14 - 23.02.14 RT34ST 1865*
05.11.13 - 05.01.14 S506PMC.. 1858
- 01.14 S79ACR 1862
19.12.13 - 13.01.14 SN3WOSP 1865*
01.01.14 SP9YFF/p 1865*
unknown T6EUPOL 1865*
- 01.01.14 T6MC 1850
24.12.13 - 06.01.14 T8CW 1865*
- 31.12.14 TM400M 1865*
20.12.13 - TR0A/p 1864
02.01.14 - 18.01.14 V5/DJ2BQ.. 1865*
14.12.13 - 18.01.14 V5/DJ2HD.. 1862/63
20.12.13 - 08.01.14 V5/DL3DXX 1863*
- 12.01.14 V55V 1864
- 02.14 VK0GB 1858
27.12.13 - 02.01.14 VK3FOWL 1865*
27.12.13 - 02.01.14 VK3YSP 1865*
25.11.13 - 25.05.14 VP8BTU 1859
unknown VQ9JC 1864
- 31.12.14 W100AW 1865*
25.05.13 - 26.05.13 YS1/NP3J 1834/1851
01.01.14 - VY0/VE3VID 1865*
11.13 - 02.14 YW0A 1856
- 08.14+ ZA/IZ4JMA 1821
unknown ZA/DL4KM 1861
01.01.14 - 15.01.14 ZX8DX 1865*
- 10.14 ZM90DX 1851
- 10.14 ZD9G 1857
- 02.14 ZS7V 1820
- 04.14 ZS8C 1831
- 04.14 ZS8Z 1831
- 11.01.14 ZS9MADIBA 1864

* = new or updated
.. = and other calls

QSL information
1A0KM via IK0FTA (B), (L)
3G3O via CE3OP (B), (L), eQSL
4L5O via N3SL (B)
4L8A via K1BV (B), (L)
5H1VC via RW6HS
5P14EHC via OZ0J (d), (B, OQRS), (L), eQSL
5Z4/WA5A via WA5A
6W7SK via F6BLP (B), (L), eQSL
7X4AN via EA3GSS (d)
7X4RJ via EB7DX (d)
8J7T (B)
8Q7SM via OE1SSS (B)
9A/S53V via S53V (d), eQSL
9H5G/C6A via NI5DX (d), (L)
9L1A via 9A2AA (B)
9Q0AR via ON4CFC
9X0ZM via JO1CRA (B)
A25CE via DK1CE (B)
A25DJ via DJ2HD (B)
A25WO via DH3WO (B)
A61DD via EA7HBC (d)
AP2IA (d), (L), eQSL
C91B via ZS5J (d), eQSL
C91J via ZS5J (d), eQSL
C91KHN via ZS6ALB (d), (L), eQSL
DB50FIRAC (B), (L), eQSL
DL1MRD (B), (L), eQSL
DU3/W6QT via W6QT (B), (L), eQSL
E51CDW via BA4DW (d)
EA8/DJ9BN via DJ9BN (B), eQSL
EH1NAV via EA1OK (B), eQSL
EI0YOTA via ON9CFG (B), (L), eQSL
EO1I via UT1IA
II3CW (d), eQSL
EX8BS via RW6HS (d)
FW5JJ via F5RXL (B-OQRS), (L)
GX4BJC/A via G6XOU (B)
H40TA via DK9FN (d)
HC2IMP via IK2DUW (B), (L)
HC8VWT/HC1 via K8FC (B), (L)
HI8/RA4LB via RA4LB (B)
HI8/RU4LG via RU4LG (B)
HI8/UA4LL via UA4LL (B)
HK1N via EA5KB (B), (L), eQSL
I6/K1FM via K1FM (L)
II3CW via IQ3GA (d), eQSL
JW/PY2SEX via DL1NX (B), (L)
LM1814 via LA2G (B)
LU7YS via EA7HBC (d), eQSL
LZ867MWB via LZ1KCP (B), (L)
MX1SWL/A via G6XOU (B)
N4AF via RN3RQ (B), (L)
OA2/AL4Q via DJ8QP (B)
OF9X via OH2BH (B)
OR1Z via ON6IX (d), eQSL
OT6V via ON6VI (B), eQSL
OX3XR via PA3249 (d), (L), eQSL
PJ4/K9HZ via K9HZ (d), (L), eQSL
PT5T via K3IRV (B), (L)
R2014CC via R6CC - eQSL
R7378TM via RM8W (B), (L), eQSL
RI1ANR via RK1PWA (B), (L)
RT34ST via UA4ATL (B)
S01MZ via EA1BT (d)
S506SLG via S59DCD (B), eQSL
SE2I via SA2BRN (B), eQSL
SO110RAEM via SP2FAP (B)
SH9YOTA via ON9CFG (B), (L), eQSL
SN5G via SP5KCR (B), (L), eQSL
T48LT via CO8IR
T6EUPOL via AK4JK (d)
T8CW via JH0IXE (d), (L), JA0FOX (B)
TF2CT via EA7FTR (d), eQSL
TM400M via F1EOY (B), (L)
V44KAI via W5TFW (B), (L), eQSL
V5/DJ2BQ via DJ2BQ (B, OQRS)
V5/DL9NDS via DL9NDS (B)
V51Q via N4GNR (d)
V5/DL3DXX via DL3DXX (B)
VK2013TDF via M0OXO (B), (L)
VK4EI via NR6M (B), eQSL
W100AW (B)
WH0AU via JP3WAU (B)
XE1/DJ4EL via DJ4EL (B), (L)
YF1AR/8 via N2OO (B, OQRS), (L)
YP9L via YO9GJY (B), (L), eQSL
YW0A via EB7DX (d), (L)
ZT1T via ZS1AFS (d), (L)
ZW5W via PP5BZ (B)
ZX8DX via PT7CG (B)

(d) = direct only (B) = bureau only
(*) = new manager (L) = LoTW

* QSL received direct:
* QSL received via LoTW: KP4JRS
* QSL received via bureau: JA3BJZ

Many thanks for contributing to this issue of the DXNL are going to:
Carl Smith (QRZ DX), 425DXNews, DX World, ICPO Bulletin,
OPDX-Bulletin, DF6EX (fuer WIN-QSL), DJ5AV, DJ7AO, DJ9ZB, DK8ZZ,
DL1BAH, DL1SBF, DL7MAE, F6AJA & Les Nouvelles DX, NG3K, RK6AX,
UA6YW, YV5IAL, u.a.

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