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Friday, May 9, 2014

425 DX News #1201
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Mauro Pregliasco
10:45 AM (2 hours ago)

10 May 2014                                               A.R.I. DX Bulletin
                                   No 1201
                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         ****  DX  INFORMATION  ****
                          Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                        Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

4X     - Special event stations 4X266POPE and 4Z266POPE will  be  active  on
         20-27 May to celebrate Pope Francis'  visit  to  Israel.  QSLs  via
7Q     - Remco, PA3FYM will be active as 7QNL  (yes,  that's  correct)  from
         Malawi from 18 May to 9 June, including an entry in the CQ  WW  WPX
         CW Contest. He plans to be QRV on 80-10 metres (maybe also 6m)  CW,
         SSB  and  RTTY.  QSL  via  PA1AW;  logsearch  on  Club  Log.    See for further information.
9A     - A large team from Croatia will be active as 9A14B from  the  island
         of Mali Brijun (EU-110) on 16-18  May.  QSL  via  9A2MF.  [TNX  The
         Daily DX]
A9     - Special event station A91WTIS will be active  from  Bahrein  on  17
         May for the World Telecommunication and  Information  Society  Day.
         QSL via IZ8CLM.
C6     - Jay,  K2TTT  will  be  active  holiday  style  as  C6ATT  from  New
         Providence Island (NA-001), Bahamas on 7-21 June. He  will  be  QRV
         on 40-6 metres. QSL via K2TTT. [TNX NG3K]
EA6    - Hellmuth, DF7XE will be active holiday style as EA6/DF7XE from  the
         Balearic Islands (EU-004) on 14-26 May. He will  operate  CW,  SSB,
         RTTY and PSK on 160-10 metres. QSL vi home call, bureau  preferred.
         [TNX NG3K]
F     -  TP2CE,  the  Council   of  Europe  Radio   Amateur  Club  based  in
         Strasbourg (France), will be active on 9-11  May.  QSL  via  F5LGF;
         logsearch and further information at [TNX F6FQK]
F      - A team from the Societe Havraise de TSF (the  Wireless  Society  of
         Le Havre) will be active as  F6KOH/p  from  the  island  of  Brehat
         (EU-074) on 17-18 May. They will operate SSB, CW,  PSK31  and  SSTV
         on the HF bands. QSL via bureau. [TNX F8REF]
G      - In addition to their main activity from EU-109 [10-11  May,  425DXN
         1198], the MX0INT team might make a short side trip to nearby  IOTA
         group EU-120. Updates will be posted on Twitter (@Invoker_Team).
GD     - Manfred, DM2VC and Bernd, DL9BBE will be  active  as  MD/DM2VC  and
         MD/DL9BBE from the Isle of Man (EU-116) on 11-19 May. They will  be
         QRV on 80-10 metres. QSL via home calls. [TNX DX Newsletter]
GM     - Gil, F4FET ( will be active as  MM/F4FET/p  from  the
         Isle of Mull (EU-008) on 12-18 May. There  are  also  plans  for  a
         side trip with limited activity from the  Isle  of  Lunga  (EU-108)
         sometime between 14 and 18  May.  QSL  via  home  call,  direct  or
         bureau. [TNX]
HP     - Jose, HP2AT  will be active as 3E100PC from 1 June to 31 August  to
         celebrate the 100th  anniversary  of  the  opening  of  the  Panama
         Canal. QSL via LoTW or direct to HP2AT.
HR     - Dennis, W1UE  and  Rudy,  N2WQ  will  be  active  as  W1UE/HR9  and
         N2WQ/HR9  from  Roatan  (NA-057)  on  22-28  May,    including    a
         Multi-Single entry in  the  CQ  WW  WPX  CW  Contest  (probably  as
         W1UE/HR9, unless they can get  a  shorter  callsign  before  then).
         Outside the contest they will operate RTTY and SSB. QSL both  calls
         via W1UE. [TNX The Daily DX]
HS     - E20HHK, E23CAL, HS3NBR and HS8GLR will be active again as  E20HHK/p
         from Nu Island (AS-145) on 7-8 June. QSL via E21EIC. [TNX DX World]
I      - Promoting the 'Antonio Canova Award', special  station  II3AC  will
         be active until  31  May.  The  award  is  issued  by  ARI  Treviso
         ( to celebrate  this
         famous Italian  sculptor, who  was born  in 1757 in a village  near
         Treviso. QSL via IK3GES, direct or bureau (OQRS on Club Log).  [TNX
OJ0    - Pasi, OH3WS will be active as OJ0W from  Market  Reef  (EU-053)  on
         2-7 June. He will operate CW and some SSB on the HF  bands.  On  31
         May and 1 June he will be QRV as OH0/OH3WS from the  Aland  Islands
         (EU-002). QSLs via OH3WS, direct or bureau. [TNX NG3K]
OY     - Ingrid, LA8FOA and Unni, LA6RHA will be  active  as  OY/LA8FOA  and
         OY/LA6RHA from the amateur radio club station  in  Torshavn,  Faroe
         Islands (EU-018) on 14 May. They will operate  SSB  only.  QSL  via
         home calls. [TNX OPDX Bulletin]
P4     - John, KK9A will be active as P40A  from  Aruba  (SA-036)  on  17-25
         May.  He  will  operate  mainly  CW  on  80-10  metres,  and   will
         participate in the CQ WW WPX CW Contest. QSL via WD9DZV. [TNX NG3K]
PA     - Peter, PH4P  will  be  active  as  PH4P/p  from  Goeree-Overflakkee
         (EU-146) on 9-14 May. He will be QRV on 40-10 metres. QSL via  home
         call, bureau preferred. [TNX VA3RJ]
PA     - ON5RZ, ON6EF and ON6VJ will be active as PA/OT1S from  Terschelling
         Island (EU-038) on  29-31  May.  They  will  operate  SSB  on  80-6
         metres. QSL via ON6EF, bureau preferred. [TNX]
SV     - Fred, PA1FJ  will  be  active  as  SV8/PA1FJ/p  from  Samos  Island
         (EU-049) on 13-19 May. He will operate SSB and CW on  40-6  metres.
         QSL via bureau to PA1FJ. [TNX]
SV     - Baz G1JYB, Steph G1LAT, Hugo G4UME, Frank  G8BME  and  Steve  G1TLQ
         will be active as SZ8S from the island of Samos (EU-049)  on  14-30
         May. QSL for this operation via G1LAT (direct) or  M0SCG  (bureau).
         [TNX Southgate ARC]
SV     - Laci, HA0HW will be active as SW8WW from  Thassos  Island  (EU-174)
         from 22 May to 3 June, including an entry  in  the  CQ  WW  WPX  CW
         Contest. Hw will be QRV on 40-6 metres mainly  CW,  with  some  SSB
         and RTTY. QSL via HA0HW, bureau preferred. Logsearch  and  OQRS  on
         Club Log. [TNX]
T8     - Ken, BM2JCC (JP1RIW) will be active as T88KH from  Palau  on  10-14
         May. He will be QRV on 80-6 metres. QSL via BM2JCC. [TNX NG3K]
T8     - Takeo JR1GSE (T88TH) and Fujio JA1SVP (T88FA) will be  active  from
         Koror (OC-009), Palau on 16-19 May. They will  be  QRV  on  the  HF
         bands and 6 metres SSB, CW and RTTY. QSL via home calls, direct  or
TF     - Jose, EA5IDQ will be active as  TF/EA5IDQ  from  Iceland  on  11-22
         May. He will operate holiday style on 40-10 metres SSB and  digital
         modes. QSL via home call. [TNX NG3K]
V4     - Once again John, W5JON will be  active  as  V47JA  from  St.  Kitts
         (NA-104) from 25 June to 6 August. He will  operate  SSB  on  160-6
         metres, and will participate in the IARU HF World Championship,  CQ
         WW VHF and RSGB IOTA Contests. His wife  Cathy  (W5HAM)  will  also
         operate occasionally as V47HAM. All QSLs via  W5JON  (direct  only)
         and LoTW. [TNX NG3K]
VE     - The NA-128 Contest Group ( will be  active  as
         CK2I from  Ile-aux-Grues  (NA-128)  on  25-27  July,  IOTA  Contest
         included. QSL via VE2CQ and LoTW. [TNX NG3K]
YB     - The YE5S (OC-109) and YE5T (OC-122) IOTA operations  [425DXN  1199]
         have again been postponed due to YB5NOF's  wife  health  condition.
         [TNX W2FB].
YB     - Budi, YF1AR ( will be active as  YF1AR/6  from  Teluk
         Sinabang Lighthouse on Pulau Simeulue (OC-270) on  15-18  May,  and
         as YF1AR/5 Tanjung Sigep Lighthouse on Pulau Siberut (OC-215)  from
         24 May to 1 June. He will operate  mainly  SSB  with  some  CW  and
         digital modes on 40-10 metres. QSL via N2OO  or  via  the  OQRS  on
         Club Log. [TNX YF1AR]
ZA     - A team of ten Belgian operators will be  active  as  ZA/ON6NB  from
         Albania on 6-15 June. They will operate SSB, CW, PSK  and  RTTY  on
         80-6 metres with four stations. QSL via ON4ANN, direct  or  bureau.
         Website  at  and  log
         Search on Club Log. [TNX NG3K]

                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         ****  GOOD TO KNOW ... ****
                          Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                        Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

IOTA OPERATIONS ---> "During  the  next  several  months  I  may  be  making
several IOTA expeditions on very short notice", Rick, K6VVA  says.  Keep  an
eye on and Twitter (@k6vva). His QSL manager  (N6AWD)  is
retiring, and a new QSL route for this year's and  future  expeditions  will
be announced in due course. N6AWD will continue to process QSL requests  for
Rick's past expeditions through 31 December 2014.

QSL FK8DD ---> Buzz, NI5DX is the new QSL manager for Sam, FK8DD.  When  the
new cards are printed, Buzz will be able to confirm all  of  the  QSOs.  QSL
direct to William M. Loeschman, 717 Milton, Angleton TX 77515, USA.

UN DX CONTEST ---> The new rules for the UN DX Contest, to be held on  16-17
May, can be found on the KFRR's (Kazakhstan Federation  of  Radiosports  and
Radioamateur) website at

TALAUD ISLANDS TOUR ---> Adhi, YB3MM was recently  active  as  YB3MM/8  from
four different islands in IOTA group OC-209: Saraa Besar (1  May,  until  15
UTC), Salibabu  (1-2  May),  Saraa  Kecil  (3-4  May,  along  with  YB8RW/p,
YC8UTI/p  and  YC8SCO/p)  and  Karakelong  (4-6  May).   QSLs    via  YB3MM.
Information on the Nusantara Award (the Indonesian  Islands  Award)  can  be
found at
Both Iwan,  YC8UTI  and  Nelman,  YC8SCO  are  residents  in  Melonguane  on
Karakelong Island. They are new to DXing and pile-ups, so please be  patient
with them. They really need your paper cards, so if you choose to PayPal  to
YB3MM, please also send a card to YC8UTI and/or YC8SCO via the bureau.

VK0EK: HEARD ISLAND 2016 ---> Cordell Expeditions has  reached  a  tentative
agreement with the South African Maritime Safety Authority (SAMSA)  for  use
of the vessel S. A. Agulhas  for  the  2016  Heard  Island  Expedition.  The
entire trip is estimated to be 45 days. The vessel  will  depart  from  Cape
Town, South Africa in late December 2015, for the  12-day  voyage  to  Heard
Island. It is expected that the entire stay at the island (20 days) will  be
during January 2016, with return to Cape Town in February.
Amateur radio wise, this is planned to be an all-band, all-mode  DXpedition,
with a team of 20 operators using  the  callsign  VK0EK  and  four  stations
running 24/7. The organizers welcome inquiries from  potential  participants
wishing to join the  operating  team.  Cost  will  be  roughly  $15,000  per
operator. For more information, please contact the  expedition  leader,  Dr.
Robert W. Schmieder KK6EK (schmieder[@],  or  co-organizer  Rich
Holoch KY6R (rholoch[@]
The new official website for  the  DXpedition  is  at,  while is the website for larger scientific  project  VK0EK  is
part of.

W1AW WAS ---> Look for ARRL Centennial station W1AW/0 from South  Dakota  to
be on the air starting at 00.00 UTC on 14 May until 23.59 UTC on  the  20th.
There will be no second State station that  week.  Complete  information  on
the ARRL Centennial QSO Party at

WRTC 2014: PARTICIPATION AWARDS ---> A number of awards  will  be  available
for stations that work the WRTC teams during the competition. The  "WRTC2014
Chase" will run concurrently with the IARU HF Championship beginning  on  12
July at 12.00 UTC. The fifty nine WRTC2014 stations  will  have  distinctive
callsigns (TBA) that will be easy to recognize.
Everyone is encouraged to work the WRTC teams on as many bands and modes  as
possible. As an added incentive, each QSO with a WRTC team counts  5  points
for the ARRL Centennial QSO Party. Any station that appears in all  59  WRTC
team logs will be able to download a certificate from the WRTC2014 Web  site
after the contest.
The WRTC2014 Judging Committee needs as many logs as quickly as possible  to
assist with the log checking process. Everyone who submits a log within  six
hours after the end of the contest will be given  the  title  of  "Assistant
Judge of WRTC2014". All logs received will be entered  into  a  drawing  for
one of 25 "WRTC2014 Assistant Judge" hats.
Every station that submits a log  containing  confirmed  contacts  with  the
WRTC teams on 30 or more band/modes will be eligible for  the  Bronze  level
award. These logs will be entered into a drawing to win one of  10  WRTC2014
bronze medals or one of 50 WRTC2014 mouse pads.
A Silver medal will be awarded to the first 5 stations from  each  continent
and W1 that have confirmed contacts with all 59 teams  regardless  of  mode.
Any other stations that work all 59 teams will be entered into a drawing  to
win one of 25 WRTC2014 caps.
Gold medals recognize the highest level  of  achievement  -  contacting  the
WRTC teams on the most band/modes. With 59 teams,  5  bands,  and  2  modes,
there are 590 possible band/modes available. Gold medals will be awarded  to
the top 5 band/mode leaders in each continent and W1.  In  the  event  of  a
tie, the order will be determined by earliest completion time.
To earn any of the Bronze, Silver, and Gold  awards,  participants  will  be
required to submit their contest log within six hours after the end  of  the
contest (by 18 UTC  on  13  July).  Logs  in  Cabrillo  format  meeting  the
requirements of the IARU HF Championship  must  be  submitted  by  email  to
iaruhf[@]  and  must  be  acknowledged  by  the robot.  Entrants are
encouraged to submit their log immediately after the contest.
Complete rules for the WRTC2014 activity  award  program  are  available  at
All contacts with WRTC2014 stations will be confirmed by QSL  card  via  the
bureau for DX stations and direct to US stations. All contacts will also  be
confirmed through LoTW.
To help determine the best times  to  work  the  WRTC  teams,  Stu  Phillips
(K6TU) has made his propagation prediction service available  for  WRTC2014:

+ SILENT KEY + Lee C. Wical, KH6BZF passed away on 2 May after a  period  of
declining health. He was 79 and had not been active on  the  air  in  recent
years. First licenced in 1955,  he  edited  and  published  the  well  known
"KH6BZF Reports" HF propagation forecast for several years.


QSLs received direct or through managers: 3A2LF, 3B8DB, 3B9/OE4AAC,  3C0BYP,
3D2MJ, 3W1T, 4S7NE, 4S7VG, 5A1AL, 5H1DX, 5H2DK, 5V7DX,  5W8A,  6Y3M,  7P8RJ,
7X4AN, 7Z1HL, 85ZX, 9J2T, 9K2GS, 9L1A, 9W6EZ, A25US, A63RI  (AS-124),  A71A,
A71BO, A73A, A92HK, D44CF, DU7ET, E71A, E77DX, EA9KB,  EA9UG,  ER1LW,  EX8M,
EX8MLE, F4FET/p  (EU-157),  FG5DH,  FG8NY,  FK8CE,  FR5DN,  FS/N0TG,  FW5JJ,
HC1/N0AT,  HC1WDT,  HP2BWJ,  HS0ZKX,  J28NC,  J69DS,  J6SLI35,   JY9FC,  K5T
P33W, P43A, PJ7PL, RA2FF, ST2M, SU1HZ,  SV0XCC/9,  SV9OFS,  T32TV  (OC-084),
T77BC, T88QX, TI5/N3KS, TO22C,  TX6G,  TY1TT,  UA0FO,  UK9AA,  UP2L,  V21ZG,
V73DL, V85TL, VK5MAV/p (OC-139),  VK9X/K7CO,  VP2V/AK4T,  VP2V/SP2FUD,  W8A,
(OC-021), YB3MM/2 (OC-186),  YB3MM/4  (OC-262),  YB3MM/8  (OC-219),  YB4IR/5
(OC-106), YB4IR/p (OC-204), YB8BRI/p  (OC-145),  YB8XM/p  (OC-076),  YB8XM/p
(OC-224), YB9WZJ/p (OC-239), YB9Y (OC-276), YF1AR/8 (OC-272),  YJ0OU,  YP8T,


                425 DX NEWS HOME PAGE:
                425 DX NEWS MAGAZINE:


               425 DX News is a free of charge weekly bulletin
      edited by Mauro Pregliasco, I1JQJ and Valeria Pregliasco, IK1ADH

            Its contents may be used, reproduced and distributed
                        in part or full provided that
               "425 DX News" or "425DXN" receive proper credit

          Contributors are invited to send their DX information to
                 Mauro Pregliasco, I1JQJ (
                      The deadline is 12 UTC on Fridays


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                            Gabriele Villa, I2VGW
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