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Friday, May 2, 2014

AT DX Daily Updates

   YB4IR/5 Singkep Island Midai Island

YB4IR will be active from Singkep Island (IOTA OC-107) , Lingga Islands 12-15 May 2014 and Midai Island (IOTA OC-109) 18-25 May 2014 as YB4IR/5
 He will be active on 40-10m CW , SSB , RTTY
 QSL direct , OQRS , LOTW , buro

9L1A Sierra Leone News

Hi Alex,

just to let you know that I am finalizing my tour in Sierra Leone, will be returning on 1st June, so another month. In recent weeks I have a lot of problems with electricity, local supply is less reliable and the generator keeps giving us hard time, so I spend some weekends without electricity/ham radio. I've used that time to install (finally) a spiderbeam, it is not where it was meant to be because the backyard is a rocky 45 degrees slope, I've managed to install the frame but it was impossible to do elements because of no access. Finally, I've installed it under my bedroom, I have a nice view of the antenna below me, HI. The house blocks unfortunately EU/JA/Russia, but gives me extra gain towards USA. My rig is a K3 transceiver, RM 300 Plus 300w amplifier and wire verticals on a spiderpole (40/20/15/10m), Inverted V for 160/80/30/17/12/6m only 7m high and also a five band Spiderbeam, only 5m above the generator house.


A couple of photos...


73 Ivo 9L1A
nformation from Ivo 9L1A

OJ0W Market Reef

OH3WS will be active from Market Reef Island 2-7 June 2014 as OJ0W
 He will be active on HF Bands CW ,SSB
 QSL via home call

MT0WCB Isle of Man

G0FUW, M0SFT, M0TGN and M0TTE will be active  from Isle of Man (IOTA EU-116) 10-17 May 2014 as MT0WCB
 They will be active on 40-10m
 QSL via M0TGN

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