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Thursday, May 29, 2014

IOTA News from the
Deutscher Amateur Radio Club

29 May, 2014

Island activities:

AS-023; JA6; Amami Islands: Masa/JF3ELH announces an activation of
Amami Oshima from May 30 to June 1 as JF3ELH/6. QSL via h/c.
AS-097; 9M2; Melaka/ Johor State West group: 13 OPs (9M2YOT,
9M2ESM, 9W2GSG, 9W2EJT, 9W2SBD, 9W2MNW, 9W2ADC, 9M2RMT, 9M2GET, 9W2WWW, 9W2RUT, 9M2ZAK, and 9M8SYA) get together for an operation from Pulau Undan (ARLHS WMA-013, WLOTA 3792, WW Loc. OJ12eb). QRV as 9M2MI from May 30 to June 1 on 80-10m in SSB and CW. QSL only direct, see
EU-004; EA6; Balearic Islands: Gordon/MM0GOR will get on the air
holiday-style from Ibiza as EA6/MM0GOR from June 1 to 6. QRV on
40-10m in SSB. QSL via h/c (B).
EU-034; ES0/ES3; Hiiumaa/ Saaremaa/ Laanemaa County group:
Jaakko/OG1J, Kari/OH3BJL, Keijo/OH3HPV, Ari/OH3KAV, and
Veikko/OH3LB plan to operate from Hiiumaa Island (WLOTA 2017, WWFF
ESFF-045) as ES0/OI3V. QRV from May 29 to June 1 on HF. QSL via
OI3V (d/B).
EU-038; PA; Noord Holland/ Friesland/ Groningen Province group:
Eddy/ON6EF, Jan/ON6VJ, and Raf/ON5RZ will pay a visit to
Terschelling Island (WLOTA 0943, Grid JO23) from the 29th to the 31st and work as PA/OT1S in SSB. Depending on wx conditions they also plan to activate PAFF areas. QSL via ON6EF (d/B).
EU-095; F; Provence-Cote D'Azur (Bouches-du-Rhone) Region group:
Members of the Castres DX Gang will be active from Ratonneau Island
(DIFM ME003, DFCF 13-061) as TM5FI. QRV from May 28 to June 4. QSL
via F5XX and ClubLog.
EU-128; DL; Schleswig-Holstein State East group: Markus/DJ4EL
returns to Fehmarn (DID/GIA O-01, WW. Loc. JO54nk) from May 29 to
June 2. He plans to be active on HF in SSB. For May 30, 31, and June 1 Markus plans to activate the smaller island Warder (DID/GIA O-32, WW Loc. JO54nk) during the afternoon hours. QSL via DJ4EL
(d/B), LoTW.
EU-159; F; Aquitaine Region group: The Invoker Team, consisting of
Gabriel/EA3AKA, Christian/ EA3NT, Vincent/F4BKV, Gil/F4FET,
Gil/F4FPG, and Diego/F4HAU are going to activate the island Banc
d'Arguin as TM1INT from May 30 to June 1. They plan to set up 3 or 4 stations for HF and 6m, working in SSB and CW. QSL via F5CWU (d/B).
IOTA-Tour 2014 by F4HAU:
Following TM1INT Diego/F4HAU continues to activate a number of
islands from June 3 to 12 as F4HAU/p. All plans depend on wx and sea conditions. Possible destinations are: EU-048 (Houat island, DIFM AT016), EU-094 (Glenans Archipelago, DIFM AT062 or DIFM AT065), EU-068 (Sein island, DIFM AT007), EU-105 (Batz island, DIFM MA018), and EU-074 (Brehat island, DIFM MA012). QSL via F4HAU (d/B).
Tour by DL2VFR & DL7UXG cancelled:
The announced tour through Scandinavia by Ric/DL2VFR (SD7V) and
Klaus/DL7UXG (SD3G) had to be cancelled unfortunately.
NA-079; W4; Florida State (Dry Tortugas Islands) group: Dan/AK4PX
plans to activate the square EL84 during the ARRL June VHF-Contest.
QRV on 6m, and 40-10m in SSB. QSL via LoTW, or via direct.
OC-209; YB8; Talaud Islands: YB8RW, YC8UTI, YC8SCO, YC8SFS, YD8TWW, and YD8UNH will stop on the Sara'a Besar & Sara'a Kecil Islands during their Kabaruan Island - OC-029 IOTA Tour from the 28th to the 30th. QRV with their homecalls/p. QSL via YB3MM.
OC-130; DU8-9; Mindanao Islands & OC-235; DU8-9, Mindanao's Coastal Islands: Don/NW5H currently activates both IOTA groups until June 3 as DU8/NW5H. QSL direct via NW5H, requests will be processed from July on.
SA-036; P4; Aruba Islands: Michael/K5NOT (P40TX), Douglas/W5BL
(P40DL), and Larry/W5LJW (P40LW) are on a mini-expedition to Aruba
(WLOTA 0033, Grid FK42) from May 29 to June 4. QRV as P40DM and
their own calls on 20-6m, with a focus on 10m and 6m. For QSL info
Compiled by Klaus, DL7UXGDeutscher Amateur Radio Club

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