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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

DxCoffee - Daily updates

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Posted: 05 May 2014 01:34 PM PDT
Pippo IK7YCE informs DxCoffee readers: Activities from San Domino Island, Tremiti Islands Group IOTA EU-050, as IL7/IQ7FG, probable date May 26, 2014. Activity on all bands. QSL via IQ7FG...
Posted: 05 May 2014 01:13 PM PDT
Receive and publish [TNX to Hardy, DL3KWF, by DxCoffee Staff] Madeira 2002 � 2014 Storry by CT9/DL3KWR & CT9/DL3KWF “Every year we � DL3KWRR and DL3KWF � operate 2 weeks on the island...
Posted: 05 May 2014 12:39 PM PDT
Franco, IU0BMX, informs DxCoffee readers: “I will be one week in Cape Sizun in Brittany five-day activity radio holiday-style as F/IU0BMX, May 12-17, 2014. QRV SSB/DIGI MODE QLS Via...
Posted: 05 May 2014 12:23 PM PDT
Simone IV3NVN informs DxCoffee readers Hi, will be active from Pantelleria Island as IY9A (special callsign) for the CQ WPX CW, single operator 40m HP, May 24-25, 2014. Special call for the 140th...
Posted: 05 May 2014 06:36 AM PDT
Receive and publish (TNX to Jörg Hahn, D44TXU & DL3LUM by DxCoffee Staff). D44TXU � MMy 2014 QRP challenge Dr. Jörg Hahn, D44TXU & DL3LUM / PA1MUC, This mini DXpedition to Cape...

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