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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Weekly DX Report 19.05.2014 - 25.05.2014
02.05.2014 27.05.2014 3B8 3B8/M0RCX Mauritius Island (AF-049) by Bob, M0RCX. QSL via EB7DX.

20.05.2014 27.05.2014 4X 4X266POPE
4Z266POPE Look for special event stations to celebrate Pope Francis's visit to Israel. QSL both callsigns via 4Z1TL.

06.05.2014 21.05.2014 7Q 7Q7WV Karl/DK2WV and Heino/DJ9AF. QSL via DK2WV.
18.05.2014 10.06.2014 7Q 7QNL Remco, PA3FYM.

22.05.2014 31.05.2014 E5/SC E51AVE
E51MCA Kuni/JA8VE, Sasi/JA1KJW, Mat/JA1JQY and Kaoru/JA3MCA.

14.05.2014 26.05.2014 EA6 EA6/DF7XE Isla de Formentera (EU-004, DIE E-024, MIA MB-002, WLOTA LH-1148) by Hellmuth, DF7XE.

11.05.2014 23.05.2014 EA8 EA8/DG5LAC Fuerteventura Island (AF-004, DIE S-006, WLOTA 0883, EAFF-191) by Mike, DG5LAC.

09.05.2014 25.05.2014 EW EV2014WHC
EV2014ICE Special callsigns will be in use for the 78th Ice Hockey World Championship to be held in Minsk, Belarus.

25.05.2014 30.05.2014 F TM4U Glenan Islands (EU-094) by Francis/ON8AZ, Geert/ON7USB, Pat/ON7PQ, Luc/ON7KZ and Tim/ON5HC. QSL via ON8AZ.
25.05.2014 30.05.2014 F TM4U St. Nicolas Island (EU-094) by ON5HC, ON7KZ, ON7PQ, ON7USB and ON8AZ. QSL via ON8AZ.
05.05.2014 20.05.2014 FG TO6A Les Saintes Islands (NA-114) by Sam, F6AML.

15.05.2014 25.05.2014 FY FY/F8FUA
FY/F5UOW Ile Royale (SA-020) by Alain/F8FUA and Stephane/F5UOW.

11.05.2014 19.05.2014 GD MD/DM2VC
MD/DL9BBE Isle of Man (EU-116) by Manfred/DM2VC and Bernd/DL9BBE.

24.05.2014 31.05.2014 GM MM1REK/p Isle of Muck (EU-008) by Andy/M1LOL and Ray/M1REK.

03.05.2014 24.05.2014 GM GM0DHZ/p
GM3VLB/p Alex/G0DHZ and Andre/GM3VLB will be active from a large number of Scottish islands in IOTA groups EU-005, EU-008 and EU-123.

10.05.2014 31.05.2014 HI HI7/OT4R Ronny, OT4R.

22.05.2014 28.05.2014 HR N2WQ/HR9
W1UE/HR9 Roatan Island (NA-057) by Rudy/N2WQ and Dennis/W1UE.

27.04.2014 08.06.2014 J7 J79WTA Dominica (NA-101) by Walter, HB9MFM.

10.05.2014 24.05.2014 OZ OZ/DL4VM Vendsyssel-Thy/Nordjylland Island (EU-171, DIA NJ-001) by Tom, DL4VM.

22.05.2014 28.05.2014 P4 P44W John, W2GD.

17.05.2014 25.05.2014 P4 P40A John, KK9A. QSL via WD9DZV.

21.05.2014 28.05.2014 PJ4 PJ4J Bonaire (SA-006) by Redd/AI2N, Ken/N2ZN and Dave/WJ2O.

14.05.2014 30.05.2014 SV SZ8S Island Samos (EU-049, GIOTA SAS-006, MIA MG-099, WLOTA 4163) by Barrie/G1JYB, Steve/G1TLQ, Stephany/G1LAT, Hughie/G4UME and Frank/G8BME.

22.05.2014 03.06.2014 SV SW8WW Thassos Island (EU-174, GIOTA NAS-037, MIA MG-124, WLOTA LH-4186) by Laci, HA0HW.

13.05.2014 19.05.2014 SV SV8/PA1FJ/p Samos Island (EU-049) by Fred, PA1FJ.

16.05.2014 19.05.2014 T8 T88FA
T88TH Fujio/JA1SVP and Takeo/JR1GSE.

20.05.2014 28.05.2014 T8 T88WI
T88WH Koror Island (OC-009) by Kenji/JH1BGH and 7K1HLJ. QSL T88WI via JH1BGH and T88WH via 7K1HLJ.

11.05.2014 22.05.2014 TF TF/EA5IDQ Jose, EA5IDQ.

22.05.2014 27.05.2014 XW XW0YJY Champ, E21EIC.

01.05.2014 13.06.2014 YB YB1/PD1SA Bert, PD1SA.

10.05.2014 20.05.2014 YB YE5T Tambelan Islands (OC-122) by a team of four to five operators. Some of the team may also activate Natuna Selatan Islands (OC-109) during this time. QSL via W2FB.

18.05.2014 25.05.2014 YB YB4IR/5 Midai Island (OC-109) by Imam, YB4IR.

24.05.2014 01.06.2014 YB YF1AR/5 Siberut Island (OC-215) and Tanjung Sigep LightHouse (ARLHS IDO-379) by Budi, YF1AR.
19.05.2014 23.05.2014 Z2 Z21GF Gerard (Gert), ZS6AYU.

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