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Friday, May 16, 2014

425 DX News #1202
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Mauro Pregliasco
10:51 AM (3 hours ago)

17 May 2014                                               A.R.I. DX Bulletin
                                   No 1202
                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         ****  DX  INFORMATION  ****
                          Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                        Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

6Y     - Sergey, UT5UDX will be active as 6Y/UT5UDX  from  Jamaica  (NA-097)
         on 20-30 May. He will participate in the CQ WW WPX  CW  Contest  as
         6Y3W. QSLs via RA4LW, direct only.
7Q     - "Due to limited flights to  Blantyre",  Remco,  PA3FYM  (7QNL)  now
         expects to arrive in Malawi on 21 May [425DXN 1201]. He will  first
         focus his activity on 40, 20, 15 and 10 metres, if time  and  above
         all QRN allow also on 80 metres. QSL via PA1AW; logsearch  on  Club
         Log. See for further information.
BY     - The  B7CRA  IOTA  expedition  to  Yongxing,  Paracel/Xisha  Islands
         (AS-143) [425DXN 1198] is now expected to take place for five  days
         starting around 17 May. Only one radio in allowed to be on the  air
         24 hours a day. QSL via BA4EG. [TNX DX World]
E5     - Kuni JA8VE (E51AVE), Sasi JA1KJW (E51KJW), Mat JA1JQY (E51JQY)  and
         Kaoru JA3MCA (E51MCA)  will  be  active  from  Rarotonga  (OC-013),
         South Cook Islands on 22-31 May. They  will  operate  CW,  SSB  and
         RTTY on 160-10 metres. QSL via home calls, direct or  bureau.  [TNX
         The Daily DX]
EA     - The Union de Radioaficionados de Donostia (EA2URD) will  be  active
         as EH2OLA on 24-25 May for the Olatu Talka arts  festival.  All  of
         the QSOs will be  confirmed  automatically  via  the  bureau.  [TNX
HP     - Panamian special station HP0CC will  operate  SSB,  CW,  PSK31  and
         RTTY on the HF bands between  20  May  and  5  June  for  the  10th
         Carabinieri On The Air (COTA) Award (see  for  further
         information). QSL via IZ4SUC, direct or bureau. Also  participating
         in the event will be HG10CC from Hungary (QSL via HA3JB),  II0COTA,
         II5COTA and II6COTA from Italy (QSLs via IZ4SUC).
I      - Look for ARI San Severo to operate SSB and digital modes on the  HF
         bands as IQ7FG/IL7 from San Domino,  Tremiti  Islands  (EU-050)  on
         26-30 May. QSL via IQ7FG; logsearch on Club Log.
I      - Simone, IV3NVN will participate in the CQ  WW  WPX  CW  Contest  as
         IY9A from the island of Pantelleria  (AF-018)  on  40  metres.  The
         special callsign commemorates the 140th  anniversary  of  Marconi's
         birth. Before the contest he will be QRV  as  IH9/IV3NVN.  QSL  via
         IK2ILH, direct or bureau, and LoTW. [TNX DX Coffee]
JW     - Look for JW/W2NAF and JW/K8GU to be active from Spitsbergen  Island
         (EU-026), Svalbard on 23-30 May. They will participate  in  the  CQ
         WW WPX CW Contest  as  two  single-operator  entries;  outside  the
         contest they will concentrate on 30, 17  and  12  metres.  QSL  via
         home calls, direct or bureau, and LoTW. [TNX The Daily DX]
KP2    - Bill NZ5N, Pete N8PR, John W4JAM and Mark WC3W will be active  from
         St. Croix, Virgin Islands (NA-106) on  21-27  May.  They  will  use
         special callsign N4M on EME,  Meteor  Scatter  and  2m  tropo,  and
         WP2/WC3W on HF and 6  metres.  QSL  N4M  via  N8PR  and  LoTW,  QSL
         WP2/WC3W via WC3W. [TNX The Daily DX]
P4     - John, W2GD will be active as P40W  from  Aruba  (SA-036)  on  20-28
         May. He will participate in the CQ  WW  WPX  CW  Contest  as  P44W;
         activity before and after the contest will be mainly on 30, 17  and
         12 metres. QSL via LoTW and N2MM (direct only). [TNX NG3K]
PJ4    - Redd AI2N, Ken N2ZN and Dave WJ2O  will  be  active  as  PJ4J  from
         Bonaire (SA-006) on 21-28 May, including an entry in the CQ WW  WPX
         CW Contest. QSL via N2ZN. [TNX NG3K]
SM     - SM6MIS, SM6U, SM6UQL, SM6XMY and SM6YOF  will  be  active  as  7S6W
         from Vinga Island (EU-043) on 22-25 May.  QSL  via  SM6MIS  (bureau
         preferred); website at [TNX]
VK9N   - Fred,  VK3DAC  will  be  active  as  VK9DAC   from  Norfolk  Island
         (OC-005) on 20-27 May. He  expects  to  be  QRV  during  his  early
         mornings and into the evenings as time allows  around  3595,  7105,
         14250, 21250, 28450 and 50150 kHz SSB. QSL via  VK3DAC,  direct  or
         bureau. Website at
YB     - Look for Din, YB8RW/p  and  others  (YB8RRC/p,  YB8RU/p,  YB8RUC/p,
         YB8RXA/p, YB8TM/p, YB8TON/p, YC8SQ/p, YD8SPW/p and YD8YWV/p) to  be
         active from Pulau Siladen (OC-236) until 18  May.  QSL  via  YB3MM.
         [TNX JN6RZM]

                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         ****  GOOD TO KNOW ... ****
                          Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                        Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

425 DX NEWS MAGAZINE  --->  The  April  2014  issue  is  now  available  for
download at [TNX IZ3EBA]

CQ 2014 HALL OF FAMERS ---> CQ Magazine announced on 16 May  the  2014  Hall
of Fame inductees. The CQ Amateur Radio Hall  of  Fame  was  established  in
January 2001 to  recognize  individuals  -  radio  amateurs  or  not  -  who
significantly affected the  course  of  Amateur  Radio,  as  well  as  radio
amateurs who have made significant contributions either  to  amateur  radio,
to their professional careers or  to  some  other  aspect  of  life  on  our
planet. This year's inductees are: Clifford  Berry  (W9TIJ),  Warren  Bruene
(W5OLY), John Huntoon (W1RW), Mike Koss  (W9SU),  Nancy  Kott  (WZ8C),  Paul
Laughton (N6BVH), Ralph Showers (ex-W3GEU) and Steve Wozniak (ex-WV6VLY  and
The CQ Contest Hall of Fame (established in 1986) and  the  CQ  DX  Hall  of
Fame (established in 1967) honour those  amateurs  who  not  only  excel  in
personal performance in these major areas of amateur  radio,  but  who  also
"give back" to the hobby in outstanding ways. This year's inductees  in  the
CQ Contest HoF are J. Scott  Redd  (K0DQ)  and  Ed  Muns  (W0YK).  The  2014
inductees to the CQ DX HoF are  Joe  Reisert  (W1JR)  and  David  Collingham

DXCC NEWS ---> VU4K (Andaman and Nicobar Islands, 2014 operation)  has  been
approved for DXCC credit. [TNX NC1L]

FT5ZM ---> "With 14 FT5ZM team members paying 51% of the total costs and  DX
Foundations, DX Clubs and individual DXers contributing the  difference,  we
have reached our goal of $450,000", the team reported on  14  May.  "All  of
our DXpedition costs can now be paid and we can look  forward  to  our  next
project. Any additional contributions received now, will be used  to  reduce
the approximately $16,500 paid by each team member.  In  order  to  properly
recognize and thank those who helped us financially, we  have  uploaded  all
contributors (57,069 QSOs of our total  170,000  QSOs)  to  Logbook  of  the
World (LoTW). We will continue to upload any new  OQRS  direct  requests  to
LoTW  as  time  permits".  QSL  cards  are  in  the  final    design  phase;
distribution will begin to OQRS requestors in mid-June,  followed  first  by
traditional direct requests and then by bureau requests. A full LoTW  upload
is expected in  September.  Watch  for  updates
from the QSL manager (N2OO) on the QSL process.

QSL VIA YB3MM ---> Adhi, YB3MM reports he is the new QSL manager for  YB8RW,
YC8UTI and YC8SCO (home calls) as well as for the following IOTA activities:
Callsign   QRV dates            Island         IOTA     Club Log
YB8RW/p    28 Jan-1 Feb 2014    Lembeh         OC-236     yes
YB8RW/p    13-14 Feb 2014       Karatung       OC-209     yes
YB8RW/p    14-17 Feb 2014       Marampit       OC-209     yes
YB8RW/p    17-19 Feb 2014       Mangupung      OC-209     yes
YB8RW/p    20-22 Feb 2014       Miangas        OC-209     yes
YB8RW/p    23-24 Feb 2014       Kawaluso       OC-210   not yet
YB8RW/p    24-26 Feb 2014       Sangihe        OC-210   not yet
YB8RW/p    27 Feb-3 Mar 2014    Marore         OC-210   not yet
YB8RW/p    5-7 Mar 2014         Karakelong     OC-209   not yet
YB8RW/p    23-28 Apr 2014       Tahulandang    OC-210   not yet
YB8RW/p    3 May 2014           Saraa Kecil    OC-209     yes
YB8RW/p    4-5 May 2014         Karakelong     OC-209     yes
YB8RXA/p   28 Jan-1 Feb 2014    Lembeh         OC-236     yes
YB8RXA/p   23-28 Apr 2014       Tahulandang    OC-210   not yet
YB8SFE/p   23-28 Apr 2014       Tahulandang    OC-210   not yet
YB8UMX/p   23-28 Apr 2014       Tahulandang    OC-210   not yet
YC8UCL/p   28 Jan-1 Feb 2014    Lembeh         OC-236     yes
YC8UJW/p   28 Jan-1 Feb 2014    Lembeh         OC-236     yes
YC8UKJ/p   28 Jan-1 Feb 2014    Lembeh         OC-236     yes
YC8UTI/p   3 May 2014           Saraa Kecil    OC-209     yes
YD8SVX/p   28 Jan-1 Feb 2014    Lembeh         OC-236     yes
YD8SVX/p   23-28 Apr 2014       Tahulandang    OC-210   not yet
YD8TWE/p   28 Jan-1 Feb 2014    Lembeh         OC-236     yes
YD8TWV/p   28 Jan-1 Feb 2014    Lembeh         OC-236     yes
YD8TWV/p   23-28 Apr 2014       Tahulandang    OC-210   not yet
YD8UCJ/p   28 Jan-1 Feb 2014    Lembeh         OC-236     yes
YD8UFD/p   28 Jan-1 Feb 2014    Lembeh         OC-236     yes
YD8UFD/p   23-28 Apr 2014       Tahulandang    OC-210   not yet
YB3MM is the QSL manager also for the  current  (14-18  May)  activity  from
Siladen (OC-236) by YB8RW/p and other operators.  Adhi  is  going  to  start
processing requests already sent via his  PayPal  address  in  a  few  days'
time. Those who sent their cards direct to YB9BU do not  have  to  resubmit,
as those requests will be processed by YB9BU.

QSL VK9MT ---> "Our QSL manager Tim  Beaumont  M0URX,  and  his  team,  have
completed the design of the VK9MT Mellish  Reef  QSL  card",  K5GS  reports.
"The card goes to the printer the week of May 11, 2014. We  expect  to  have
all the cards in the mail during June. All requests to  investigate  missing
or busted calls are being handled in the order received. Most  have  already
been addressed. Worldwide bureau cards will be posted the week  of  June  2,

W1AW WAS ---> Look for ARRL Centennial stations W1AW/2  from  New  York  and
W1AW/0 from Colorado to be on the air starting at 00.00 UTC on 21 May  until
23.59 UTC on the 27th. Complete  information  on  the  ARRL  Centennial  QSO
Party can be found at

WRTC 2014 ---> The tours, activities, and dinners that will form the  social
aspects of WRTC2014 have been finalized. The complete list can be  found  at

                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         ******* QSL  ROUTES *******
                          Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                        Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

CALL        MANAGER     CALL        MANAGER     CALL        MANAGER
3B8/M0RCX   EB7DX       LY10W       LY5W        RP69MN      UA3S
3W3B        E21EIC      LY10Y       LY3BY       RP69MS      R6LO
3Z15NATO    SP5ZBL      LZ100LS     LZ1XM       RP69MU      RZ1ZWB
4K1AZI      RU3SD       LZ69VZ      LZ1ZF       RP69N       RA6XTE
4O7CC       UA4CC       LZ73TRC     LZ1YE       RP69NB      UA9SIV
4O7CW       UA6LCW      MM/F4FET    F4FET       RP69NF      RL3DV
4O7ML       DL3ML       MT0WCB      M0TGN       RP69NP      R5EO
5B4AIZ      G3SWH       MX0INT      F5CWU       RP69NV      RA1TW
5T0JL       ON8RA       NH0J        JJ2VLY      RP69O       R2EL
7Q7VW       DK2WV       OA4GL       EA7HBC      RP69ON      RZ3LC
7Z1BL       IZ8CLM      OE150CUX    OE6CAG      RP69OT      R4RT
9A90Z       9A3JB       OG0W        OH2BEE      RP69P       UA9LDD
9H3XX       DJ2EH       OH0BCI      OH2BCI      RP69PD      RA1WJ
9Q6AL       DF9TA       OK8YM       DL5YM       RP69PP      RC3ZB
A61ZA       IZ8CLM      OK8YN       DL5YL       RP69PR      RM3Y
AM2RC       EA8HQ       OX3LX       OZ1PIF      RP69PW      RA9WU
AM4RC       EA8HQ       OY1OF       M0URX       RP69R       RW9QM
AM5RC       EA8HQ       PA200DEBENTE PD1DTH     RP69RC      R2DG
AM7RC       EA8HQ       PA6GST      PA9RD       RP69RK      R1NU
AM7RC       EA8HQ       PA6KOE      PD2J        RP69RP      UA3RA
AM8RC       EA8HQ       PA6MK       PD3EM       RP69RZ      UA3IFX
AM9RC       EA8HQ       PA6STAR     PA3JD       RP69S       RK3LWA
AO1EU       EA3RKF      PA6WACHTER  PA2PCH      RP69SB      RN4ABD
AO2EU       EA3RKF      PA6WMDD     PA3GGD      RP69SD      RW0LD
AO3EU       EA3RKF      PB14MILL    PB7Z        RP69SF      R9JO
AO4EU       EA3RKF      PD6ROLDE    PD9D        RP69SK      RC4AC
AO5EU       EA3RKF      PG200KMAR   PA9LUC      RP69SO      RW3ZC
AO6EU       EA3RKF      PG64HOOP    PA9F        RP69SP      RA3LV
AO7EU       EA3RKF      PH14MILL    PI4ZHE      RP69T       R2PT
AO8EU       EA3RKF      PH65PH      PA7HPH      RP69TA      RA4CEO
AO9EU       EA3RKF      PH6MILL     PI4VPO      RP69TF      UA4YE
BA7QT       W3HNK       PI4RF       PA9RF       RP69TO      R1CN
BV0TW       BU2BF       PJ5/K6NAO   JA1HGY      RP69TP      RU3PA
C4Z         G3SWH       PR7ZAJ      F5TLF       RP69TR      RX7M
CB44CC      XQ7UP       PY0FF       W9VA        RP69UF      RV9WB
CK3UG50     VE3ZUP      PY7RP/6     PY7RP       RP69V       UA0LCZ
CN8KD       EA5XX       PZ5AB       PA3ERA      RP69VA      UA3LIU
CN8QN       EA7FTR      PZ5VB       UA4WHX      RP69VB      RX1CL
CO4LS       EA7FTR      RP69A       RK1OWA      RP69VD      UA3VVB
CP6AA       IK6GPZ      RP69AH      UA6YW       RP69VF      RK3VWA
CP6XE       IK6GPZ      RP69AK      RK1OWF      RP69VK      RA3SO
CR5CQK      CT1CQK      RP69AP      R1QA        RP69WF      UA6VY
CX9AU       EA5GL       RP69AU      UA1OMZ      RP69WN      RD3FI
DL0DFF      DL3HBZ      RP69B       RK3ZWA      RP69WR      RM4A
E20AX       E21EIC      RP69BA      UA3DGP      RP69YN      UA9LP
E51NHX      N7HX        RP69BG      UA4PRU      RP69Z       RK1ZWX
EA6URLIF    EA6URL      RP69BR      UA3YY       RP69ZA      RK4HYT
EA9KB       EA7FTR      RP69CF      RW3WW       RP69ZK      RN3RQ
EG3PLE      EA3FNI      RP69CM      RA9LT       S01WS       EA2JG
EH6ITU      EA6QY       RP69DF      UA1F        SF3HF       SM3NXS
EM40ZXX     UW2ZM       RP69DK      UA9JH       SN0CHS      SP6OPZ
EM50LWY     UR4LWY      RP69EL      RV3LF       SN0GBS      SP1PMY
EM5QRCS     UR6QS       RP69EN      R4IT        SN100LP     SP3PGR
EN69G       US7GH       RP69ES      RT5Z        SN650UJ     SP9PKZ
ER9V        ER1DA       RP69FA      RO3F        SN777AG     SP2GUB
EV2014ICE   EU4AG       RP69FI      RN3FK       SN777BL     SP4EOO
EV2014WHC   EW1HI       RP69GD      RN3DHL      SN777E      SP2FAP
EV69MG      EW7WW       RP69GE      RC3G        SN777HHX    SP2HHX
FK8DD       NI5DX       RP69GF      RA3TYL      SW9XB       DJ9XB
FO/EI6DX    RX3RC       RP69GI      UA9WOB      SX5LA       SV2FWV
GB0BWM      G3MDG       RP69GP      RA9LAN      T32TV       KH6CG
GB0MIW      MW0GMH      RP69GR      RK9CYA      T6MH        W2GR
GB2DGW      G0EYO       RP69GS      UA9JLL      T88KH       BM2JCC
GB2EM       G0YYY       RP69GT      R3FV        TF1IYL      TF3VS
GB2RM       M0RSD       RP69GV      RM3X        TF3IYL      TF3VS
GB2SFM      MW0MUM      RP69IF      RG5G        TK4QL       F4FJZ
GB6MW       G4DFI       RP69IS      R6LBC       TM02REF     F5BBD
HB14SAF     HB9ACA      RP69K       RK3WWA      TM28REF     F6KHI
HB9SOLAR    HB9ACA      RP69KA      RZ3DZA      TM5GBW      F4GBW
HF75TC      SP8KKM      RP69KD      UA3YY       TM64PAU     F6KDU
HG140JLO    HA8KW       RP69KE      UA9RT       TO6A        F6AML
HS0ZKX      W2EN        RP69KF      RW4NW       TP2CE       F5LGF
II3AC       IK3GES      RP69KL      UA4AJD      V25M        KE1B
II3ANA      IV3EHH      RP69KM      RA9UC       V25N        W6NN
II3TN       IQ3TN       RP69KN      UA3NFI      V63PSK      JA1FMN
JD1BLC      JP1IOF      RP69KO      UA3VVB      V650XG      JA1XGI
JD1YBT      JP1IOF      RP69L       R1AX        VP8BTU      G1EUZ
KH2L        W3HNK       RP69LK      UA9LAO      VP8DOR      TF2LL
LY10A       LY5A        RP69LL      RA9LL       XE3RALLY    XE3RCC
LY10B       LY2H        RP69LS      RA9LR       XW4ZW       K1SE
LY10E       LY3NX       RP69LU      UA1CFX      YL2014A     YL3AAY
LY10F       LY2EN       RP69M       RV3AGB      YL2014M     YL3IM
LY10H       LY3H        RP69MB      RU4SW       YL2014Y     YL3GY
LY10M       LY2MM       RP69MC      R8MC        Z81B        IZ0EGA
LY10N       LY2KM       RP69MD      R8MD        Z81D        OM3JW
LY10O       LY5O        RP69MH      RG3R        ZP5KO       PY4KL
LY10S       LY3SL       RP69MK      UA4AVA      ZP99E       EA5ZD
LY10T       LY2QT       RP69ML      RW6LZ       ZS3Y        NI5DX
LY10U       LY2K        RP69MM      RV9LM       ZW20AS      PT2ADM

4J0SFR     Parvana Hasanova Fornatti, 12584 Eden Ct, Apple Valley MN  55124,
DK2WV      Karl-Heinz Ilg, Max-Loew-Str. 15, 85579 Neubiberg, Germany
EA2JG      Arseli Echeguren Bardeci, Barrena 6 - 1 izq., 01408 Luiaondo
           (Alava), Spain
EA3RKF     Federacion  Digital EA, P.O. Box 3050, 08200 Sabadell
           (Barcelona), Spain
F4FET      Guillaume Sauvage, 566 route de Tournes, 62360 Echinghen, France
F5CWU      Florent Moudar, 26 rue Fleurie, 37330 Souvigne, France
F6AML      Sam Serge Chojnacki, 5 Lieu-dit La Huronnerie, 89330 Verlin,
JA1FMN     Shuji Yamanishi, 72-83-203 Toyoshiki, Kashiwa-shi, Chiba-ken,
           277-0863, Japan
JA1XGI     Haru Uchida, 2-30-11 Shintomi, Kawagoe-shi, Saitama-ken,
           350-0043, Japan
JP1IOF     Toshio Kobayashi, 409-1 Kamisano-machi,  Takasaki-shi,
           Gunma-ken, 370-0857, Japan
KH9/KJ6GHN Lisa M Marks, PO Box 64, Wake Island, HI 96898, USA
ON8RA      Jean J. Lewuillon, Avenue E. Verhaeren 110/1, 1030 Bruxelles,
PY7RP      Renner Pedroza, Rua Doutor Joao Coimbra 235 Apt 202, Madalena,
           Recife - PE, 50610-310, Brazil
VK4SWE     Lyn Battle, PMB 1 Karumba QLD 4891, Australia
W9IMS      Indianapolis Motor Speedway Amateur Radio Club, P.O. Box 30954,
           Indianapolis IN 46230, USA


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                      Ordine Nazionale dei Giornalisti
                                Roma, Italia


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