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Friday, October 24, 2014

25 October 2014                                           A.R.I. DX Bulletin
                                   No 1225
                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         ****  DX  INFORMATION  ****
                          Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                        Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

4O     - Ark, UA4CC is active as 4O7CC from Montenegro until 1 November,  CQ
         WW DX SSB Contest included. He operates CW, SSB and  RTTY  on  80-6
         metres. QSL via UA4CC direct or  bureau,  and  LoTW;  logsearch  on
         Club Log. [TNX UA4CC]
5R     - Once again Eric, F6ICX  will be active  as 5R8IC  from Sainte-Marie
         Island  (AF-090) from  3 November to 12 December.  He will  operate
         mainly CW, with some RTTY, BPSK and  SSB  on  40-10 metres. QSL via
         home call, direct or  bureau, and LoTW. Logsearch and  OQRS on Club
9M2    - The 9M2SE Team  (  will  be  active  from
         Pangkor Island (AS-072) on 7-9 November. They will operate  CW  and
         SSB on 40-10 metres with two stations. QSL direct to  9M2RDX.  [TNX
9N     - Toshi, JA8BMK will be active again as 9N7BM from  Kathmandu,  Nepal
         between 31 October and 20 November. He will focus  on  160  and  80
         metres. QSL via JA8BMK. [TNX DX World]
EI     - Alex, SQ9UM and Peter, SQ9DIQ are active as EI/SQ9UM and  EI/SQ9DIE
         from Ireland until 27  October.  QSL  via  home  calls.  They  will
         participate in the CQ WW DX SSB Contest as EI1Y with the Papa  Lima
EP     - "Nearly three years of negotiations and a  reconnaissance  trip  by
         Patrick ON4HIL to Tehran finally  resulted  in  obtaining  a  legal
         license to operate with a team of ten people for  fourteens  days", reports. The team, including operators  from  Belgium,
         The Netherlands and Greece,  will  be  active  as  EP6T  (requested
         callsign) from Kish Island  (AS-166),  Iran  around  the  last  two
         weeks of January 2015. They plan to have four or five stations  QRV
         24/7 on 160-10 metres CW, SSB  and  RTTY.  Further  information  is
         expected in due course.
FG     - Special callsign TO10RR will be in use from Guadeloupe (NA-102)  on
         2-16  November  for  the  10th  Route  du  Rhum,   the    3000-mile
         single-handed transatlantic yacht  race  between  St-Malo  (France)
         and Pointe-a-Pitre (Guadeloupe). QSL via FG8NY, direct only.
FO/A   - Wayne, KK6BT  will  be  active  as  TX5W  from  Raivavae  (OC-114),
         Austral Islands on 5-11 January 2015. He will operate SSB  only  on
         40-10 metres "with a primary objective to work as many amateurs  in
         Central and Northern Europe as possible".  Further  information  is
         expected in due course. [TNX KK6BT]
I      - "Strong winds destroyed almost all antennas  at  the  IO9Y  Contest
         Team station on Lampedusa", Dan S50U reported on  23  October.  The
         Multi-Multi participation in the CQ WW  DX  SSB  Contest  has  been
         cancelled, and there will  be  "only  sporadic  operation"  by  low
         power stations signing IG9/homecall.  The  team  will  return  home
         when the ferry service is resumed.
I      - IQ8HP will be active on all bands and  modes  on  1-9  November  to
         celebrate the 40th  anniversary  of  ARI  Vibo  Valentia.  QSL  via
         IW8PQ, direct or bureau. [TNX IZ8IYX]
I      - Special event station IY1EY will be active from 1  November  to  31
         December  from  Loano  (   to    commemorate    the
         experiments conducted by Gugliemo Marconi from his yacht  'Elettra'
         in the Ligurian Sea between 1919 and 1936. Expect activity  on  all
         bands CW and SSB. QSL via IK1QBT. [TNX IK1QBT]
J6     - Gerd, DL7VOG ( will be active as J6/DL7VOG  from  St.
         Lucia (NA-108) from 8 November to 5 December, including entries  in
         the WAE DX RTTY (8-9 November) and CQ WW DX CW  contests.  He  will
         be QRV on 160-6 metres mainly CW  and  RTTY.  QSL  via  home  call,
         bureau or direct (OQRS for both options on Club Log). [TNX DL7VOG]
JA     - JS6ROO and JI3DST will be active on 40-6 metres  as  JS6ROO/5  (all
         modes) JI3DST/5 (CW and SSB) and JS6RRR/5 (RTTY and FM) from  Shodo
         Island (AS-200)  on  1-3  November.  QSL  via  home  calls,  bureau
         preferred; OQRS on Club Log. [TNX JI3DST]
KH8    - Mike, N9NS and several other operators will be active  as  W1AW/KH8
         from American Samoa on 2-14 November for the  ARRL  Centennial  QSO
         Party. They plan to be active on 160-10 metres from  two  locations
         on Tutuila Island (OC-045). [TNX The Daily DX]
KP1    - On 22 October the KP1-5 Project [425DXN  1218]  reported  that  the
         U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service has notified that  they  will  be  the
         team to activate Navassa  Island  (NA-098)  in  January  2015.  The
         DXpedition will be a maximum of fourteen days; exact dates will  be
         determined by USFWS mission requirements  and  weather  windows.  A
         large group of experienced operators (AA7JV,  HA7RY,  K0IR,  K4UEE,
         K5AC, K9CT, N2TU, N4GRN, NA5U, NM1Y, VE7CT, W0GJ, W6IZT  and  WB9Z)
         will be active  as  K1N.  "For  safety  reasons  and  in  order  to
         maximize our time on the island and  on  the  air",  they  say,  "a
         helicopter operation is planned. Navassa is  over  100  miles  (160
         km) from the nearest helicopter staging point and as  many  as  ten
         round trips will be required  at  the  beginning  and  end  of  the
         operation. Obviously, this means that there will be  a  significant
         cost for activating this  #1  ranked  DXCC  Entity.  The  team  has
         committed to fund 50% of the total costs. We  are  hopeful  the  DX
         community at large will fund the remainder".  Check
         for  more  details,  updates  and  information  on  how  you    may
         financially support this DXpedition. [TNX W0GJ]
OE    -  Celebrating United Nations Day, members of the Vienna International
         Amateur  Radio  Club  (4U1VIC) will  be  active  as  4U2U on  24-31
         October. QSL via bureau or direct to 4U1VIC.
OK     - The Czech Radio Club will operate special event station  OL90OK  on
         1-15 November to  celebrate  the  90th  anniversary  of  the  first
         amateur  radio  operation  within  the  Czech   Republic    (former
         Czechoslovakia). QSL via bureau and LoTW.
SV     - HA5OV, YT7DQ, YU7CM and YZ7ZZ will participate in the CQ WW DX  SSB
         Contest as SV8/HA5OV  from  Thassos  Island  (EU-174).  Before  and
         after  the  contest,  until  29  October,  they  will  be  QRV   as
         SV8/homecall. QSL via home calls. [TNX HA0HW]
VK     - To mark the 100th anniversary of the departure of the first  convoy
         of ships carrying Australian and New Zealand  troops  (later  known
         as ANZAC, Australian and New Zealand Army Corps) to  World  War  I,
         the Southern Electronics Group (VK6SR) will  be  active  on  160-10
         metres as VI6ANZAC from Albany,  Western  Australia  for  24  hours
         starting on 16 UTC on 31 October.
VK9L   - The VK9DLX team on Lord Howe  [425DXN  1220,]
         will participate in the CQ WW DX SSB Contest as  VK9LM.  This  will
         be a Multi-Multi entry on all six  contest  bands.  "Especially  on
         the low bands it may be possible that we will  not  always  find  a
         running frequency (especially  when  we  have  to  compete  against
         European stations)", they say, so "don't be shy to  contact  us  to
         ask for a QSY frequency on 160m, 80m or 40m". There will be  no  CW
         operation on the contest bands during the contest, and  there  will
         be no upload to Club Log  for  the  contest  log  as  long  as  the
         official log checking takes place.
VK0M   - reports that "unfortunately, due  to  health  issues",
         Rod VK6MH  "has  had  to  cancel  his  planned  trip  to  Macquarie
         Island". He was expected to  be  QRV  as  VK0MH  until  April  2015
         [425DXN 1221].
YV     - Celebrating their  25th  anniversary,  Grupo  DX  Caracas  will  be
         active as YW6X from the Piritu Islands (SA-090)  on  7-9  November.
         QSL to W4SO (mail drop).

CQ WW DX SSB CONTEST  --->  The  following  stations  have  announced  their
participation in this year's event (25-25 October):

ZONE   CALL          CATEGORY     COUNTRY              QSL VIA
02     VE2IM         SOAB HP      Canada               VE3DZ
04     VC3V          SO           Canada               VE7VR
05     VP9I          SOAB LP      Bermuda              WW3S
07     HO1C          M/?          Panama               HP1CQ
07     HR2WW         SOAB LP      Honduras             KD4POJ
07     TI5M          M/S          Costa Rica           TI2KAC
07     YN5Z          SOAB HP      Nicaragua            K7ZO/LoTW
07     YS1/NP3J      SOSB 10m LP  El Salvador          EA5GL
07     YS1YS         SO           El Salvador          YS1GMV
08     6Y4K          MO           Jamaica              VE3NE/LoTW
08     CO2IR         SOSB 20m QRP Cuba                 CO2IR
08     HI3CC         SOSB 160m LP Dominican Republic   W2CCW
08     HI3EPR        SOSB 20m LP  Dominican Republic   LoTW
08     J3A                        Grenada              WA1S/LoTW
08     J79L          SOSB         Dominica             SP9FIH
08     J79X          SOSB         Dominica             SP9FIH
08     KH2RU/KP4     SOAB         Puerto Rico          NP3O
08     KP2M          M/M          Virgin Isls          AI4U
08     NP2P          SOAB         Virgin Isls          LoTW
08     NP4Z          M/2          Puerto Rico          N4AO
08     PJ7/K5WE      SO           Sint Maarten         K5WE
08     T42R          M/S HP       Cuba                 EA7FTR
08     T48K          M/?          Cuba                 DK1WI
08     TO5A          SOAB         Martinique           LoTW/F5VHJ
08     V26B          M/S          Antigua              KA2AEV
08     V47JA         SOAB         St. Kitts            W5JON
08     VP5T          M/?          Caicos Isls          WA3RHW/LoTW
08     WP3C          SOSB 40m HP  Puerto Rico          W3HNK
09     9Y4D          SOSB 15m LP  Trinidad & Tobago    9Y4D/LoTW
09     FY5FY         SOSB         French Guiana        FY5FY
09     FY5KE         SOSB         French Guiana        LoTW
09     HK1NA         M/M          Colombia             K6IPM
09     P40L          M/2          Aruba                WA3FRP
09     P40NW         SO           Aruba                K9NW
09     P40S          M/S          Aruba                K9QVB
09     P40W          SOAB LP      Aruba                N2MM/LoTW
09     PJ2T          M/?          Curacao              W3HNK/LoTW
09     PJ4S          SOSB 10m QRP Bonaire              DL1NX
09     PJ4X          M/?          Bonaire              LoTW/W1MD
09     TO1A          SOSB         French Guiana        LotW
09     TO2A          SO           French Guiana        KU9C
10     HC0E          M/2          Ecuador              HC1JQ
10     OA4O          SOAB HP      Peru                 OA4O
11     PW2D          M/?          Brazil               M0OXO
12     3G1B          M/M          Chile                HA1AG
12     3G3W          M/2          Chile                XQ4CW
13     LT7H          SOAB LP      Argentina            EA5GL
13     LU8YE         M/2          Argentina            IK2DUW
14     C37NL         M/2          Andorra              C37URA
14     CR6K          M/S          Portugal             CT1CJJ
14     EA6/GM0EGI    M/2          Balearic Isls
14     ED1R          M/2          Spain                EC1KR
14     EI1A          SO           Ireland              PA3249/LoTW
14     EI1Y          M/?          Ireland              EI5JQ/LoTW
14     GJ2A          M/S          Jersey               LoTW
14     HB9H          M/S          Switzerland          HB9CXZ
14     HB9OK         M/S          Switzerland          HB9OCR
14     LX7I          SO           Luxembourg           LX2A
14     MD2C          SO           Isle of Man          MD0CCE
14     SI9AM         M/?          Sweden               SM3TIR
14     SJ2W          M/S          Sweden               SM2LIY/LoTW
15     3Z6O                       Poland               SP6NVK/LotW
15     4O3A          M/S          Montenegro           LoTW
15     4O7CC         SO           Montenegro           UA4CC
15     9A1P          M/S          Croatia              9A2RD
15     E78T          SOSB 15M     Bosnia & Herzegovina E78T
15     II9K          M/2          Sicily               IT9HBT
15     IO4W          SOSB 15M     Italy                LotW
15     IR5A          M/S          Italy                IK5AFJ/LotW
15     LY4A          M/2          Lithuania            LY4A
15     LY7A          M/M          Lithuania            LoTW
15     OH0JFP        SOSB 10m     Aland Isls           OH0JFP
15     OH0YY         SOAB         Aland Isls           OH2YY
15     OH0Z          M/S          Aland Isls           W0MM
15     OH5Z          M/S          Finland              LotW
15     OL4A          M/2          Czech Republic       OK1DSX
15     TK9R          SOAB HP      Corsica              IK8UND
16     RM3F          SOSB 15M     Russia (EU)          UA3DPX
16     UB7K          M/M          Russia (EU)          UB7K
17     RU9CZD        SOAB HP      Russia (AS)          RU9CZD/LoTW
19     RK0LWW        M/S          Russia (AS)          RK0LWW
20     4X2M          SOSB 80m HP  Israel               4X4DZ
20     4X7R          M/S          Israel
20     J42T          M/2          Greece               LoTW
20     J43TR         M/S          Greece               SV3DCX
20     P3F           SOAB HP      Cyprus               M0URX
20     SV8/HA5OV     M/S          Greece               HA5OV
20     SX9C          M/S          Crete                LoTW
20     TC2BC         SOAB LP      Turkey               DL7BC
20     TC7V          SOAB HP      Turkey               M0OXO
21     4L0A          SOAB HP      Georgia              EA7FTR/LotW
21     4L8A          SOSB 20m     Georgia              K1BV/LoTW
21     9K2GS         SOAB HP      Kuwait               EA5KB/LoTW
21     9K2HN         M/?          Kuwait               9K2HN/LoTW
21     A71EM         SOAB         Qatar                EA7FTR
21     A73A          M/2          Qatar                A71A
24     B4L           SOAB HP      China                BY4IIG
24     BH1IOT        M/?          China                BH1IOT
24     BV2A          M/S          Taiwan               BV2A
24     VR2S          M/S          Hong Kong            VR2HKS
24     VR2XAN        SOSB 15m HP  Hong Kong            VR2XAN
24     XX9R          M/S          Macao                EB7DX
25     D70LW         M/S          Korea                DS4NYE/LoTW
26     E2X           M/S HP       Thailand             E20GMY
26     XW1IC         SOAB HP      Laos                 E21EIC
27     AH0BT         M/?          Northern Marianas    7L1FPU
27     AH0K          M/2          Northern Marianas    OH6GDX
27     AH2R          M/S          Guam                 JH7QXJ/LoTW
27     NH0DX         SOAB LP      Northern Marianas    JL3RDC
27     NH2DX         SOAB 15m HP  Guam                 NH2DX
27     T88HZ         SO           Palau                LoTW/TA1HZ
27     T88WJ         SO           Palau                JS3LSQ
28     4W/K7CO                    Timor Leste          K7CO
28     9M2SE         M/S LP       West Malaysia        9M2RDX
28     YB0NDT        SOSB 40m HP  Indonesia            YB0NDT/LoTW
28     YC8ROP        SOSB 15m LP  Indonesia            YC8ROP/LoTW
28     YE2C          M/2          Indonesia            LoTW
28     YF1AR/8       SOAB LP      Indonesia            N2OO
29     VK9XSP                     Christmas Island     LoTW/SP6IXF
30     VK9LM         M/M          Lord Howe Island     DJ2MX
31     KH6LC         SOAB         Hawaii               LoTW
31     KH7CW         M/S          Hawaii               K2WR
31     TX7G                       Marquesas Isls       N7SMI
31     V73AX                      Marshall Isls        eQSL
32     5W0EF         SOSB 10m     Samoa                W8AEF
32     5W0QQ         SOSB 20m     Samoa                N7CQQ
32     5W0XH         SOSB 15m     Samoa                KD6XH
32     KH8B          SOAB HP      American Samoa       LoTW
32     ZM1A          M/?          New Zealand          LotW
33     CN2AA         M/S          Morocco              UA2FM
33     CN2R          M/S          Morocco              W7EJ
33     CQ3L          SOSB 10m     Madeira              DJ6QT
33     CR3L          SOSB 15m     Madeira              DJ6QT
33     EA8/RA1A      SOSB 15m     Canary Isls          RN3RQ/LoTW
33     ED9K          M/2          Ceuta & Melilla      EA7LS
33     EF8S          SOSB 80m     Canary Isls          OH2BYS
33     EF8U          SOAB LP      Canary Isls          EA8URE
33     IG9R          SOSB         Italy (AF)           IK8HCG
33     IH9YMC        SOSB         Italy (AF)           eQSL
33     S0S                        Western Sahara       EA2JG
36     ZD8R          SOSB         Ascension Island     OH0XX
36     ZD8W          SOSB         Ascension Island     W6NV
36     ZD8X          SOSB         Ascension Island     OH2KI
39     3B8HA         SO           Mauritius Island     LoTW
39     5R8C                       Madagascar           IK2VUC
39     FR/F4FET      SO           Reunion              F4FET
39     TO0X          SOSB HP      Mayotte              LoTW
40     JW5E          M/?          Svalbard             JW5E

Do not forget to give a look at the Announced Operations listing  maintained
by Bill, NG3K at - good contest to you all!

                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         ****  GOOD TO KNOW ... ****
                          Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                        Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

425 DX NEWS MAGAZINE --->  The September 2014 issue  is  now  available  for
download at [TNX IZ3EBA]

CQ CONTESTS POLICY ---> On 17 October CQ announced that it would  no  longer
accept logs for any  contest  from  Crimean  stations  using  Russian-issued
callsigns. However,  "in  response  to  requests  from  a  large  number  of
contesters around the world", on 21 October CQ  reconsidered  its  decision.
"Since the country list for CQ contests is based on  a  combination  of  the
Worked All Europe (WAE) and ARRL  DXCC  lists,  and  the  ARRL  has  already
adopted a policy  regarding  Crimean  stations  in  its  award  and  contest
programs, we will amend our policy to be consistent  with  the  ARRL's  DXCC
policy. Therefore, the listings of Crimean stations submitting logs  for  CQ
contests will be based on the call sign under which they have  operated.  If
they used Russian-issued calls in the contest, they  will  be  listed  under
Russia; if they used Ukrainian-issued calls in the  contest,  they  will  be
listed under Ukraine. This change reflects  not  only  the  desire  of  many
contesters around the world, but also of a large majority of members of  the
CQ World Wide DX Contest Committee".

DXCC NEWS ---> ZS8A (Marion Island  2013-14)  has  been  approved  for  DXCC
credit. If you have had a card rejected  in  a  recent  application,  please
contact the ARRL DXCC Desk (dxccadmin[@] to be placed on  the  list
for an update to your record. [TNX ARRL]

IOTA NEWS: IOTA AND CRIMEA ---> IOTA Management has decided that, given  the
unresolved political situation in Crimea,  it  has  no  course  open  to  it
except, for a period initially  of  one  year,  to  freeze  certain  actions
connected with Crimea that it would normally take in the routine  management
of the IOTA programme. This means that it will not accept  or  issue  credit
for  EU-180  operations  taking  place  after  17  March  2014  that  use  a
non-Ukrainian  callsign,  or  accede  to  any  requests    from    programme
participants for update of their  records  or  changes  of  callsign  and/or
checkpoint that involve a change of DXCC entity. The Committee  will  review
the situation after one year in the light of developments.  IOTA  Management
regrets taking this action but it accords with practice  adopted  elsewhere.

IOTA NEWS: NEW  GROUP  NUMBERS  CONFIRMED  --->  Following  the  receipt  of
validation material several new IOTA group numbers have been confirmed  with
the result that credits can be given for the operations in brackets:  AS-200
(several JA5 stations), AS-201 (TA0/DF8DX), EU-191  (YP0F),  NA-247  (PJ7PK)
and OC-294 (VK6ISL). [TNX G3KMA]

IOTA NEWS: WITHDRAWAL OF AN-014 ---> Berkner  Island,  the  sole  qualifying
island of AN-014, has been on the IOTA list since  the  very  start  of  the
IOTA Programme. It was regularly shown on maps as  a  large  island,  albeit
covered with a layer of very thick ice, separating the Ronne Ice Shelf  from
the Filchner-Ronne Ice Shelf. Some contacts were made by LU1ZX from the  old
General Belgrano III Base on the island more than 30 years  ago  -  no  more
than a handful are credited on the IOTA database. The remote possibility  of
a second operation that might be mounted at huge  expense  has  caused  IOTA
Management to review the retention of Berkner Island on the list. In  recent
years there have been authentic reports from the scientific  community  that
Berkner Island is an ice-rise and that no part of  the  land-mass  under  it
would be above water if there were no  ice.  This  seems  to  have  gathered
credence  with  map-makers  as  the  considered  view  of  the    scientific
community. Faced with information that confirms that the ice-rise  does  not
meet IOTA's qualification rules as  a  valid  island  IOTA  Management  have
taken the decision to withdraw AN-014 from  the  IOTA  list  with  immediate
effect before any further operation takes place. The  few  existing  credits
will be withdrawn no later than 1 January 2015. [TNX G3KMA]

THE P5/K6VVA QUEST ---> "In just a few months  will  begin  Year  #9  of  my
quest for approval to operate from P5", Rick K6VVA says.  "There  have  been
many, MANY different proposals made to the D.P.R.K. Authorities  during  the
past 8 Years. Recently, my primary Advocate and Envoy to  P5  has  left  the
NGO to a new position  with  a  different  organization  not  involved  with
Humanitarian work in the D.P.R.K. I am pursuing alternative new pathways  to
success in this project to be able  to  fulfill  the  intended  Humanitarian
goal, and the objective  to  provide  an  equal  opportunity  for  all  DXCC
Program participants in need of ONE CW QSO credit with  North  Korea".  Read
the entire latest update (20 October) at [TNX K6VVA]

W1AW WAS ---> Look for ARRL Centennial  stations  W1AW/7  from  Wyoming  and
W1AW/1 from Massachusetts to be on the air  starting  at  00.00  UTC  on  29
October until 23.59 UTC on 4 November. In addition, W1AW/KP2  also  will  be
active from  the  US  Virgin  Islands.  Complete  information  on  the  ARRL
Centennial QSO Party can be found at


QSLs received direct or through managers:  3B9EME,  3D2RA,  3D2RA/p,  3D2TR,
3W4DK (AS-132), 4J3DJ, 5E7R, 5H1NE, 9M2MI, 9Y4/AI5P,  A25TQ,  A35CO,  A35TR,
CE0Z/UA4WHX  (SA-005)  ,  CE8/UA4WHX,  CE9/UA4WHX,   D44TS,    DU7ET,  EX9T,
EY8/UA4WHX,  FM5AN,  HB0/ON4WRC,  HK0/UA4WHX  (NA-049),  J3/AI5P,    J79WTA,
JA6TBE/5 (OC-200), JT1AA,  JW9JKA,K4KGG/VO1  (NA-198),  PY0F/UA4WHX,  PY5ARP
(SA-047), PZ5VB, RI44ANT, S01WS, S21ZBC, UK8IF,  UN6GDX,  VK5CE/8  (OC-173),
VY0/RK0BWW/p  (NA-008,  NA-009  and  NA-043),  WP2/WQ6X,  YB4IR/5  (OC-106),
YB4IR/8  (OC-222),   YB8RW/p    (OC-209),    YC9WIC,    YF1AR/6    (OC-270),


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