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Thursday, October 16, 2014

I.C.P.O. Bulletin (17-24 October 2014)
"Islands, Castles & Portable Operations"
Listing is by calendar date (day/month/year)
17/10/2014:  Enno, PF5X, is currently on holiday from Cabarette, Dominican Republic (NA-096, WLOTA 2974). QRV as HI3/PF5X, mostly on the WARC bands, CW only until 19th October. QSL via LoTW. [DX-World]

17/10/2014:  The Florida Chapter of NAQCC ( will be holding its monthly field event on Friday, 17 October 2014 9:00 AM (1300 UTC) - 12:00 noon (or whenever hunger wins out over propagation, or they just can't stand looking at each other anymore!). Art WB4MNK/p, Steve WB4OMM/p, and Darryl AB8GU/4 plus whoever else can make it will be active from Spruce Creek Park, Port Orange, Volusia county, Florida. Please listen for them near 7.041, 10.116, 14.061 and 18.080 MHz - WB4OMM or AB8GU will post to via the Internet when we QRV and occasionally during the operation to let everyone know who is on and where. He will also post when they QRT. QSLs via the operators' home callsign. [WB4OMM]

18/10/2014:  Once again, a joint team with members from the Danish Contest Academy and the Qatar Amateur Radio Society will be active from Al Khor in northern Qatar in the M/2 Category in CQWW DX SSB Contest (25-26 October) as A73A. Operators: OZ1ADL, A71GO, A71AE, OZ7AM, A71BA, A71BR, OZ1IKY, LY4L, VU2BZY, A7/WT2NY, A41MA and more members of QARS will be active from the compound and at the same time use the opportunity to display Radio Sport to visitors. The team will be setting up the station in the week prior to the Contest and will be active with the regular club call sign A71A, with particular emphasis on the low bands. QSL via A71A (see [via K1XN & The GOLIST]

18/10/2014:  Volker, DL1WH will be active holiday style as DL1WH/p from Pellworm Island (EU-042, DID/GIA N-23, WLOTA 1188) on 18-28th October. He will operate mainly CW. QSL via home call, direct or Bureau. [425 DX News]

18/10/2014:  Olivier, ON4EI will be active again as EI8GQB from Fethard, Ireland (EU-115, WLOTA 2484) on 18-30 October using an hybrid wind-solar power system from his caravan. He will participate in the CQWW DX SSB Contest as EI1A. QSL for both callsigns via PA3249, direct or bureau, and LoTW. Follow his activity and antenna experimentation at: [425 DX News]

18/10/2014:  On Saturday, 18th October 2014 Patrick, F8NAN and Michel, F8DFP will activate the Pibout Castle (DFCF 63-091), located in the commune of Gerzat Sous. They will use the Radio Club du REF-63 callsign F5KDC/p. QRV on 80 and 40 metre SSB and CW. QSL via F5KDC, Bureau or direct. []

18/10/2014:  Michele, IZ8XLP, plans holiday style activation, on the HF bands, from the island of Ischia (IOTA EU-031, IIA C001) between 18-24th October using the callsign IC8/IZ8XLP. QRV on 10, 12, 15, 17, 20 and 40 metres, only SSB. QSL to home call direct, via the Bureau or OQRS IZ8XLP. Further information can be found on his website at: []

18/10/2014:  Bogdan, SP2FUD (J79F) Janusz, SP9FIH (J79L) and Kazik, SP6AXW (J79X) plan activity from near Calibishie, northeast coast of the island of Dominica (IOTA NA-101, QTH Loc. FK95HO), from 18th October until 26th October 2014. Their focus will be on the CQWW DX SSB Contest (25-26th October) where two stations will run SOSB - probably on 40m and one of the higher bands. QSL via home calls. Further information and updates at: [DXAT]

18/10/2014:  A group of operators will activate the Castle of Alden Biesen (BCA LB-093, WCA 00748) on 18th October, 2014, using the callsign ON5BWE/p. Team members include Susanne ON2SL, Andre ON4DTO, Roger ON4AHQ and Erwin ON5BWE. QRV starting 06:00 local time on 80 and 40 metre SSB. Other bands possible, depending on conditions. QSL via ON5BWE, Bureau preferred. []

18/10/2014:  Operators Marc PD7YY, Jan PE1GNP and Marcel PG8M plan activity from Schouwen Duiveland (EU-146, WLOTA 3089) as PH146EU between 18-25th October, 2014. QRV on 40-10 metre SSB and some CW. Maybe QRV on 80 metres as well. QSL via PD7YY, direct and Bureau. []

18/10/2014:  Jared, N7SMI and Grant, KZ1W will be active from Hatiheu Village, Nuku Hiva Island (DIFO FO-023, WLOTA 2030), Marquesas Islands (OC-027) as TX7G between 18-26 October 2014. QRV on 80-10m, SSB and RTTY. Participation in the CQWW DX SSB Contest (25-26th October). QSL via N7SMI, direct and bureau (logsearch on OQRS on ClubLog), LoTW and eQSL. Further information and update on their website at: [DX-World]

18/10/2014:  A team from Poland (Bogdan SP2EBG, Gala SP2GKS, Jan SP3CYY, Jurek SP3GEM, Wlodek SP6EQZ, Ryszard SP6FXY, Janusz SP6IXF and Roman SP9FOW) will be active as VK9XSP from The Territory of Christmas Island (OC-002, WWFF VKFF-098, Grid Loc. OH29) from 18 October to 1 November 2014. They will operate CW, SSB and RTTY on 160-6 metres; at least two stations will be active around the clock, and one station will take part in the CQ WW DX SSB Contest. QSL via SP6IXF (logsearch and OQRS on ClubLog), LoTW and eQSL. Further information and updates can be found on their website at: [425 DX News]

18/10/2014:  Franck, F4DTO and Patrick, F4GFE plan to be active as ZA/homecalls between 18-27th October 2014 from Elbasan, district and county of Elbasan, Albania. Look for them to be QRV holiday style on 40-10 metre SSB, using 100 Watts. They also plan to activate the Elbasan Fortress (WCA ZA-00004), located in Elbasan city. QSLs via their home calls, REF Bureau or direct. [DX World]

19/10/2014:  The team that brought you VK9X/K7CO are proud to announce a DXpedition to the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste (OC-148, WLOTA 0019). 4W/K7CO will operate from 19-31 October 2014, QRV 80-10m SSB and CW. They will also participate in the CQWW DX SSB Contest (25-26th October). The team will include Jon K7CO, Christian K7CXN, John 9M6XRO and four other operators. QSL ClubLog OQRS. Full details at: [DX-World]

20/10/2014:  Antonio IZ8CCW, Gabriele I2VGW and a multi-national team from the Mediterraneo DX Club will be active as 5R8M from Nosy Be (AF-057, WLOTA 3042) from 20 October to 4 November 2014. As usual the team will be an international with 16 people coming from five countries. They will operate RTTY, SSB and CW with four stations around the clock. They also plan to participate in the CQWW DX SSB Contest (25-26 October) as 5R8C. QSL via IK2VUC, direct or Bureau, and LoTW. Further information, including logsearch and OQRS in due course, can be found at: [425 DX News]

20/10/2014:  John, W2GD, will once again be active as P40W from near Santa Cruz, island of Aruba (SA-036, WLOTA 0033, QRA FK52BK) from 20-28th October, 2014. Activity will include a Single-Op/All-Band/Low-Power entry in the CQWW DX SSB Contest. Outside the contest, John will be active using CW on WARC and 160m. QSL to N2MM. Please include an SASE and adequate return postage. All P40W contacts are posted on the ARRL LoTW system about two weeks following each operation. [NG3K]

21/10/2014:  Frosty, K5LBU, will be on the air from Botswana as A25CF starting the 21st of October until the 3rd of November 2014. Plans are to be QRV on all bands from 160 through 6 metres. QSL via home call. Frosty informs readers: "Please do not send me cards for A25FC who was on the air from the 14th of April 2011 through the 18th of April. That was a differant group of hams." [DxCoffee]

21/10/2014:  Masa, JH3PRR, will be active as KH8B from Pago Pago, island of Tutuila (OC-045, USi AS-007S, WLOTA 4385), Eastern American Samoa, between 21-27 October 2014. QRV on 160-10 metres, all modes, including a Single-Op/All-Band/High-Power entry in the CQWW DX SSB Contest (25-26th October). QSL via home call, direct or Bureau and ClubLog OQRS. [DX World]

21/10/2014:  VP5T will be active in the CQWW SSB Contest (25-26 October), and operators Frank WA2VYA, Tony K4QE and Bruce WA3RHW will be QRV outside the contest with VP5/home calls from 21-28 October 2014 from the VP5JM "Hamlet" on Providenciales Island (NA-002, WLOTA 2003). QSL VP5T via WA3RHW, direct (with return postage or IRC), W3 Bureau, (there is NO VP5 Bureau) or LoTW. "Please send us your card via the W3 bureau, if you use LOTW. We like cards." VP5/WA2VYA, will be primarily on CW on the low bands, WARC bands, 10m and 6m. PSE QSL via WA2VYA, direct or W2 Bureau. No return postage is required for direct replies. "Frank likes cards." Tony, VP5/K4QE (QSL via LoTW) and Bruce, VP5/WA3RHW (QSL direct with postage or IRC or via W3 bureau) will be primarily on SSB on the WARC bands. [NG3K]

22/10/2014:  Before his activity from Rodrigues (as 3B9HA) look for Olof, G0CKV, to be active sporadically from Mauritius Island (AF-049, WLOTA 0595) as 3B8HA between 22nd October and 11th November, 2014. QRV holiday-style, HF bands, CW. QSL via LoTW. Note: 3B8MU will be active in CQWW DX CW 2014 (29-30 November). Operators will be Olof G0CKV, Kazu JK3GAD, Seppo OH1VR, Jorma OH2KI and Oliver W6NV. [DX-World]

22/10/2014:  Operators Roberto CN2RY (QSL via EA2RY), Julio CN2XX (QSL via EA5XX), Manuel CN2JR (QSL via EA7AJR) and Antonio CN2C (QSL via EA5RM) will operate SSB, CW and RTTY from Rabat, Morocco on 22-27 October. Updates and log search can be found at: [425 DX News]

22/10/2014:  Tim, LW9EOC, will be active as HK1/LW9EOC from Barranquilla, Atlantico, Colombia, between 22-29 October 2014. Activity will be on all HF bands using CW and SSB. While there, he will also be part of the HK1NA (Jumanju contest station) team during the CQWW DX SSB Contest as a Multi-Multi entry. QSL via his home call, direct, by the Bureau, eQSL and LoTW. [OPDX Bulletin]

22/10/2014:  Rich, M5RIC, plans activity from Trabzon, Turkey, as TC7V (callsign applied for) from 22-28 October 2014. QRV on the HF bands using SSB and RTTY, including a Single-Op/All-Band/High-Power entry in the CQWW DX SSB Contest (25-26 October). QSL via M0OXO (OQRS preferred). [NG3K]

22/10/2014:  Les, N1SV, will be in Hamilton Parish, Bermuda (NA-005, WLOTA 0201), from 22-27 October 2014 including an entry in the CQWW DX SSB Contest (25-26 October). During the contest look for him as VP9I (QSL WW3S) and prior to the contest as VP9/N1SV (QSL to home call). [DxCoffee]

22/10/2014:  A team consisting Eugene EA5HPX, Fran EA7FTR, Oleg US7UX, David EB7DX, Jose EB5BBM and their respective XYLs, (also one YL operataror EA7JQS Veronica) will be active as XX9R from Praia de Cheoc Van Beach, at the Pousada of Coloane Hotel, Coloane, Macau (IOTA AS-075), China, between 22nd October and 1st November 2014. Holiday style activity on 160-2 metres with possibly two or three stations running simultaneously on SSB, CW and RTTY with a M/S entry in the CQWW SSB DX Contest (25-26 October). QSL via EB7DX, direct or Bureau and LoTW. Further information and updates on their website at: [DX-World]

23/10/2014:  Before their KH8 operation as part of the ARRL Centennial celebration (W1AW/KH8), operators John N7CQQ, Cliff KD6XH and Paul W8AEF will be active as 5W0QQ, 5W0XH and 5W0EF, respectively, from Apia, Upolu Island (WLOTA 1944), Samoa (OC-097), between 23-28 October, 2014. Activity will take place before and during the CQWW DX SSB Contest (25-26 October). QSL via their home calls, direct and LoTW. [OPDX Bulletin]

23/10/2014:  Budi, YF1AR, will be active as YF1AR/8 and will give Nusantara Award chasers a new island counter, Banda Besar (Lontar) and Banda Neira are two different islands [rare IOTA - 7.4 pct] (IOTA OC-157, WW Loc. PI45WL). 23-24 October 2014 from Banda Naira Island and 25-27 October from Banda Besar Island. He will also activate the IDO-380 Banda Naira lighthouse (WLOL IDO-380). QRV mainly on 40 metre SSB and Digi-modes, including an entry in the CQWW DX SSB Contest (25-26 October). QSL via N2OO, direct or Bureau and ClubLog OQRS. Further information and updates at: [YF1AR]

24/10/2014:  Harry, AC8G, will be active as J37K from the island of Grenada (NA-024, WLOTA 0718) for the CQWW DX SSB Contest (25-26 October). QRV on all bands and modes between 24-26 October. Single-Op/Hi-Power in the contest unless another joins using the callsign J3A. QSL J34K via AC8G. QSL J3A via WA1S. [NG3K]

24/10/2014:  Look for Tevfik, TA1HZ, to be active as T88H in the CQWW DX SSB Contest (25-26 October) from the Palau Rental Shack, West Plaza Coral Reef Hotel, Koror Island (OC-009) as a Single-Op entry from CQ zone 27. Tevfik also plans to be QRV on the HF bands, holiday style, for a few days after the contest for those who need Palau. QSL via home call, direct or Bureau, and LoTW. [DX-World]

24/10/2014:  Naoki, JS3LSQ, will be active as from T88WJ the VIP-Guest hotel in Koror City (QRA PJ77FI), Koror Island, Republic of Palau (OC-009), between 24-28th October 2014 on all bands, SSB and CW. His main focus will be on the CQWW DX SSB Contest (25-26 October) as a Single-Op entry. QSL via JS3LSQ, direct or Bureau. [Palau Rental Shack]


25/10/2014:  Abdallah, 9K2GS, will activate his world class station located in Safat, Kuwait, during the CQWW DX SSB Contest. He plans for a Single-Op/All-Band/High-Power entry from CQ zone 21. QSL via EA5KB and LoTW. [NG3K]

25/10/2014:  Unio de Radioaficionats Andorrans (C37URA) plan a Multi-Two entry in the CQWW DX SSB Contest from Andorra (CQ zone 14) using the callsign C37NL. QSL via C37URA, direct or Bureau and LoTW. [NG3K]

25/10/2014:  Mauri, EA8CMX, plans a Single-Op/Single-Band (80m) entry in the CQWW DX SSB Contest from Galdar, Gran Canaria island (DIE S-005, WLOTA 0969, WWFF EAFF-078), Canary Islands (AF-004, CQ zone 33), using the callsign EF8S. "Trying to double last Year with new cables and better listening antennas. If there is no tower or electricity, then I have to take an other plan... CU!" QSL via OH2BYS and LoTW. [NG3K]

25/10/2014:  Didier, FY5FY, will be active in the CQWW DX SSB Contest as a Single-Op/Single-Band entry from Cayenne, French Guiana (CQ zone 9). QSL via the information on [NG3K]

25/10/2014:  Marc, F1HAR, will be active as FY5KE from Kourou, French Guiana, as a Single-Op/Single-Band entry in the CQWW DX SSB Contest. QSL via LoTW. QSL also ok direct to FY1FL. [NG3K]

25/10/2014:  Luigi, IK8HCG, with the support from Italian Navy Force will be active as IG9R from the island of Lampedusa (AF-019, IIA G001, MIA MI-126), African Italy (CQ zone 33), during the CQWW DX SSB Contest as IG9R, a Single-Op/Single-Band entry. Activity will also count for the Capo Grecale lighthouse (WAIL SI-020, ARLHS ITA-025, WLOTA 2312). QSL via IK8HCG and LoTW. [NG3K]

25/10/2014:  Philippe, LX2A, will once again be active as LX7I for the CQWW DX SSB Contest from Eschdorf, Luxembourg. Plans are for a Single-Op entry from CQ zone 14. QSL via LX2A. [NG3K]

25/10/2014:  Look for P40L to be active in the CQWW DX SSB Contest from the island of Aruba (SA-036, WLOTA 0033). Plans are for a M/2 entry, CQ zone 9. Operators include Mike K9NW, Paul K9PG, Chad WE9V and John W6LD. QSL direct to WA3FRP and LoTW. [NG3K]

25/10/2014:  Grupo dx Habana members Carlos CO2CW, Juan Carlos CO2JD and Rey CO2RQ will be active as T42R, a Multi-Op/High-Power entry in the CQWW DX SSB Contest from FRC (The National Association for Amateur Radio of Cuba). QSL via EA7FTR and LoTW. [NG3K]

25/10/2014:  Prior to the much anticipated FT4TA Tromelin Island DXpedition (FT4TA), look for Vincent F4BKV to be active as TO0X from Mayotte Island (AF-024, DIFO FH-001, WLOTA 0376) during the CQWW DX SSB Contest (CQ zone 39). After the contest he will QRV briefly (27-29 October) as FH/F4BKV before leaving for Tromelin. Other team members may sign FH/homecall too. QSL via LoTW is preferred for TO0X activity. [DX-World]

25/10/2014:  Herve, F5HRY, will be active as a Single-Op/Single-Band entry in the CQWW DX SSB Contest using the callsign TO1A from Kourou, French Guiana (CQ zone 9). QSL via LoTW is preferred. [DXAT]

01/11/2014:  To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the foundation of the Vibo Valentia ARI section (1974 - 2014), members of their section will be active from 1-9 November 2014 with the callsign IQ8HP. QRV on all bands (HF and VHF) and modes. A special commemorative QSL card wil be sent for all QSOs. The QSL manager is IW8PQ (direct or Bureau). Note: Vibo Valentia is a rare province. [DxCoffee]

03/11/2014:  Eric, F6ICX, will once again be active as 5R8IC from Sainte-Marie Island (AF-090), Madagascar. He will be QRV between 3rd November and 12th December, 2014. Activity will be holiday style on the HF bands. There will be no online log during this operation. QSL via home call by the Bureau, direct and LoTW. [DX-World]

16/11/2014:  Look for Olof, G0CKV, to be active as 3B9HA from Rodrigues Island (AF-017, WLOTA 4265, WWFF 3BFF-004) from 16-24th November, 2014. QRV holiday style on the HF bands, CW only. Possible low band activity. QSL via LoTW is preferred. [DX-World]

17/11/2014:  Marko, N5ZO, will be active as ZD8O from Green Mountain, Ascension Island (AF-003, WLOTA 1491, WW Loc. II22TB), between 17th November and 2nd December, 2014. QRV on all HF bands, including a Single-Op/All-Band entry in the CQWW DX CW Contest (29-30 November) from CQ zone 36. QSL via OH0XX, direct or Bureau. [DX-World]

29/11/2014:  The Antofagasta Contest Group (CE1RLP) will be active as 3G1B for the CQWW DX CW Contest (29-30 November) as a Multi-2 entry from Antofagasta, Chile (CQ zone 12). The 3G1B contest team is looking for 3 operators for CQWW DX CW contest 2014 and 2015 version. They want take part as M2 category for the first time in Chile. Any interested send them an email (ce1tbn[AT] All QSLs direct or Bureau via HA1AG. Website: [CE1TBN]

29/11/2014:  Luis, EA8AY, will participate in the CQWW DX CW Contest (29-30 November) as EF8X, a Single-Op/All-Band/Low-Power entry from the island of Tenerife (DIE S-012, WLOTA 1276), Canary Islands (AF-004, CQ zone 33). QSL via W2GR and LoTW. [NG3K]

18/02/2015:  Dave, WJ2O will be active from the island of Dutch Sint Maarten (NA-105, WLOTA 0711) as PJ7/WJ2O between 18-25th February, 2015. QRV mainly on the WARC bands, CW. Activity is also planned during the ARRL CW DX Contest weekend (18-19 February). QSL via N2ZN (Ken Boasi, 5018 Ontario Center Road, Walworth, NY 14568 USA). [DX-World]

13/04/2015:  Brian, GW4DVB, informs I.C.P.O. readers: "I will be operating a small Dx-Expedition again in April 2015, from Palm Island [aka Prune Island] (IOTA NA-025) - St. Vincent and the Grenadines), QRA Locator FK92HO. Dates 13th thru 21st April 2015 as J88PI. Bands: 40, 20, 17, 15, 10 and 6 metre, SSB. QSL via homecall, direct (PO Box 20:20, Llanharan, Pontyclun, Wales - UK CF72 9ZA) or via the Bureau." Website: [DxCoffee]


18/10/2014:  2nd Herrington Scouts will be on the air using the callsign GB2SHG for the Jamboree on the air on the 18th and 19th October, 2014. They will be on all HF bands as well as 2m and 70cm and PSK31 from their Scout headquarters at Crow Lane, Herrington, Sunderland, SR33TE. Details are on [GB2RS]

18/10/2014:  On 18th and 19th October 2014, GB1GLO will be in operation over the JOTA weekend for Gloucester District Scouts, run by members of Gloucestershire RAYNET from the Murray Hall, Tuffley Lane, Gloucester (WW Loc. IO81UU, WAB SO84). Also the Scouts in the Forest of Dean will be using GB1ALS and GB0FOD, operating from Lydney on 18th and 19th October. [GB2RS]

20/10/2014:  Jean, 5T0JL (ON8RA), will be active as 5T0ITU during ITU events such as the ITU Plenipotentiary Conference (to be held in Busan, South Korea on 20 October-7 November) and ITU Telecom World (to be held in Doha, Qatar on 7-10 December). The special callsign was granted on 19 August and is valid for one year. QSL via ON8RA. [425 DX News]

22/10/2014:  From 22-28 October 2014 look for the following stations to be active to celebrate ARRL's centennial year: W1AW/7 will be operated by the The Comstock Memorial Station W7RN, located in Virginia City, Storey County, State of Nevada. W1AW/8 will be operated by Hal W8HC, located in Saint Albans, Kanawha County, State of West Virginia. QSLs preferred via LoTW. [ARRL]

22/10/2014:  The Association des Radio Amateurs de la Cote d'Emeraude will be active as TM0RHUM from 24 October to 7 November for the 10th Route du Rhum, the 3000-mile single-handed transatlantic yacht race between St-Malo (France) and Pointe-a-Pitre (Guadeloupe). QSL via F4AVX. [425 DX News]

U.S.A. Special Event Stations can be found at:


18/10-28/10  DL1WH/P: Pellworm Island WLOTA:1188 QSL H/c (d/B)
18/10-30/10  EI8GQB: Ireland (Eire) WLOTA:2484 QSL PA3249 (d/B)
18/10-24/10  FR/F4HAU: La Reunion Island WLOTA:1812 QSL H/c (d/B)
18/10-25/10  PH146EU: Schouwen Duiveland WLOTA:3089 QSL PD7YY (d/B)
18/10-26/10  TX7G: Nuku Hiva Island WLOTA:2030 QSL OQRS
19/10-31/10  4W/K7CO: East Timor Island WLOTA:0019 QSL H/c (d)
20/10-04/11  5R8M: Nosy Be WLOTA:3042 QSL IK2VUC (d/B)
20/10-28/10  P40W: Aruba Island WLOTA:0033 QSL N2MM (d)
21/10-27/10  KH8B: Tutuila Island WLOTA:4385 QSL ClubLog OQRS
21/09-03/10  PJ5/OK1FCJ: St. Eustatius WLOTA:1851 QSL OK6DJ (d/B)
21/09-03/10  PJ5/OK1FPS: St. Eustatius WLOTA:1851 QSL OK6DJ (d/B)
21/09-03/10  PJ5/OK6DJ: St. Eustatius WLOTA:1851 QSL OK6DJ (d/B)
21/09-03/10  PJ5/OL8R: St. Eustatius WLOTA:1851 QSL OK6DJ (d/B)
21/10-28/10  VP5/K4QE: Providenciales WLOTA:2003 QSL LoTW
21/10-28/10  VP5/WA2VYA: Providenciales WLOTA:2003 QSL H/c (d/B)
21/10-28/10  VP5/WA3RHW: Providenciales WLOTA:2003 QSL H/c (d/B)
22/10-11/11  3B8HA: Mauritius Island WLOTA:0595 QSL LoTW
22/10-27/10  VP9/N1SV: Hamilton Island WLOTA:0201 QSL H/c (d/B)
23/10-28/10  5W0EF: Upolu Island WLOTA:1944 QSL W8AEF (d)
23/10-28/10  5W0QQ: Upolu Island WLOTA:1944 QSL N7CQQ (d)
23/10-28/10  5W0XH: Upolu Island WLOTA:1944 QSL KD6XH (d)
23/10-24/10  YF1AR/8: Banda Naira Light WLOL:IDO-380 QSL N2OO (d/B)
24/10-26/10  J37K: Grenada Island WLOTA:0718 QSL AC8G (d)


18/10  SVHF Fall Sprint 902MHz & Up Fixed/Rover  0600-1300 Local Time
18/10  FISTS Two Metre Activity  1700z-1800z
18/10  Feld-Hell Spooky Sprint 6m class  2000z-2200z
19/10  ON 2 Meter Contest Phone/CW  0600z-1000z
19/10  Contest Grosseto 50MHz SO/MO/Open  0700z-1400z
19/10  FISTS Two Metre Activity  0900z-1000z
21/10  LY 1.3GHz Activity Contest CW/SSB/FM  1700z-2059z
21/10  NRAU 1.3GHz Activity Contest SO/MO/Open  1700z-2100z
21/10  SPAC 1.3GHz Contest CW/Phone/Open  1800z-2200z
21/10  RSGB 1.3GHz UKAC SO Fixed/Open  1900z-2130z
21/10-28/10  VP5/WA3RHW: Provo NA-002 Grid:FL31vs 6m CW QSL H/c (d/B)
22/10  SKCC Straight Key Sprint 6m class  0000z-0200z

Information about current VHF activities can be found on the VHF DX portal "Make More Miles on VHF" at:

SOTA (Summits On The Air) Watch Alerts at:


I am pleased to announce that with immediate effect I am now the QSL manager for Egill, TF3EO.  Please visit for more information.
73 for now
Phil Whitchurch

QSLs via Bureau: None to report this week! :o(

QSLs via Direct: 3D2RA (LZ2HM), 3D2RA/P (LZ2HM), 3D2TR (K8AQM), 9Y4/AI5P (H/c), A35CO (K8ESQ), A35TR (K8AQM), EX9T (EX8MLE), J3/AI5P (H/c), S21ZBC (IK2VUC OQRS), VK5CE/8 [OC-173] (OQRS), YB4IR/8 [OC-222] (OQRS), YC9WIC (cba) and YF1AR/6 [OC-270] (N2OO).



The VQ9XR operation to Diego Garcia Island AF-006 by Bob, N7XR, has been delayed. Further news is forthcoming. [NG3K]


73 and Good DX!
Dave Raycroft, VA3RJ
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The World Lighthouse Diplom - TWLHD/TWLHF
Official Representative & Co-Ordinator of WCA program for Canada.
Official Representative & Co-Ordinator of WorldWide Flora & Fauna (WWFF) Canada.
WWFF-council-member (representing VEFF).
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