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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

VI100ACT, not your average callsign; Canberra, not your average city

2013 is Canberra’s centenary year. To commemorate the event the Canberra Region Amateur Radio Club is sponsoring the special event callsign VI100ACT, which will be active until the end of December.

Canberra is unique in Australia: and not because it is where we send
our federal politicians for solitary confinement. Canberra is an entirely planned city - it was sited, planned and constructed as the seat of federal government. Canberra receives more than its fair share of good natured ribbing from the rest of the country, historically probably well deserved. However, the national capital has grown into a fine place to live or visit.

The VI100ACT call sign is being rostered out to amateurs around the
ACT area, and has already been worked on a variety of bands and modes.
The first use of the callsign was a SOTA activation by VK1DA from Mount Ainslie which overlooks the parliamentary triangle and Lake Burley Griffin.

VK1TX has been busy logging up an impressive 600 plus contacts, including activating the callsign for the ANZA DX Net.
VK1DSH and VK1SV have been using the VI100ACT callsign on the LF bands, while VK1WJ has been running the call on the digital modes.

So: listen out for VI100ACT Canberra calling.

Nic Smelt, VK1NS



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