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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Weekly DX Report 29.04.2013 - 05.05.2013

29.04.201306.05.20133V Djerba (AF-083, 3VFF-007, WLOTA L-1394, ARLHS TUN-022) by an international group (IK7JWX, IK2DUW, IW2NLC, IS0AGY, IK8TEM, I8LWL, IK8GQY, ON4ON, ON5SY, ON7PQ, KF5EYY, 3V8SA, 3V8ST, 3V8ESG and 3V8SF), along with the Tunisian Radio Amateurs and the Engineering University of Gabes . QSL via IK2DUW.
26.04.201302.05.20135B Gabriele, I2VGW.
07.04.201308.05.20135H Maurizio, IK2GZU.
01.05.201331.05.20135T Jean/5T0JL will be active to celebrate the 75th anniversary of FOC (First Class CW Operators' Club).
20.04.201330.05.20135U Pierre, HB9AMO. QSL via M0URX.
26.04.201305.05.20136W Luc, F5RAV.
23.04.201330.04.20138Q South Male Atoll (AS-013) by Pai/VU2PAI and Krish/W4VKU.
01.05.201307.05.20139M2 Perhentian Besar Island (AS-073) by Jack, SP5APW.
01.05.201303.05.20139M2 Perhentian Besar (AS-073) by Piju/9M2PJU, Khairul/9M2KRZ, Rizal/ 9M2RDX and Jacek/SP5APW.
04.05.201307.05.20139M2 Perhentian Besar (AS-073) by Jacek/SP5APW.
01.05.201307.05.2013A3 Tongatapu Island (OC-049) by Vadum, UT6UD.
05.05.201322.05.2013A3 Tongatapu Island (OC-049) by Masato "Masa", JA0RQV.
27.04.201303.05.2013DU Busuanga Island (OC-090) by Victor, R6AF.
03.05.201317.05.2013E5/SC Rarotonga Island (OC-013) by Bruce, ZL1AAO.
27.04.201304.05.2013F Sein Island (EU-068, DIFM AT007, WLOTA 2721) by members of the Charente DX Group. QSL via F5EOT.
04.05.201311.05.2013F Batz Island (EU-105, WLOTA 0680) by Geert/ON7USB, Tim/ON5HC, Pat/ON7PQ, Jo/ON5MF and Francis/ON8AZ. QSL via ON8AZ.
05.05.201305.05.2013F Yeu Island (EU-064, DIFM AT013) by Gil, F4FET.
20.04.201304.05.2013FM Rick, AI5P.
18.04.201302.05.2013FM Paul/FM5AM, Jean-Baptiste/FM5GI, Valere/FM5CW, Claude/FM5CY and Henri/F6FLO. QSL via HA3JB.
30.04.201307.05.2013FO Pukapuka Island (OC-062) by Yoshi, JJ8DEN/KH0PR.
06.04.201329.04.2013FR Reunion Island (AF-016) by Guy, F5MNW.
29.04.201304.05.2013I Giglio (EU-028) by Ezio/IK2AHB, Diego/IW2MZX, Alessandro/ IW5ELA, Andrea/IZ2AJE and Fabio/IZ2GMT. QSL via IK2AHB.
28.04.201305.05.2103JD/O Chichijima Island (AS-031). QSL JD1BLC via JP1IOF, JD1YBT via JP1IOF.
22.04.201304.05.2013JD/O Chichijima Island (AS-031) by Harry, JG7PSJ.
28.04.201304.05.2013JD/O Chichijima Island (AS-031) by Makoto, JI5RPT.
02.05.201305.05.2013KH0 Saipan Island (OC-086, USI NI002S, WLOTA 1333) by Nick/JL1UTS and Chieko/7L3PFH.
27.04.201301.05.2013KH0 Tinian Island (OC-086) by Yutaka/JQ2GYU/WS2Y and and Miho/JJ2VLY/WS2M. QSL via JJ2VLY.
03.05.201305.05.2013OH0 Aland Islands (EU-002) by members of the OI3V Radio Club. QSL via OI3V.
20.04.201301.05.2013PA Jaap, PA7DA, will be active with the special callsign that stands for Princess Beatrix 33 years Queen.
30.04.201330.04.2013PA Celebrating the inauguration of King Willem-Alexander, the Kempische Amateur Radio Club (PI4KAR) will operate a special event station.
04.05.201328.05.2013PA On 5 May 1923 the Governor General of the Netherlands East Indies opened officially the two-way telegraphy radio service from Radio Malabar (callsign PKX) to Radio Kootwijk in The Netherlands (callsign PCG). Celebrating the 90th anniversary from the Dutch side, a special event station will be active. QSL via bureau.
01.05.201316.06.2013SM Vassaro Island (EU-084) by Mel, SM0MPV.
03.05.201310.05.2013SU Geziret Disuqi (AF-109) by Said/SU1SK, Ateff/SU1AO, Hossam/SU1HM and Ayman/SU1AR.
24.04.201330.04.2013TR Mandji Island (AF-089) by Thorbjorn, SM7RME.
27.04.201304.05.2013V2 Antigua (NA-100, WLOTA 1118) by Paul, KB4GYT.
04.05.201318.05.2013V3 Bob, K4UUK.
01.05.201331.05.2013V3 In celebration of the 75th anniversary of the "First Class CW Operators' Club" (FOC) Joe/V31JP will be operating a special callsign.
29.04.201305.05.2013V6 Takio/JH3QFL and Keizo/JH3AZC.
25.04.201329.04.2013VE Gambier Island (NA-091, CISA BC031) by Heinz/VA7AQ and Mike/VE7ACN.
03.05.201313.05.2013VK9N Norfolk Island (OC-005) by Chris/VK3QB, Luke/VK3HJ, Lee/VK3GK, Benton/VK3CBV, Allan/VK2CA, Catherine/VK4GH, John/VK4IO, Roy/VK3GB, Peter/VK3IJ and Graeme/VK3GL.
27.04.201303.05.2013VP2M Montserrat (NA-103, WLOTA 1475) by Nao, JN1RVS. QSL via JA1HGY.
01.05.201331.05.2013VQ9 Jim, ND9M.
02.05.201305.05.2013VU7 Krish, W4VKU/VU2VKU.
02.05.201305.05.2013W Martha's Vineyard (NA-046) by Team HAMCOW. QSL via N1JOY, direct only.
03.05.201305.05.2013YB In commemorating of 90 years of Radio Malabar, ORARI Jawa Barat along with the Bandung Heritage Community, will hold a Special Event Station. Operated by ORARI Jawa Barat members join with YBDXC members at location of Radio Malabar in Puntang, Mount Malabar, South of Bandung, West Java.
29.04.201303.05.2013ZD8 Bob, G4DBW.
15.04.201330.04.2013ZK3 Nukunonu Atoll (OC-048) by Hans/DL6JGN and Guenter/DL2AWG. QSL via DL2AWG.
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