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Friday, February 7, 2014

08 February 2014                                          A.R.I. DX Bulletin
                                   No 1188
                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         ****  DX  INFORMATION  ****
                          Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                        Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

6W     - Soon Nigel, G3TXF and Col, MM0NDX will be  active  from  Le  Calao,
         Senegal. Look for 6W/G3TXF  to  be  QRV  on  14-17  February  (with
         participation in the ARRL CW Contest and a focus on 30, 17  and  12
         metres ouside the contest), while 6W/MM0NDX will operate  SSB  only
         on 16-22 February. QSL 6W/G3TXF via Club Log's OQRS, QSL  6W/MM0NDX
         via IW7EGQ. [TNX DX World]
6Y     - Yuri, VE3DZ will be active on all bands  and  modes  as  6Y2T  from
         Jamaica (NA-097) on 11-18 February, including an entry in the  ARRL
         DX CW Contest. QSL via VE3DZ. [TNX NG3K]
9J     - Silvano,  I2YSB  and  his  team  (Vinicio  IK2CIO,  Angelo  IK2CKR,
         Marcello IK2DIA, Stefano IK2HKT, Alfeo I1HJT and Mac  JA3USA)  will
         be active as 9J2T from Zambia from 28 February to  17  March.  They
         will operate CW, SSB and RTTY on 160-6 metres. QSL  via  I2YSB  and
         LoTW. Further information, including real-time  logsearch,  QSLling
         details  and  OQRS  for  direct  cards,    can    be    found    at The pilot stations will be IK7JWY and  (for  6m)
         IK0FTA; there will be a  dedicated  forum  on
         [TNX IK7JWY]
CX     - Members of the Radio Club Peruano (namely OA4AI, OA4CLU, OA4DX  and
         OA4YX) and the Grupo DX Bahia Blanca of Argentina  (namely  LU1HLH,
         LU4ETN, LU7DSY, LU7HEO and LU7HW) will be active as OC0I  from  San
         Lorenzo Island (SA-052) on 20-24 February. They  will  operate  CW,
         SSB and PSK31 on 80-10 metres with two  stations.  QSL  via  LU7DSY
         (direct) or LU3DXG (bureau), and eQSL. [TNX LU7DSY]
F      - Pierre, F8DHE will  be  active  from  France  as  TM11WAP  from  15
         February to 2 March, including the  11th  Antarctic  Activity  Week
         (17-23 February). He will operate CW and SSB on 80-10  metres.  QSL
         via home call, direct or bureau. Logsearch  on  Club  Log;  further
         information on
FY     - Christian, F5UII ( will be active in his  spare  time
         as FY/F5UII from Kourou, French Guiana on 18-27 February.  He  will
         operate SSB only from the FY5KE radio  club's  premises,  typically
         around 11 UTC and 22 UTC. QSL via  home  call,  direct  or  bureau.
         [TNX F5UII]
KP2    - Look for KP2/W1UJ, KP2/W1EQ and KP2/K1ZE  to  be  active  from  the
         Virgin Islands (NA-106) on 10-17  February.  QSL  via  home  calls.
         They will participate in the  ARRL  DX  CW  Contest  as  NP2N  (QSL
         information on [TNX DX World]
PJ7    - Jeff, VA3QSL will be active holiday style as PJ7/VA3QSL  from  Sint
         Maarten (NA-105) on 9-17 February. He will operate CW  and  SSB  on
         80-10 metres, with possible activity also from  French  St.  Martin
         as FS/VA3QSL. QSL via home call, direct or bureau, and  LoTW.  [TNX
         OPDX Bulletin]
TA     - TC10SWAT is the callsign that  the  TC  Special  Wireless  Activity
         Team  will  be  using  throughout  2014  to  celebrate  their  10th
         anniversary. as usual with TCSWAT operations, all of the QSOs  will
         be confirmed automatically via the bureau, LoTW  and  eQSL;  direct
         requests go to TA1HZ (cards  will  be  printed  in  January  2015).
         Information  on  the  anniversary  award   can    be    found    on [TNX TA1HZ]
V6     - Yuki,  JH1NBN  (  is  on  a  business  trip  to
         Micronesia. He was active as V6P  from  Pohnpei  (OC-010)  until  2
         February. On 7-15 February he will be QRV in his spare time as  V6T
         from Woleai Atoll (OC-132), then back to Pohnpei as  V6P  on  21-25
         February. While at  sea  he  will  be  signing  V63AQ/mm.  QSL  via
         JH1NBN. [TNX NG3K]
V7     - Dick, DJ2EH is active  as  V73DL  from  Majuro  (OC-029),  Marshall
         Islands until 17 February. He can be QRV on 160-6 metres with  main
         activity on CW, with some RTTY and SSB. QSL via home  call,  direct
         or bureau. [TNX The Daily DX]
YB     - Joppy, YB8XM is currently active as  YB8XM/p  from  Yamdena  Island
         (OC-224) until 9 February. QSL direct to home call  (PayPal details
         on He is also planning an  activity  to
         take  place along with other operators from Sanana/Sulabesi  Island
         (OC-076, see [TNX JN6RZM]
YB     - Din, YB8RW plans to be active as YB8RW/p from  IOTA  groups  OC-209
         (Talaud  Islands)  and  OC-210  (Sangihe  Islands)   in    Northern
         Indonesia between 10 February and 10 March.  QSL  via  YB9BU.  [TNX
YJ     - Bill, N7OU and Rocky, NE7D  will  be  active  as  YJ0OU  and  YJ0ZZ
         respectively from Port Vila (OC-035), Vanuatu  on  12-25  February.
         They will operate CW  on  160-10  metres  with  two  stations  with
         amplifiers and verticals on the beach.  They  will  participate  in
         the ARRL DX CW Contest as YJ0OU (M/S). QSL via home calls and LoTW.

                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         ****  GOOD TO KNOW ... ****
                          Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                        Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

DXCC NEWS ---> CY0P (Sable Island, 2013 operation)  has  been  approved  for
DXCC credit. [TNX NC1L]

FT5ZM --->  The  team  on  Amsterdam  Island  will  start  taking  down  the
Antonelli operating site on the morning of 12  February  (local  time).  The
Mataf site will continue to function some during the 12th, but  we  will  be
QRT sometime on the 12th (local time).

HEARD ISLAND  2016  --->  Originally  planned  for  January  2014  and  then
postponed to January 2015 [425DXN 1181],  the  expedition  to  Heard  island
(VK0EK) is now scheduled for January  2016.  Version  2.3  of  the  "Project
Description"  was  released  on  1  February,  and  it  can    be  found  at (click on Documents).

W1AW WAS ---> Look for ARRL Centennial stations W1AW/6 from  California  and
W1AW/9 from Wisconsin to be on the air starting at 00.00 UTC on 12  February
until 23.59 UTC on the 18th. Complete information  on  the  ARRL  Centennial
QSO Party can be found at

+ SILENT KEY + Jose M. "Jossy" Cijntje, PJ2MI passed  away  on  5  February.
"For many years  he  was  in  charge  of  issuing  the  Netherland  Antilles
callsigns (PJ2, PJ4, PJ7)", the Daily DX reports,  and  "the  Queen  of  the
Netherlands knighted Jose for his service to the country".

                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         ******* QSL  ROUTES *******
                          Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                        Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

CALL        MANAGER     CALL        MANAGER     CALL        MANAGER
3B8/HB9ARY  NI5DX       HF2014GPP   SP3YAC      ST2ATU      ST2M
3DA0US      N2DE        HF2014JP    SP4ICP      SU9AF       UA3DX
3Z120SMK    SP9BRP      HF4HELP     SQ4JEN      SX2AG       SV2HXV
4S7BRG      LZ3HI       HG3IPA      HA3JB       T6EU        AK4JK
4S7DLG      DK7TF       HG7SNOW     HA7PL       T6JP        N4GNR
4S7KKG      DC0KK       HH2/N3BNA   KA2AEV      T6MH        W2GR
5C2P        IK2PZC      HI8CSS      EA5GL       T6TM        NI5DX
5H1Z        F6AML       HI8MU       EA5ZD       T88MX       JN3MXT
5I0DX       IK7JWX [1]  HK4CZE      EA7FTR      TM11AAW     F8DVD
5I0DX       IS0AGY [2]  HK8/AL4Q    DJ8QP       TM1A        F6KOP
5P14EHC     OZ0J        HS0ZKE      HB9DUS      TM200CF     F4DTO
5Z4/EA4ATI  EA4YK       HS0ZKX      W2EN        TM39PVJ     F8GGZ
6W7SK       F6BLP       IA0MZ       IW0EFA      TM44ER      F4DJG
7Q7BP       G3MRC       II7LDP      IZ7EDQ      TM5OTT      F4SGU
7X3WPL      7X3DL       IP2ANT      IK2QPR      TO6D        F6ITD
8P0P        W0SA   [b]  J38XX       DL5AXX      TR8CA       F6CBC
8P0P        W3HNK  [d]  J79BS       K2RPF       TY1TT       ON6DX
8P9NX       W3HNK       J79JG       AD8J        UE25AFG     RZ3QWW
9G1YK       PA3ERA      J79XBI      SM0XBI      UE70B       RV1CC
9J2BO       G3TEV       JG8NQJ/JD1  JA8CJY [d]  UP0L        DL8KAC
9K2/SP4R    SP7DQR      JG8NQJ/JD1  JG8NQJ [b]  V31MA       M0OXO
9K2GS       EA5KB       JW2US       LA2US       V31TF       DG7RO
9M2IDJ      JA6IDJ      JY4CI       K2AX        V31YN       DJ4KW
9M2MRS      PA0RRS      KC4AAA      K1IED       V44KAI      W5TFW
9M6XRO      M0URX       KH2/AH0CO   JH1QJU      V6A         JA7HMZ
9V1PW       JH4PHW      LM1814      LA2G        V6P         JH1NBN
9X0ZM       JO1CRA      LM2T75Y     LA2T        V73DL       DJ2EH
A41KJ       NI5DX       LX7I        LX2A        VK0JJJ      K7CO
A45WH       NI5DX       LY16W       LY5W        VY1JA       N3SL
A52JR       PP5VB       MA0NDX      IW7EGQ      XU7TZG      ON7PP
A61BM       IZ8CLM      MU0RGU      MU0FAL      XV9NPS      JA2NPS [b]
A61DJ       IZ8CLM      NP4A        W3HNK       XV9NPS      JA2ODB [d]
A61Q        EA7FTR      OD5/EA1CYK  EA7LS       YB0AI/8     YB0AI
A61R        EA7FTR      OD5ZZ       NI5DX       YB4IR/8     YB4IR
A61SM       A61BK       OH0X        OH2TA       YB8BRI/p    YB8BRI
A65CF       EA7FTR      OX3LX       OZ1PIF      YB8HZ/p     YB8BRI
A92AA       IZ8CLM      OX5T        OZ0J        YB8RW/p     YB9BU
C31CT       EA3QS       P33W        UA3DX       YF1AR/8     N2OO
C4A         5B4KH       P40LE       K2LE        YP1989TM    YO2KQT
C91GBA      EA4GBA      P49X        W0YK        YP25MTG     YO2MTG
CE0Z/UA4WHX UA4WHX      PA530ROT    PA0ABM      YR85AA      YO2KBQ
CM2CCA      EA7TV       PF14ANT     PA0RDY      YR85AR      YO2KBQ
CN8KD       EA5XX       PH65PH      PA7HPH      YR85CC      YO2KBQ
CO2RVA      EA5GL       R0000O      UA1OJL      YR85IN      YO2KBQ
CO7EH       AD4C        R2014A      R7AA        YR85LI      YO2KBQ
CO8LY       EA7ADH      R2014C      R7AA        YR85PE      YO2KBQ
CS2C        OK1RF       R2014E      RU3UR       YR85SE      YO2KBQ
CW5O        CX2ABC      R2014G      R7AA        YT0PUPIN    YT7WA
CX3TQ       IK2DUW      R2014H      R7AA        YW80RCV     YV5AJ
XQ3UP       XQ7UP       R2014I      R7AA        ZF2KE       N0KE
CX7CO       EA5GL       R2014L      R7AA        ZF2TA       K8AQM
DP1POL      DL1ZBO      R2014M      R7AA        ZF35LC      W2SM
EA5URO      EA5HOX      R2014O      R7AA        ZL4IR       W8WC
EA9EU       EA5KB       R2014P      R7AA        ZW7REF      PR7ZAJ
EG1MAF      EA1EG       R2014S      R7AA        ZZ80AC      PT2AA
EG1PAZ      EA1OK       R25AFG      UA4AJD      ZZ80AL      PT2AA
EH1PAZ      EA1RCM      R25QWW      RZ3QWW      ZZ80BA      PT2AA
EH5MYC      EA5BX       R25WPW      RA9WU       ZZ80CE      PT2AA
EH5PAT      EA5FBD      R25WWA      UA4PIE      ZZ80DF      PT2AA
EI14LCC     EI4GXB      R80SVG      R9CZA       ZZ80ES      PT2AA
EM11KY      UT1KY       RC22AG      RA6AGC      ZZ80GO      PT2AA
EM75V       UR2VA       RC22OO      R1OO        ZZ80MA      PT2AA
EO90WF      US5WE       RD22AA      RC6A        ZZ80MG      PT2AA
F6REF       F5PAL       RF1A        RQ1AP       ZZ80MS      PT2AA
FG4NN       NI5DX       RG22UC      UA6UCX      ZZ80MT      PT2AA
FR5FC       EA7FTR      RI1ANT      RW1AI       ZZ80PA      PT2AA
FT5ZM       N2OO        RI1ANU      ZS1OIN      ZZ80PB      PT2AA
GA2MP       N3SL        RW22MW      RK9MWO      ZZ80PE      PT2AA
GA5CX       GM3YTS      S9TF        IK5CRH      ZZ80PI      PT2AA
GB2LBC      MX0WRC      SB2014ECC   SK2AT       ZZ80PR      PT2AA
GB4LBC      G4USW       SC2014ECC   SK2AT       ZZ80RJ      PT2AA
GB5LBC      G4USW       SD2014ECC   SK2AT       ZZ80RN      PT2AA
GB6WLB      G6XOU       SF2014ECC   SK2AT       ZZ80RO      PT2AA
HB14SAF     HB9ACA      SH2014ECC   SK2AT       ZZ80RR      PT2AA
HB40VC      HB9DKZ      SI2014ECC   SK2AT       ZZ80RS      PT2AA
HB9HLM      EA7FTR      SN0KURA     SP5HEN      ZZ80SC      PT2AA
HF0A        SP9YI       SN0MMK      SP5PEP      ZZ80SE      PT2AA
HF0RN       SP5NZA      SN50PMK     SP2PMK      ZZ80SP      PT2AA

[1] Italy
[2] rest of the world

AK4JK    Janusz Babol Vel Sobczyk, 8433 Southside Blvd, Apt 2711,
         Jacksonville FL 32256, USA
DJ2EH    Dieter Hornburger, Grabengasse 7, 96185 Schoenbrunn, Germany
E51AND   Andy Duncan, P.O. Box 518, Avarua, Rarotonga, Cook Islands, via
         New Zealand
IK5CRH   Giovanni Alessi, Via Don Pio Vannucchi 81, 59100 Prato PO, Italy
IK7JWX   Alfredo De Nisi, Vico della Cavallerizza 4/D, 73100 Lecce LE, Italy
IS0AGY   Ampelio Jose Melini, Ufficio Quartu Sant'Elena, Casella postale
         66, 09045 Quartu Sant'Elena CA, Italy
JA8CJY   Susumu Sanada, 5-17 Shinei 5-Jo 4-Chome, Kiyota-ku, Sapporo-shi,
         Hokkaido, 004-0835, Japan
JH1NBN   Yuki Yosuke Uchiyama, 924-4 Yokokawa-machi, Hachioji-shi,
         Tokyo-to, 193-0823, Japan
N2OO     Bob Schenck, P.O. Box 345, Tuckerton NJ 08087-0345, USA
ON6DX    Wim Hamblok, Waaltjes 8, 3920 Lommel, Belgium
VK5MAV   Andrey Mikaylov, 249 Brodie Road, Morphett Vale SA 5162, Australia
YB0AI    Taufan Prioutomo, P.O. Box 2994, Jakarta Pusat 10029, Indonesia
YB4IR    Imam Raharjo, P.O. Box YB4IR, Palembang 30000, Indonesia
YB8BRI   Prof. Dr. Eng. Ramli Rahim, Jurusan Teknik Arsitektur, Fakultas
         Teknik, Universitas Hasanuddin, Jalan Perintis Kemerdekaan Km 10,
         Makassar 90245, Indonesia
YB8XM    Jacob Sihasale, P.O. Box 151, Ambon 97001, Indonesia
ZZ80xx   LABRE 80 Years, Caixa Postal 4, Brasilia - DF, 70351-970, Brazil


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