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Monday, February 10, 2014


Finally snow has fallen in the Far North and it's time for the snowbirds
to depart for warmer climates. This time around, the team of OH2BE, OH2BH,
OH2PM, OH8NC and OH8NJ will join forces with the locals CU2CE and CU2DX and
the Azores to hit the airwaves with a variety of callsigns such as CR2A and
CR2X in contests, and CU2KG & CU2KH otherwise.

The activity will start on February 12 and run until March 3 including
the ARRL DX Contest, both CW & SSB, and the CQ 160M SSB Contest. CR2A/CR2X
QSL manager is OH2BH.

Additionally, the Azores (CU2) will be activated in Virtual World for
the first time along with Madeira (CT3). You can download a free
trial version of your Virtual Radio and associated QSL and awards
programs at <>.

The first Two World DXpedition (Real & Virtual) was OG0A --- for
details, have a look at <>.

With Real and Virtual Amateur Radio now coexisting on an experimental
basis through these activities, the purpose is to allow interested
young people to enjoy a realistic, instant experience of our great
passion with structured communications and friends all over the world.

Having such a positive experience provides an important incentive for
license studies and is meaningful prior to investment in personal radio
equipment. This approach is worth testing as it may have great potential
in terms of facilitating the intake of young people into Real Amateur
Radio, an endeavor now pursued actively in many countries.

The weekend of February 22-23 is slated for a special activity from CU2,
CT3 and it will be a great opportunity to test the system. More details
will follow shortly.

73 and Good DX!
Dave Raycroft, VA3RJ
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