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Saturday, February 22, 2014

DX News

Ham Radio DX News, DX peditions announcements, Contest and more DX related news

San Andres and Providencia: Apr 2-14, 2014 -- 5J0X -- QSL via: LotW

Apr 2-14, 2014 -- San Andres and Providencia -- 5J0X -- QSL: LotW -- Source: N7UN (Feb 22, 2014) -- By N7QT AB1UH W4VAB N7UN fm San Andres I (NA-033); 80-10m; CW SSB; holiday style operation; QSL also OK via N7QT, Buro or direct (no IRCs)

Activation of Jurubaiba (SA-029)

From 22-Feb-2014 00:00 UTC until 23-Feb-2014 17:00 UTC, the callsign ZV1M will be activated by PY1MT, PY1CPF. QSL Information - QSL direct or bureau to PY1MT. Active during the 6th South American lighthouses Weekend (BRA-225). Operating on battery and generator power in SSB, CW and PSK-31. Submitted by PY1MT. For more information, see the websit... [continue]

Activation of Galveston (NA-143)

From 21-Feb-2014 22:00 UTC until 23-Feb-2014 20:00 UTC, the callsign K5KUA/5 will be activated by K5KUA. QSL Information - QSL direct or bureau to #K5KUA. 40M thru 10M CW only as time permits..

Activation of Martin Garcia (SA-055)

From 21-Feb-2014 00:00 UTC until 23-Feb-2014 00:00 UTC, the callsign LU8DCH/D will be activated by LU8DCH. QSL Information - QSL direct . Submitted by LU8DCH.

Ogasawara: Apr 9-17, 2014 -- JD1AAI -- QSL via: JD1AAI

Apr 9-17, 2014 -- Ogasawara -- JD1AAI -- QSL: JD1AAI -- Source: JA2NQG (Feb 20, 2014) -- By JA2NQG; CW; some activity in JIDX CW; QSL also OK via JA2NQG

Bonaire: Apr 5-18, 2014 -- PJ4H -- QSL via: unknown

Apr 5-18, 2014 -- Bonaire -- PJ4H -- QSL: unknown -- Source: DJ2VO (Feb 20, 2014) -- By DJ2VO DL3KMS DK7AN; 160-10m; CW SSB RTTY

Jersey: Mar 14-16, 2014 -- MJ5Z -- QSL via: LotW

Mar 14-16, 2014 -- Jersey -- MJ5Z -- QSL: LotW -- Source: M0CFW (Feb 20, 2014) -- By M0CFW; QRV for Russian DX Contest and BARTG RTTY Contest; QSL also OK via M0CFW

Guadeloupe: Mar 11-23, 2014 -- FG -- QSL via: FE11DX

Mar 11-23, 2014 -- Guadeloupe -- FG -- QSL: FE11DX -- Source: MM0NDX (Feb 20, 2014) -- By F6ARC as FG/F6ARC fm NA-102; focus on WARC + low bands; CW; holiday style operation; QSL OK via REF Buro or direct

Guantanamo Bay: Feb 21-Mar 7, 2014 -- KG4 -- QSL via: Home Call

Feb 21-Mar 7, 2014 -- Guantanamo Bay -- KG4 -- QSL: Home Call -- Source: VA3RJ (Feb 20, 2014) -- By W4WV as KG4WV and KN4KL as KG4NL fm NA-015 (WLOTA 0358); SSB RTTY PSK CW SSTV

Activation of San Lorenzo (SA-052)

From 20-Feb-2014 00:00 UTC until 24-Feb-2014 23:59 UTC, the callsign OC0I will be activated by OA4AI,OA4CLUOA4DX,OA4YX,LU7DSY,LU4ETN,LU1HLH,LU7HW,LU7HEO. QSL Information - #LU7DSY DIRECT LU7DXG BUREAU. They will be active with two stations simultaneously 24 hours, 80 to 10 meters, including WARC bands in CW , SSB and PSK31..

Activation of Santa Catalina (NA-066)

From 20-Feb-2014 00:00 UTC until 23-Feb-2014 22:00 UTC, the callsign K6PV/6 will be activated by N6HE, K6JW, AI6DF, NZ6L, AB9A, K6UU, K6NT, KA6WNK, NG6R, KE6JPM, AF6VT. QSL Information - QSL per K6PV QRZ website. 3 100W HF radios, 160-6 Mhz *(except 60 and 30). SSB emphasized, but some CW and RTTY; maybe PSK-31. During operation, call or preferab... [continue]

Mauritius: May 2-28, 2014 -- 3B8 -- QSL via: EB7DX

May 2-28, 2014 -- Mauritius -- 3B8 -- QSL: EB7DX -- Source: MM0NDX (Jan 7, 2014) -- By M0RCX as 3B8/M0RCX; 40-6m; SSB + digital

21.02.2014-07.03.2014 KG4WV,KG4KL

Period: 21.02.2014-07.03.2014DXCC: KG4Callsign: KG4WVKG4KLBill/W4WV and Ed/KN4KL.

19.02.2014-25.03.2014 V47JA

Period: 19.02.2014-25.03.2014DXCC: V4Callsign: V47JASt. Kitts (NA-104) by John, W5JON.

22.02.2014-16.03.2014 PJ7AA

Period: 22.02.2014-16.03.2014DXCC: PJ7Callsign: PJ7AASint Maarten (NA-105) by Tom, AA9A.

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