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Thursday, February 20, 2014

IOTA News from the
Deutscher Amateur Radio Club

20 February, 2014

Island activities:
AS-093; HL4; Cholla-Namdo Province (Huksan Islands) group:
Kang/DS4DRE announces a long term activation of Taehuksan Island as
DS4DRE/4. QRV until the year's end on 80-10m in SSB and CW. QSL via
DS4DRE (d/B).
NA-005; VP9; Bermuda Islands:
Michael/G7VJR (ClubLog inventor) plans to get on the air as VP9/G7VJR from Hamilton Parish from the 19th till the 27th. QSL via M0OXO (OQRS).
NA-066; W6; California State South (Orange/ San Diego Caunty) group: Eleven members of the Palos Verdes Amateur Radio Club (K6PV)
announce a mini-IOTA-expedition to Santa Catalina Island (USi
CA-016S, WLOTA 2912, Grid. DM03) for February 19 to 23.
QRV as K6PV/6 on 160-70cm in CW, SSB, PSK31 and RTTY. Their prefered
frequencies: SSB: 28.560, 28.460, 24.950, 21.260, 18.128, 14.260
and 3.755 MHz. CW: 28.040, 24.920, 21.040, 18.098, 14.040, 10.115
and 3.530 MHz. They will also take part in the CQWW 160m SSB Contest. QSL via K6PV (d/B), LotW.
NA-102; FG; Guadeloupe:
Gildas/F6HMQ will be operating as TO22C from Guadeloupe (DIFO FG-001, WLOTA 0644) from February 20 to March 6 (including the ARRL contest). QSL via h/c (d/B).
NA-105; FS/PJ7; St. Martin:
Thomas/AA9A stays on Sint Maarten (WLOTA 0711) from the 22nd until the 16th of March and operates as PJ7AA (also in the ARRL contest). QRV on 40-10m in CW and SSB. QSL via LoTW, AA9A (d/B; requests via ClubLog).
NA-113; C6; South Bahama group:
John/9H5G has been active since February 15 from Stocking Island. He is QRV on 10m and 17m. QSL via LoTW and NI5DX.
NA-143; W5; Texas State East (Matagorda to Fefferson County) group:
Joe's/K5KUA first trip to Galveston Island in 2014 is due for February 21 to 23. QRV, time permitting, as K5KUA/5 on 40-10m in CW.
QSL via h/c (d/B).
OC-032; FK; New Caledonia Island:
Kazu/JA1IST will be paying a visit to Noumea from the 25th on until March 1. QRV on HF holiday-style as FK/JA1IST. QSL via h/c (d/B).
OC-076; YB8; Sula Islands:
Joppy/YB8XM plans to activate Sanana Island sometime during the end of February / beginning of April. QSL via YB8XM (d).
SA-016; PR8; Maranhao State Centre group:
Orlando/PT2OP plans his participation in the South America LH-Weekend with the call ZZ8S. QTH is the lighthouse (ARLHS BRA-050, WLOTA 0348, DFB MA-04) on Santana Island (DIB MA-06). QSL via PT2OP (d/B).
SA-018; CE7; Los Lagos Region South group:
Members of the Radio Club Provincial Llanquihue (CE7LL) activate the Isla Guafo (Grid FE26) and the lighthouse located there (ARLHS CHI-021, TWLHD WLH CE-020, WLOTA 1522). QRV as 3G7PM from February 23 to 28. QSL via CE7LL.
SA-052; OA4; Lima Department group:
Members of the Radio Club Peruano and the Radio Club Grupo DX Bahia Blanca of Argentina plan a joint effort as OC0I from the LH San Lorenzo (WLOTA 0131) from the 20th to the 24th. During the sixth South America LH-Weekend they will also get on the air from the LH Gran Almirante Grau (ARLHS PER-006).
Operators are Pablo/OA4AI (team leader), Cesar/OA4CLU, Tony/OA4DX, David/OA4YX, Carlos/LU7DSY, Carlos/LU4ETN, Daniel/LU1HLH, Gustavo/LU7HW, and Eduardo/ LU7HEO.
The group is supported by the Peruvian navy. QRV with two stations
on 80-10m in CW, SSB, and PSK31. QSL direct via LU7DSY, bureau via
SA-055; LU; Buenos Aires (Delta del Parania) Province group:
Carlos/LU8DCH joins the LH weekend from island and lighthouse
Martin Garcia (ARLHS ARG-045). QSL only via direct.
SA-057; CX; Colonia Department group:
Operators Jorge/CX1SI, Gustavo/CX2AM, Oscar/CX2FR, Wilson/CX2RU, Beto/CX3AN, Julio/CX4AAE, Luis/CX4AAJ, Mario/CX4CR, Rainer/CX8FB, and Ghis/CX5DNT (ON5NT), all members of either the Radio Club Uruguayo or the Uruguay DX Group get on the air as CW5F from Timeteo Dominguez Island from the 21st to the 26th. QSL via ON5NT (d/B).
Compiled by Klaus, DL7UXGDeutscher Amateur Radio Club

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