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Saturday, April 19, 2014

DX News
Ham Radio DX News, DX peditions announcements, Contest and more DX related news
Activation of Payung Besar (OC-177)
From 18-Apr-2014 00:00 UTC until 20-Apr-2014 23:59 UTC, the callsign YF1AR/0 will be activated by YF1AR. QSL Information - #N200 DIRECT. 40-10 meters Mainly SSB, Some cw.. 43 Foot vertical antenna. TNX DX-World..
Activation of Galveston (NA-143)
From 17-Apr-2014 22:00 UTC until 20-Apr-2014 21:00 UTC, the callsign K5KUA/5 will be activated by K5KUA. QSL Information - QSL direct or bureau to #K5KUA. WILL BE WORKING CW ONLY AS TIME PERMITS.
Activation of Nu (AS-145)
From 18-Apr-2014 00:00 UTC until 20-Apr-2014 23:59 UTC, the callsign E20HHK/P will be activated by E20HHK,HS3NBR,HS8GLR. QSL Information - QSL VIA OPERATORS INSTRUCTIONS. QRV on all HF Bands TNX DX-World!.
Tromelin: Oct 30-Nov 10, 2014 -- FT4TA -- QSL via: LotW
 Oct 30-Nov 10, 2014 -- Tromelin -- FT4TA -- QSL: LotW -- Source: F5NQL (Dec 24, 2013) -- By F5UFX FM5CD F5CWU F5SIH F4AJQ F5ROP; QSL also OK via Club Log or F1NGP direct
Cape Verde Is: Apr 19-25, 2014 -- D44TXU -- QSL via: DL3LUM
 Apr 19-25, 2014 -- Cape Verde Is -- D44TXU -- QSL: DL3LUM -- Source: 425DXN (Apr 14, 2014) -- By DL3LUM fm Santa Maria, Sal I (AF-086); mainly 20m; CW; QRP; QSL OK via DARC Buro or via PA1MUC direct
San Andres and Providencia: Apr 19-24, 2014 -- 5K0M -- QSL via: HK7IPT
 Apr 19-24, 2014 -- San Andres and Providencia -- 5K0M -- QSL: HK7IPT -- Source: MM0NDX (Apr 10, 2014) -- By HK3LEC HK3UAV HK4IKL HK5WUI HK7IPT HK7JA fm San Andres I; HF
Activation of Yongxing (AS-143)
From 15-Apr-2014 00:00 UTC until 15-May-2014 23:59 UTC, the callsign B7CRA will be activated by . QSL Information - BA4EG. TNX DX-World.
19.04.2014-24.04.2014 5K0M
Period: 19.04.2014-24.04.2014DXCC: HK0Callsign: 5K0MSan Andres Island (NA-033) by Luis/HK3LEC, Jilmer/HK3UAV, Will/HK4IKL, Julio/HK5WUI, Ernesto/HK7IPT and Jorge/HK7JA. QSL via HK7IPT.
12.04.2014-20.04.2014 F4EIH/P
Period: 12.04.2014-20.04.2014DXCC: FCallsign: F4EIH/POleron Island (EU-032) by Fred, F4EIH.
19.04.2014-25.04.2014 D44TXU
Period: 19.04.2014-25.04.2014DXCC: D4Callsign: D44TXUSal Island (AF-086) by Jörg, DL3LUM.
Activation of Union (NA-025)
From 13-Apr-2014 13:00 UTC until 22-Apr-2014 13:00 UTC, the callsign J88PI will be activated by GW4DVB. QSL Information - QSL Direct: PO Box 20:20, Llanharan, Pontyclun. CF72 9ZA - Wales, UK or Bureau to #GW4DVB. Submitted by GW4DVB. For more information, see the website:
West Kiribati: Oct 2-15, 2014 -- T30D -- QSL via: LotW
 Oct 2-15, 2014 -- West Kiribati -- T30D -- QSL: LotW -- Source: MM0NDX (Mar 26, 2014) -- By DJ9HX DK3CG DM2AYO DL2HWA DL4SVA DL2RNS DL1RTL DF7TT DL7JOM DL2AWG DL6JGN DL7VEE fm S Tarawa Atoll; 160-6m; CW SSB RTTY; 4 simultaneous 500w 24 hr stations; QSL also OK via DL4SVA (OQRS preferred, Buro, direct)
Lesotho: Apr 22-May 1, 2014 -- 7P8 -- QSL via: unknown
 Apr 22-May 1, 2014 -- Lesotho -- 7P8 -- QSL: unknown -- Source: OPDX (Mar 31, 2014) -- By K5YY as 7P8YY, K9APWas 7P8RL, N5JR as 7P8JR, HB9OCW as 7P8MH, G8APB as 7P8CP, ZS6RJ as 7P8RJ, K5LBU as 7P8CF; SSB CW PSK RTTY
Activation of Dog (NA-085)
From 13-Apr-2014 01:00 UTC until 19-Apr-2014 03:00 UTC, the callsign K5TEN will be activated by K5TEN. QSL Information - QSL USA: Direct, SASE required QSL DX: Direct $2US + SAE QSL DX: Via Bureau NO LoTW or eQSL for this event. Operation will be 6m to 40m. All bands inclusive HF: SSB, CW, Digital, PSK, JT65 VHF: SSB, CW PLEASE spot me on inte... [continue]
Activation of Dog (NA-085)
From 13-Apr-2014 00:00 UTC until 19-A

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