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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Weekly DX Report 21.04.2014 - 27.04.2014
15.04.2014 22.04.2014 5T 5T1MM Jean/ON8RA and members of the "Grupo Juizforano de CW" (CWJF). QSL via PY4WAS.
22.04.2014 01.05.2014 7P 7P8YY
7P8RJ Marco/HB9OCR (7P8MH), Charles/K5LBU (7P8CF), Sanford/K5YY (7P8YY), Richard/K9APW (7P8RL), Joel/N5JR (7P8JR), Chris/G8APB (7P8CP) and Roger/ZS6RJ (7P8RJ).
05.04.2014 30.04.2014 A2 A22LL Schalk, ZS1LL.

19.04.2014 25.04.2014 D4 D44TXU Sal Island (AF-086) by Jörg, DL3LUM.

21.04.2014 25.04.2014 GM MS0KLR Isle of Canna (EU-008, IOSA NH01, SCOTIA DI21, WAB NG20) by members of the Kilmarnock and Loudoun Amateur Radio Club.
26.04.2014 03.05.2014 GM GS3PYE/p Isle of Lewis (EU-010, IOSA OH01, SCOTIA HI21, WLOTA 1477) by members of the Camb-Hams. QSL via M1ACB.
18.04.2014 25.04.2014 HK0 5J0T San Andres Island (NA-033) by Tim, LW9EOC.

19.04.2014 24.04.2014 HK0 5K0M San Andres Island (NA-033) by Luis/HK3LEC, Jilmer/HK3UAV, Will/HK4IKL, Julio/HK5WUI, Ernesto/HK7IPT and Jorge/HK7JA. QSL via HK7IPT.
13.04.2014 23.04.2014 J8 J88PI Palm Island (NA-025) by Brian, GW4DVB.

27.04.2014 11.05.2014 JD/O JD1BMH Chichijima Island (AS-031) by Harry, JG7PSJ.
27.04.2014 05.05.2014 JD/O JD1BLY Chichijima Island (AS-031) by Makoto, JI5RPT.

15.04.2014 25.04.2014 S7 S79SD Seychelles (AF-024) by Pascal/F5JSD.

06.04.2014 24.04.2014 S7 S70WK Seychelles (AF-024) by Wolfgang/OE1MWW. Between 12. – 19. April 2014 maritime mobile on MS Pegasus around the Seychelles Islands.

24.04.2014 30.04.2014 SV9 SV9/OH1VR Seppo, OH1VR.

25.04.2014 01.05.2014 TK TK/IW5ELA Alex, IW5ELA.

24.04.2014 29.04.2014 V4 V4/DF8AN Mike, DF8AN.

25.04.2014 26.04.2014 VK AX2CL Bare Island by members of the Hellenic Amateur Radio Association of Australia.
16.04.2014 24.04.2014 VP2M VP2MMN Mike, DF

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