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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

DxCoffee - Daily updates

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Posted: 30 Apr 2014 03:47 AM PDT
Uli, DJ9XB, will be active from Crete Island, 6-16 May 2014, as SW9XB. QSL via home call and LOTW.
Posted: 30 Apr 2014 02:43 AM PDT
Nao Takahashi, JN1RVS also K6NAO, will be active as PJ7RV during 29 April 2014 – 5 May 2014. Band: 40-10m Mode: CW and RTTY/PSK QSL via JA1HGY Log Search:...
Posted: 30 Apr 2014 01:57 AM PDT
PY Brasil Bureau: from April 2014, new address, LABRE QSL Bureau, Caixa postal 53.151, CEP 08220-971, São Paulo – SP. KH8 American Samoa Bureau: from November 2012 CLOSED. ET Ethiopia Bureau:...
Posted: 29 Apr 2014 11:35 PM PDT
Yutaka, JQ2GYU, and Miho, JJ2VLY, will be active from Tinian Island, 6-11 May 2014, as NH0J QRV on 80-10m CW, SSB and RTTY. QSL via JJ2VLY and LOTW.
Posted: 29 Apr 2014 11:16 PM PDT
Karl, DK2WV, will be active from Radio Dinosaur FM – Karonga Museeum, Malawi. QRV from 6st of May 2014 till 21st of May 2014 as 7Q7VW. Loc: KI 60XB web site (under...

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