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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Page last updated on: Thursday, April 10, 2014

IOTA News from the
Deutscher Amateur Radio Club

10 April, 2014

Island activities:
AF-024; S7; Inner Islands: Wolfgang/OE1MWW will be on vacation on S7 from April 6 to 25 and operate in holiday style as S79WK, with a KX3 and simple antennas. After his stay on Praslin Island (April 6-11), he will try to be QRV as S79WK/mm aboard the MS Pegasus, followed by an operation from Mahe Island (April 19-25). QSL via OE1MWW (d/B), LoTW and eQSL.
AS-031; JD; Chichijima/ Mukojima/ Hahajima Islands: Minekazu/JA2NQG
will operate as JD1AAI from Chichijima Island from April 9 to 17. A
participation in the JI DX Contest is planned (prefecture 48). QSL
via JA2NQG (d) or JD1AAI (B).
AS-067; JA6; Uji and Kusagaki Islands: Taka/JA8COE will sign
JA8COE/6 from Uji Island (WLOTA 2857, WW Loc. PM41re) from April 8
to 15 on 40m - 10m in CW, SSB and digital modes. QSL via JA8COE
(d/B) or ClubLog (OQRS).
EU-038; PA; Noord Holland/ Friesland/ Groningen Province group:
Jan/PE1GNP and Marc/PD7YY will bring the special callsign PH38EU on
the air from Terschelling Island (WLOTA 0943) from April 11 to 14.
They will operate on 40m - 10m and 2m in SSB. QSL via bureau or
direct to PE1GNP or PD7YY.
EU-136; 9A; Kvarner group: Pista/HA5AUC and Ed/HA5BWW are currently
on Rab island (IOCA CI-096) and operate CW on the HF bands as
9A/HA5AUC and 9A/HA5BWW respectively, until April 14. QSL via
bureau to the homecalls.
EU-184; OH8; Oulu Province group: Jukka/OH3OJ plans to show up
around the IOTA frequencies as OH3OJ/8 from Hailuoto Island (WLOTA
0580) from April 11 to 15, mostly in SSB. QSL via OH3OJ (d/B).
NA-085; W4; Florida State North West (Bay to Wakulla County) group:
Bruce/K5TEN plant vom 13. - 19. April Dog Island (USi FL-005S) im
Franklin County als K5TEN/4 zu aktivieren. Er will von 40 - 10
Meter in SSB , CW und falls moeglich auch Digi-Mode Punkte fuer das
IOTA- und US-Island-Diplom verteilen. Wenn es die
Transport-bedingungen zulassen will er ebenfalls versuchen auf 6
Meter QRV zu werden. QSL via K5TEN (d/B).
OC-106; YB5; Natuna Besar Islands: Imam/YB4IR plant seine naechste
IOTA-Expedition. Vom 10. - 14. April ist als YB4IR/5 von Natuna
Island QRV. IOTA-Punkte will er in CW, SSB und RTTY von 40 - 10
Meter verteilen. QSL via ClubLog (OQRS).
SA-086; CE2; Coquimbo/ Valparaiso Region group: A big team,
consisting of Nick/XQ1KZ, Carlos/XQ1CR, Dercel/CE3KHZ,
Alfredo/XQ3WD, Danilo/XQ4CW, Marco/CE1TBN, Jose Luis/CE1KR,
Pablo/CE1UMY, Domingo/ CE1DY, Claudio/XQ1FM, Julio/CE3OP, Sergio/
CE3WDH, Chris/CE3TAM, Rodrigo/CE4KCA, Juan/CE3RBJ and Juan/CE5PHI
will sign XR2T from April 13 - 21 from Damas Island (DICE ICE-201,
WLOTA 0029, WW Loc. FG40fs). They try to give as many stations as
possible a chance to get into the log, including small pistols and
QRP stations. QRV on all bands in all modes. QSL via XQ4CW (d/B),

Compiled by Klaus, DL7UXGDeutscher Amateur Radio Club

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