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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

DxCoffee - Daily updates

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Posted: 15 Jul 2014 03:10 AM PDT
Members of the Russian Robinson Club RRC (RA1ZZ, UA0ZC, RA3AV, UA1ZZ and UA3AKO) will be active with the call RI0Z from Karaginsky island (IOTA AS-064) between 21st- 28th of August, 2014.
Posted: 15 Jul 2014 01:55 AM PDT
Members of the Marconi Radio Club will be operating as BY4IB from Liugong Island (IOTA AS-146) between July 20-27th,2014.
Posted: 15 Jul 2014 12:44 AM PDT
Giovanni IK8MRA is operating this morning as ID8/IK8MRA from Cirella Island (IOTA EU-144).
Posted: 14 Jul 2014 06:31 AM PDT
Pasquale IZ8IYX will be operating this afternoon after 18 p.m. (local time, so 15UTC) from the Radio Club of Rhodes Island SZ5RDS (IOTA EU-001) with the callsign SV5/IZ8IYX.

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