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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Page last updated on: Saturday, March 29, 2014

Austral Islands update

The following was posted by Don, G3XTT, at 1800z, March 28th:
We now have over 2500 RTTY QSOs in the log. We have focused our RTTY efforts on 15m, so that everyone gets a chance of a contact – that’s over 2,500 unique calls on RTTY.
We tried 160 again last night but with very poor results. Given that we have limited stations and operators, we feel further 160m operation cannot be justified. In contrast, 80m CW has gone well for us and we will certainly be doing more.
By far the majority of emails we are getting via the form on this website are about log queries. Again, let me say there simply isn’t time to check them all out while we are here – please QRX until we return home, or work us again.
We will be QRT for a few hours in the middle of today our time (roughly 2100 to 2400 UTC) for a tour of the island and an opportunity to relax a little. With over 50,000 QSOs in the log we are very happy with the way things are going although, from the size of the pile-ups, especially when the bands are open to Europe, you could be excused thinking we had only just started!
For QSLing, a reminder that the preferred method is OQRS via the Clublog site or, for “traditional” direct and bureau QSLs, it’s via G3TXF(the team are very grateful to Nigel for volunteering to take on this major task – we couldn’t ask for anyone better).

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